Forget What You Know: Star Crafting White Wizard

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  1. "No idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun.
    It's never what you do, but how it's done." ~Druidboyz

    As a writer of poetries, stories and all other manner of literature, we have to realize at some point that there aren't many original things left for us to pursue out there. Sadly, we sometimes find ourselves refusing to write a story because it seems far too similar to another story. Maybe we don't want to make a character because they seem a lot like a character we know from a game or another piece of literature. Well, the challenges I'm going to be posting on Fridays are intended to help you get over that. In a world where so much imagination is floating about, you have to understand that even if you do come through with an original idea, somebody else has already thought of it!

    Thus, it's very important that you realize that it's not how original your content seems, it's how well it's made. This weeks challenge will be to write a short plot or summary for a story involving something I post as a picture, and something I post as a title. Please keep in mind that the items you'll be using will most likely be something you know. I'm challenging you to completely forget what you know, and make something fresh. Come on, show us how it's done!

    The Picture [Character]
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    The Title [Must Be Included In Plot]
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    Star Craft
  2. Once upon a time, far before man could write and build wondrous cities, life was simple and uncomplicated. Then, man learned how to use mother earth to his advantage. Farms and villages formed swiftly, on river banks and rich fields. But abandoning the life of the nomad, brought about newfound problems. People would steal from one another or argue perpetually about the borders of their famrsteads.

    Eventually, people had had enough, and confronted the White Wizard, a wise man of unparalled morality, wisdom and perception.

    "Oh great white wizard, please be our king so that you can solve our problems!"

    But the white wizard sook his head in pity, and said:

    "Alas, I am not fit to be a king."

    But the people persisted, and asked him again.

    "Oh great white wizard, please grant the dignity of the king to one of us."

    But yet again, the demand would not be fulfilled.

    "Alas, none of you is fit to be king."

    Undaunted, the crowd demanded once again. The white wizard pitied the people and decided to finally give them a king. He took a big amount of gold and aggregated it into a large sphere. He casted it into the sky where it remained for all eternity.

    "Behold, this is king Sun. Obey his every command."

    Although the people were initially impressed, king Sun was absent during the night, and thus mischief did not cease.

    "Oh great wizard, the one who you designated as our king rests during the night and mischief does not cease."

    Kindly, the white wizard took some pieces of silver and made a sphere out of them. He casted it into the sky, where it remained forever.

    "This is counsellor Moon. He will be your king's watchful eyes whilst he sleeps."

    Although the people were initially impressed, counsellor Moon would rest during the day, and could rarely inform king Sun about what he had seen. Mischief did not cease.

    The people approached the wizard once again, and complained:

    "Oh great white wizard, counsellor Moon rests during the day and rarely shares what he sees with king Sun. Mischief does not cease."

    But the wizard's body was fragile and weak, and it started to fail him.

    "Yes, it would appear that we must make the messengers. But alas, I am far too weak to craft them. Be my arms, be my body, and star craft on my behalf."

    And so it happened. Under the wizard's supervision the people worked day and night, in unison. They managed to craft millions of small metal spheres and to construct several catapults and machinery by organising themselves. They casted the spheres into the sky, where they remained forever.

    Then they paid a visit to the white wizard, in order to announce the finale of the labor.

    But the wizard had died out of old age...

    Although the people were initially in great grief, the spent the rest of their days in unison and harmony as the experience had made them capable to.

    In honor of the white wizard, they named the messengers Stars.