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  1. <~~~<>~~~>

    Hello, Starlings.

    You must remember...

    Time to remember now...

    When you were younger, did you think you could only be limited to what you are now?

    When you were younger, did you think you could ever have such an emptiness inside?

    When you were younger, did you think you could not see more than what you only see now in the life you follow?

    I remember all the words you used when you answered those questions. I do.

    I remember them because your answers were beautiful. And simple. And pure. And naive.

    You told me you would lead a different reality than the one you follow now. You told me you'd never change. You told me you would always be something more.

    But you have forgotten. Yes, yes, you have. You have forgotten me.

    "Forget me not..." you said.

    You have forgotten. Yes, yes, you have. And yet what's worse is that you have forgotten yourself. And each other.

    But what happens when the open eyes of a bright and flowery child wander about and that child turns their cheek from radiance? They see the dark... and they are lured by the unknown possibilities hidden therein.

    Yes, that's right. You grew up. You closed your eyes. And you stopped living, didn't you?

    Well then... it's time to return those eyes to radiance...

    Forget me not. Forget me not. Forget me not.

    You must remember now...

    It's time.

    It's time to Dream again.




    So like here we go. This RP is set in an alternate Earth in the 2010's and in a Dreamworld. It's more of a fantastical action drama with a slow set of revelations than merely just a superpowered Fight!Fight!Fight! good-guys-always-win tale. It's about a bunch of girls that had powers and fought monsters in a dream world. Yeeeeeahhh... they were Magical~Girl~types. But after defeating the big bad, they were no longer needed and so they just ended up growing up and leading normal lives. But now they're needed again. But!! They've forgotten they were Magical-Girls and they forgot each other! And so what happens now?

    Welp, that's the RP basic plot now right?! ;D



    @Vivian / @JadedWaifu / @lume / @Shayla

    Questions & Answers

    What Powers are Available?

    First Gen: Elementals are Strongest and have minimal Power IRL.
    Second Gen: Varied are Versatile and minor Power IRL.
    Third Gen: Revealed at a later date.

    There are two Worlds that the Girls fight in afterall.^^

    Here's a list of what powers are not acceptable... so far:

    Absorbing/Copying other powers.
    Invincibility (Shields and Resistance is okay).
    Mind Control (Telepathy is okay).
    Teleportation (Short-distance Blinking is okay).
    Time manipulation.

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  2. I would be pretty interested in this, since I'm a sucker for the magical girl concept HELLO HOMURA MY LOVE but I think a little clarification on powers would be needed, like are the elemental or more free for all kind of deal?
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  3. Very interested in magical girl RP, I wouldn't mind giving this a whirl ~ I'll keep this thread on watch ^^
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  4. Hey~hey^^ Thanks for replying!

    First Generation would be Elemental. They are powerful inDreams but not so much in the real world. They show some minute power over an element and some resistance but nothing fancy. At all. Like someone with power over Water IRL could make running water out of a tap move back and forth. Ooooh. Wow. But they are still highly Sensitive. K, so like more on their Sensory specialness and why Elements inDreams are so special later.

    Second Generation would be free for all and more Versatile. Strong, yes, but definitely not true powerhouses inDreams but IRL their powers are minor but a major step above Elementals. They are basically like Black Widow from Avengers IRL with minor shows of their inDreams power IRL.

    And restricted~ish list is as follows:

    Absorbing/Copying other powers.
    Invincibility (Shields and Resistance is okay).
    Mind Control (Telepathy is okay).
    Teleportation (Short-distance Blinking is okay).
    Time manipulation.

    But don't worry too much about OverPowered ness. This RP will only show bigtime power in flashback posts. The main focus of the RP is about the grown up Magical Girls dealing with being noobs again and without advantage of stores of unstable teen energies to give them a boost with the steep learning curve. Meaning, no matter what gen you are, you will all start off the same "power level."

    Awesomes^^ But remember this take of Magical Girls is them being grown up now with real life adult responsibilities. They will be in their 20's now some even in their late 20's and trying to remember and re-learn strange and powerful techniques they mastered when they were still young. And so like not just that but growing up means they've moved on and maybe even had families. What would you do if you had a new baby? How could you justify going back? Would you allow your child to potentially go motherless? Your charrie has seen other girls die. Because Magical Girls in this world are not restricted to a city or even country. These girls are like from all over the world and gathered to fight inDreams. This Dreaming World transcends language and geographic boundaries.

