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  1. Griffin stormed through the hospital. He growled at anyone that approached him. He wasn't a social person to begin with the situation just made it worse. The one person he loved and trusted in a coma! How was this possible? No one could or would tell him a thing. Well he was going to find out. And when he did someone was going to pay. When he arrived at his lover's room his heart stopped. He looked so small and helpless. Why would anyone want to hurt him?
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  2. Gregory was laid on the white hospital bed with all machines connected to him. His complexion looked paler due major blood loss. His heart ever stopped twice when he was in ICU, but luckily they quickly bring him back in. His head, arms, legs and abdomen was bandaged. His breathing was stabilized and so do his heartbeat.
    A doctor and a nurse walked in to check on Gregory but they stopped for a while on their track seeing a man standing in the doorway. "Excuse me, Sir. May I know who are you and your connection to the patient?"
  3. Griffin glared at the doctor. He had no patience to deal with the man. Still the man was in charge of Gregory's care so he couldn't be too rude. That didn't stop him from growling when he answered the idiots question. "My name is Griffin Green. I am Gregory's fiancee. I am here to be with the man I love." He moved from the doorway. He sat in the chair beside the bed and took the small pale hand into his. Then he leaned forward and brushed his lip across the unconscious man's.
  4. The doctor raised an eyebrow at the growl Griffin gave to him. "Okay then, Mr. Griffin. Would you like to give us some space to work?" The doctor didn't show any sign of disgust but he did stand a little far from Griffin. He checked the machines and noted them while the nurse opened the hospital gown slightly to check on the bandages. "And no kissing please." The doctor mumbled after glanced at his patient and saw the visitor kissing him .. slightly.
  5. Griffin ignored the doctor. He didn't take orders not anymore. He had gained his freedom and wouldn't allow anyone to take it from him. He was surprised when he felt Gregory's lips move under his. When he ended the kiss his eyes filled tears. "My love. Please come back to me. I promise that whoever hurt you will pay for it. I won't let them get away way with it. I will keep you safe. I won't leave your side again."
  6. The doctor noted it again as he noticed there's a slight jump of heartbeat for a moment. "Hmm .. I'm impressed," he mumbled to himself before moved to stand next to Griffin. "He was found in a deserted alleyway. 1 stab on abdomen, deep cuts on legs and arms, major blood loss because wound on the head which may caused concussion to amnesia. He's progressing well and maybe he will wake up soon."
  7. Griffin nodded. He could see the wounds. He was relieved and distressed by the doctor's words. He was glad that Gregory would make it. He couldn't lose the one person that he loved. He had never known love had before he had met the younger man. He would fight the world for his lover. He didn't care who or what he had to fight. Gregory was his world. "I don't care. I will take care of him."
  8. The doctor ignored the harsh tone in Griffin's words, he either don't care or didn't want to be involved in this man's business. "I recommend that he'll be on the wheelchair at least one week after he wake up. I suggest he go to therapist so he'll learn how to function his arms and legs again. And I want him to go to check-up once every two weeks. Is that clear?" He glanced at the man beside bedside.
  9. Griffin nodded. "I will arrange it." He might not be rich but he wasnt a street kid anymore. He would find a way to pay for the things the Gregory needed. He would make sure that his lover had everything he needed to get back to one hundred percent. It was the least he could do after everything that the other man had done for him. He wouldnt leave his side again. No one was going to hurt Gregory again. And whoever hurt him this time would pay. He was not going to ignore this threat. He would protect the man he loved no matter what.
  10. The doctor nodded, acknowledged Griffin's normal answer this time. He have know and see a lot of people since they day he was born and he knew. This man might be rude but he's certainly love his fiancee. He know the man is lying though, since there's no ring on his finger. He just ignored it and went back checking other machines. "I'm done. Hope your boyfriend get well soon." He said as greeting before leave the room, he deliberately said boyfriend instead fiancee though, he just want to tell the man that he knew he's lying, and hopefully, he didn't do it again.

    ((Wanna timeskip to one month later, when Gregory wake up? Or do you have some plan to do?))
  11. Griffin ignored the man's hint about his lie. The man didn't know for a fact he was lying. Not every man wore rings. They might have simply not gotten around to purchasing them yet. The man could suspect all he wanted but without proof there wasn't a thing that the doctor could do. He didn't care what anyone said he wasn't leaving Gregory's side ever again.

    He kept that promise over the next month. He refused to leave the hospital at all. He walked a few times a day, because the nurses threatened if he didn't he wouldn't be strong enough to help Gregory. But he never went far. He always kept his lover's room in his eye sight. The younger man's injuries healed one by one. Now all he had to do was wake up and rejoin the world.
