Forgiven not forgotten

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  1. Rome, 500 BC. That's when he was born. Who? His name has since long been forgotten, not even he himself knows anymore what he was named. Antonio, Marcus, Julius, Alexander, Lucius, Caius. All names that he has used as his own, not even certain if he ever was named any of them. That's now a time he has long forgotten, only books can remind him. After 2500 years alive his mind had stopped showing him memories of the past. He couldn't even remember the people he once loved.

    Yes, there was a maiden that once stole his heart, but now she were only a fog in his mind. Marcus sighted. That was the name he had for now, Marcus. Just for a while though, he would soon travel to Italy and then his name would be changed to Antonio. Different names for different countries. He was always on the move, never stayed in one place too long. He couldn't let people get too suspicious after all. Anyone would get suspicious if they were with someone that never aged. The sun were on its way down, Marcus were lying on a roof watching the sunset.

    He almost felt like laughing, but even if he did there would be no feeling in it. Those human feelings he had searched after for so long, they were all gone now. He didn't desire them anymore. Living an eternity with those pitiful thoughts would only destroy him. But still some feelings remained. Loneliness.

    Why did he feel so lonely? For a thousand years he had tried to find a fitting partner to travel with, but none had caught his eye. None other vampire had been able to make him interested either. The ancient had many times shown concern for him during history, and tried to help him finding a fitting partner, but none were able to give him what he wanted.

    The ancient, vampires even older than him. How were they even able to bear it? The burden of that age. None knew how old they were, but they had existed already when he had been turned. They were the law.

    The sun were hurting his eyes, a vampire may not burn in sunlight but they were night creatures and had a hard time in the daylight. But soon the sun would be down and it wouldn't be a problem before the next day. What would he do until then? Walk aimlessly? Eat? That was the only thing he did now a days. He had given up a long time ago. There was nothing more to live for.

    Suddenly he could feel the scent of blood. He had noticed it many times before and it had actually made him quite curious. He looked down from the building, a normal human wouldn't have been able to see that far, but he weren't a normal human. He saw a man. He had seen that man many times but that man had never seen him. Why did he get curious about that man? Maybe he were the one that should become his partner to cure his boredom.

  2. "Jess...why?" Kace asked, his eyebrows pressed together, a slew of emotions on his face. Tears threatened to burst from his eyes, though he was doing his best to keep them at bay, knowing that he couldn't in front of Jess. Reaching up, he brushed her black and green hair from her eyes, gazing up into her clear blue eyes from the surface of the park bench. Tonight was supposed to be their first year anniversary as a couple, and this very bench was where they had met.

    "'s just not working out. We're always fighting and you never seem to have time for me anymore. This is as hard for me as it is for you," she tells him, taking his hands in hers. "Baby, I love you, so, so much, but..." she didn't finish the sentence, instead turning from him. "I...I'm sorry, Kace," was all she said before dropping his hands and walking away.

    "Jess, please, no," Kace said, standing, and following her. "Jessica," he says, grabbing her wrist.

    She takes his hand from her wrist with a jerk, and it's evident that she's close to crying. "Don't, Kace," is all she says, before breaking into a run. He knows he couldn't catch her; during track season she had been the star sprinter and distance runner, and it seemed that she was going all out right now.

    Kace returns to the bench, sinking down into it, and feeling the old wood beneath his palms. After a while, when the sun is starting to set in the west, he gets back up, all cried out, and deciding that he should probably return home before the homeless people who normally slept n the park began arriving.

    Cutting through an alley, he constantly checks over his shoulder, knowing how the city can be after night fell. Shoving his hands in his jacket's pockets, he leans against one of the walls of the alley, a wave of depression washing over him again, nearly crippling his knees.

  3. Marcus looked down on the man, he seemed depressed. Something must have happened recently. Not that it mattered. Marcus took another breath and felt the scent of the mans blood flowing into his nose. That man seemed different from anyone he had encountered during his life among the dead. It wasn't just that his blood smelled sweeter than anyone else, something else caught Marcus attention. He didn't know why, but his intuition told him that the man down there was the only one that could become a fitting partner for him. If not him then no one would do. Then his life would be over. How could he know all this even though he hadn't even talked to that stranger? He didn't know, but he knew that this was his last chance.

