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  1. Forgive me Father.

    People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.
    - Proverbs 28:13

    ⇒Graphic violence and gore.
    ⇒Running themes like Rape, Murder and Torture.
    ⇒Strong Religious Themes.

    The sun glinted over the empty city, signalling the night was over. The city was freshly left, like humanity just disappeared. Well, it had the night before. Most people of the city had been raptured to the heavens above, lucky to escape the earth. However, seven sinners woke up on the same earth they did before.

    The unlucky, but deserving seven represented the sins. Each one as evil as the last.

    The demons left them clues around the city, bibles, crosses, crying statues. Anything to prompt the sinners into repenting. Will they fall into the pits of hell, or will God accept their sorrows?

    Lionel Blaireau // Lust // Rape // N/A
    Harper Gramm // Wrath // Battery// Red Rabbit
    Arya Jane Kallahan // Greed // Money Laundering // kimsim12
    Alexander Kedzierski // Gluttony // Cannibalism // King
    Carson Espenson // Sloth // Indifference // cider
    Kat Hayle // Pride // Neglect // Kitty
    Mark N. Bellerose // Envy // Mutilation // s k u l l

  2. Alexander Kedzierski

    "You taste... So good." Alexander spoke to the corpse that lay dismembered across his kitchen floor. His entire apartment was a stinking mess; body parts in the fridge and in the bathroom, he slept in bloodied sheets and never cleaned anywhere but the main room. His hands were gripping onto the raw flesh of the carcass, teeth ripping through the meat like a beast. It was no wonder the demons chose him as Gluttony, the man cannibalized men until he felt sick. Which he was getting to now. Alexander's hands, chest and face were covered in blood, a crazed look in his eyes. This feast was far from over.

    The clock struck 2AM as Alexander woke up from his slumber. The male corpse lay next to him as he held it to sleep. He blinked, his face feeling dry. It was about the time when he had eaten so much his body couldn't handle it. Alexander grumbled as he stood up, the alcohol loosing its effect as attempted to get to the bathroom. Before he could make it out of the bedroom door, Alexander collapsed with a thud onto the floor.


    The next morning, Alexander woke up with a sick feeling in his stomach. After a quick visit to the bathroom, Alexander decided he needed to go grocery shopping. The house was full of disgusting corpses, but he still had to eat regular food.

    He cleaned up his bloody body and put on a white tank top and jeans. It was hot out, bad news for a cannibal. He kept the bodies cool in the bath, covering them with ice before he left the house. Weird, he swore he had three more bodies... But all he had left were parts, limbs.. Bones.

    His eyes were red and bloodshot still, skin pale like a vampire. He strolled out his apartment carefully, hoping to avoid his sweet neighbours questioning him about the smell. "Broken Fridge." He'd always say.

    But there were no neighbors. In fact, he had walked into three different shops to find nobody. Alexander began to jog down the blocks. Everything was empty, cars were scattered across the roads, basketball courts were empty of players. He began to panic. What was happening?

    It wasn't until Alexander ran across the church. A building he usually avoided looked bright, he could swear he heard quiet singing coming from the building too. Just to see, Alexander ran into the church, hoping to find people. But when he entered the doors, the singing silenced. The male walked deeper into the church, "Hello?" His eerie voice called, hoping this was some sick joke.

    He didn't notice the Bibles opened up, resting on the pews. Each Bible had a name on the front, and passages underlined uniquely to each person. Alexander was ignorant to the clues that were left.

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  3. When Kat awoke, she rose like a Queen, tossing back silky sheets to reveal a thin black nightgown, her slippers already at her bedside for her small feet to slip into. But before she even stood, she glanced at her reflection of the full length mirror that laid at the foot of her bed. Her hair was tousled, but only in the sexiest way. Her eyes a bright, cornflower blue. Lips full and body slim. She stared at herself as she slowly removed the nightgown, running her fingers over her collarbones, breasts, and stomach. She could be a Queen too, she planned well, she had put a glass of water at her bedside and some aspirin just in case of a hangover, she had put her slippers out, she even had her outfit ready in the bathroom. She was also so beautiful, and elegant, and charming. She should have met William before Kate Middleston.

    As she walked through the empty apartment, her eyes always turned to the mirror following the walls. They had been put in as a gift from her mother's spouse for her first apartment present. She made herself a pot of coffee, and then headed off to the bathroom to prepare for the day. The next hour consisted a long bubble bath, makeup, and perfume. She had a meeting about half an hour ago, but they could wait. Blowing out her dark brown locks and putting on her finishing nude lipgloss, she grabbed her purse and keys and took one last look into the mirror. "Perfect" and that was all she needed.

    It was a quiet walk, down the apartment steps. A very... Unusually silent walk, in fact. As she got to the bottom, no geeky man from apartment 12b held the door for her, there was no old lady drinking coffee and ranting about the economy out on the terrace with plastic chairs. In fact, as she walked down the sidewalk, the clack of her heels and a swish of a black V neck sundress, there was no one to admire. Only the hot beating sun on her head. She clutched her purse tightly to her side, "Hello?" She called softly at first, then echoing herself a little more loudly. "Hello?!" What kind of stupid joke was this?

    Continuing down the street she went to her companies office building for the quick meeting on sanitary issues about cosmetics. But the doors were locked, as they would be at night. What kind of stupid, sick joke? How could people do this to her? Turning around she saw the shiny top of a church cross, and looked at the church. Was that an echo or did she hear someones voice from there? Making her way up the church steps, she looked upon a frantic man calling out. "Hey there?" She only been in the church a couple times, it was far too boring for her tastes, but the pastor always gave her candy on her way out as a kid. Too bad candy was a teeth and body ruiner.
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  4. Harper Gramm

    Harper stretched out on one of the benches in a local gym's locker room, a soft groan slipping from her lips as her spine popped in several places. She halfway opened her eyes and glared at the bright lights that never shut off before sitting up, dragging her nails along her scalp then taking out the sloppy pony tail in her hair. She began her normal routine and took her toothbrush to the showers, assuming for a few minutes that she was awake a lot earlier than usual since no one passive aggressively or accidentally woke her up to get ready for their workout sessions. However, even after her shower she became increasingly aware of the absence of people. With a roll of her eyes she shrugged it off and dressed in a pair of black jeans and ankle-high boots, along with a plain gray shirt. She tossed on some accessories, pulled her hair up in a bun, grabbed her purse, and tossed a red plaid jacket over it before heading out into the city.

    That's when it really struck.

