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  1. If you could leave one item for people of the future to remember you by, what would it be and why?
  2. Probably my glasses. People remember me best when I wear them, because according to my peers, I look like a different person without them. My glasses also represent me in different ways; my personality and my geeky-ness. When looking to the spectacles I left behind, people shall remember the nerdy, quirky Fluffy foreva.
  3. I'd like to be remembered by one of my teddy bears - specifically the white one I've had since childhood.
    It was completely adored by me and its fur is worn down from the amount of cuddling and washing he went through.
    It was a gift from my mother, a sign that I was loved. Plus it's a symbol of my personality.
  4. I'll put my music in a memory card or something, those fuckers are gonna be so weirded out with all the indie folk and death metal.

    Unless they make like, super down-tuned guitars that play so low they need to make new notes, then those songs I've got are gonna sound like sissy faggot stuff.
  5. some kind of achievement from my life, like a peace treaty or a new-discovered-star, or a machine-that-helps-people... P:
  6. Or your k-mart uniform if you can't find a job for your career, right?
  7. blaaaah. who says i won't get a job? P:
    compE is a good career! D:

    pfft. way to rain on my idealistic parade darky x3
  8. My bones. I have nothing that really makes me me. All I have is myself, and that's all. I take more value in intangible things - familial relationships, friendships, etc. To have any certain attachments to things that people would remember 'hey, that's Fel's.'
  9. I would most likely leave my notebook with my poems. They represent the trials in life I've went through and they represent my personality. >.< Though I'd have to have someone do it for me because I'm too darn shy to let people read them myself.