    Elegantly he moved down from the building, his movements almost like a cats when he landed on the ground. A jump that would have killed a living human. He now was just outside the alley that man were standing in. Were he really going to turn a complete stranger into a vampire?

    He couldn't really understand his own action that evening, Marcus had always been composed. He had only killed as a new born, and he had never turned anyone before. Taking care of a newborn wasn't something he had wanted to do. But somehow he felt that this man could be worth the trouble.

    "You seem depressed pal. Killed someone?" He said as he walked towards the man, maybe he had spoken too soon since the dark should have made it hard for a human to see what the man was doing from that distance. "You seem to be in pain, want to get rid of it? The pain that holds your body and mind as a slave." Marcus stopped a bit away from the man and leaned towards the wall, showing no ill intentions.

    He could just have turned the guy, why was he talking to him? Somehow it seemed more appropriate this way. But if he refused, would Marcus still be able to turn him? Or would he leave to never come back? Maybe he would even kill the guy. Not even he knew. Maybe he would turn the poor guy no matter what. Forcing the boy into an eternity that will never stop. An eternity that can either be heaven or hell, depending on what you have to loose and gain.
  4. Starting as he heard a voice, Kace looked around him, the darkness of the alley making it hard to see anything. However, straining his eyes, he could make out the vague outline of a man, maybe around his age or a bit older. At his second question, he answered with, "What?" before thinking about it a bit more, determining what he could have meant.

    Drugs was his first thought, that the man was trying to sell him meth or ecstasy. It wouldn't be too uncommon for this part of the city, being so close to the community college. Just last week police had busted a large drug ring near this area, maybe he was someone who got out of it...? His second idea was that he was some front runner for a prostitution ring, trying to get him to pay for a young girl in a dark room, and he knew that he would hate himself if he did that, so soon after Jess left him. Or he could even be about to kill him, in which case he wouldn't be able to run, especially if he had a gun. Though he couldn't tell from the lighting, the man was also possibly one of the homeless, asking for money in some way, or a Jehovah's Witness trying to convert him. Deciding it didn't entirely matter, not after what had happened with Jess, he looks down at his shoes for a moment.

    Sighing, he pushed his glasses further up his nose, before turning back towards the man. "Unless it will make die right here and now, I don't want any of it. Or if it would bend time back a few months, then maybe..."

    A few months ago, he had been with Jess nearly every day, during the summertime, because neither had school. It had been perfect then, and he wished he would be able to go back to then, when she still loved him. Holding back shivers as a gust of wind blew through the alley, he felt a heavy weight resting on his heart, his body already missing Jess' touch, the smell of her hair, and how she would laugh when he did something stupid. Maybe it would be fine if he accepted whatever the man was trying to sell, even if it would kill him on the outside and inside.
  5. Marcus looked at the man with curiosity, something felt different with him, he wasn't like everyone else. What made him different? Well, he would have an eternity to figure that out. Or maybe it was just his mind playing pranks on him because he had been in such a hopeless state for so long. Maybe his mind tried to save him with any means possible, even if it meant to trick him to take someone with him. But that sounded kind of crazy.

    He took some steps closer to the man, closing the distance between them. "I won't be able to change the past for you, but with the time I'll give you, you will be able to change your future." He stopped just a step away from the other man. Hearing his heartbeat made the thirst rise in Marcus. "You will be reborn and start a new life in which nothing can hurt you." It was almost a whisper but loud enough for the human to hear.

    Then he took a grip on the humans shoulder and pulled him closer to himself with a inhuman strength. For a vampire he were moving pretty slowly, but for a human everything happened almost in a blink of an eye. He started to suck the mans blood from his neck, it was much sweeter than any other persons blood, man or woman, none he had tasted would have such a sweetness. If he struggled then Marcus didn't notice it, he were to caught up in enjoying the moment of a taste he would never be able to taste again. Soon the body were colder, the man were close to death, if he were still awake then he were probably too weak to move an inch due to blood loss.

