Forgotten Promises

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  1. In the Kingdom of Ulasille, there once was a little Baker's Boy and a princess. They would play as children often did, recreating epic battles from their imagination and slaying invisible dragons to save the beautiful princesses trapped by them. The Princess always played the princess, and the Baker's Boy always played the valiant hero who charged into danger to win her hand. As he got older, their relationship grew distant as he was expected to pay heed to his responsibilities and her to hers. For a few years they saw very little of each other, but they were always thinking of one another. Her dreams were of the valiant Baker's Boy who fought through fire and brimstone to save her from the fate of being trapped forever. His were of the beautiful Princess who left her life of privilege to live with him in the bakery and be his loving wife. He grew to know his craft and she learned the intricacies of being what she was, but they both dreamed of something more.

    The Baker's Boy and the Princess, now aged 13 and 12 (respectively), began to meet in secret when her desire pushed her from the castle walls and his hope pushed him to sneak into the castle. Their love was harmless, it seemed, as all they wanted to do was be together like they were as children. They would sit in the forest and look at the stars, tell each other stories of what they had to deal with all day, and talk of the desire to leave the Kingdom to be together. This was cut short when the King found out, she was found trying to sneak from the castle one night and he was in the forest waiting for her. He didn't know that she had gotten caught, that she had told her father who she was meeting with late a night. He didn't know that her father had been so wroth that he had his father taken to the dungeons, and she didn't know that his father was executed. He waited in the forest alone, his heart beating through his chest as the torches and village seemed to wake up all at once.

    He tried to run back, but all he saw was that the bakery that was his home was set aflame and the knights were talking of "treason" and "execution". He knew what had happened, even if he couldn't think clearly, and he ran as fast as he could to the castle to try to save his father. As he approached, barefoot and dirty, a knight grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him behind a wall. This man said that the Baker's Boy was due to be killed for committing treason and his father had already been put to death. This Knight was older, a gray beard and skin like old leather, but he was kind. He saved the Baker's Boy a grim fate, offering a possibility for freedom. As the Baker's Boy ran from the city, his thoughts were a mess of anger and sadness and betrayal. He loved her and that love killed his father. He did this. As he settled down to try to rest, his thoughts were filled with the night before. Where the Princess and the Baker's Boy talked of true love and he vowed to bake the cake for their wedding day.

    The Princess was trapped, as she always feared, but her valiant Baker's Boy was dead. Her father had no choice, she committed treason. She loved the Baker's Boy, and the love got him and his father executed. She was to live alone and guarded until the day she was to be married to a prince, and while that was the dream of many young girls, she hated the thought. She only wanted to married to the one who made their wedding cake, and that could never be.

    Our story begins in the Restless Lion Inn, where the Baker's Boy has lived and worked for the last 7 years under the rule of Madam Fernne. The Princess has made her way here, by pure chance, in her escape from her father's clutches. Coincidence is a curious consideration, why would they be brought together again after all this time? Perhaps something larger is at work here, the hands of Fate coming together at this time and place to offer a second chance at true love.
  2. Character Name: Katherine Andrews
    Appearance: Long blonde hair that reaches her back but is usually tied up in a bun and side swept bangs to frame her face - Grey eyes - Short and petite but looks elegant. ( Here's the link to the sample image if you can load it Anime Princess of Evil Free Desktop Wallpaper | HD Wallpaper )
    Personality Traits: Bubbly - Passionate - Can be aggressive if something triggers her - Protective - Easily depressed due to the backstory
  3. Character Name: Gherard Fernne
    Appearance: Average height, long and ragged hair (not unattractive, just lower class). Fairly dingy looking, but attractive. He could probably get any girl he wanted, but he has no interest. He isn't super muscular or big, but he is very lean and toned. Light brown hair, thin beard (not big and bushy, but defined enough to be noticeable) and deep green eyes.
    Personality Traits - Aggressive - Gruff - Not unkind, just cold to people he doesn't know - Romantic, but hides this fact because it's not what most men are like around him
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  4. The years came and went, but his anger and sadness only grew. Gherard took the name of the Madam in charge of the Restless Lion to avoid suspicion, but that was less of his choice than the aggressive suggestion from Franz, the old knight who helped him escape. When they came across this Inn, the isolated ramshackle shed that could barely be considered a building, it was a stroke of luck. They had run out of food days before, and the water sources seemed few and far between.

