Forgotten Feathers

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    Long ago, it is said this world was a vast, yet empty canvas, only inhabited by two beings.
    The Raven, a crafty, yet chaotic bird, wanting to create the perfect world. And the Hawk, a strong and justice seeking bird, also wanting to create a utopia.

    The two beings bickered at fought over what the world would be like, until they finally made an agreement. The Raven crafted the animals of the world, along with the landscapes, creating forests, mountains, and deserts with the flap of a wing.

    Meanwhile, the Hawk made humanity, forging each race, defining each person to be different than the other. The two were satisfied with their work, yet the Raven yearned to create more. Despite the Hawks disagreement, the Raven made more creatures, these being more aggressive than the peaceful herbivores that lived with humanity.

    These carnivores savagely killed the people of the world, and in return the Hawk gifted them with armor and weapons. With these new tools, soon greed, war, and crime rose in the perfect utopia.

    Pleased with the world, Raven sat and watched as his monsters attacked humanity, who returned with blades and shields at the ready, yet were losing horribly against the creatures of nature. Hawk, enraged at the destruction Raven created, attacked the black bird.

    The Hawk had size, but the Raven used the world he created to his advantage. The two fought for years, until finally both lay beaten and bleeding. The two almighty, immortal beings fell to each others talons and mighty beaks.

    However, the two live on today, as their blood and feathers fell, their magic abilities drained into the world they created.....
  2. Sounds interesting.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.