Forever young and beautiful (FXM Aka Female AND ((Big 'And')) Male)

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  1. This is just an idea that i had when i was watching the great Gatsby? i think thats whats it called I love this one song called 'young and beautiful'. by my fav singer of all time (next to lady gaga.XD) Lana Del Rey. there are other songs I like but this one was my all time fav. so my idea was something like. DarkXLight, HumanX Humanor DarkXHuman. (when i say dark I mean anything thats evil in your mind. werewolf, demons, dark angels, Vampires(I dont really think vampires are evil anymore after watching that fail moive twlight. EPIC FAIL MOIVE)) ect...

    So plot ideas I have some we can add and fixs later in PMs and everything. So its something I like and you Like. its Fair for the both of us. Right its fair.




    Idea with the song: 'young and beautiful'
    1. the worlds is ruled over the 7 sins (Im thinking no and yes to beeing the sins its really just wich one you choise really. Like i dont want Lust becasue i want it to stay here In oneXones HAHAHA ^^;). they have a child they like the most out of all the humans,_____. she was beautful and lovely and her songs where like angels singing (they say). (add if sin and hate her) but there is one sin that hate her the most and that is_______. (if he likes her alot) nut out of all the sins ______ loved her the most.

    NOW other ideas from other songs.

    Idea with song: Johann Johannsson - The Sun's Gone Dim and the sky turns black
    2. the area of gods and Demons have passed and the only ones left is a demon and Angel. but what if The ______(will choise on who) if the key to the new area. the area of a new world. and what if ______ is the darkness that will distory the New area. theres so much what ifs that i have to say it one more time. What is they bouth loved each other but had to fight for the world.

    Idea with song: Escaflowne - Sora (Remix)
    3. a Two world come togather. but only one can see that other world. _______ is an ordanry person till one day __ meets a __ that poped out of no where asking for her help in saving __ world and maybe even __. __agrees and gose on an amazing Qust to save their world. But if __ wants to save Their world maybe one must sacrfice themself for there people. (the boy can be a prince. this idea was taken from Munto and Escaflowne XD)

    Idea with songs: Si deus me relinquit lyrics (black butler really but to ponit out i dont watch I watched the first Season thats all 2 just get to yaoi on me. BUT ITS NOT BLACK BUTLER)
    4. the earth is crying out to everyone. but no one hears __ cry. but one day someone dose and is place into a new world of life. ____ is shocked at what __ he found out that many people dont know. __ he meets amazing thigns next to the Lovely (or hansome) Earth. but that was just the beginning of whats to come for __

    5. Well thats up to you.

    Songs so you dont have to look: XD who kind am I. HAHAHAHAHA

    Idea 1. young and Beautiful.

    Idea 2.

    idea 3.

    Idea 4.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.