    Sooooooo... like yeah. Just somethings to think about cuz DRAMA!! Yeah~yeah!! ;D
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  5. I love that concept! That's why I'm interested, I like playing more adult characters with already complex histories and lives. Tragic life altering decisions are my fav ~~ ^^ I also like to play more exotic characters, so I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with. Also the dream land concept is fab ~~ only thing that comes to mind when I hear that is Puella Magi Madoka Magica hehe

    I am definitely good at stirring up drama~!
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  6. Yayuh!! Thank you for wanting to delve into complexities. Cuz yeah, the choice to become a Magical Girl is something much different, and in some ways, the choice to go back may be even tougher.

    And yeah like one of the inspirations for this was Madoka^^ Like seriously at the end of the first series when she was 'freeing' all those girls. I began to cry when I realized just how many girls across the world made a wish and just how many girls would be dead.

    And so yeah~yeah hoping for more interest^^
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  7. BOOM!!! K...hmmm sooooo like thinking that face Claims will be two types. Anime/manga for when they were younger and digital/trad art for when they are all grown up. ^^ And for those with great fashion sense, go wild with links to fashion collections, accessories, tats/piercings, hairstyles and makeup/nails too if ya wants for CS, k? ^,^;
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  8. Awesome! oh yes, I am all about the fashion and makeup ~~ hehe ^^
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  9. Dang this sounds really cool~
    I'm a huge nerd when it comes to magical girls and the grown-up mature drama sounds amazing ( This setting definitively calls for suffering and feels LOTS OF 'EM)
    I'd like to participate on this BUT Im a total freshman here in iwaku so I don't think I qualify for this ;v;)7
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  10. Hey~hey^^!!

    Thanks for interest!

    Right. Being new doesnt' mean you aren't qualified. Do you have a link to any other previous posties? Like did you see the link to Boo's sample post Boo put in the OP? Just looking for a sample that you can write a few paragraphs. Cuz the charrie sheets Boo will have you fill out for your app won't be normal. More on this later, k? Also! That and Boo is curious to read IC'ly posties from other RPs :33

    But yeah~yeah, like just show Boo what your writing skills are like k?
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  11. Totally feel bummed for missing this....
  12. Ummmm... like its just a CHK, bruh. So like if you're still interested in joining just say so k?^^ lots of room still. Lots :]
  13. Joining!
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  14. K awesomes!! So like just gunna wait on 2 more interested before we go to OoC.

    In the mean time anyone have any questions or charrie concepts you'd like to toss in here?

    Like you can be as diverse as you want, err'body!!^^!! Like Boo said before inDreams transcends language barriers and this is an alternate world so feel free to show case your not~hometown and spice it up as you like!

    Or if you ever wanted to travel to a city in another country.... welp make up what it would be like to live there! Like try to be sensitive to obvious bigoted or racist assumptions k? Like this RP is sexist but like ummmm.... Magical GIRLS!! Maybe?! K But so like go wild still right?!^^

    My GM charrie is gunna be from not~west coast Canada small city! So yeah! Toss your concepts in errbody!! ;DD
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  15. If you didn't see my lurking, Interest shown. I dunno, might be temporary, but I need RPs.
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  16. Thanks for interest^^!! But yeah~yeah this^ helps Boo. LIke I was suffering from anxiety attacks the last few days wondering if I'd be up for this, but like your comment solidifies it. Nice to see ya here Kit-n-Kat and thanks for your honesty. But I don't think I'm mentally/emotionally ready to put up a OoC only to have it fail cuz of wavering interest. Sooooo... yeah... can't do this. :[

    Hey~hey @Shayla, thanks for @tagging one of your bromies k? ^^ But like Boo is gunna drop out the interest on this RP.

    Like, I seen your CHK for other concepts, so like if ya wants, take this concept and run wild with it too k?^^; Boo leaves the ideas here for you or any body to use. Make it your own, bruh!!! ;DDD Right.

  17. @Boo Girlie BoomBoom For future reference, you can go to "Request Thread Moderation" at the bottom of the site and get it removed there. :)
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