  12. It's been one month since the last event when Gregory was attacked. He has been in a coma until now. His fingers often twitch and sometimes moaned something incoherent softly.
    Gregory's fingers twitched a few times and he moaned again, a little louder than last time. His eyes spluttered open before closing again, the white light was blinding. After a while, he tried to open his eyes slowly, trying to adjust to the white light. The first thing he see was the white ceiling. Where am I?
  13. "Easy love. You're safe. Just relax. I am here." Griffin said softly. He had ignored the twitches and moans. His lover had been doing those for weeks. He knew by now that they meant little to nothing. But when the younger man's eyes opened for the first time in over a month his heart raced. Gregory was finally coming back to him. He pressed the button to call the nurse. He hoped that his lover wasn't in pain. Most of the younger man's wounds had healed so the pain shouldn't be too bad.
  14. When his sight has focused and all he can see it some nurses towered over him and a raven-haired man. Nurse? Hospital? Why am I in hospital? Is that raven is my doctor? But why doctor wear that kind of clothes? A thousand thoughts ran over his head, and he have a list of question that he want to be answered. His mind felt foggy and he can't think straight. By the time he come back to reality, the nurses have been gone and his bed has been lifted so he laid in sitting position. "Wh-Where.." his voice was hoarse as he looked at the room around him.
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  15. "Shhh..." Griffin squeezed Gregory's hand with one hand while he picked up a cup of water of the tray the nurses left. He gently placed the stray to the younger man's lips. "Drink slowly. I'll explain. Things are going to be fuzzy. The nurses are easing you off the drugs. You're in San Fransico general. You were attacked a month ago. You've been in a coma for a month so most of the wounds have healed. You still have some healing to do but don't worry I'll be here every step of the way. I've already taken care of everything. You just have to focus on getting well."
  16. Gregory accepted the straw that offered gently on his lips, he sucked and the water that come out was enough for wetting his throat. He sucked more water, hoping to ease his thirst first before releasing the straw from his mouth. He looked to the one who offered him the drink, wanting to know who is it. His vision was blurry at first before start to refocusing slowly. It was the raven man from earlier. This man looked familiar but he can't remember him. "Wh-Who.. are you?" He slowly asked. He tried to clench and unclench his fist slowly as he felt he can't move his hands earlier. His muscles felt sore and there's a painful throbbing headache that pulsing at the back on his head. What the hell had happened? You've been in a come for a month .. the flashback from the raven's word answered his question. Why was he in coma anyway? You were attacked a month ago.. his question answered again by the man's words.
  17. Griffin closed his eyes as pain filled him. The doctor had warned him that amnesia is a possiblity but he hadnt believed the man. He hadnt wanted to believe him. He didnt want to think that it was possible that Gregory could forget him. Not after everything they had shared. But it seemed that the head wound had stolen everything from him. "My name is Griffin Green. Im your fiancee." He lied. While they had talked about marriage neither of them had taken the step to finalize things. He was changing that as soon as possible. "We have been friends for years. Got involved romantically a could of years ago." He explained. He didnt know how much he should tell the younger man. Maybe he should let the memories come back on their own.
  18. Gregory looked shocked once the raven said he is his fiancee. Uh .. am I hearing things right? he questioned himself before blushed softly. He cleared his throat and looked back to Griffin. "So .. you are saying that I'm gay? .... Maybe that's explain why I thought you hot earlier.." he said awkwardly and the last part quietly, as if embarrassed. He looked around and realizing that they're the only person on the room. Where is his family? Wouldn't they should have at least burst through that door a minute ago? Why is no one beside Griffin is here? Are his parents really abandoning him after what he did that night? "Where's ma and pa?" He goes by how he called his mother and father when he was still a kid.
  19. Griffin nodded. He understood Gregory's embarrassment. While he had always know he was gay the other man had struggled with his sexuality. He had been afraid that his Japanese family wouldn't approve of having a gay son. Many Japanese families disowned gay sons. Gregory's family was old, rich, and traditional but when he finally accepted that he was gay they had too. They loved him too much to disown him over his sexuality. Especially when Griffin assured them that Gregory would keep his name and that if they got married that they would hire a surrogate so the old bloodline didn't die out. "Your sister is married. She lies in Japan near your grandmother. Your mother and father are there visiting them. I called them and told them what happened. It was hard to convinced them not to rush home. But there was nothing they could do but worry and wait so I convinced them to finish their visit. I call them once a day with updates."
  20. Gregory frowned, eyebrows knitted together. "Onee-san is married? When was that?" He said as he tried to search in his memory when is this was happened. His eyeballs moved back and forth in concentration. His expression changed from confusion to frustration. "Why I can't remember? What's wrong with me?!" He gripped his head and tugged on his hair in frustration.
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