    Madam Fernne was a bitch, to be honest, but she clothed and sheltered Gherard for the coming years and when Franz died she consoled him. The time he spent there was a learning experience, from cooking new food and brewing to fixing the Inn and making it look respectable.

    We begin our story with the introduction of The Princess, who has come into this Inn for reasons unknown but nonetheless needs a place to stay. The Inn itself is not as it used to be, the floorboards beautifully kept and not rotting, the lights and candles well-kept as to avoid pools of wax on the floor. There was not much traffic here, most people would come for a drink and be on their way. The few people who had stayed here were here for good, as it seemed they had no other homes.

    Gherard is tending bar, wiping it down from the spilled beer and vomit left from a rather vulgar tenant. He assumed the only reason that man was allowed to stay was because Madam Fernne used him as her... he shuddered and pushed the thought from his mind. His thoughts were instead brought to a flash of his childhood as he saw the woman enter the Inn.
  5. She was walking down the street, her eyes darting left and right. It has been a while since she snuck out of the castle and the sights interested her. Unlike her usual attire, she was wearing a hood, her long blonde hair let down to avoid suspicion. She was wearing a dress that she had sewn herself with leftover fabric she had found lying around the castle. Looking like any normal girl, she continued walking down the street, her footsteps light with a smile on her face. No one could recognize her due to the perfect change of clothing and hairstyle. Perfect. No one will notice me in this outfit. She thought to herself as she set her eyes on an inn.

    This inn was unfamiliar to her, but that would make the perfect place for her to go into without many people noticing. It was far from the castle and she was getting a little thirsty. She looked around for guards before opening the door to the inn. She stepped in and took off her hood, showing her long blonde hair. Her grey eyes observed the place as she stared in awe. The inn was beautiful and in very good shape, which made her admire it. She looked around and smiled once more, noticing that there were not much people here.

    She let out a relieved sigh and started looking around for a place to sit. She then found an empty seat at the corner of the inn and walked towards it. The sound of her shoes clicking on the floor could be heard clearly as the inn was mostly quiet. She sat down, waiting for someone to come over so she could order something to drink.
  6. It had been 7 years, but she was the same girl he knew from so long ago. She was taller, the body of a full woman, but her eyes were different. He remembered how they used to remind him of the seas, a beautiful mixture of grey and blue that went on forever... But they were a different grey now, dark and sad like a thunderstorm bringing endless rain. He reached for a mug and filled it with water, averting his eyes and focusing on the water rising to the top of the cup. His thoughts were a rush of old emotions, anger and happiness intertwined like a two-headed snake, but he couldn't bring himself to move. He secretly hoped she knew him, that she remembered him, that she would see him and come rushing into his arms and things would be the way they were.

    Fire and flames filled his thoughts as he remembered the night he ran from home, the night that this childish love destroyed everything he cared about. His mouth tasted of blood as he realized he'd been biting his tongue and the water was running onto his hands as it overflowed. He turned the faucet off and poured the excess into the top of the barrel where the water was stored, taking a deep breath and walking to her table. As he placed the mug of water onto the table, he spoke in the most defined voice he could muster, "Welcome to the Lion Restless-" he stopped himself and his face flushed with embarrassment as he re-attempted, "I mean... The Restless Lion Inn. Is there anything I can get you?"
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  7. Katherine was staring outside the window, admiring the lively city. It really hadn't changed a bit, except for this new inn she just discovered. She used to always walk around in the city with him and being there just reminded her so much about it. She sighed and looked back at the inn. It really was beautiful. The lights and the candles set the perfect atmosphere, and the smell of sweets just made her smile. She sat in silence, taking a moment to appreciate the place she was in.

    The sound of footsteps snapped her back to reality as she saw a man walking towards her table. She watched him, studying his features. His long hair and beard showed his manliness and fitted his rugged appearance. Despite that, he had quite a good looking face with beautiful features. She continued to observe him as he arrived at her table, welcoming her to the inn. She looked up and when she met his eyes, she froze. The deep green eyes had reminded her of something, something that she tried very hard to forget. Shaking the thought, she spoke gently with a soft smile. "Hello there. Do you happen to sell any sweets here?"
  8. Her voice was sweet, flowing and light enough to send a flutter into his stomach. He couldn't help but offer a smile as he blushed slightly, understanding that she was smelling the sweetbread he had made. Not many people who passed by were interested in such things, most wanting a plate of meat and garden mush without a care for interesting flavors or aromas. He cleared his throat before turning around and heading back behind the bar, stepping into the kitchen hastily to get the rolls. The cinnamon scent was stronger tonight, as he was trying a new recipe, but he hoped it wasn't overpowering. As he grabbed a metal plate, he piled on 3 rolls and hurriedly walked back to the girl at the table.

