Forgotten Feathers

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    Outside, fire rained from the sky as the Dragon flew over the city in another attempt to burn all that resided in it. Hopefully it was the last attempt before it returned to its mountain cave. Luckily, the heavy rain put many of the fires out before they spread too quickly.

    All to suddenly, the door to the tavern you were residing in was kicked open, and three tall, armored skeletons stumbled in. Before you can react, you hear a battle cry from a muscular Orc as he charged the nearst, his warhammer ready to break it to dust.

    A sly sound of an arrow scraping a quiver was your next sound, as an elven woman quickly fired two arrows towards another skeleton, who crashed through a window. A Rattoaken flipped over a table, drawing two daggers as he tackled another skeltal warrior.

    You hear a shout from behind you as another group of undead break through the backdoor, met by a human garbed in robes, who rose his staff, a spray of fire burning the bones. A zombie like hound pounces towards the human mage, but a crossbow bolt slams into it as a drunk dwarf stumbles down some stairs, mumbling happily about battle.

    The fire from the mage starts to push you and the others outside, into a horde of undead. You and the other adventures look at each other, then back at your opponents, just as the dragon slams down into the midst of them, killing many of the undead horde.

    You and your new found allies charge the beast.


    Theres a little sampler of a fantasy roleplay I was thinking of starting up. I will be needing a Co-Gm to help with lore and such, which I plan on making alot of them.

    This is based off a roleplay I started a while ago, yet I'm putting a new spin on it.

    Things you should know.
    • Heavy Fantasy Elements​
    • Monsters!​
    • Magic!​
    • Lots of Lore and History Planned!​
    • Much More!​

    I'll work on an OOC once I have about two or three others interested :) ​
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  2. I'd be interested.
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  3. Here's another interest! Lot of interest! Take all the interest I have on me! O u O
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  4. Awesome! Working on the OOC now.

    Still accepting more interest though!
  5. I'd be definitely be interested in Co-GMing, if you're still offering, though I'm not sure I can live up to Peregrine. Guy crafted a damn fine atlas for the original RP.

    Could you elaborate, Lone, on what you're looking for a Co-GM to do this go-around? Locational lore, mapdrawing, magic systems, races, combat, all of the above?
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  6. @Stopwatched
    Peregrine was an amazing CO-GM!

    I'd love all the help I can get!. I generally have races and some locations locked down, but If someone had an idea for a place or race I'd love it hear it!

    As for the rest, I'm totally open to anything and everything!
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  7. Sweet! Do you mind sharing what you've got so far, publicly or privately? Races? Locations? The fabled "New spin"?
  8. Go ahead and PM me tonight, about to hit the hay, getting pretty late :(

    I'll go ahead and message you the races, important locations I had in mind, and feed you some information for the new spin tomorrow afternoon :D

    As for everyone else, Tell your friends!
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  9. i am definitely interested in joining
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  10. Interest taken.

    Any limit on playable races?
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  11. Hey, you run the Idea Nest. Recognized.

    Still in the process of lore-building the races with Lone! So far we've got three, and there'll be a lot more information on them (as well as a few others) soon. Stay tuned!
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  12. Thanks for all the interest everyone! Me and Stopwatched are hard at work with this roleplay, and I'm hoping itll be up before next Monday!
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  13. I'm interested in this ^_^
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  14. Can't wait to see the results of your hard work :)
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  15. Stopwatched report: Interactive map of Lone's kick-ass places & descriptions, plus ten entries in the Beast Index. Four will attack you on sight, three will chill, one will stalk, one will run away, and the tenth will give you a nice warm Handshake. Progress! I'm tired as shit.
    Whoa, I know you two now. *Clothes iron high five*
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  16. I'm a little curious. If the creator gods are both birds, would they create an avian race in their image?
  17. *Expresses marked interest, with a hint of hesitant optimism*

    Any room for a wind oracle? :D
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  18. Decision time! We need opinions from you guys on two things.
    1. Should the OOC be hosted in a standard forum thread or a group? Groups are more organized, especially for lore purposes, but lack dice-rolling and are disliked by some.
    2. Speaking of dice-rolling: We need to decide on a combat system. From the dev convo:
      We were hoping to use some simple dice rolling without butchering the continuity, like a middle ground between Unstructured and Half, but I'm still kind of baffled as to how that'd work. The main concern is avoiding having a player wait for validation on every single action, but... Again, I'm not sure. Any ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions?
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  19. Not sure if this works, but insteading of using dice to see if u dodge or attack, use dice as a 'how much damage you take'. You get a high number, you are unlikely to win that battle, average number, you suffer minor injuries, low number you win easily?
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  20. Yeah, but there are a lot of problems with a straight dice roll to determine victory. What's the difference between fighting a bunny and a dragon? What if there are multiple combatants on either side? Who determines whether or not you win the fight? What if you've got an advantage, like a fire mage against a tree? Or a disadvantage, like a swordsman against a rock? What's the difference between fighting on a plain or a mountainside?

    ...Bleh. Sorry, White, I don't mean to shoot you down.
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