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  1. [​IMG]F O R I H A V E S I N N E D[​IMG]


    Seven people wake up in an empty city, some may recognize one another, some may not. They cannot find another person and it seems as if they've been left. Humanity had been raptured and they must of been left. What they don't know is by getting away with a horrendous crime (each links to one of the sins), they have not been raptured and are left on earth to amend their ways. The group find ambiguous clues around the city - Bibles with underlined passages, objects reminding them of their crimes, crosses and religious symbols everywhere. Can they figure out why they're there?

    2017 - August.
    Recently emptied big city in Northern America.


    [​IMG] Iwaku Rules apply.
    [​IMG] This is obviously a mature RP, so many of the themes will be dark.
    [​IMG] This is also a religious RP and might be perceived as blasphemous, please don't get offended if it isn't your thing!
    [​IMG] Violence and Gore is acceptable.
    [​IMG] Dislike each other IC but not OOC.
    [​IMG] I guess Romance is possible, sex must be taken away though!
    [​IMG] Don't have characters magically know others secrets, let them come out naturally.
    [​IMG] Character Death is possible, don't get salty!


    Name // Sin // Crime // Player
    Lionel Blaireau // Lust // Rape // N/A
    Harper Gramm // Wrath // Battery// Red Rabbit
    Atticus Grant // Greed // Extortion // King
    Alexander Kedzierski // Gluttony // Cannibalism // King
    Carson Espenson // Sloth // Indifference // cider
    Kat Hayle // Pride // Neglect // Kitty
    Mark N. Bellerose // Envy // Mutilation // s k u l l

    Character Sheet:

    Age: [18+]
    Appearance: (Real images please!)

    How did they escape Justice:


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  2. MURDER is not about LUST,
    and its not about
    { V I O L E N C E.
    Its about POSSESSION.

    » Age: 36 ♥ Sexuality: Pansexual ♥ Occupation:♚

    ♚ ; APPEARANCE .


    Charming, sharp, and sexy--Lionel is everybody's dream man. And if he wasn't your dream man? Well lets just say you'll change your mind real quick once you see him in person. His looks are rather powerful; What every women dreams of in a man and what every man would strive for: A powerful jawline, A perfect body build, Perfect eyes to capture his victims {Yes! Victims!}, the ideal height, and a nice sense of style. Even a nice package if you're wondering. With looks like these, Lionel finds it easy to lure in others and make them succumb to their very knees for pleasure with him, and he always triumphs when he finds a victim.

    The male is 6"0 ft tall, and with a height like this he usually catches the attention of others. Then theres his masculine build, which tends to make him eye candy--And once you meet him with your eyes. Consider yourself doomed. Because you have already succumbed into lust that needs to be treated by him and only him. He always looks nice and keen, and that makes him all the more tempting to approach in order to ease your need to sleep with him. Lionel has facial hair, a scruff if you will and is slightly tanned. He likes to keep his appearance on point at all times--But he usually doesn't need try to be honest.

    I swear to y o u,
    I won't stp until your | legs | are s h a k i n g
    and the neighbors know my name._

    ♚ ; RECORD .


    L U S T
    Lust murder / General: Lionel's crime falls towards victimizing and sexually harassing others really--Even torturing for sexual gratification. He is a lust murderer and admittedly a necrophilic that gets sexually aroused by the death of others--Especially when he's the one killing his victims. He doesn't just stop at tormenting his victims while they're alive--rather once he kills them he continues to use their corpse before it becomes rubbish to him. He's a man that doesn't like to waste in all truth.

    Aggravated Kidnapping: There were many, many, many times in which Lionel has kidnapped many victims against their will. Both men and women ; But mostly women to say the least. They're easy to catch--and he can handle more than 2 in once night to take. But not only does he kidnap them--In fact this would be considered just the appetizer of the night to Lionel as he follows it up with draining them both physically and mentally.
    ❥ Sexual assault: Its pretty self explanatory really. As long as its against the victims willpower or theres no consent, Lionel is also charged with this. Be it drugging them, forcing them, intimidating them, etc.
    Rape: Yes, quite a sensitive topic--But Lionel has matter-of-factly raped others as well. Most of them being brutal. Gender doesn't necessarily play a part in this either--To Lionel raping someone is something thats temporary. Its easy, quick, and completely different than when he kidnaps his victims. Think of the difference between a quickie and sex. Rape is just a quickie to Lionel and he probably has more victims of rape than kidnapping (High numbers of course).

    How did Lionel escape justice?