    Marcus bit his wrist and took it to the humans mouth, forcing him to swallow the blood. The process wasn't simple, to turn a human into a vampire they had to be just on the brink of death, then he or she must be fed with a vampires blood just before dying. The heart would stop and then hopefully they would wake up shortly afterwards, but it didn't always work. It was a bit of a gamble when creating a new vampire, since half of them died when the heart stopped, and among them who survived it wasn't rare for half of the survivors to die during the first week because they went insane and had to be killed. So only 25% actually made it threw the changes.

    He pulled away his arm as the man had gotten more than enough. Then he stayed beside him until the heart stopped beating, it only took a couple of minutes. Then he waited for the man to wake up.
  6. Kace was about to call the man crazy and walk away, after already taking a half-step back from him when he came closer, but, too quick for him to see it, he was suddenly in his grip, close enough to kiss the man. Just as he was about to call for help, the scream rising in his throat, a terrible piercing pain emitted from his neck, and the scream was cut short.

    At first, it felt like his heart would beat itself right out of his chest, adrenaline leaking into his blood system. The adrenaline made him frantic, trying to force his way out of the man's grip, but it was like a vise, the strength behind it inhuman. Soon, his heartbeat slowed, his limbs weaker, and it felt as if a cold blanket was washing over him, like walking out of a warm car into a snowstorm. It wasn't long before even the slightest movement was like trying to move through thick honey or caramel. His breathing was shallow and labored, and he tried remembering all the prayers his devout Catholic family had taught him as a child, but none would come to him.

    When what felt like skin being pressed against his mouth, he felt the blood pressing against his lips, and was forced to open them. Too weak to recoil against the taste, though he nearly choked on it initially, and felt it trickling down his throat, as a slight stream bled from the two puncture wounds. Darkness swirled about his vision, soon growing into large spots. Slipping into unconsciousness, Kace resigned himself to death.

    A while later, Kace stirred, his eyelids fluttering slightly. His forehead creasing between his eyebrows just before he opened his eyes, he looked around, feeling sick and achy, like he'd been dragged through Hell and back. At first, he didn't recognize his surroundings, not remembering anything from what had happened since meeting up with Jess that afternoon.

    Did he get mugged? moving his head slightly to the right, he sees a man. Not a man. Theman, the one who'd talked to him, and then...and then...In a rush, everything came back to him, and he shouted, panic rising in him.
  7. Marcus waited, he considered moving the body before the man woke up but then thought that the alley was a place few would go into in the middle of the night anyways. It was just to kill the few that would if it took some time for the guy to wake up. What if he wouldn't wake up? What would he do then?

    He liked his mouth and felt the taste of blood, he hadn't spilled any blood when he ate in over a thousand years and now all of a sudden he had blood all around his mouth. He looked a bit like a kid that had eaten pasta with tomato sauce. He took his hand and moved it over his mouth to get off the blood. The scent tempted him, he wanted more. This human. No, not anymore. This dead man, it may have been better to keep him alive, then he would have been able to taste his blood more times. He licked the blood off of his fingers before cleaning them with a handkerchief he had kept in his pocket.

    "What if I did something wrong." He mumbled to himself, the dead man still hadn't woken up. How long had it taken for Marcus to wake up? He had no idea, it was such a long time ago. He barely even remembered his maker anymore. Though if he met him again then he would certainly recognize him.

    Suddenly the body moved. Marcus mind smiled brightly but on the outside he had his usual expressionless face. The only time he really smiled were when he tricked people, he weren't able to smile anymore. But somehow he felt happy. Happiness, wasn't that a feeling that had been long gone?

    As the newborn vampire saw Marcus he started to shout. He were panicking. Well it wasn't that surprising, he had just been killed by a stranger that sucked his blood. Marcus took a steady grip on the mans right arm and with his free hand he covered the newborns mouth.

