Forgotten Gods.

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  1. Long ago, the greeks prayerd to gods we thought mystical, and the creatures they fought where thought the same. With the greeks dead, the modern day forgot the gods, causing zeus, poseidon and hades to wage war against the mortals, thus started the destruction of mt Olympus. Gods divided, some fled to the mortals world in hopes of protecting them, poseidon realizeing his mistake fled to the oracle in hopes of finding a way to end the war, but he never did. With the oracle dead, poseidon ran to the mortal world, in hopes they survive.

    Im not gonns lie, this is real sandboxy. Most greek myths will be a role in this rp, with most of the creatures.

    1. No demigods from any other god then the ones listed.

    2. No over the top powers.

    3. I will be playing the creatures, unless some one asks.

    4. Two demigods per person.

    5. Kills can happen, by vote.

    6. If the god/goddess is needed we will vote who will rp them.


    Character sheet:

    Weapon: (optional)
    Powers and abilities:
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  2. May I join in??


    Character sheet: 1

    Father: Hades
    Name: Akeldama (Elda)
    Sex: Female
    Age: 25

    Weapon: None

    Backstory: Elda was raised by her mother in Washington State. When her mother fell ill with cancer when she was only 14, she stayed by her mothers bedside, unaware of the fact that she was in fact only making the disease worse the longer she was around. Eventually, her mother died, two long years later. Elda can be blamed, and does indeed blame herself, for her mothers death. As a result, she is resentful of her father and the apparent curse she carries.

    Powers and abilities:

    Reanimate-- Can reanimate a corps, resulting in an non-sentient servant with inhuman strength. (Only max of 3 at a time, up to 10 minutes. This power tires her.)

    Speak with the Dead-- Elda is able to preform a real, not hokey, seance. It takes prep time.

    Solidify Darkness-- makes the immaterial shadows around her material weapons.

    Can't swim
    Blight-- injuries and illness intensify around her. This isn't something she can control and does not effect her own person.

    Character sheet: 2

    "Mother": Artemis
    Name: Damon
    Sex: Male
    Age: 117 (Born 1896)

    Nage Human Form.jpg

    Weapon: Compound Bow and dagger

    Backstory: Damon was not Artemis' son by birth, as the Goddess is a virgin. He was, however, adopted by her to be her hunting partner for a time. She had found him at age 9 in the woods with his father who had been killed by a venomous snake. He was taken in by the goddess and was blessed as she slowly came to view him as her own adopted son. While she still had a good deal of her powers, he was made immortal and un-aging, though lacks any other traits of the gods. He is a skilled hunter, but no longer serves as Artemis' hunting partner.

    Powers and abilities:
    Tracking-- Damon is an expert hunter. As such, he can track nearly anything.

    Bulls eye-- With a bow, Damon has an almost non-existent miss-rate.

    Immortal-- Damon is un-aging, and can not die from lack of food or water. He can be killed by bleeding out.

    Weakness: Too many memories-- As such, Damon is slightly forgetful, though not unintelligent. These memories cause Nightmares as well.
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  3. They sound perfect! but the only thing i dont like about elda is torment.
  4. I can remove torment ^_^
  5. Alright, thank you! Im making my character sheets now, and when a few more people join we will start the rp.
  6. Awesome. I'll follow this thread so I know when that is, but please PM me when you're ready to start! :)
  7. Father: Hades
    Name: Trevor Copperflid
    Sex: male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Trevor is 6"4
    Weapon: a sword made of dragon bone.
    Backstory: Trevor was that weird kid, the kid who sat alone, who talked to nobody at school. He wasn't only like that at school, but home to. Trevor would sit alone in his room, watch tv, read, talk to spirts. Trevor was in consent danger, due to the fact that his father was hades, so Trevor left a note telling his mother goodbye, and off he was, he was on his way to mt Olympus, witch he heard was on top of, mount Whitney.


    kick boxing: Trevor was thought kick boxing at a very young age, leading him to Patrice daily.

    Summon Skelton: Trevor can summan up to 4 skeltons to do his biding.

    spirt eyes: Trevor can see and speak to spirts, with out a ritual. When Loved ones need to be contacted a ritual is needed.

    Weakness: With Trevors ability to see spirts freely, came with the price of his left eyes eye shight.

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  8. May I still join in? It'd be my first group rp, but my favorite book series is Percy Jackson and the Olympians. And I'm pretty familiar with it all.
  9. yes you may! After your character(s) are done ill make a new thread, anf start off the roleply, any questions just ask.
  10. Great! I'm so glad I caught this. It shouldn't take me too long to create my char. I'll get to it right away. :3
  11. Great! :) im doing my last character Sheet now.
  12. Father/mother: Zeus

    Name: Unknown- it will be up to the other characters to give her a nickname.

    Sex: Female

    Age: 18
    Appearance: Kawakami.Shuuichi.full.388717.jpg Her eyes are a startling shade of gray however, like a silver, and is about 5'4".

    Weapon: (optional) Various things but mainly Katana(s) or a long handled spear like weapon.

    Backstory: Her mother died during birth, but fortunately she was adopted quickly as a baby. At 16, she left her adopted home as a runaway for unknown reasons. Now 18, she lives by herself travelling on her own. She hasn't found out exactly about her birth father (Zeus) but is aware of her powers and has exceptional control over them although they're not fully mastered.

    Powers and abilities:
    -The ability to summon lightning at will/control over electricity
    -Slight control over air and weather
    -Communication with animals who are connected to the sky or anything related to Zeus
    -Misc small things that may be revealed every now and then

    Various: She doesn't speak. It's unknown if she chooses not to or if she's purely mute. If she does have something to communicate, which is rare, she writes it out in a small black notebook she carries around with her. Her emotions are hard to decipher and it takes someone to get to know her or have a special connection to read her face and eyes as well as possible body language.
  13. Father: poseidon
    Name: Jenny rose
    Sex: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Jenny is a small girl, fairly fast. Long black hair, she's stands at 5"4 in highet.
    Weapon: None
    Backstory: Jenny knew she was different the day she joined the swim team, After 3 days she scraped her knee, then with touch of the water it was healed. Then Jenny noticed things, teachers watching her, people following her home. mouths later Jenny was alone in her room, her mother was outta town. With a loud crash a monster was on her floor, claws ready for her heart, Jenny badly survived that night, but she learned a great deal about her self, that she was a Demigod. Off she was, on her way to meet her godly father.

    Water wave- Jenny can call fourth a wave of water.

    Good swimmer- Jenny can swim, not only swim but do it well, she practices daily.

    Water heal-Water can heal her wounds, but only sea or ocean water.

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  14. I have one other question. ^u^ Can any of the characters get involved romantically? Not in smut obviously (and I don't even do smut) but like...just romance. Only if it happens naturally.
  15. Ok, so that link is where we actually roleplay, yes? I'm sorry, like I said, first group rp here. Heh. Sorry if I'm a pain.

    How do we go about turns?
  16. Yes.
    The Turns can be used as we please, any order. But if the posting gets to tense I'll close posting till I know if the other rper Is ready.
  17. Alright, so it's a random order, just post whenever we can?
  18. Im definitely interested I love anything Greek mythology ill post a CS asap =D
  19. Yup. and awesome! Okay :)
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