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  1. I am looking for someone who can post daily even if its just once a day it will give me something to do.
    I prefer to play the leading male role but i can play female roles as well.
    I like 1X1 rps but i will do groups as well in another fourm.
    if you think any of these ideas would make a good romance and would like to try it i would be more than happy to oblidge to that.

    my ideas are (i will probaby end up adding more as i come up with them)

    Before Neverland (open)
    This would be about how Peter Pan came to be, the story of his life before he found Neverland i have many ideas and plot twists for this that i will not spoil here :) this could be a group or 1x1 rp and im willing to do more than rp of this idea so dont worry about it being taken by someone before you.

    Stockholms Syndrome (open)
    Did you ever notice how after he was freed Genie still came back to help Aladdin out? its like he wants to serve and go "*poof* What do you need? *poof* What Do You Need? *poof* WHAT DO YOU NEED?" -that came from the movie by the way not from me. this idea would be about Genie's relationship with Jasmine and Aladdin and how he lives to help them.

    Beauty and the... wait Who?! (open)
    these are all my cross over ideas if you like more than one please feel free to say so i'm willing to do more than one rp per partner
    Belle X Rumplestiltskin
    Cinderella X Rumplestiltskin (taking the place of the fairy godmother)
    Rumplestiltskin Pan (where Rumple plays Peter's son and the croc to capt. hook)
    Belle X Madhatter
    Madhatter Pan (as peter pan)
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  2. I really like the idea of Belle and the mad hatter
  3. great. can we start it tomorrow when im not so busy? if you have any specific you want to put in just pm me and ill start the threat tomorrow. i assume you want belle?
  4. I really love the fact that you love Aladdin :P
    Would you be willing to do a crossover with Aladdin and another Disney? Take the princess from one and the Prince from another?
    I had been toying with the idea of Jasmine and the Beast.
  5. Absoutly but I'm in school right now. I get out in about two hours we can work it out then
  6. Sweet! Pm me when you are done
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