Forever Hallows Eve

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  1. Forever Hallows Eve
    Days go by so fast, often far too fast. Days don't last very long, especially if you're having fun. Though sometimes a day can feel like an eternity, especially if you're scared. One moment can suddenly feel like hours.

    But what if it's more than that. What if it isn't just your imagination. Sometimes the fear might become so great that it stops time and one night can last forever. Is it any surprise then that the night time stood still happened to be during Halloween?

    It is Halloween and the night is still young. For whatever reason, you've stumbled across a manor deep in a forest. Maybe it was on purpose, maybe it was an accident, either way, once you enter, you will soon notice that there is no way out. What are you willing to do to survive?
  2. Melanie Han.
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    Melanie furrowed her eyebrows, using her now shaky hand to scratch at her forehead. She would have done this type of thing years ago. Even then, she would most likely would have not enjoyed scrutinizing a 'haunted' house on Halloween. Such a cheesy way to kick off her day/night wouldn't have been necessary. She didn't even technically believe in ghosts, which eliminates the idea of anything being haunted. This was just shaping up to be a terrible way to spend Halloween.
    Melanie then began regretting this whole ordeal; letting herself be dragged from her house, conforming to the rules of a children's holiday to receive candy instead of buying it like a civilized 18 year old, the likes. Not to mention the drowsiness was catching up to her. The dull aching she was so used to feeling formed into a slight pounding in her head and the slowed movements of her feet. Melanie just needed to go up to this mansion, ring the doorbell, maybe take a peek inside, and get the hell out. Just spend a night in, sorting her candy, and reading. Reading on a hard bed, where she won't sleep. Not at all. Her brother wouldn't allow it.
    Her eyelids hung and she forced herself awake again with a quick jolt. 'No sleep. If I sleep, I die.' It wasn't until a few more steps upon a steep dirt hill that Melanie finally arrived to her destination. She didn't know what she was expecting, but it wasn't the stunningly eerie manor before her. Maybe a wooden shed with moss grown over it, or a graffiti-ed house that was littered with beer cans from local kids who hung out up here? Instead she saw what looked like a sleek & modern estate decorated with careful vines creeping out from under. It looked like a home you'd see a rich woman on reality TV living in after divorcing her third husband and taking all his money, except those mansions weren't concealed in dirt and dust. It might have been her imagination though. At this point, Melanie felt so groggy she would not be fazed if she imagined a leprechaun walking through the door with his pet unicorn and a pot of gold.
    "I'm going straight home after this." Melanie mumbled to herself. She looked over her shoulder and saw a few of her friends down there, waiting for her to ring the bell. It was a wonder she was able to convince them to stay at the bottom of the hill instead of pestering her every second of the way. She loved them, but they took all her energy. As if she didn't lose enough already. Melanie simply waved with a half-cracked smile and wavered over to the door. They claimed the chime of the doorbell was so loud they'd be able to hear it from almost a mile away, which sounded fake. She took a deep, calm breath (which only made her more dazed) and shortly pressed the doorbell when she was within reach. And... nothing?
    Melanie didn't hear anything, which was supposed to be the opposite of what happened. She considered herself a collected individual, but she began to lose her cool. She pressed the doorbell again, and again, and then again. Nothing. With most of the energy she had left, Melanie slammed her hand against it and with a defeated sigh, turned back around to leave. She stumbled over her feet a few times on the way back over and yelled weakly, "It's nothing." After Melanie reached for her water bottle in her bag and took multiple gulps, she heard a creaking. Hesitantly, she looked over her shoulder and scoffed at the now open door. Melanie now faced the door and after peeking around to see if one of her friends had followed her up here, took a few steps closer to look inside. She got the overwhelming urge to go inside the house, before realizing how crazy that was. "That's how horror movie girls die, right? I don't want to die." Melanie bit her bottom lip while staring through the door, now contemplating. She wasn't in a movie though; She was Melanie Han who had hypnophobia and was having a horrible Halloween.
    With a shrug of the shoulders, Melanie swore under her breath and stepped through the door.
  3. Grand Foyer Footsteps echoed through the manor as a girl from the 21st century entered. Small clouds of dust whirled around her as she set down one foot after another. The further in she got, the darker it seemed to get. Only the lit candles placed on the walls gave a small amount of light. If one could get used to the dimly lit room that looked more grey than its former golden and white colors, they could probably make out the outline of two grand staircases going up to the second floor, but the row of candles stopped shortly before the stairs, and only darkness could be seen up there. To the right and the left of the entrance hall there were hallways filled with both doors and candles and ominous paintings of various people seemingly staring longingly out the windows. Most of the doors were locked, but if one tried to open enough of them, maybe one would eventually open up, or maybe if one followed the hallway for long enough, it might take them to another exit.

    A gust of wind grabbed a hold of the door and slammed it shut, followed by a sound of the door being locked. No matter what, the door could not be opened and neither could the windows. Anyone whom had entered would have to find a different way out.
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