    Lionel pretty much escaped justice in many ways. For starters he slept with those working on his criminal case. Most were women, who felt the need to challenge his looks. They figured,"If I capture this man, Its proof that he doesn't charm all women!" so it was a sort of a competition. Eventually though, after many failures his case was only assigned to men from then on due to it being unsafe for women. Men were also tricky beings--But they too were savages. All men are--Even the most civilized. He simply tormented them back. With men on his case, it was a game. The first method: Lead them off and act. The second method if they're persistent enough: Bribe them off. The third method? Make their life hell. This included sleeping with their significant other, or raping them so that they can throw off the cop/detective chasing him. It was quite simple really, and since he traumatized the women in their life, there was no evidence held against him due to their fear of him. Cause to have evidence, you need the living victim. The victim must speak and you cant force them. But since fear drove them to silence about Lionel, They had no choice but to follow rules that if one refuses to speak or says an obvious lie of 'I don't remember', they have to go with it.



    Lionel is a gentleman on the outside, however realize this: Theres always a hidden interior motive that he holds within him. He's always planning something and scheming around for personal gain. The male's skill is deceiving others, and he sure knows how to act and take on different roles for multiple situations smoothly. Lionel tends to play mind games on others, and he never fails to gain the personal trust of others. The male is cunning, and rather flirtatious wherever he goes. He will flirt endlessly--But don't immediately assume he likes you. Its almost like a fight or flight instinct. Flirting with others is just his personal instinct, and he cannot help it. Lionel can also be seductive but its usually as a tease as well. He doesn't care about another's emotions, so these gestures and such are nothing but petty, meaningless actions. Especially in this post apocalyptic scenario. He is confident with his moves and looks and believes he is the superior one out of anyone. He can talk, act, etc--What more do you want from Lionel to prove that he is the superior? He gets what he wants easily with a various mixture of words, gestures, and looks and theres no stopping him once he starts on you.



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  3. Alexander Kedzierski
    - "If I could approach you
    or even get close to the scent that you left behind
    I'd be fine."


    Name: Alexander Kedzierski
    Age: 36
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Occupation: Mechanic
    Alexander is 6ft and a fairly fit body. He has pale skin and looks pasty in the face. He has dark circles and red eyes often, making him look sleep deprived. His hair is thin and usually is never styled. He sometimes has messy stubble on his face.

    Sin: Gluttony.
    Crime: Murder, Cannibalism.

    Alexander began his serial murder when he reached America. He took 10 years, killing 23 young men and eating them. He convinced them back home with him, offering sex or drugs or something else. Once they got there, Alexander would batter their head and strangle them to death. He'd eat them raw and cooked.

    How did they escape Justice: Alexander always made sure he asked guys who wanted to come around to his home, offering sex, drugs or shelter. The men who he lured back to his home were usually homeless or drunks. This made it hard for him to be suspicious and harder for anybody to notice the missing boys.


    || Intelligent || Greedy || Nervous || Bitter || Self-Pitying ||
    Alexander usually comes across at first as a bit of a weirdo. He stares wide-eyed a lot and speaks with a faint Russian accent. The male is very twitchy and seems nervous. However, after drinking, Alex can seem very charming and sweet. He's very intelligent and is really good at problem solving.
    Alexander is a very bitter man and gets jealous easily. But, he is more so greedy. With his intense cannibalistic desires, Alexander ate as much as he could until he felt sick. He is very gluttonous.
    The man is also very self-pitying. Some might mistake this as genuine remorse for the people he has harmed, but it's mainly him feeling sorry for himself. He feels ashamed that he has these desires, but he doesn't feel guilt.

    + He experiences cannibalistic desires constantly. He only wants to eat males, because he thinks it makes them closer.
    + Alexander was born in Ukraine and moved to America when he was 20. He still has an accent.


    ♦ "Baby, I'm preying on you tonight
    Hunt you down eat you alive."




    Name: Atticus "Att" Grant
    Age: 34
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Occupation: Politician
    Atticus is 6ft and is built. He's a slender man, but with a tough torso and muscular arms. His hair is black and is constantly slicked into style with wet gel. He's usually seen with a cigar in his mouth and sunglasses on. Att is always in a suit, which are always designer.

    Sin: Greed
    Crime: Bribery, Extortion
    How did they escape Justice: Atticus is a politician. His desperate greed for power drives him to do corrupt things. He finds out things about his opposition and their family, then blackmails them into giving up, or backing down so Atticus can get the votes. It has gone so far to Atticus holding wives ransom until the politicians retire.


    || Greedy || Powerful || Leader || Opinionated || Smug ||
    Atticus is what you except from a popular politician, and more. He's greedy and power-hungry. The man would kill, torture and bribe his way, just to get more power. If there is a spot for him to get more powerful, you bet he'd force his way up to the top.
    He's very opinionated, even on some things he doesn't need an opinion for. He's constantly open for debate and argument, Att doesn't backdown. He's also a leader. Typical to his need for power, if there is possibility for him to lead, he'll take it.