    There was total silence; no cars passing, no people talking on their phones or walking their dogs. No one was around. The female took a long inhale through her nose as she assessed the situation. Had she died and gone to heaven? She started to laugh, assuming that maybe people were gathered elsewhere. Just to be sure though, she waltzed into the nearest cafe that was out of her usual route, glancing around at the few open laptops just sitting on the tables and some books scattered on the ground. "Hello?" She spoke as she walked up to the registers. "Anyone here?" Harper waited for exactly two minutes before she hopped over the counter and wandered into the back. "I'm looking for the manager," she chirped, almost hoping someone would answer. Her left hand purposely flew up and knocked an entire rack of old pastries down, almost cringing at the loud clatter of it after such a long period of silence. No one.

    "Well," she murmured, a small smirk curling onto her pale pink lips. "Might as well take advantage of this lovely situation!" With that she slid over to the line up of machinery, dumping ice, coffee, milk, and caramel syrup flavoring into one of the blenders. She took her time making a large cup of cold coffee and even added some whipped cream just because she could. She swiped a frosted lemon muffin to go with it and sauntered back outside, picking up a pair of shades from the unoccupied tabletops and slipping them on her face. This was a glorious start to her day.

    With the extra money she pocketed from not spending what little she had, she decided to drop by one of the churches she often stayed overnight in to donate it. There'd definitely be people at church right? There always was come rain or shine and the folks there were often just a bunch of sweet old people, so what would be more important to them at that stage of their life? Sure enough she spotted the backside of some female entering the church and relaxed, taking a large swig of her 'discounted' fix of sugar and caffeine before following pursuit. "Good morning," she said casually as she passed from behind and slipped through the doors, only to come to a sudden halt at the first empty row of pews. Worry crept along her spine like frost.

    There were no old people praying today.
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  5. Slight sexual content. Proceed with slight caution.

    { L U S T


    9:45 PM ♥ 2 Days ago

    "Hey--Jen? Sorry just felt like talking since i'm walking to the station... Ugh--The office kept me later than usual today. But it was fine."

    The sound of clicking heals against the concrete floor was heard. From afar a man simply followed as he was dressed in a suit. Looked the part, now he had to play the part. It was late, streets were deserted and street lights lit the area. Some were dim, some flickered, to say the least--This was dudley. The shady part of town at night. However during the day it was a lot safer of course.

    "Whats that? Oh it wasn't much."

    Lionel speed walked in silence. At this point he was already adept at what he was doing and suddenly, he grabbed the girl from behind. A classic move--But he was patient and thought the girl he was about to abduct wouldn't put up much of a struggle like all the other ones... But he was wrong.

    As the phone slipped out her hands, the girl began to struggle at first as Lionel tried to strangle her in silence. But she back kicked him -accurately by luck and good- and he tried not to release her as her loud and muffled whimpers and yelling was heard.

    "MM--MM HEL--"
    "Shh, shh... The more you put up a struggle you'll injure yourself." Lionel whispered. He hadn't had a feisty one like this in... 8 victims or so? In the past 4 days? He had been eyeing this one for a while--Months to be exact and oh how he regretted underestimating her.

    The male fell forward, over the woman as she struggled and tried to scream. She punched him right in the face and crawled back in panic.

    "Melinda? Hey--You alright!?" The line was still on in the phone and Lionel was very cautious about his voice as he was quietly fighting the woman."STAY BACK!" She shouted, getting herself up and kicking her heels off as she threw them at Lionel and got up shakingly--Turning to run.

    However Lionel only growled and got more impatient as he sighed heavily and got up, rubbing his jaw before running after the Woman."SOMEBODY PLEASE--" And suddenly a loud thud! was heard along with a woman's sobbing and whimpering.

    Lionel pinned her to the ground and held up a fist. However he quickly changed the plan and placed his hands around her neck--Squeezing the air out of her lungs and suffocating her as she let out guttural moans and weakened slowly. Her punches becoming slapping as Lionel endured her hits and sat over her patiently.


    "C'mon...C'mon..." he uttered. Once her eyes rolled back--He remained over her for another 45 seconds to be sure. After the whole thing, the male got himself up before letting out a exhausted breath and bending down to grab her bridal style walking back to pick up her heals before turning back to where he strangled her and walking towards that way.

    The phone was the only thing which laid on the ground and Lionel went back to his car.

    11:45 PMLAST NIGHT

    "Hnn~A! Eight....Eighteen sir."

    Clack, clack, clack....

    The noises of dress shoes were heard as Lionel held a riding crop in one hand and went around a counter, grabbing a bottle of whisky with his other hand and pouring it into a glass cup a bit less than halfway. His cold blue eyes pierced back at his victim he literally ran for as she was tied upside down in a erotic position with toys being used on her. (HOPEFULLY THIS ISN'T TO GRAPHIC PLEASE. SURE I EXPLAINED IT BUT I DONT THINK ITS ENOUGH TO BE IN LIBERTINE. SEEING AS I'M NOT REVEALING ANYTHING TO TO TO TO SUPER GRAPHIC)

    He looked aside, gulping down his whiskey before he turned back to her. It had been three hours of BDSM play and no breaks at all. The two hours was painful foreplay, This time she was bounded with toys. Her eyes rolled back as her breathing was heavy and Lionel inspected the way she breathed.

    Ah, she was entering 'subspace'. It is a an altered psychological state that is often entered into by the person bottoming in a scene--A hypnotic trance if you will. Lionel approached the woman closely inspecting before smirking. This was what he was waiting for--She was a tricky one indeed. Since she was in this trance, her tolerance of pain must be raised--Those in this trance don't know any better at all so this was where the trust of the dominant comes in. And this is where Lionel abuses his victims.

    The woman gasped loudly as Lionel poured the rest of his whiskey on her."Do you know what number you stopped at?" He asked."N-No sir." She yelled--her voice shaky."Good." he stated, saluting her with his cup and giving a nod before whipping her again and turning away.

    ♥ 2:30 AM
    The mattress was shaking as Lionel was moving enthusiastically with the girl. It was hot and dark. The air was fairly tensed as occasional creaking noises was heard. Toys laid around, grunts and moans heard. The two were at this for two hours as well. The woman was in a weakened state--A very weakened state. But she still didn't know any better. And whenever she did take slight awareness that things were hurting--Lionel ignored and continued.

    The male found himself to carried away and into the moment that as the collar around the woman's neck made her breathing heavy, he grabbed the chain of it and wrapped it around her neck--pulling on it hard and suffocating her to death again. Deep scratches were caused on his chest and back but nonetheless Lionel took it as 'playing along' before she lost her reason to breathe completely.

    Her body slowly shut down, and Lionel watched closely--Not bothering to stop anytime soon. He continued on, as if she was still alive and the more he thought about her death, The more it personally aroused him.

    Lionel pinched his eyelids shut tightly as he used his hands to gesture himself up into a sitting position on the bed. He could feel his skin healing the scratches, his body long accustomed to feeling pain mixing with pleasure. Along his back were other old markings as well, and he rubbed his face, sighing to himself deeply. "I hope you're ready for more.." He uttered, slowly opening his eyes as he looked over his shoulder. But to his surprise she had long disappeared it seemed.

