Forieri di Tarocchi - Harbingers of Tarot

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  1. An Introduction to Forieri di Torocchi
    There comes a point in time that we as human beings look upon ourselves and ask a simple question.

    What have we accomplished across the epochs of our past?

    Many of our kind have come and gone; a culmination of their life achievements either lost to the ages or imprinted upon the pages of historical text. From the instigators of greats wars, to the fathers of scientific development, to even the philosophical minds debating the laws of our existence. Select individuals have always stood above the rest. Harbingers of change destined to revolutionize the consistent ideals stagnating the society of their time.

    Yet, they are only mortal.

    To what extent are their feats remembered beyond death’s grasp? Are they left to exist as ink on paper, or do they transcend the bounds of mortality and influence the society of today? It can be said that mankind is built upon the strengths and shortcomings of the past, yet this holds true for only those who embrace it. If innovation is chosen over historical inspiration; is it then a lack of foresight from those in question, or is it simple ignorance towards the truth of our existence?

    Ask yourself. Are your aspirations built upon the spirits of the past or do you grasp a distinct future in ignorance of those who watch from the immortality of their triumph?

    If you are reading this brochure, then congratulations. You are one of the annual few chosen to apply for an opportunity like none other. Founded in Yurich, Maine back in 1865, Trinity Institute was an academic shelter dedicated to the rehabilitation of children left homeless in the aftermath of the Civil War. Since then, the academic focus has been shifted towards the development of unique talent found in the men and women of today’s society. Genius is not a factor in our decision. Some form of latent potential exists in nearly every individual. Thus, it is our goal at Trinity Institute to awaken such potential for those deemed compatible with our academic methodology.

    Whether old or young; academic or athletic; artistic or musically inclined; all are welcome for a chance at fulfilling the dreams and aspirations one might hope to achieve. It is only the best who remain to graduate from our illustrious institution, and whether or not you agree, the next harbinger of change could be you.

    What to expect

    Forieri di Torocchi is a multi-genre role-play encapsulated by the modern fantasy archetype. Players of this game will experience a blend of a slice-of-life and supernatural occurrences that align with the mysticism expected by the fantasy genre. Characters will start as ordinary humans attending the curriculum at Trinity Institute; however, gradually, they will begin to undercover the mystery which underlies a town built upon a long history of occult.

    There are no complicated requirements to join this role-play; however, it is expected that you are willing to spend time with notable amounts of detail. It is expected that you, as a writer, are independent and are capable of developing your character in both a believable and compelling manner. Above all, it is assumed that grammar, post length, and role-play involvement are as expected by a game of advanced nature.

    Under no circumstance is this role-play intended to be advertised as "easy." Death is an aspect that one must embrace, especially if the details of posts are regularly ignored. That being said, in no way is the plot of this role-play written to be unfair. Every player action will determine a subsequent reaction, and it is left in the hands of the players to develop a highly, flexible story however they wish.

    Forieri di Tarocchi is a long term role-play intended to span several arcs across many months. While it is not required, it is highly recommended that players join with the intention of staying for the duration of the role-play. Doing so will assist in the development of consistent, enjoyable plot for everyone to enjoy.

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  2. I am interested, count me intrigued
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  3. Honk Honk, All Aboard the Tsu Train.

    Tempted to go Darius again, with some modifications. I probably will, all things considered.
  4. I am interested. Count me in.
  5. I mean, now that F5 is dead, I really have been itching for a new RP myself...

    Sure. I'm down.
  6. Oh boi, oh boi.
  7. Well, well, looks like the gang is here
  8. Now we just need Greenrust. :p
  9. 'eyyyy. I'm here for this, as you already know. xD
  10. I'm interested as well, I definitely want to be a part of this!
  11. @WanderingWriter @ERode @Click This @TerraBooma @Voltin @DoughGuy @Dragon-Goddess @Zombehs

    Good to see everyone's interest.
    I am currently in progress towards finalizing the remainder of the information and the sign-up sheet.
    You can expect to see both completed sometime this week (hopefully earlier than later!).
    As of now, I am looking to accept approx. 5 individuals, so there is a good chance for competition.
    That being said, I am always flexible in terms of numbers so 5 is not set in stone.

    Finally, if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in thread or via PM. If I can answer, I will!
    I look forward to seeing everyone's characters soon.
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  12. If you look forward to seeing our characters soon, you should toss up a CS template so that we can get started early. :3
  13. Just a reminder that the sign-up thread is up!
    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post in the OOC.
  14. There are two slots remaining.
  15. what slots? I will take one?
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