    + Despite being fawned over by many women, and even men, Atticus is an Asexual. He does not care for sex and thinks relationships are a waste of his time.
    + Mr. Grant gets a lot of screen-time, his good looks and his 'good luck' has made him somewhat of a honey around the white house.
    + Not that he'd ever tell anyone, but Atticus is a ballroom star. He can dance well and used to compete as a teen.

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  4. could I reserve wrath?

    EDIT: I actually have a better idea for greed, so could I reserve greed instead?
  5. Greed is yours!
  6. Ugh, I want to join this so bad, but I don't want to reserve a spot just yet because I'm cycling through different ideas. >:I
  7. [​IMG]
    Arya Jane Kallahan
    She doesn't really think about it much. She's more concerned with money and power than she is relationships, but she will certainly use people in that sort of way to get what she wants. Off the record, she's demiromantic pansexual.
    CEO of Kallahan Inc. -- multibillion dollar investment company
    She stands at about 5'6" and is almost always dressed to impress. She refuses to be looked down upon, and she will ensure that she is always impressing others.
    Fraud, Money Laundering, Embezzlement, Bribery, Murder
    How did they escape Justice:
    She escaped using her wealth, of course. She's damn rich, and she knows it. No one has ever been able to touch her, and she has quite easily diverted the blame to someone else every single time she's been put under scrutiny's eye.
    || Manipulative || Greedy || Cold || Calculative || Untrusting ||
    The business world is a cold and cruel place, especially for children. From a young age, she was exposed to the scandals of business, and she quickly learned that nice guys don't make it to the top. In her teens, she was already seen as manipulative and greedy. She purposefully used people for her own gain, and the behavior was often reprimanded. Not that she ever listened. She became CEO of her father's company at the young age of 24, and she inherited all of his money. Since then, she used her wealth and power to fund more...questionable endeavors. In just two short years, she'd managed to break the law many, many times.
    She doesn't trust people. In fact, she believes wholeheartedly that everyone has an ulterior motive. After all, she always has one herself. She craves money and power, even when she has it all. She knows how to sweet talk her way out of any situation, and she plays her cards right almost every single time. She's been under scrutiny before, and pretty much everyone knows she's a criminal. But somehow, every time someone brings her to court, the evidence becomes circumstantial or it just disappears altogether.

    +She's well-known among anyone who's paid attention to the news.
    +Her father and mother both died rather untimely deaths. Her mother died when Arya was born, so that certainly wasn't her fault. But her father...her father died tragically of a heart attack at age 58 with no family record of any heart problems. Strange.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Kat (Katherine) Hayle
    Age: 19
    Sexuality: Whatever she wants
    Occupation: Cosmetologist
    Appearance: Her oval shaped face is framed with long, thick, dark brown hair. From underneath long, side swept bangs are almond shaped eyes in cornflower blue. Following her strong jaw and thin, athletic frame her even skin is only discolored by two tattoos, one on her hip lining up her side, and another of a tiny black crown on her left ankle.

    Sin: Pride (Vanity)
    Crime: Her first occupation was as a babysitter when she was 14, two kids she watched lightly as they ran around in the yard. Often neglecting them to focus on painting her nails, doing her makeup, talking on the phone with friends. One day the little boy came running in screaming and tracking in snow, his sister was in trouble. Behind the house was a creak which ran into a decently sized pool of broken ice and water, where the little girl lay facedown. She had drown. It was impossible to lie with a witness, and the little boy wouldn't stop sobbing and bringing attention to himself, so she yanked him into the pool to join his sister, and let herself soak.

    How she escaped justice: She tried to save them, she even ruined her favorite jeans! Went out in the snow with her heels! She just had to go to the bathroom for one minute and didn't want to drag them inside. She'd had left them outside for a moment before. Plus, what kind of mother leaves her child with a 14 year old girl to go out drinking, at noon? It was obviously neglecting from the single mother, to tell of the dangers of ice and snow, and leaving her babies in the first place. Kat hadn't done anything wrong, she was an amazing, smart, and talented student. A perfect friend.