    No. How can this be? He did her till she was sore--surely he tore her holes and broke the woman. She fainted from exhaustion and then.. And then-- He could've sworn she actually died of asphyxiation. How does a beautiful and dead woman have the ability to raise form the dead, and just poof! Disappear from his side. Dead or not--He didn't dismiss her. There was no permission. The man looked around more observantly. Nothing seemed to be tampered with though. As he crawled to the side of the bed he took a deep breath in, reaching for one of his old and open liquor bottles and taking a swing of it.

    "Tsssssk!" He uttered after a few large gulps before throwing the bottle across the room and using both his hands to cover his face as he brushed them back and over his hair yelling."AHHHHHHHRG!" He shouted infuriated. Never has a victim slipped through. Was she actually dead when he thought she was or did she play a good possum because he had to much to drink?

    Lionel stood up from his bed and walked away as he looked around, observing his bedroom a little more. Her clothes were still here--Even her under garments. Nothing didn't seem suspicious and he furrowed his eyebrow--Not getting the situation at all. The male sat back down on his bed and sighed looking down at his hands."Fine. If my schedule is thrown off--I'll just use my hands then." He said lazily rolling his eyes before beginning to pleasure himself

    ( speeding things along )
    After half an hour the male finished. (skip to 30 min- 1 hour now) Bed messier than ever. By now, he was ready for the morning and all cleaned up--and the sheets and blankets were tossed in the dryer. Seriously he should've abducted another victim to instead, be his maid. What he wore were 'lazy clothing'--Sweats and a flannel. With the exception of wearing a random colored tank top on underneath. He yawned exiting his house before taking his walk.

    It was strange to say the least. Things were eerily quiet. Typically in the morning you would hear life thriving among the streets and neighborhood. He furrowed his eyebrows again curiously as he looked around as he walked to his car. He took a drive, planning to go to a shadier part of town which was considered a sort of red light district.

    As he drove, he found that there was really no one around. Whenever he stopped for traffic lights--nobody. Whenever he just drove--No cars, no life, no one. It was strange and yet through the silence he was taking in, he heard a noise. How could it be that literally everybody had just seemed to disappear? If everyone were indoors--Surely you'd still hear kids shouting, loud voices on the phone, etc.

    The noise was faint and soft. Lionel decided to follow the noise and approach it as he drove to it. It was leading to a church, and he parked right in front of the church before stepping out and locking his car. The singing became very much louder as he walked towards it and looked around. The door was open but again, not a single sighting of a choir.

    But once he walked in, he felt assured to see other living human beings thriving out as well. He nodded at them in acknowledgment."Hello, How are you people doing today?" He asked as he looked around. It was just them standing around, and no one filled the pews, there was no father, why did the neighborhood felt so.... Abandoned?

    Lionel wanted to speak to these other few who were here as well. It was almost instincts to, because they were so few and the only ones he saw. Literally. 'No talking to strangers' just ceased away like that to him and he observed each one of the other's appearance. He inhaled, then exhaled before his eyes averted back to the emptiness of the church. He remained as calm as possible.

    "You all look lovely.... Ravishing" He muttered under his breath, looking away from the group with his pale blue eyes. He muttered only because the others seemed ticked off in some way, worried, curious, etc and broke that with his endless amount of flirting. He almost called out which one he liked more appearance wise--However halted himself mentally. Because he knew he would successfully sleep with all of them. Not at once--But anytime really and the mere thought of it alone made him chuckle.
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  6. Alexander Kedzierski

    Just as he shouted his second hello, a young woman waltzed in. His eyes were red and wide as he stared at her for a second. "Hi." He said quickly. Should he ask about the missing people or would that make him seem crazy? Alexander swallowed before placing his hands into his pockets, "Have you noticed... how empty it is?" He tilted his head, narrowing his eyes in confusion. The woman looked like she didn't belong in a church, vanity screamed through her perfectly put together outfit and make up. He however, must look like a pasty mess.

    Just as he asked his question, a second person waltzed in. "Hi." He said, in the exact tone. He wanted to question them both, but looked down at his shoes. Both women looked nicely groomed. He blinked at them awkwardly as a fourth church member waltzed in.

    His eyes flickered at the man who walked in. What a... meal.

    "Hi." He said in the same tone, but a smile flickered onto his face. The man was tall, dark and handsome. Just the kind of guy he wanted. "Where is everyone?" He asked, his wide eyes piercing onto the male. He had no alcohol, so there was no charm in him. Instead, he probably looked like a creep, eyeing up a piece of meat.
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  7. [​IMG]
    The Night Before

    Slender bodies, alluring expressions, flashing lights, orders from people with thick-rimmed glasses - this was his utopia. Mark leaned against a red brick wall with a hand shoved in his jean pockets and the other pushing his hair back. He looked at the camera lens with a pained expression. With a flash, the camera was taken and the photographer was pleased. He posed for another one, more flashes, more fawning people from behind. It was a blessing to be envied by others. He could hear the girls desiring him and the men envying him, he couldn't hold back a sly grin. However, all smiles fade as all the flattery was directed to another person, another male model. The grin disappeared and the flashing camera's stopped. The photographer tore his attention from Mark to the other man. A boiling rage began to fuel his rage. He crossed his arms, with his hands coiling around his arm squeezing. He plastered a facade of a smile as he walked up to the same with hands both shoved into his jean pockets. The man had a handsome face and was slightly taller.

    "Nice to meet you." Mark mustered up a voice laced with sweetness. The man smiled at Mark, "Nice to meet you too." The two shook hands, both firm handshakes as if it was a competition. They both released each other's hands and began to turn their attention to the photographer. "Well, why don't you boys pose for me over there?" A rhetorical question vocalized as he gesticulated to the same place Mark had shot. Mark nodded and walked over to the red brick wall with the other man. The two never exchanged any words throughout the shoot. They simply began to pose, put on the pretty face, and despise each other in silence.

    As the day ended a small group of girls approached Mark. He had his stuff gathered together and his casual clothes on. He gave the girls a small smile as they greeted him sweetly. In Mark's eyes, they held no beauty in them whatsoever. Ugly, ugly, ugly, was all he could think of them. Nevertheless, any type of worship directed to him was always accepted. "Mark, why don't you join us?" He completely went blank, their voices were disintegrated before they could reach his brain. "I'm sorry, join you where?" He asked. "To a party, the photographer told us to invite you." One of the girls stated sweetly. "Sure." The girls giggled and walked beside him fighting for a spot beside him. He grew excited about the party, all the praises.

