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  1. "To err is human, to forgive, divine."

    Has a character of yours ever done something unforgivable?
  2. My character, Cosmos (Actually made the character before using it as a username =D) once framed an innocent girl of murdering her own brother. ^_^
  3. My character Razen has killed his wife and son in scientific experimentation...amongst others. And a guy working for him was my character Rakuto's father...Who used Rakuto as a guinea pig too. :/

    Other characters of mine have done bad things too. But Razen's the most common issue.
  4. My warlock, Manduro, massacred his entire clan of people to spite them for banishing him.

    My costumed villain, Fire Lily, has committed a lot of arson that killed many adults and children.

    My unique techno-vampire, Elektra, has killed many people for their identities so she can gain riches.

    My cursed arcane warrior, Cyrus, likes killing animals for shits and giggles.

    My Irish witch, Xylina, likes to lure people to her cave where she seduces them and keeps them forever until they die.

    ... <<; I'm done now. I have a lot of dark, evil people.
  5. I ran a shadow manipulating character awhile back who was a total misogynist and had absolutely no ethics when it came to getting something from them. I've also had a character kidnap his half sister from her adoptive family because she was in danger.

    Thinking about it, I don't usually run evil characters; mostly, they're chaotic neutral.