    Personality: Loud, open, very nonchalant attitude, if someone disagrees they aren't worth her time. Very impulsive and needs to be constantly doing something, needs consistent simple stimulation of her mind and body so she doesn't think too much about herself or others. Because of this, she's quite simple minded, and many things go over her head. She gets along quite well with others because of her childish humor and confidence, though more often than not there is humor found in her shallow selfishness.

    + Her birth mother was a fitness coach, therefore her body and appearance is highly important to her. She will also give you advice on the subject if she feels you could benefit from it.
    + She had two mothers, a birth mother and her mothers spouse. Her mothers spouse worked at a salon.
    + Enjoys hosting parties but hates attending them, she likes the control and center-of-attention deal hosting gives her.
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  9. Ah, could I reserve Envy, please?
    I've finally decided on an idea for that, and will have a CS up soon.
    - Though, I am leaving tomorrow for vacation, and will be away until the following Friday. I understand that can be an annoying hold-up, and that you might not want to wait that long to get the RP started up. If that is the case, you can just turn me down. If not though, I'd appreciate it, and will be back and ready to RP first thing next week! -
  10. Name: Harper Gramm
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Asexual. She doesn't ponder it.
    Occupation: None

    Her height is around 5'7" and her figure is slim, seemingly without much muscle mass. Harper's skin is slightly tanned, but ultimately a pale, even tone without much color. Has reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes.

    Sin: Wrath
    One Murder, Several Accounts of Battery, Theft.

    How did they escape Justice:
    She's homeless, a seemingly indefinite wanderer who's both nameless and faceless in the eye of authority.

    Personality & History:
    Quiet // Deceptive // Intelligent // Friendly

    Harper has always had a problem with aggression which is a learned behavior from her parents who would fight like cats and dogs; always physically attacking one another. Her first offense was when she was sixteen and stabbed a pen straight through a student's hand at her school. The victim had been mindlessly popping gum for the past twenty minutes after she had kindly asked her to stop. It made her blood boil and without a second thought about it, she turned in her seat and jammed the first inch of the pen in the back of the female's hand. Due to the fright instilled in the victim, no charges were pressed, but Harper did go to counseling for the rest of the school year.

    When she was eighteen she was kicked out of her house for taking her anger out on all of the mirrors and plates in the house. She took a hammer to every reflective surface and threw plates at her parents when they came after her with flailing fists. Ever since she's been wandering, stealing from random stores to get her through the days and changing seasons.

    A few months prior to the assumed rapture, Harper had been approached by a strange male who pestered her for over an hour, following her down streets while trying to get her attention. It was obvious he was drunk, but given the fact he was dressed nicely in a suit she eventually decided to lure him into an alley. Doing so, he got hands-y and triggered her anger. She took a brick to his head and fled the scene, leaving his wallet and the nice Rolex watch on the body. It was later presumed to be a personal homicide.

    * Despite her untamed anger, she has a kind outer shell.
    * The only thing to calm her down when she starts to rage is physical restraint.
    * Could never abuse an animal during a fit of fury.
    * Doesn't seem homeless due to stealing trendy clothing and accessories
    * Uses a gym membership to her advantage for both hygiene and storage purposes.
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  11. The females are real in here :
    So much.
  12. We've come to take over. >:D
  13. There are two more places, so you never know bro~

    She's accepted - I only ask you write a lil more on her personality, but besides that Pride is good to go!

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  14. Yeah, I'm still toying with her, I haven't finished yet. I'm thinking about a few more things. I'll have it finished by tonight, promise! :)
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  15. You can have Envy, but the RP was in high demand in the interest check and if you couldn't keep up, I'd feel unfair to the others who would want to post and could.

    But honestly, It is your decision, I'll accept what you think is the best way c:
  16. Yeah, I know it was in pretty high-demand, I was sort of silently stalking the interest check since I thought it sounded pretty cool myself. :P

    I already have a cs made up (was just sort of in the process of tweaking things to change the character to a guy - since, there's a lot of girls already, plus, I kind of like the idea of the character being a guy better), but, like I said, I'll be away for a whole week.
    I'll be camping, so, internet kind of won't be a thing - unless I convince my parents to take me allllll the way into town so I can sit in the library for a bit. And, I have a feeling even if that does happen, it will be a 'only once' kind of thing. :O

    So, I can just sit this out - let someone else go ahead.
    This RP was super cool looking, but I know how anxious people can be to start when they're excited about a roleplay - I get like that all the time - so, I wouldn't want to be the one person getting in the way of that.
  17. Well, the interest check still has more ideas in the process of being made - so you can definitely join them!

    I'm sorry for the awkward timing man. I do hope you enjoy your camping trip!!
  18. Envy, please!
  19. You got it!
  20. @King Is my character accepted?
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