    "Don't panic, you will be fine in a couple of minutes. Your body is regenerating itself at the moment so it will probably hurt for a little more." He said with a calming voice, he didn't know if the man would even listen to him though. "I told you that I would release you from the pain, didn't I?" A smirk appeared on his lips, not gentle, not threatening, somehow it didn't bear any expression. He slowly let go of the mans mouth to see if he had calmed down enough to talk, but he didn't let go of the mans arm yet. If he tried to run away before knowing anything then he could hurt people, and then the rumors about vampires could be spread out in town. It would be bad if such a thing happened.
  8. Kase shook his head, disbelief written on his features, as the man spoke to him, one hand on his mouth the other on his arm. The taste of blood was still in his mouth, something he hadn't felt since his first years of highschool, when he'd gotten into too many fights to count. That had been right after his mother died, and he had wanted to do something as stupid as possible, to get rid of the pent up emotions he'd had. Desperately wishing to get the taste out of his mouth, he stopped trying to shout around his hand.

    When the man took his hand off his mouth, he immediately said, after spitting out the taste of blood in his mouth, "Y-you're crazy. I attacked me..." he trailed off into silence, still feeling panicky. He briefly considered making a run for it, but judging by how the man had held him so tightly earlier, he didn't think he'd be able to wrestle away from him.

    As lucidity came to him more and more, he realized that his glasses must have been knocked off his face during the attack. Using his free hand to feel along the alley's ground for them. Bringing them back up to his face, once he found them, he found that the right lens had cracked slightly, towards the nose piece. Sighing heavily, it almost brought a smile to his face. Here he was, after being attacked by some crazy man, who was probably homeless or on drugs or both, and was instead worrying about his glasses.

    Taking deep breaths, he felt something was odd. After thinking about it for a moment, he realized it; his heart wasn't beating anymore. A normal person's heart would be hammering in their chest, and his...he couldn't feel it. Placing his fingers at his neck, right at the place his CPR instructor had taught him in school, he felt for a pulse, and found none. "What...what did you do to me?"
  9. The man still seemed to be in a panic but at least he didn't shout anymore. He didn't try to break free from Marcus and soon he started to search after his glasses. 'What a weird person. Thinking about those glasses instead of his safety.' Marcus thought to himself. He didn't say anything, he just let the boy take his time to collect his thoughts a bit, and soon enough he noticed something, his heart weren't beating. Marcus knew that this guy probably wouldn't have listened to his vampire story if he didn't notice something odd about himself first. But just because he now had noticed that his heart weren't beating anymore didn't mean that he would accept the truth.

    "What did I do to you? I killed you and then gave you a new life." Marcus said the words softly in a low tone as he moved closer to the boy, holding his chin to force him to look at him. "You are reborn." He continued with an even lower voice. "You are a vampire." He then whispered so quietly no human would have been able to hear it even if they had their ears at his mouth. He let go of the boys chin as he finished his sentence. He didn't take his dark eyes away from the boy for even a second.

    "We should get to my hotel, you will feel really uncomfortable if you stay out when the sun rises. It's worst for newborn. I'll explain things there." He said returning to his usual cold voice. He pulled the boy up from the ground. Luckily it would take some time until all his vampire powers would be ready for use since his body just died, so for now Marcus powers were much greater than this humans. But in the near future they would probably be pretty equal. But newborn often acted on instincts more than thoughts, and Marcus had had two millenniums to practice his powers. It would take time before this newborn would be able to overpower him, if he would be able at all.

    Few vampires were able to get more powers than their makers, mostly because of the age difference. It was mostly common among vampire that made a newborn when they were newborn themselves. With thousands of years between them there was only a slight percents chance that the kid would be able to kill him if he wanted to. That boy probably wanted to kill him, at least for now when he were confused. Many vampires that hadn't been prepared for the change usually tried to stab their makers in the back. But then they got attached when they realized that they needed them to survive. 'I wonder what this kid will do' He thought to himself. Would he get a knife in the back in the next few days?

    "Lets go." His voice were demanding, and he didn't let go of the boy. "Hold your breath on the way, or else you will probably try to kill someone."
  10. Confusion filled him as the man said that he killed him, before...resurrecting him? Is that what he had said? Feeling much like a child as he took his chin, forcing him to look at him like father would, he almost said something about it, before the man spoke again, his voice low. He said that he was a vampire. Shaking his head, he said, "'s not possible. Vampires don't exist!"

