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  1. Forsaken Soul

    In 1514, an angel fell from the sky. Such a white and beautiful angel that people could do nothing but adore it and get mesmerized by it's looks. But what they didn't know was that this creature in fact wasn't an angel, but a demon. They realized it too late... The demon had slaughtered half of the village in a blink of an eye, before anyone had gotten to raise even a finger. Only a handful of people got away from the demons claws in time, before it destroyed their homes and murdered their families.

    This handful of people escaped everyone to their own directions, bringing the message of the horrifying demon. People in nearby towns got overwhelmed by fear, and realized that there was nothing they could do to fight against the demon. They gave up all the hope immediately, without even putting up a fight. Except for one village. This one village sent messengers to all nearby villages, and told them to send letters concerning the demon's movements 3 times a day. They knew which village the demon was in when they didn't get the last letter which should have arrived at 00.30. The demon always attacked during the midnight.

    When they finally didn't get the letter from the nearest village, they gathered all the virgins who had turned 17 during the past 5 years, into one place: The square in the middle of the village. At midnight the demon, who looked nothing like a white angel now, arrived. It's wings had turned black and were stained with blood, as well as it's whole body. Everyone else in the village was hidden in their houses except for the village head's family and the virgins. The demon was rather surprised of such an arrangement.

    The village head offered the young virgins as a sacrifice gift to the demon, and in the most modest way, asked if the demon could (in return) save the lives of the poor villagers. The demon declined the offer, and was just about to slaughter the whole village when it suddenly halted to one place. It changed it's mind. It slyly asked from the head of the village, if it could take only one virgin from the square, and leave. Almost before the village head could say yes to this, the demon was already flying in the sky, holding a virgin in it's claws. This virgin was the village head's son.

    For months the village head tried to search for the demon and his son, but with bad results. It seemed like they had disappeared, and the village head was ready to throw away all the hope of seeing his dear son ever again. But then... A traveler who had just climbed down from the mountains came to their village to find a place where he could stay the night. He told the tavern keeper about a boy and a demon who he had came across on his travels. The tavern keeper brought the traveler in front of the village head and the traveler told the same story to him. The village head fell on his knees in front of the traveler and kissed his feet. That was how happy the village head was.

    The next morning the village head fetched his horse from the stall and headed towards the mountains where the traveler had met his son and the demon. He was carrying a sword made of pure silver, the strongest kind of silver. He intended to kill the demon once and for all.

    After traveling for 3 days, he finally came to the entrance of a cave, where he heard noises coming from inside. He drew his sword and entered the cave. Finally, after almost a year, he saw his son again.... in the arms of a demon. Furiously the village head rushed forward with his sword ready to stab, and he cursed the demon for hypnotizing his son to stay with him. He raised his sword and skilfully swiped with it once. A head fell to the cold rock-floor of the cave, and two pained cries carried to the ears of the gods.

    "You damned demon! You hypnotized my son to protect you! You used him as a shield!" The village head shouted, crying for his son. He raised his sword and turned his hateful eyes to the demon. Then the sword hit it's target one more time, and a second head was on the floor. The cave was as quiet as a cemetery. Only voiceless crying without tears could be heard It could be actually heard for real. The demon walked over the two dead bodies, spread it's wings and flew towards the sunset.

    ...After that day, the demon hasn't been seen. ​

    Maybe it died in the sunlight? Who knows if the sun is harmful to the demons. Maybe it left the human world and went back to heaven or hell? The most popular assumption/ ending for this legend is that the demon went to an unknown location to slaughter some people, but this time it hid it's true nature, transforming into a human and hunting people during the nights.

    And someday... it will return in it's true form, and destroy the whole humankind. That's what they are talking about in the books, stories and elementary schools. Who knows what is the correct ending? Maybe the demon will return, and maybe not. It's a mystery.

    Now it's 2014, and the demon has been long forgotten, known only as a fairy tale. But it has came back after 500 years and is now seeking to get a revenge on the village head's only living descendant. This boy (the descendant) is an identical doppelganger of the village head's son, who the demon took from the village 500 years ago. The demon can't just bring itself to kill the boy. Instead it finds it's long lost love first time in centuries. The boy also feels an odd, unknown attraction towards the demon.
    The demon is having conflicting feelings when it's around the boy. At first it wants to kill the boy, and the next second it wants to make love to him. It doesn't know which one to do. The boy at the same time, is afraid of the demon (even though he doesn't know that the man is a demon), but still has oddly fallen in love with it at the first sight. Will the demon reveal it's true self to the boy and kill him, or will it protect the boy, and stand in the way of other demons who are also oddly attracted to the boy.

    What I'm looking for, is a partner who can write more than a paragraph. I'd prefer 3-5 paragraphs per a post, but 5 lines - 15 paragraphs is acceptable as well.
    I'm a very descriptive writer, so I usually write more than 3 paragraphs.

    Just change the gender of the human boy character into a girl.
    I'll be playing the female role.

    You can choose the role which you want, but keep in mind that the demon is the seme and the boy will be the uke.

    Same "rules" as in MxM, except that the two characters will be women.



    (There are what I require, but you can of course also add you own stuff. I love to read long descriptions of character personalities and their histories so please make it long if possible) *smiles*
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  2. This plot look so amazing! O: I love the little story in the beginning. It captured me!
  3. Hello, I'm glad that you like it. There might be tons of errors, however, since I wrote it in the middle of the night, haha :D
  4. How much do you usually write, in paragraphs and lines per paragraphs?
  5. I'd love to do this one with you, preferably as a MxF plot. I mirror post, so if you spit out 400+ words, I'll give you the same. If you give me a line, I'll most likely only have a line to give back.

    I'd like to chat with you a bit more about what you're wanting from the demon before I hand out a CS. So perhaps message me?
  6. It depends. Although my average can be 3 paragraphs.
  7. Wow I really like your plot/story intro its very intriguing, I would love to do a MxM of this with ya if your still looking =)
  8. Bolour Kardia. I'm glad to hear that, but unfortunately I've already found a partner for this rp. Maybe next time~ :)
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