    The day went into slumber as the moon illuminated the night. The street lights kept the ground visible with its warm light. It was an hour long drive to the party, they were in the town where people on the streets dressed up in their 'best' clothes. Mark stared out the car window, the group of girls chattered over the pop music playing softly. The car went to a stop when it was parked snug between two cars. Mark slipped out of the car adjusting his clothes, smoothing the wrinkles from his shirt. The girls led the way into the house party - a large spacious house, painted white, it had a beautiful front with its flowers blossomed beautifully in the yard lights. As he entered the house it was filled with models and other employee's. The photographer he worked with was busy buttering up female models. The girls he accompanied led him around the house. He had small talk with them but was given elongated answers that seemed to jump into other topics. He smiled and nodded in response. More people began to gravitate toward Marks group before he knew it he was surrounded by people.

    As the night continued on with party, laughter, praise, and mild flirting it all came to an end for Mark. The man who posed beside was passed out on the floor from all the liquor and everybody didn't want to take the time to drag him home. His mind sparked an idea, "I'll do it."

    There was a taxi in the front of the house. Mark shoved the drunk man into the taxi and entered. The car ride all the way back to town was a long one, but, it was worth it. The man he posed with was told to be a great model, almost good as Mark. He couldn't have someone climbing their way to victory; no one will be able to match Mark. 'Let me cut that pretty face up.' He thought to himself as his brown orbs looked down at the passed out man, a malicious grin graced his face. He was eager to take his lovely keen blade and slice up the man's beautiful face. The taxi driver stopped at a luxury apartment complex in town. Mark handed the man the money and pulled the drunkard out of the car. The man was heavy, his entirety gave Mark a strenuous time lugging him up to his apartment. He shoved his hand into the drunkard's pockets and pulled out the keys. With one quick motion, he turned the keys the pushed the door open, throwing the man in. A soft groan escaped the drunkard's lips.

    Mark had a disgusted countenance on his face. He waltzed into the kitchen pulling out the smallest blade from knife rack. The knife had a ragged blade - there was no possibility it was gonna clean well, however, it will do the job perfectly. He walked towards the passed out drunkard. He smiled cruelly and began to glide the blade on his cheek. The blade caressed the man's face gently, it sliced flesh beautifully. The fresh blood began to flow down the cut and onto the floor. He spent the rest of the night cutting up his face. When the man screamed his mouth was shoved with the nearest cloth. The once handsome man was a disfigured varmint.

    Present Day

    The night faded quickly as the sun rose brightly. It penetrated through the sheer white curtains. Mark groaned softly waking up from a different bed. He looked around confused at first then last night's memories brought all his confusion to settle. He was in another person's house, a dead man's house. He still had clothes from the night before. He felt dirty and removed them all using the man's shower and clothes. They seemed to fit him, the shirts were slightly big, but the size wasn't noticeable. Before leaving the apartment, he noticed that the body was no longer there. The blood-stained floor seemed to be gone, the disfigured man disappeared. Mark sighed, pushing his bangs back, realizing that he hadn't successfully killed the man. He assumed he simply shocked the man.

    Mark left the apartment complex quietly. There was no one in the hallways nor did anybody enter the elevator with him. When he reached the lobby there was nobody lounging. He furrowed his brow as he continued his way to the front. He began to dial the numer for the taxi. As there was a prolonged ring he noticed nobody was in the streets rushing to their job, no cars. He looked around his surroundings to see it littered with nobody. There was only the sound of the soft wind. The phone recieved no signal. It was an eerie morning. The unsettling feeling had him on his guard, he strolled around the unfamiliar neighborhood. Mark walked on the sidewalks to see no homeless people begging for money, no street vendors, pesky business man, it was completely empty. When he passed by a church he heard muffled sound emiting off the church doors that were slightly open. He raised his brow, curious. He entered the church, opening the door clowly. It creeked loudly - an echo was released inside the church.

    Within the church was people. They were unknown people, people you would pass by in the streets. There was a pasty skinned man, an older man, a young woman in red jacket, and another woman who couldn't find words to describe. He walked confidently, glancing at the pews for a seat. He noticed the opened bibles and pushed one aside to sit down. There were no words he wanted to vocalize; he didn't seem to find the right words to match with the odd situation. He simply listened to the others conversing and inquiring.
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    "Just do it Mr. Johnson, your wife is dying to see you." A voice growled down the phone to Atticus's opposition. They had both been competing for the place of senator, then the possibility of running for president. But competition wasn't enough for Att, he needed the power. So, he had kidnapped the wife and anonymously called up his rival. If he didn't back down, he'd kill his wife. Simple.

    The man panicked on the otherside of the phone, asking what he had to do to get her back. "That's simple, resign now and your wife will be safe in your bed by tomorrow morning." Johnson agreed. Atticus's face lit up evilly as he hung up the phone. The wife whimpered something, trying to say something behind her gag. Atticus rolled his eyes, smacking his fist around her head to knock her out.

    He got into bed, the woman tied tightly up against the pillar of his room, blindfolded and gagged. This is exactly why he didn't have a partner, they were leverage. Nobody could ever blackmail Atticus.


    The alarm went off sharp. It woke Atticus from his sleep. He strolled out of bed and to his bathroom, not noticing the absence of his victim. He cleaned up and did up his hair and face, making sure he was gonna look fine in front of the cameras.

    "Good mornin-" He stopped greeting the hostage when he noticed she was missing. Shit. Did she escape? He didn't have time to check, the politician had a meeting and interview this morning. Well, it didn't really matter, she was blindfolded and gagged, there was no way she could identify him.

    So, instead of worrying, Atticus put on his best suit; beige blazer, striped shirt and blue tie. He completed his look with a briefcase and a pair of sunglasses. Atticus waltzed out the door, ready to meet his driver. But the driver wasn't there. He cursed, he was gonna get fired now. Angrily, Atticus began to walk into the city, on the phone to his driver. But there was no answer.

    "Asshole!" He cursed again, putting his phone into his pocket. He'd kill that man if he saw him again.

    But he saw no one. Atticus got to the building where the camera crew were gonna meet him, but nobody turned up. He looked around, not a photographer in sight. In fact, he looked into the glass building to see emptiness. Atticus frowned, taking off his sunglasses as he saw the absence of traffic. Was this a joke?

    He walked up and down the city until he stumbled onto the church, the one building he didn't greet often. Atticus wearily walked in to see a group of equally confused people; A tall, vampire-ish male, A woman sipping on coffee and another standing tall, also a smug looking guy, then finally a quiet one sitting on the pew. He knew at least one of them would recognize him.

    "My interview is held just across the road, where is the camera crew?" He asked them, like they could give him answers.
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  9. Kat stared at the man, his face pale and eyes red, he looked frantic and tired. Typically, she wouldn't even waste her time talking to a man such as this, he neither cat called her or complimented her in any way upon meeting. Only commented on the emptiness of the town, which though problematic, shouldn't matter to him when such a beautiful woman was in the room. She should be all he sees. Peh, must be gay. Tossing her dark hair over her shoulder, she opened her mouth to bless this man with some sort of response, but nothing came out because her attention was directed to more people spilling into the church.