    However, his words seemed to fall on deaf ears as the man told him that he'd feel rather vexatious if he was caught out in the sunlight, more so since he was a 'newborn,' as the man had called it. Still trying to get his mind around the fact that the man was either entirely insane, or was telling the truth, that he was a vampire, he felt a sort of numbness filling him, possibly shock.

    He didn't even know what a vampire did. All he knew about them was from the books Jess read and the movies she dragged him to. They needed blood to survive, they couldn't stand the sunlight, were supposed to be allergic to garlic or something...Was any of this really what vampires were? Or was he simply misinformed? Jess loved vampire books, and would try to tell him about some character or other she liked, and explain what strengths and weaknesses they had, but he could never keep track of any of them.

    Coming back to reality as he was pulled to his feet, Kace shook his head as the man said to go, wishing he would stop treating him like a child. "What?" he asked, the man's final statement confusing him.
  11. He new that being a newborn were confusing even if he didn't remember that time himself. But he started to get annoyed at the kid. "I told you to come with me and hold your breath, I don't want to carry you back to the hotel just because you are trying to run after random humans on the street. Don't worry, you don't need to breath." Marcus told the newborn while he walked, not even noticing if the boy tried to resist or not.

    "You are a vampire, you don't have a heartbeat, nor do you need to breath. If you still don't believe it, just hold your breath as long as you can, your body is still used to air though so it will feel weird in the chest. But if you keep holding your breath you will still notice that you won't pass out no matter how long you go without the air." He explained. First he hadn't thought about explaining anything before they got to the hotel but it may be necessary if he were going to get the boy to hold his breath.

    He held to the shadows and the less used ways when he walked threw the town. Maybe he should have taken the boys body while he had been unconscious instead, then letting him wake up in the hotel room. Though it wasn't that easy to keep a low profile while carrying a dead body, and even if he were good at hiding it would have been hard when thinking about the boy since he also would have to look out for when he woke up. It was probably the right choice to let him wake up in the alley after all.
  12. The man's words still didn't make sense. "That's not what I'm asking," he said. "Why do I have to hold my breath? What good would it do?" He could tell, by the tone of his voice, that the man was getting slightly annoyed with him, and wondered how far he could push the man. Deciding not to try just yet, he tried to keep up with him, the man's longer stride making it harder to.

    Still, he found himself holding his breath, not liking the idea of the man carrying him. His already-low image of him would probably get lower. It did feel odd, like trying to swim underwater for extended periods of time. But, as the man had said, he didn't find himself feeling light-headed or have a tightness in his chest, like when he was a child and he and his friends would see who could hold their breath the longest. Kace had always lost, him being much smaller than many of his friends, as such his lungs had been smaller, and was sometimes the object of jokes about his height. He was still smaller than others his age, though he was at an age where it didn't much matter anymore. At least I'm still taller than Jess, he thought to himself, before remembering what had happened at the park earlier. That didn't matter at all anymore.

    Turning his attention to the direction they were taking, so that he might be able to figure out where the hotel was, in case he had reason to come back, he found he didn't know this part of town. Deciding that if he needed to run away from the man, which was possible, in case he really was just crazy, and had drugged him or something, he'd probably go through here, since the hotel was likely nowhere near anywhere he knew of, and if he could get back to the alley, he'd be able to get home.
  13. It didn't take long before they came to the hotel. If it had been a normal hotel then he would just have taken the boy somewhere else and then gotten his things later, but the hotel he stayed at were full of vampires, making it easier to hold the boy there. There were just a few of those hotels around the world were vampires worked. It was mostly so that vampires wouldn't have to be afraid of being discovered with dead bodies or things like that when they stayed in hotels. Of course there were human guest coming to those hotels too, and the vampires often drank from their guests while they were asleep, but not so that the human would die of course.

    Marcus just nodded to the man they passed when entering the hotel. He weren't a human, but a vampire that Marcus had known for a couple of hundred years. Though they weren't really friends, they simply just met each other now and then, not friends not enemies. That vampire looked after the two a bit surprised, Marcus weren't the kind of person who would drag someone around like that.