    "I made them myself, I fancy myself a bit of a baker," he spoke with a half-hearted perkiness, trying to mask the sadness behind the story of his education, "I learned from my-" he halted, not being able to bring himself to speak of his father, "from... Madam Fernne. She's quite a good cook, although you wouldn't know it by meeting her." He laughed at that, a little too loud, but he wasn't as nervous around this girl as he was around most people. He felt like he knew her from another life, like she was already his friend when she had barely said anything to him at all. As he placed the rolls on the table, he hoped they were to her liking.
  9. She watched as he hurried to the kitchen, wondering what he was doing since he didn't voice a reply. She remained seated, thinking that he might have something important he had to attend to. She decided to wait for him to come back before asking once more, hoping he would then reply. The strong scent however was really perking her interest, making her crave sweets.

    It wasn't before long until she saw him run out once more, this time with a plate in his hands. She looked over curiously, wondering what it was. As he approached, she noticed that it was rolls of sweetbread and the sight of it made her eyes gleam. She listened and nodded, understanding that he was nervous. She then reached over to the roll with a fork, taking a bite of it. Right after the bite, a big smile appeared on her face. It tasted soft and moist and the cinnamon made it perfect. "Did you really make these? These are really good!" she spoke passionately with a smile, excitement written all over her face.
  10. His embarrassment was difficult to hide, but once again he felt strangely at ease with this girl. He nodded in response to her question and stole a passing glance out of the window towards the lights outside, wondering what she reminded him of. Her eyes... So beautiful and sad, spoke to where she came from, but her voice was a different tone. Was there somewhere she was running from? Somewhere she had to leave? He knew that feeling, and thought that maybe that's what she made him think about. Running through the woods with Franz, further and further from the castle from... fire. His head began to hurt as he saw the burning building and heard the heavy footsteps and shouting of the guards. He closed his eyes and held his breath, in a moment it was all back to normal.

    He realized that tear had begun to run down his face, and he hastily wiped it with his sleeve as he regained his composure. The past was just that, in the past. There was no use in digging up the corpses in his memory, they were dead and buried, nothing he could do about it now. He turned his attention back to this girl, her eyes still as beautiful as he remembered, her voice just as a soft... And then he knew who this woman was. Like a flash of lightning illuminating everything for a brief second he knew exactly who this girl was. She was the embodiment of his guilt, and his eyes widened with the memory.
  11. She had been enjoying the roll happily, astonished at his skills. It had been a while since she had any proper sweets made by a baker as she was always locked in the tower lately. Her father had her heavily guarded and it was hard for her to even go to the bathroom unguarded. It wasn't until his father had an important meeting that the guards were lesser, making it easier for her to run away again. She shook the thought and looked up to him, wanting to thank him and praise him for the rolls.

    To her shock, he was crying, tears rolling down his face like a waterfall. She stared in complete shock before watching him wipe his tears away quickly. As he turned back, she could only force a smile, trying to pretend that she didn't see anything. The last thing she'd want to do is bother someone by butting into their business. Maybe he was going through something that she should not be talking about. She was about to speak but stopped when she saw his eyes widen. Hit by a sudden pang of guilt, she couldn't say a word, nor could she understand why she felt that way. She knew she didn't do anything wrong, or at least she didn't notice, but the guilt was real, and it was heavy at her chest. "A-Are you okay?" she asked, trying hard to understand what was going on.
  12. Her words carried a thought that stabbed him in the heart, that she didn't remember him. He'd lost everything for her, and she didn't even consider him worth the memory. He felt his hands clench in anger, but he breathed deep and walked away from the table and back into the kitchen. He collapsed the second he entered the doorframe, his knees finally crumpling from the weight of his emotions. He gripped his head in his hands, feeling like he was going to tear his hair from his scalp, the rush of sadness and anger unrelenting and vicious. As he attempted to breathe normally, he heard footsteps approach on the creaking wooden floors. He looked up at the door through a teary window, not able to react quick enough to dodge the spoon headed his way.

