Forsilvra: Winds of Change

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Original poster

Five islands, five kingdoms, united under one king. In the cold north, the League of Arbrecht is a fractious lot, always at each others' throats. The Vandermark basks in old honor, and religion that predates everything else. Caught in the midst, Lacharn strives to protect their peaceful culture, where women are allowed equality with men. Caelain, where the royal family of Fontenot comes from, embraces tradition and its own problems. In the farthest south, the desert land of Ahestere hails sophistication unknown anywhere else. To the west lies the island of Forsilvra, home of royal dynasty and the court, where politics dictate the future of five provinces.

Between the five provinces alliances are forged and broken, intrigues abound, and blood runs thicker than water. The nobility fight for power and wealth, influence and position. It is each house for his own, as remnants of a devastating plague leave this world with a boy king on the throne, surrounded on all sides by those who wish to manipulate him for their own gains.

Join this world as an illustrious lord or lady, a gallant knight or a vicious sellsword. Explore the intricacies of court, the desert heats or the colds of north. Forge your own destiny, and change the face of Forsilvra forever.

Game Details:

Format: Messageboard //Vbulletin Software (no ads!)
Genre: Original Medieval Fantasy
Age Limit: 18+
Contact: Jenn *AIM: Kajouka *Email: Kajouka[at]
*(Or use the cbox on the website. Highly recommended, as the best way to decide what character to play is to talk to the other members)

What we offer:
- An RPG with only original characters
- An original world that gives you flexibility to create
- Ability to create your own noble house with backstory, or simply join someone else's
- Secret plot points known only by you, the staff, and those you choose to tell, revealed to others during RP
- Highly active game, with 50+ characters and plenty of opportunity to get involved.

What we need:
Wanted Characters
- Cousins, Aunts and Uncles of Province Lords and the Royal Family
- New Banner House Lords and Ladies
- Members of existing Banner Houses, including sisters, brothers, and children
- Knights or other support characters

What we expect:
- Members to read the information provided before making a character
- Members to understand the politics and current events that have happened in game
- Members to realize this is an advanced and mature game, with mature themes