    Three men and another woman. A peculiar group for a church day, but they all seemed to gather in the church due to the emptiness of the city. That being said, the church no longer looked that empty. But Kat's attention was solely on the last man who entered the church, Atticus Grant. An incredibly wealthy man. To think this morning she were just thinking about becoming a Queen, he probably could treat her in such a manner. Her eyes scanned the other girl in the church, she was of no competition, and made her way over to the man. Her heels against the floor echoing through the church. "Everyone is gone. There is no camera crew. No interviews. No meetings. It's just me ...And these people." Her hand came up gently to gesture away, in a condescending matter.

    Through thick lashes her hazel eyes stared up at him. I am so sexy, I bet every man here will want me. I'm a goddess in human form. Aphrodite. Running her tongue over her lip and pushing her chanel purse closer to her hip, she tilted her head. "Why don't we take a helicopter ride over the city, that way you can see. Everyones gone except us." When she said 'us' she made no gesture to the others behind her again, there was no need to. All he would see is her now, of course. Of course.
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    The night before

    The sun had set some time ago, leaving the suburbs dark and quiet. Carson reached inside his chest pocket for his smokes, pulled one out and put it in his mouth. As he lit the cigarette, he looked at the neighborhood passing him by. Seated on the bed of a speeding pickup truck, Carson felt the cooling air ruffling his clothes. It was a good, sobering night, but Carson had no interest in being sober. Muttering a curse under his breath, he banged his knuckles on the truck and turned towards the front.
    "How long am I gonna fucking sit here, Al?" He had trouble making out the answer, but he thought he heard a couple of minutes, Jimmy-boy. Carson turned back and sat down again. He wouldn't have minded sitting there for another couple of hours if it wasn't for his raw throat coupled with the severe lack of alcohol. Allen Stewart and his wife Mary Ellen had been gracious enough to offer Carson a lift out of some shithole that had turned to hot for Carson to stay in, and while stopping at a gas station, good old Al had told Carson that they were heading upstate, to the only city of note in these parts, were they had their business. When Carson, quite honestly, answered that he didn't know upon Al asking him where he was heading, Al - who had clearly taken a liking to Carson - asked him to tag along to the city. While initially reluctant, Carson had quickly turned around once he learned that the aging couple ran a brothel in the outskirts of the city. Sure, it was probably more of a homeless gathering than a brothel judging by how this junkie couple looked and behaved, but Carson didn't mind. It had been quite some time since he had a release, and pussy was pussy.

    However, as they had gotten closer to their destination, Carson grew a mighty thirst. Rather suddenly, the car swirved around into a parking lot and stopped. Carson's thinking was similarly parked for now, and he looked around as he jumped out of the bed.
    "You better have some booze, Al." he said, smiling.
    "Jesus, again? Like I've said; we got it all, man. You know, you're not very trusting." the old man answered thoughtfully as he scratched his thin beard. It was as if he was taken from some crappy movie.
    And you're not very fucking sane.
    "Well I'm here, ain't I?"
    Al had no answer to that, and the trio left the parking lot while Mary Ellen started mumbling about needing a fix.

    Carson wasn't right about the abandoned house part, but he might as well had been. The neighborhood had, hopefully, seen better days and the so-called brothel turned out to be a basement storage area were the storage lockers had been repurposed to fuck rooms, sheets providing modesty. Al and Mary Ellen was the proprietors of the building, and every tenant was either a whore, customer, drug dealer or several of the aforementioned. Carson and Al left Mary Ellen in their apartment before heading down to the basement, where Carson was shown the merchandise after sharing a bottle of bourbon with Al and some other old junkie called Geoff. There were four different women to pick from, though Carson was unsure as to whether two of them could be called women since there was no way they had hit puberty, and one of the other two was an old hag who looked more man than woman. Still, any of the three might've done if it wasn't for the fact that the forth, while being in her forties, looked positively fine by comparison. She was clearly high as a kite, but that was of no consequence. She called herself Jade, Al explained, and she was supposedly the best fuck in town. All of them probably are if you ask this guy, Carson thought while settling with a snort as response.
    "She'll do."

    An hour later, Carson sat on Jade's bed, while the owner lay on the floor, face up and sobbing. Carson reached for his shirt and found his cigarettes, lighting one before turning his eyes towards Jade.
    "So. How about I take you out tonight, eh?"
    The woman hesitantly stopped sobbing and looked at Carson with what he thought was disbelief.
    "What, you don't think I can treat a woman right? Pretty sure you've had worse smackings than that." He got up and Jade instinctively edged backwards. Bending over the prostitute, Carson put his cigarette in her mouth. She didn't resist. "See? Look, I'm sorry I got a little rough with you, but you gotta see this from my point of view too. It can be very frustrating when you refuse someone something, you know? The shit flings both ways." he said, as he pointed his fingers back and forth between him and her. "Now, let's get fucked up!"


    He didn't know what time it was, but it was clearly daytime, as light shone through the little window above him. Carson sighed heavily and lifted himself up on the bench he was leaned back towards. His head was ringing. What had he done last night? Right, the whore. He remembered they had gone to some filthy bar close to the brothel and gotten wasted, but beyond that Carson's memory was a blank. Speaking of which, where the fuck was he? He looked around, but there wasn't much to see. He was sitting in some kind of booth, a tiny wooden booth. What the hell? His memory flashed, and he suddenly remembered staggering into some church. I passed out in the fucking confessional. At least he was still wearing his clothes; a pair of pale blue jeans, a tank top and a white-striped blue flannel shirt. Suddenly he heard what must have awoken him in the first place; voices. Someone was shouting, soon followed by other loud voices, echoing throughout the empty church. Carson rose to his feet and pushed the door open, stepping out into the church. He saw a handful of shades, his eyes still getting used to the light.
    "You mind keeping your fucking voices down?" he shouted, rubbing his temples.
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  11. Harper Gramm

    ((Caution - Strong language.))

    How could this be? How could everyone be gone? No, not everyone. Eyes hidden by reflective shades she picked up for herself flickered to the person repeating "Hi" in what seemed to be monotone, and the way he looked- she swore he could have been some kind of drug addict; meth maybe or perhaps he was a stoner that never left his parent's basement with that skin tone. Her lips barely parted in a somewhat stoic, tiny o, but she said nothing in return, her head turning to glance over her shoulder at the other four; three males and a female. Her slim figure followed the turn, subconsciously angling herself to face them all then taking a few steps back until her back end was pressed up against the edge of a pew. "Hello, how are you people today?" Again, she was silent. "Where is everyone?" Harper could hardly pay attention to the inquiries, her knuckles becoming white against the flimsy plastic cup as her grip tightened, slowly pushing the freezing liquid contents upward. If she weren't so distracted she might have heard the man with similar clothing options talk again, but even so the vibe he was giving off made her more eager to ignore him.