    The wooden ladle snapped on his temple, the pain was enough to make him recoil and fall backwards. Fernne stood above him with her hands on her hips, as he wiped his eyes he could see that she was smirking down at him. Her foot tapped impatiently, as if there was an answer she expected although she didn't ask a question. She reached her hand to him, pulling him to his feet and cocking an eyebrow expectantly. He couldn't explain to her what he was thinking, couldn't find the words to explain why this girl destroyed him. As his eyes shifted to the ground, looking for an answer in the dust and debris on the floor, the spoon came down once more and sent another sharp pain through his already aching head. He looked at her angrily and was about to speak when she beat him to it.

    "What in the shit is the matter? What has you blubbering like a little child?"
  13. She waited for an answer but did not receive one, watching him storm away. She felt that she had said something wrong and guilt filled her heart. She was about to walk over towards him but stopped as she heard guards storming the outside of the inn, screaming out loudly. Her heart skipped as her face became pale. Running towards the bar, she took the chance, seeing no one was there and hid behind it.

    The guards stormed into the inn not long after, their footsteps loud. The head of the guards walked towards the middle of the inn and spoke loudly, demanding to see the people in charge of the inn. The princess could only stay hidden, her body shivering in fear. She had been afraid of the guards and her father ever since the incident happened, and her memory of the boy had faded due to her guilt and regret of not fighting back. The guard spoke once more, the others ready to search the place if the person in charge were to not appear.
  14. His response was interrupted by the screams and heavy footsteps entering the hall. He heard a deep voice calling for the owner, at which point Madam Fernne snapped her head to his direction and waved her hand at Gherard motioning for him to hide. His heart was in his throat as she walked towards the guards, but he wiped his tears and adjusted himself. His breathing slowed and his senses were focused, this was something he had known would happen someday. He couldn't hear was Fernne was saying but he could hear the irritation in her voice and he could imagine her intimidating posture. As he crawled into the small room behind the food stores, the sounds became more and more muffled, until all he felt were the vibrations of the echoes off the walls.

    The room was dark, full of cobwebs and dust, it was all he could do to not sneeze. As the darkness consumed him his thoughts were of the girl he knew, the girl who came in for a sweetroll. What was she doing here, of all places? he thought, What are the guards doing here?
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  15. The guards did not waver at Madam Fernne and stood their ground. "I demand you and your workers to search the place. The princess has ran away." he spoke loud, his voice making everyone turn their heads. Even one of the assistants in the kitchen heard and came out to peek, wondering what was going on. "Search every room for the princess, or we will do so." he proclaimed, his voice roaring and echoing in the inn.

    The princess who was behind the bar shivered, unable to move a muscle. The loud voices of the guards and the whispering of the customers in the inn made her head spin. She hugged her knees to herself, keeping herself hidden. Tears rolled down her face and dripped onto her dress, wetting the fabric. She did not want to be caught, there was no way she'd go back to the castle and get locked up again. She tried to steady her breath, not wanting her cries to be heard.
  16. Madam Fernne stood her ground as the guards approached the bar and began shuffling people away, tearing down head-scarves and roughly handling the people that were simply trying to get a drink or food. She walked towards the bar, noting that the little girl had taken shelter and immediately understood what was going on. She walked toward the girl, not looking at her, and tapped the dusty floorboard at her feet hoping the little girl would see the small indentation of the trap door. She had spent years making this place a safe-haven in case of someone coming to take her Gherry away.

    Obviously these people wanted this little girl, but she wasn't going to be responsible if something horrible happened to her. She kept the guards at a distance with her shouting and aggression, praying that the girl would be well hidden before the guards pushed through.
  17. She stayed there helplessly, listening to the roaring of the guards and the screaming of Madam Fernne. She was about to surrender herself despite her fear in order to stop this chaos but was stopped by the woman walking towards her hiding spot. Thinking that she was about to be given away, she closed her eyes and braced herself, only to hear the woman tapping the floorboard with her foot. She opened her eyes and looked over, seeing a trap door in sight. Relieved that the woman was here to help, she quickly shuffled over silently and opened the trap door, trying her best to not cough from the dust flying up to her face.

    The trap door opened to reveal a flight of stairs leading underground. With little to no hesitation, she moved down the stairs, closing the trap door behind her gently to avoid noise. Right after it closed, the place around her was engulfed in darkness. She coughed a little at the dust around her and walked down the stairs slowly, feeling her surroundings with her hands. It wasn't before long until she reached the end of the stairs. The room was dark as her eyes slowly grew accustomed to the dimly lit room. She walked around, not knowing what to do. Her footsteps echoed through the room as she continued to explore.
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