Forsaken By the Gods

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  1. "It would seem, according to the Gyrvyrn Texts, that we are not alone, but instead...isolated..." -Chysk Talonclaw, 700 TSC.

    A land, set apart from the rest of the world, its populace held back only by a force known to the populace as the "Jinkaar". A place where one is born, lives, and dies, all without experiencing the rest of the world. Ik'vats, ruled by demons.

    Hello all, Sail here :D I'd like to try to GM a new RP that has been brewing in my mind for quite some time. The entire story will be set in a country called "Ik'vats", a massive landmass that sits alone in the Hapsire Sea. But, not only is it surrounded by water, but also by a force called the Jinkaar, a magic that both keeps its people within the borders, and keeps the true gods' wrath at bay. A group of demigods banished to Ik'vats act as "gods" of this country, and will be considered gods throughout the RP. (More on why and how will be explained in the course of the RP)

    Within this land, magic is powered by the Jinkaar, and two major factions currently battle for control of the Infernal Throne; the children of the Jinkaar, and the children of the chaos god, Hythrial.

    For the actual story content, you will be playing as mortals(beginning the day before the barrier falls). Each of you will be members of a small community (called Alystra) near the barrier, and will have to survive as the outside world attacks.

    Finally, just a few basic notes:
    • I'm looking for 3-8 people
    • I'd like at least one or two posts a week, of at least a paragraph or more
    • Also, I'd like you to have passable grammar(grammar and spelling that I can read and understand, it does not have to be perfect).
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  2. So the question that needs to be asked is what exactly would the playing characters be doing in this RP

    You got us a stage - this isolated landmass, Ik'vats. Everyone inside is cut off from the rest of the world from some magical barrier (Aka Trump's wall). To the people it not only prevents them from spreading out and seeing what else their world has to offer than just this one piece of land. But either they know or are oblivious to the looming threat outside of the true gods

    Okay, swag. Now where do the players fit in? What would my place in this story be? Would i be one of the gods that was banished to this island? Would i be mortal.

    You got the stage my dude, just need to know what you are gonna have us do in it.
  3. :D yeah. I'll fix that in the description. Thanks.
  4. It's a start

    But how long is a story like that gonna last? Are we to just remain in this singular community as long as we can?

    Or will the invading powers be way to much and require us to travel more into the mainland to get away from it.

    Fuck it, let me spit this at you - Make the objective of this story to reach this sanctuary city where the island Gods are at their mightest.

    The entire story is about trying to get there from this tide of power the PCs cannot fight against. There's urgency and a clear goal in mind other than just to survive. With this we would be given the chance to explore this world you created.

    How about that?
  5. Thar works pretty well. :D thanks for the help