    Her gaze crept over to the silent male sitting, watching like she was; observing. Why wasn't he speaking up like the others? "My interview is held just across the road, where is the camera crew?" Her thoughts were interrupted and her attention diverted to the man dressed in a beige suit that was as much a stranger as the rest of them to her. For a short spell her mind drifted to the male who was of similar fashion in the alley some odd number of months ago and her skin slowly grew hot with the memory. Asshole. "Everyone is gone. There is no camera crew. No interviews. No meetings. It's just me ...And these people." The female watched the other girl's hand raise as the tone reverberated in her mind. Bitch. The expletives in her head were adding up and becoming louder with every small thing that started to tick her off, the coffee nearly leaking from its container. Harper had almost forgotten one thing in her state of shock, and that was that most people sucked.
    "Why don't we take a helicopter ride over the city, that way you can see. Everyone's gone except us." She could have snorted at the ridiculous way this woman spoke! It was hilarious enough to make her forget her previous notion of her intentionally being a bitch and came up with the conclusion she was just lost up her own ass. Her shoulders started to shake with silent laughter, her mouth curling into an amused smile that partially exposed her pearly whites as she turned her head away from the scene, her knuckles loosening from around the drink.

    Just who in the hell were these people? None of them looked like they'd ever come to church unless there was a dire reason to (if that), so why now? And more importantly, why was she stuck with them? She stifled the giggles just as they were starting to become audible then lowered her head and quietly cleared her throat. The sound of a door opening brought her chin up again, her optics narrowing at the pudgy man stumbling out of the confessional. What in the hell was he doing in there? The femme watched him with hidden suspicion, her expression now faded back to the original emptiness it held earlier. "You mind keeping your fucking voices down?" The shouting he did set her teeth on edge as she walked to a table covered in old candles next to the doors of the church, putting both the coffee and untouched muffin down before she threw them at someone. Prick.
    "You're the one yelling." She spoke in the most casual and collected tone while removing the glasses from her face, revealing large hazel eyes with little flecks of emerald and gold. She placed herself back in the position to be able to keep an eye on them all, her hip pressing against the collections of melted wax as she sat the shades on top of her head and wrangled some strands of hair behind her ears. What the fuck was really going on here? "Hello, everyone." She intentionally looked at every individual in the church, giving each a maximum of a two second stare then continuing only after she had done so. It seemed that most people had come to understand everyone had disappeared, and if not she didn't feel like being the one to explain it to anyone. With intention to break the ice she joked, "Who's got a name to share with group today?"
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  12. { L U S T


    It seemed as though, few more others had arrived just as inquiring and curious as the last. So, it wasn't just Lionel exactly then, wherever these people came form they obviously didn't see any form of life neither."My interview is held just across the road, where is the camera crew?" asked the man. Lionel merely rolled his eyes."Clearly theres no one else but us." He stated with a look on his face that meant,'Are you stupid? How pitiful.'. And in fact Lionel also wanted to commented that but decided it probably was best to keep his mouth shut. Suddenly one of the women had spoke. She was very beautiful--more beautiful than every women Lionel had slept with so he was keen on listening to her naturally--more like instinctively. Because 1. He had a weakness for women and 2. She was indeed beautiful.. But just wasn't feeling it with her. Some sort of sixth sense within him told him she would be the type whom he wouldn't like."Why don't we take a helicopter ride over the city, that way you can see. Everyones gone except us." she suggested."My, you're a beautiful one...Really." complimented Lionel. "I'm Lionel--Your name?" He asked the woman, offering her a hand before he immediately began to lose interest on her momentarily.

    There was an argument arising. A momentary one that tensed up the air and made things awkward but not completely."You mind keeping your fucking voices down?" everyone's heads turned back to the confession as a man shouted at the group. The male furrowed his eyebrows. What exactly was going on right now? With every conversation, there was bounded to be a a situation of mental note taking and disliking or liking. Suddenly another woman of the group snapped, the other woman whom he had interest in as well."You're the one yelling." she said nonchalantly before acknowledging the group more and joking about intros.

    "Isn't it common courtesy for the person whose asking to greet themselves first, lovely?" Grinned Lionel with amusement before clearing his throat and ever so slightly raising his hand momentarily for attention."What called you all here anyways?" He asked."I heard singing which lured me in, as crazy as it sounds." The man stated. He was just trying to get information and from there see why there was no one around.

    As there was a momentary silence, he tucked his hands back into his pockets and couldn't help but compliment every single individual in his mind. Seriously--The man couldn't bring himself to judge a person's appearance. Because whoever it was he wanted to be with anyways. There was a feisty woman, A prideful goddess, A prissy man, A mysterious man, A... man whose whatever he is that just began to yell at them, and then lastly a quiet young man. Whom Lionel somehow felt he looked handsome and perfect too--and was compelled to feel as though he was a threat. Mainly a personal threat due to his perfection, and Lionel taking it in as competitiveness. However being the one representing Lust unknowingly, something within him simply said,'No other man can beat you. Everyone has a natural knack at falling for you.' and he merely smiled to himself as he looked at the other younger adult before chuckling and sighing, turning his head away at the group.

    What an interesting.. dysfunctional group he will be with.
  13. Alexander Kedzierski

    One by one, the church filled up. His piercing eyes moved from one man to the other. One sat down, the other stood proud, already attracting women. Something about attractive straight men made Alexander pout a little. The way the two flirted allowed Alexander to move his eyes to the man sitting down. How attractive was he? Alexander could just... eat him up.

    A voice came from behind him, Alexander twisted his head sharply. Well, at least there was people. He slowly turned back, his body in a statue state. When the women outburst, Alex turned his eyes back to the man flirting with the others. Something about his confidence made Alexander nervous, but it didn't stop him staring like a creep. When everyone began introducing themselves, Alexander stood closer into the circle, arm brushing against the flirt. "Alexander." He just said flatly, his red eyes tracing the three men he could see before him again.

    When Atticus spoke, Alexanders head turned like a mechanical cog, his face flat, "What else do you think happened? That everyone just, vanished." He stared at the man before his face finally cracked from the creepy, eerie stone to a slight smile. The idea amused him. And so did the group of people he stood with.



    As he entered, the proud woman strutted up to him. Like he had been trained to do, Atticus greeted her with a flirty smile. He was not attracted to her one bit. Sure, he could see why he should, but nothing stirred inside of him to lust after her. But, like he was meant to, Atticus chuckled, "That gives me less to worry about then." He smiled. As she batted her eyelashes, he recognized the girl was probably more interested in his obvious money rather than anything else. Like usual, but it didn't really bother him. As she offered the helicopter, Atticus just chuckled again, not taking her seriously.

