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    Forever Night is an RPG set in Anne Bishop's Realms of the Blood, from her Black Jewels Trilogy novels. The realms are home to a race of people known as the Blood, Who possess magical ability and live in a matriarchal society. A world of powerful queens and savage Warlord Princes, proud centaurs and the deadly elf like people the Dea Al Mon. A world full of mystery and intrigue, romance, action and adventure. For there is no law against murder amongst the Blood.

    Enter the Realms at Forever Night.
    • FN is a community open to everyone! We accept all players from beginners to advanced.
    • We run a monthly plotting chat session to help new players get involved in current plots and for existing members to discuss characters wanted or needed, or new twists and turns in our tales.
    • We have a quick application system to have you playing in no time! No lengthy word counts!
    • Our staff are friendly and active and always happy to help with any query.
    • Transfer characters are welcome! So dust off that old favorite and head on over.
    • We have heaps of great plots running with plenty of openings for new characters, Want to start your own plot? No worries, we have many territories still to be claimed!
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    Forever Night
    Where the fate of the Blood is in your hands.

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