    He opened the door to his hotel room, he never locked his door. It wasn't like he had anything important in there anyways. As they were in the room he let go of the newborn and locked the door behind them.

    "You can breath now." He told the boy. "The smell of human blood easily makes a newborn vampire attack people. So you shouldn't be outside too much during the first week." He explained but thought that it would probably just go in threw the boys ear and then out threw the other. He may still be in shock. Marcus knew that he had to feed this boy as fast as possible, if he started to notice his hunger then it wouldn't take long before his body would force him to start hunting. It wasn't hard though to get some blood bags. But for that he would either have to leave or get someone else to get them. Maybe he could get someone to keep an eye on the boy while he were getting them.
  14. Mixtures of emotions crossed Kace's face as he was led through the hotel, considering shouting to the people they were passing for help, but didn't, catching the nod that the man sent another. By his figuring, either they were accomplices to whatever this was, or, by the way not many people seemed to give them a second glance, the entire building was in on it. Even though he didn't know what 'it' was. Trying to catch the gaze of someone, he found it harder than it seemed, with everyone who even glanced his way seemed to think that this was somewhat normal, like someone getting taken in by police or getting mugged. It was common enough, but only so rare that some might not have seen something like it before.

    Taking note of the way the man locked the door behind him, and feeling a bit a fear at it, Kase could only be glad that he let go of his arm. Letting out a breath as he was given the okay to breathe, he was silent as the man spoke. Once he had finished, Kace started with, "You keep talking about vampires, but...but vampires don't exist. You're just crazy, you have to be..." He trailed off, looking at the man slightly reproachfully. Looking around, he tries to find anything he might be able to use as a weapon, in case he needed to get away from him, but finding not many he could use.

    A grimace crossing his face, feeling a pang of hunger, he ignores it, figuring that it was probably an effect of him being dragged all around town in the middle of the night or not eating since several hours before. "Vampires don't exist," he repeats, shaking his head.
  15. That kid were really stubborn, he wanted an explanation that didn't sound crazy but couldn't even think about one himself. Human minds were really annoying sometimes, only believing in what they already knew and never open up for new things. Maybe Marcus had been the same once, but he couldn't remember that time at all.

    "Then tell me, how can you hold your breath for so long? How can your heart not beat? How can your wound from me biting your neck already have been healed? You say you aren't a vampire because they don't exist, then what exactly are you? A human would have been dead already." Marcus said, challenging the boys mind. Would he actually come up with some other explanation? If he didn't believe in vampires then he would probably not say zombie or ghost.

    (Sorry it's short >_<)
  16. "Drugs..." Kace said, trying to think of any drugs that would cause any of that to happen. " could have given me something while I was unconscious. Something synthetic, like Smiles or bath salts. T-they're not hard to make, I could probably make something out of what I could find in a bathroom cupboard." Though none of his classes in the year of college he had taken involved drugs, designer or otherwise, he had a friend who wanted to study the psychology of it, and knew a lot about them.

    "I...I don't know how it is I've held my breath for so long, but...but I'm not a vampire," he said, crossing his arms over his chest almost protectively. Though he knew that his argument was probably unsupported by any evidence he had, his mind was trying to come up with any possible explanation for it. Highschool biology had taught him that humans were at the top of the world, nothing was higher. Vampires were supposedly above them, which went against everything he had been taught. "It's just not possible. Such things don't exist."

    Still...Kace wasn't sure. A hint of doubt remained, visible in his eyes and heard in his voice.
  17. Even though the boy said such things Marcus could still see the doubt in his eyes. He doubted his own words, such a human way of thinking. After some hundred years those thoughts would be completely gone. At the moment for this boy, a hundred years would be a long time. But after living a millennium then a human lifespan was just a blink of an eye.

    "Drugs? As if I would lower myself to something so ridiculous as drugs." He almost laughed when he spoke. "Only weak humans would use something like that to satisfy their broken minds." He continued. "Sure there is drugs that can slow the heart down so much so it seems to others that it has stopped. But the victim of such a drug wouldn't be able to stay awake. There is no drug that can make you able to not breath for so long. And no drug can make wounds heal you that fast." He told the boy. Coming with facts may not help with a person in shock, but maybe he were on his way out of it soon.