    He looked gave everyone a grin, "Atticus Grant." He assumed everyone recognized him. As the voice came from the confessional, Grant tried to hide his disgust. Always in the public eye, he had trained himself to constantly look pleased, but it was hard.

    When people began talking, the man slid down next to the male already sitting, watching the people converse. His eyes wandered over to the man he was sitting next to him, giving him a forced smile before turning to everyone again. One of the males was eyeing up the ladies like fresh meat, then his eyes wandered over Atticus. He was devilishly good looking, but Atticus felt nothing. He noticed the pale looking man eyeing the same guy like a literal meal. Something about him gave Atticus the creeps.

    "Well-" He stood up again as soon as it went momentarily quiet, "Where is everyone? Is this some sort of prank or?" He raised an eyebrow, holding his briefcase in front of himself.
  14. Brushed off... Like dust. As if Kat weren't the most beautiful, seductive, goddess of a bitch he's ever met! He didn't deserve life if he were so blind. He didn't deserve her a bit to begin with. Loathing, seething, the hate crept up to the back of her throat so she tasted acid. He laughed at her. Nothing more, then left? Then left? She should be the one leaving him in a dizzy. The blind rage only lasted a moment, as it always did. Almost as if she had steamed it out. Oh, but that doesn't make any sense. Leaving her willfully. He was probably shy, embarrassed, maybe gay. If she really wanted to she could turn him straight, but that way way too much work and effort. She deserved better anyhow. Richer. Kinder. Better in bed, better. The kind that loved every inch of her the way she deserved to be loved. Brushing her dark hair out of her face, she looked to a man who'd only just introduced himself. Though, in her thought process she hadn't heard a word, really. She just knew he was introducing himself because of his gesture. "Kat." She said, in response. He was a handsome man for sure, but her energy was a little less now. She needed a smoothie and a nap.

    The clumsy man shouting out of the confessional was of no help either, fighting with the strange woman. It's a freakshow in here. Kat ran her tongue across her lower lip and looked to the door. It didn't seem that everyone had vanished, if a bunch of strangers had met in a church. Actually strangers meeting in a church didn't sound anything out of the ordinary at all. If everyone was gone, and all these strangers were the only ones left, that wouldn't make much sense either. Why them? Looking about the church, her eyes scanned the pews and the bibles. "I fell asleep late last night and woke up early this morning, I'm pretty smart and very reliable, so I definitely saw people upto about midnight, maybe a little later. If everyone disappeared between midnight and now... Say eight-ish, on a work day, the church wouldn't be open now. So why were people here reading their bibles last night before they disappeared? See all those bibles open with highlighted text? You think they thought that god was coming or something? Wasn't that supposed to happen a couple of Decembers ago because of those indian weirdos?" Priding herself on being amazingly smart and observant, she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time. This weird... Negative emotion... The way she spoke wasn't as... Grand, as she spoke before. Almost as if she felt she... Didn't know? As if she were doubting herself? First the man and then the books.

    But in an instant, a shake of her head, she realized there was no point in that. How could she know, she was the goddess of the universe but even goddesses have faults. Maybe the reason why she had thought it was the contradiction, God would adore her the same way everyone else adored her! If it were a rapture then she would also be with the chosen ones. She'd probably be made an honorary angel or something. God's wife! Screw Mary, she was a virgin anyway. Just because there were open bibles, didn't mean they'd been raptured anyway. It just meant there were open bibles with highlighted text in a church. Wether they had been read by people or not was irrelevant too, something else could of come along and scooped them up... Or something.
  15. [​IMG]
    He leaned against the backing of the pew with his hands crossed, He listened intently to every word that fell off everybody's lips. For a minute, a new voice chimed into the party of people. He couldn't help but chuckle at the man's remark, an idiotic response to such an eccentric scene. Mark continued to play the quiet role of the group. The ambiance wasn't the moment for him to speak to the others. He continued to listen. Shortly, after the idiotic man spoke a woman's voice chimed in. Already, someone has nominated themselves as the bitch; he assumed it would be later in the group, but, it was quicker than expected. He didn't spare a glance behind him, the group was in a circle together while Mark sat by himself. It didn't last long till someone burst out into a loud groan. Mark looked up to see a paunchy older man who seemed to have just woken up. His stoic disposition hid the disgust within him. There was a slight adjustment as he was seated down, a sudden reaction at the sight of the new man.

    In response to the man's grumbling, a woman shouted back, a simple retort. Thus, began the start of the vast group discussion. They were introducing each other getting comfortable - it was a vapid notion that was needed to be cleared. He simply hoped that one would begin investigating around rather than starting up a meet and greet. He decided to turn his head and caught a glance at the group of people. With a better look at them he caught his eyes on a pasty male who seemed to be shying people away, a woman in a red jacket, another woman who seemed to flaunt themselves at the other man, a familiar man he's seen in TV, and a conceited man. In his eyes, there were no such thing as competition. He boasted his confidence, flattered himself, kept his spirits up high.

    People continued to talk about idle things. He grew frustrated and let out a soft sigh. Mark could hear the smug looking man complimenting a girl, unsure who it was, and uninterested. The sound of people echoed in the church, their voices bouncing against the walls entering his ear. He glanced down at a bible and picked it up, perusing through the content. The highlighted sentences caught his eye - the bright neon yellow illuminated the black writing. At a simple skim something written had the color of his face vanish.

    'You desire but do not have, so you kill. You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel and fight.'

    With a light scoff, he put down the book looking away. Mark felt abashed by allowing a bible scripture affect him as much as that one did. He had no correlation to the scripture, he told himself that enough times. Nevertheless, it continued to repeat itself in his brain constantly. The repeated scripture broke its pattern when a man sat beside him. Mark feared it was the paunchy man and took a inconspicuous glance. Luckily, it was Atticus, with a closer look Mark knew who the man was. He remembered seeing his face on TV - his significant other would always point the man out and fawn over his riches. There was a smile on the man's face, a tense smile. Mark gave him a small smile, transitioning back to his stoic disposition. Behind Mark there was a burning sensation down his back, someone was looking.

