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  2. Name: Miles Jameson

    Age: 18

    Year: Senior



    Outer: When his wall is put up, he is rather self assured and a bit of a show off, if not a big flirt. He talks a big game but there is nothing to it. Most students back off so he never had to back up his bluffs.

    Inner: His heart is bigger than his head sometimes. He isn't really that smart but sometimes he does have a stroke of genius. All in all, he is the biggest teddy bear anyone would know. Thing is, no one would know this at least not yet.

    Biography: Miles was born in a wolf pack. His family is huge and extended. Most of his maternal grandparents are Indian of origin while his paternal grandparents hail from England and Scotland. His father is a Scottish immigrant and his mother was a black food Indian who couldn't elude from the Scottish charm. Give or take a few wolfy gestation periods and Miles was born a cute fluffy puppy with big feet and floppy ears. Ears in which he still hasn't grown into, imagine that. How big is he going to get? All Miles knows is on his 25th Birthday he will be considered an adult in his tribe. At least, his mother's tribe. In his father's tribe, he is already of age and of course his uncles are itching to have him out to the highlands to man him up. A clash of families is what Miles has always had to deal with. The Indian tribe was more serious and spiritual while.... his Scottish roots were more... wild and fiercely macho. In his mother's tribe, there was a great emphasis on maternal leadership within the household and is Scottish Father was more paternal in his family leadership. He came from two different ideas wrapped up in a deer skin pelt of hot mad sex, as he amusingly observed.
  3. Name:
    Arenth Kaisu




    She appears to be very polite and friendly, though she seems to have no interest in making close friends. She does talk to some classmates regularly, though she has never invited them to her house, or gone to their house to hang out after school or on the weekends.

    Arenth has grown up being in the shadow of her elder half-brother, always being compared to him. She has yet to have the chance to speak her mind about much of anything. Having always been put down, she ends up judging others and is much more cold than she intends to be.

    Her father being a high-ranking packmate from a werewolf tribe in the northern Rocky Mountains, and her mother being a low-ranking werewolf from the Midwest Valley, Arenth was the second born of this pair. Her elder brother quickly climbed the ranks of both packs, being quick of mind and body, as well as strong. Young Arenth was not planned and when it was clear that she would not be as quick or strong as her brother, her mother began to be harder on her while her father took her elder brother to the Rockies.

    Arenth has given up trying and gets excellent grades on tests, though she refuses to do her homework. Therefore, her grades are average at best. She is almost always seen with her nose in a book or staring off into space with her earbuds in, her expression indifferent.