    "You are a vampire, if you would leave this place your hunger will take over and you will kill someone." He added a serious tone to his voice. "But if you really don't think that it's for real then go out and see for yourself what will happen." It hadn't been part of his plan, but somehow he wanted this boy to realize reality. He didn't care if some humans died because of it. He unlocked the door and took some steps away from it, inviting the boy with his eyes to leave if he dared too. "Just remember, few newborn vampires can make it on their own. They die because they don't know how to survive, and before they die they feed, it doesn't matter if they want to or not." He could always follow the boy, a newborns senses weren't that good, he wouldn't even notice as long as Marcus kept his distance. Then Marcus just had to kill anyone that saw the boy as a vampire and had survived him and when the newborn would have fed he wouldn't be able to say that he weren't a vampire. If he even would leave the room that is.
  18. Kase had been about to ask the man what he would do if he simply stated that he hadn't believed him and left, but it seemed he had already beat him to the punchline. He wouldn't do anything, he was even inviting him to go and see if he truly was a vampire or not. It was tempting, to say the least. To be able to just walk out, get back to the real world, and forget this ever happened would be liberating. However, the doubt that remained inside of him was enough to make him stop and think.

    What if I really am a vampire? he asked himself, attempting to keep a blank expression on his face rather than the conflicted one he felt creeping upon him. Either way, if the man was right, and he hurt someone, he would never be able to live with himself. Especially since he had a job in about a week. He was a freelance photographer, and mostly did photographs for weddings but would occasionally did some conceptual pieces for himself, which were all in his home.

    Gritting his teeth, he forced away all of the doubt inside him. "I'm not a vampire," he said firmly and simply, "and you're just insane." Brushing past him, he doesn't look back, ignoring the people this time. Once outside, he tries to figure out which direction his home was, while simultaneously examining his glasses, trying to determine how much it would cost to get the crack repaired.
  19. Marcus looked after the boy as he left the room. "Suit yourself." He said first when the boy were out of the room. The vampire Marcus knew and had nodded to before walked into his room once he said the boy leave by himself.

    "Is it really okay to just let him leave?" Alcide asked Marcus whom were leaning against the wall.
    "Don't worry, I will keep an eye on him. Until we're back make sure to get some blood bags." Marcus said while putting his hair up in a tail so it wouldn't get in the way while he followed the boy.
    "Just make sure there are no witnesses Alexander. The council won't let you off easily if you let a newborn roam free and makes people discover us." Alcide warned him. That's right, when he had met Alcide he had been named Alexander.
    "Who do you think I am?" Marcus said with a smirk, obviously he would never let the council get their eyes on him again. Once was enough, he had been lucky to get off the hook that time.

    He went out from the hotel and started to search after the newborns track. It wasn't hard to find his smell and he fast were after him, but he kept his distance just watching him for the moment.
  20. Deciding that he'd probably get mugged again should he start trying to find his way home by himself, he took out his cellphone. Calling the first person he thought of, he realized it was probably a bad idea when she picked up. "Hello?" came her tired voice after several rings. She had probably been asleep, thought Kace guiltily.

    "Jess, hey, um-"

    "Kace, no. It's too early, and way too soon for you to start begging for a second chance. Are you drunk?"

    "No, Jess! I've been...I was mugged, and I think the guy drugged me, too. I don't know where I am and the guy might come find me again. Please, I need a ride home. I wouldn't ask this of you unless it was true." She sighs, undoubtedly wondering to herself if he was telling the truth or not.

    "Fine," she says. He tells her where he thinks he is, and waits by the roadside for her to come, constantly glancing over his shoulder for anything. It isn't long before she arrives, and he shakily opens the door, climbing inside. "You look terrible. You want me to call the cops?"

    Kace shakes his head. "No, I just want to go home and forget this ever happened..." He trails off, keeping his gaze set towards the front windshield, watching as Jess began driving.