    Mark turned to see the pale man looking at him. There was a narrowed glare forming in his eyes. He brushed it off by rubbing the back of his neck. The discomfort left him to stand up after Atticus. It was his moment to speak up to the group. With a simple friendly smile, he spoke in a polite manner, "Why don't we all just simply look around the church? Check every crevice there is, look through the bibles, something." He shrugged his arm, he continued to play the innocent boy facade. "I'm sure we have better things to do than enjoy the company of complete strangers."
  16. Harper Gramm

    "Isn't it common courtesy for the person whose asking to greet themselves first, lovely?" Harper's left eyebrow quirked upward as she stoically stared the grinning man down, a slow, quiet exhale hissing out from between her teeth. "What called you all here anyways? I heard singing which lured me in, as crazy as it sounds." She laughed, amusement flickering over her features. "Maybe you are crazy," she muttered under her breath, the hint of a playful undertone in her voice as she added "Donation," to his inquiry. She glanced off to watch the others introduce themselves without giving her own name. Lionel, Alexander, Atticus Grant- that one was somewhat familiar, though she couldn't recall why-, Kat, and two men whom had yet to give their own form of identification as well. "I fell asleep late last night and woke up early this morning, I'm pretty smart and very reliable, so I definitely saw people up to about midnight, maybe a little later. If everyone disappeared between midnight and now... Say eight-ish, on a work day, the church wouldn't be open now. So why were people here reading their bibles last night before they disappeared? See all those bibles open with highlighted text? You think they thought that god was coming or something? Wasn't that supposed to happen a couple of Decembers ago because of those Indian weirdos?"

    "Most churches are open daily, so it isn't unlikely that people were here earlier this morning. And you're thinking of the Mayans, O' Smart One," Harper sarcastically commented then moved away from them all, wandering up to the lectern where the priest would stand and preach all morning in search of some donation box or dish; whatever it was they used around here. She ducked under the slopping piece of wood to look beneath the podium though finding nothing, and when she rose again she smacked the top of her cranium on the hard ledge that held an open book. With a small groan she rubbed her head, the sudden voice of another briefly catching her attention. "Why don't we all just simply look around the church? Check every crevice there is, look through the bibles, something. I'm sure we have better things to do than enjoy the company of complete strangers." Her one open eye narrowed in the speaker's general direction. "What, you don't like meeting new people?" She uninterestedly inquired as she dropped her hand from her head, silently finding his former suggestion to look through bibles ridiculous. Why would they need to look through those stupid things to figure out where the hell everyone disappeared to? No sooner than the thought came and went did her eyes land on the highlighted text right under her nose.

    Ephesians 4:26-31
    26 "In your anger do not sin": Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 28 He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need. 29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.
    Harper felt her blood turn to ice, her brows furrowing and her throat constricting. What the fuck was this? She picked up the book and hastily flipped through the pages without knowing what she was searching for, another highlighted passage catching her eye.

    James 1:19-20
    19 My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, 20 for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

    And another.

    Proverbs 29:11
    11 A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control.

    And another.

    Colossians 3:8
    8 But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slender, and filthy language from your lips.

    She slammed the book back down in its original place and stared at it with a grimace on her face, her hands trembling and her eyes burning with anger. Was this some kind of sick joke? Were one of these people in on it? Harper cast a glare at the female named Kat who had first pointed it out then shared the same look with the boy who spoke up afterwards. Maybe more than one person was playing some prank on the rest of them, but this seemed... personal. How would these strangers know anything about her problems with anger? "What the hell is this?" She growled. "Do you fucks think this is funny?" Fury bubbled in her voice as she lifted the closed bible up then gestured to the other ones scattered between the pews before dropping it down again and stealthily slipping it into her purse without breaking eye contact with the group.
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  17. { L U S T


    The male looked over at Alexander. He was a strange fellow, whse arm was gently brushing against his as if he wanted attention from him, and thus it was direct attention the male shale receive. "Hello, Alexander." He grinned, giving him curt nod and proper eye-contact before looking over at Mark, who suggested they search around the church for clues. "So much for an icebreaker." he said, though indifferently. Neither positive or a negative remark and he walked around the perimeter of the Church. All he saw were bibles, and truthfully speaking, Lionel was not much of a religious man. So they weren't even the slightest bit his concern. But something lured him to read in particular, and he approached the bible, quietly reading the pink highlights to himself. That is until he heard a slam coming from the fiery girl, he perked his head up like an alerted dog."Relax.." He uttered, to the girl but to himself. One thing for sure was: Never point out and claim a woman having an attitude, never point out their wrath when its apparent, and definitely never tell a woman to 'relax'. All of those just makes them have a -bigger- one anyways. But the promiscuous male here was rather a bit to nonchalant--and drunk off of the others. To him, they were all like dolls to have fun with and flirt on.

    { Sorry for the terrible short post guys--Writers block.. hnng D; }
  18. Alexander Kedzierski

    The greeting from Lionel made Alexander give him a grin back. So edible. It didn't even matter that he had eaten last night, Alexander was always hungry, desperate for more. He was too sober to even begin to flirt with him. Instead, he listened to Mark and looked around. "I guess..." He mumbled, wandering around like the rest of them. He saw the asian chick reading through a Bible, he may as well. Alexander peered over to the nearest Bible, opened up and passages highlighted in orange.

    "Be not among drunkards or among [BCOLOR=#ff6600]gluttonous eaters of meat[/BCOLOR], for the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags."
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Proverbs 23:20-21 [/BCOLOR]

    Alexander immediately swallowed a lump in his throat, quickly turning pages to pretend he didn't see that.

    "And put a[BCOLOR=#ff6600] knife to your throat[/BCOLOR] if you are [BCOLOR=#ff6600]given to appetite[/BCOLOR]."
    [BCOLOR=#ff6600]Proverbs 23:2[/BCOLOR]

    "What is this?" He muttered, wide-eyed. Somebody must know what he was doing. He quickly shut the Bible when the Asian began to yell. He looked down at the Bible, recognizing his name scrawled across in gold. "Why does this have my name on it?" He showed the group in fear, terrified of which one knew. Was this a set up to arrest him? Was he not careful enough?



    The male hated to be told what to do. He was greedy for power, even when there was only 7 of them. The pretty woman was beginning to irritate him. Obviously she was just another rich bitch who he had to flirt with to gain himself some popularity. "I see no harm in looking about-" Atticus smiled, setting down his briefcase next to Mark. "I am sure the world isn't ending, Maybe there are secret cameras everywhere." He let out a laugh to his own joke, only to be pretty much ignored. He gritted his teeth, tough crowd.

    No harm in looking at a Bible though. The nearest one was open, Atticus picked it up and looked down to the neon.

    "A [BCOLOR=#ff9900]greedy man stirs up strife[/BCOLOR], but the one who trusts in the Lord will be enriched."
    [BCOLOR=#ff9900]Proverbs 28:25[/BCOLOR]

    Att snorted, funny. He looked up with a smirk only to see the woman in red shouting, and the pasty man showing that his bible had his name on it. Well, Alex was a common name right? It could be anyone's. Still, out of curiousity, Atticus looked at the front of his, only to see his uncommon name.

    "...So does mine." Atticus no longer had his fake smile on his lips as he lifted the Bible to show.
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