Forging Roads

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  1. Basic Summary:
    Wolves have developed a transformation technique that allows them to take the form of a human; however, they use this ability to not hide from humans, but to live among them. They participate in everyday human activities: go to school, got to work, eat, shower, sleep, and even raise a family. Due to this development, there are very few Pure Breed wolves remaining. Most that still live, reside in secluded mountains or forest areas away from human society. In most cases, Pure Breeds are treated as royalty in the overall Wolf society, and children of a pure breed are made to wed and reproduce with another pure breed to keep the bloodline clean.

    Unfortunately, recent destruction has befallen the forest region, resulting in the relocation of the Yanethia pure breed wolf pack that lived there. Forced to move to Shirolyn City with their fellow brethren, all pure breeds must quickly adjust to the new human life that they were forced into. But the sudden increase in unfamiliar humans has aroused the attention of a few shady characters eager to get their hands on a wolf with the ability to change it's shape. A pure breed would be the best choice.

    The Pure Breeds are a family with generations of connections and wealth, so money and entering society is not a problem. Many of the younger generations of pure breeds have had very limited connection with humans and rarely use their human forms, so adjusting will be most difficult for them. Mixed wolves from the city will be given the task to help these members live peacefully in their knew home. Half-breeds are the offspring of a wolf and human. They are more used to their human form and use it as a default appearance; however they do possess the ability to change into a wolf.


    Who your character can be a part of:
    -Pure Breed that has moved to the city. You can be pretty much anyone, just not the Pack elder or something like that. Roles of children, parents, servants, or whatever you choose.
    -A human and wolf mix from the city is an option as well. Just know, that if you choose thing role, you will probably have to help a pure breed get acquainted with the new surroundings.
    - A Shady character who wants their hands on a pure breed wolf. You can be whoever -- scientist, political leader, demon, angel, elf-- whatever you wish, just make sure it can fit into the over all plot.
    - Random citizen who finds out about the wolves and gets involved in some form. I don't care how you do it. You could be a friend from school, co-worker, or random bystander.

    *There are other roles that you could be that I probably didn't think of. If you have suggestion and aren't sure if it'll work, just pm me and we can discuss it or work it out.

    Character Sheet:

    Species: (Human, Pure Breed, Half-Breed, etc.)
    Occupation: (Optional)
    Appearance: (Include Human and wolf appearance if needed)
    Background Information: (Anything about your character that you feel should be mentioned)

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    **I would like to mention that this is my first time being in an rp with more than one person and organizing an Rp. So, things will probably be a little bumpy. If you have any comments or suggestions, I would GLADLY take them. Seriously, don't hesitate to correct my if I'm missing anything important or I'm doing something wrong. Thanks.**​
  2. My Character:

    Name: Kiori Morain


    Pure Breed Wolf


    New student at Mirolyn High School.

    Dark, charcoal, black fur with lighter gray colored sections that cover her face,
    right ear tip, left front paw, and the tip of her tail. Smooth, wild fur that grows thick in the chest and tail areas.
    Light, Vanilla eyes. Her nose is a dark black that blends in with her dark colored face.
    --Human: Same shade hair and light brown eyes. Tanned skin the color
    of caramel and rosy cheeks. Slim but curvy and about 5 foot and 6 inches with little muscle.

    Playful, outgoing and rebellious. Often seen hunting small rodents or playing with the rougher males of her pack. She prefers to do things her way and will often make irrational and unintelligent decisions just to get her way.

    Background Information:
    After moving to the city, Kiori and her family bought an average two story home with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. She's currently living with her mother, father, and younger brother who will be joining a nearby middle school. Though her family is living separately from the elders of the pack, she often goes to visit, keep in touch, and receive extra training for her transformations. Next door to her is her older, Half Breed cousin who will also be attending high school with her.
  3. Hello (^w^)"/" ~<3

    Name: Nicolie Stolkein

    Gender: Male

    Species: Mixed breed

    Age: 22

    Occupation: Owner of a bookstore on a street corner

    --Wolf: Nicolie is quite larger than the other wolves. He has thick, silky night black fur with white speckles on the tip of his tail, saturated green eyes and a white nose. There's also a small white dot under his right eye.
    --Human: His hair is the same shade and it's a few inches longer then shoulder length and layered. Because it's parted on the right, his bangs tend to fall over the left side of his face unless he tucks them behind his ear, which he does often by habit. His eyes are also the same colour with a beauty mark under his right one. His figure is quite tall. About 6'5". He's a tad slender but he's slightly toned and pretty powerful to make up for it.

    Personality: He's laid back and relaxed. Nicolie tends to be cool headed in tense situations and has quite a temper when things get extremely out of hand or when someone manages to piss him off, which happens to be a feat of it's own. He has a nice front when he's among strangers but is sarcastic and a little pessimistic around people that he knows pretty well.

    Background Information: Nicolie has lived his entire life in the city but knows about his wolf side due to his pure breed father who had moved to live with his human mother. After both his parents had passed he started to live on his own in the city. With a little of the money he inherited from his father, he bought a two-story corner building and turned it into a bookstore on the first floor and used the upper floor as his living space. Because he lives there, the store is usually always open.
  4. Name: Dakota
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half Breed
    Age: 19
    Occupation: None
    Appearance: Human: Short brown hair that's always messy. Thin body type. She almost looked androgynous until one looked close. Her facial features, the most feminine thing about her, made her look a bit younger than she was. Someone was always asking her where her parents were at. She stood at a height of 5'4" and was often seen wearing a hoody and jeans, with a pair of tennis shoes.
    Wolf: A sparsely muscled wolf with some visible scars on the face and neck, from other wolves. Brown fur was shaggy and unmarked by any other color. She had grown small for her age.
    Personality: Sarcastic and just plain mean most times. Dakota was unapproachable and unfriendly. A rough and tumble kind of girl. When she is with friends, she likes to roughhouse, joke, and get into all sorts of mischief.
    Background Information: Dakota named herself, hence why she does not have a last name. She has been alone for as long as she can remember, sleeping near train tracks and under bridges. She's never liked the city though she's lived there all her life. She's never liked anything about humans to be honest, or wolves who acted too much like them. Dakota never went to school and prefers to hunt vermin for food instead of working for those wretched two-legs.
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  8. Name: Jake Horrowitz
    Gender: Male
    Species: Pure-breed
    Age: 17

    Wolf- Black with a bluish tint and a little silver streaking along his legs, underbelly, and snout. As a young wolf, he is not as large as others, even those his age. He was considered a runt, and hasn't outgrown that title yet. Has hazel green eyes.
    Human- Hair is black, eyes are hazel green. He is lean and tall, roughly 190 lbs and just over 6 foot. This makes him average with humans, though amongst the other wolves he is still small.

    Personality: Because he grew up smaller than the others in the pack, Jake was a lot more withdrawn growing up. As such, he is rather unambitious and timid. However, timid does not mean shy. He can strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. He's gentle until provoked, and it takes quite a bit to provoke him into being physically violent.

    Background Information:
    Given his size, there wasn't much he could do for the pack. He learned the basics of survival as a pup, as all pups did. But as he grew up mentally but not physically, he was relegated away from normal pack duties and was given the duties usually saved for only the omega of the pack - namely, newborn babysitting. Moving into the city, he'll be living in a small studio apartment alone, because his family is shamed by his omega status. Luckily, he'll be able to focus solely on school now rather than looking after the newborns.

    I hope this is okay. I'll get a post up in the thread if everything checks out.
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