Forever Enemies... or Not? {1x1 between WhiteBane & I}

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    It's been exactly four years since Melody ran away and was saved on her twelfth birthday. Her parent's have once again thrown this princess a ball for her sweet sixteen (not that any other years were different), but what happens when the now teenage, half mermaid princess is kidnapped by a seemingly human individual that appears to be seemingly her age? Will the feisty girl put up a fight and reveal her abductor's true form... or will something happen along the way causing the two to look past the differences of their races?

    ~This is a 1x1 between WhiteBane and I. Please don't post here if you aren't on of us~
  2. "Why exactly is he making me go to the ball, it would make more sense to go in at night and take her." A young man that seemed around seventeen muttered to himself as he fixed his red tie. He looked about an even six foot with medium length blondish brown hair, tannish skin, and hazel eyes that seemed to reflect the light at just the right angle. But he knew better than to disobey the king's order, the king had taken the boy in when he was lost and acted as a surrogate father. In return, King James had sent him on various missions as payment; whether it be diplomatic, sabotage, or outright killing those who opposed his king. He did not know the reasoning for wanting the princess but he would take her and make his way back to Sycrause Castle.
  3. "Mom..." Melody sighed as she was handed her third dress to try on. This one was very similar to the one she had worn at her twelfth birthday party...just, more regal and grown up looking. Slipping the gown over her head, Mel twirled around behind her screen, watching the mirror as she went. Finally the teen stepped out from behind her screen, revealing the outfit to her mother, father, and max... the family dog. "Do I have to go through with this again" she asked, practically begging them to cancel the party.

    The short, pale skinned, long black haired, light blue eyed girl grimaced when her parents response to the question was just to hand her the tiara and make her slip on a pair of simple white heels that made the five foot girl 'grow' about two and a half inches. Within the hour the entry music began to play and Melody filed down the grand staircase after her parents, this time being self-conscious about trying not to trip out of her heels.
  4. Another thing that confused him immensely, what was the point of having a ball for each birthday? It made no sense and to him it seemed like a waste of resources and money that could be used for something else, perhaps giving supplies to those who needed it and couldn't find jobs. But what did he know, he was just someone the king had found on the street with nothing to his name and was raised to fulfil mission his king's men could not. Finally fixing his tie, he looked down at his black suit and red tie and wondered why these colors were chosen, unknown to him it was highlight his eye color.

    Walking along the castle walkway which led to the ballroom's entrance, he made it a point to take note of how many guards there were along with possible exit points once he started his mission. Though he made sure to drown out the giggling and whispering of the girls around his age as the group was passed, no doubt talking about him or any other men they found attractive. Arriving in the ballroom he whistled softly to himself as eh was quite impressed with the design before he walked off to the refreshment table to get something to drink and perhaps listen to any gossip or viable information as he searched for his target.
  5. After the first dance that she had to share with her father, King Eric, Melody was left in the center of the room feeling awkward. As the music played young man after young man would walk up and request a dance. After the fifth or so time the royal teen stopped paying attention to who she was dancing with. It was the same repetitive process, not like it required any real thought or anything: curtsey, waltz, curtsey, straighten dress, fix tiara, repeat. Another eternity, or at least what felt like an eternity, passed and Melody excused herself from the dance scene to walk over to the refreshment area, get a drink, and take a break.

    While no one was looking she quickly kicked her heels under the table and stood barefoot on the floor. She really didn't care much if people saw, her feet were throbbing and little red blisters had begun to form on her toes and heels. Glancing around the table she saw a familiar crustacean crawling around "Sebastian!" she hissed, getting the crabs attention "What are you doing here... did Grandfather send you?" she asked quietly as she tried to hid behind a chocolate fountain and talk to the crab she was now holding.
  6. Seeing how he was under the age, the beverages he could chose were limited so he just picked water and added a little salt into it. He knew it was weird but for some reason he enjoyed the salty taste and it seemed heightened his senses slightly, plus it had an calming affect with everything going on around him. Before even finishing the drink, he was ask to dance with a young man and not wanting to see odd at a ball he had placed his glass down and went to dance with her. Which caused him to be asked several other times, quickly disappearing into the crowd once he was finished with his latest dance partner. What he wouldn't do with something sugary in his mouth.

    Then he spotted it in the distance, there was now a chocolate fountain by the refreshment table. That was extremely good news to him when his stomach growled softly. Making his way through the crowd while also avoiding those who would want a dance, he had arrived at the table just as he heard a pleasant voice hiss at someone. Cocking his head and leaning to the right, he saw a girl holding a crab and talking to it; there was his target but luckily they hadn't noticed him. So he simply straightened himself up, dipped a strawberry into the fountain and then into his mouth before taking a few steps away from the table as he grabbed another glass of water. That's when he noticed the windows off to his left and took a few steps towards them, "The ocean..." The fading light seemed to glimmer off the ocean and in return also of his eyes while the young man took a sip. He had always wanted to swim in the ocean or at least feel its water but no matter how beautiful it was, his instincts always told him to avoid it at all costs. "I wonder what it's like." He mumbled.
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  7. Smiling brightly at the small crab, Melody gave a small, happy twirl and glanced around. Her parents had joined the dancing figures again. The couple weren't watching Melody at the moment and she figured it was her only chance to escape. Tucking the red crab into the back bow of her dress like she had done when she was little, Melody casually made her way to the large ballroom doors and opened one slightly, just enough for her to slip out of. Picking her dress up a bit so it was raised above her ankles the still barefoot princess ran out of the castle, stopping once her feet hit the surf. Letting out a sigh of relief as her feet met the cool water she sighed, looking up at the castle with an almost loathing glare. "Why can't I just be normal?" she huffed before setting Sebastian on a rock.
  8. Luckily for him, Drake had turned his attention just as the princess opened one of the ballroom doors and snuck out. That just made his mission a lot easier. Glancing around to make sure no one was looking, the young man silently slipped past the door and after the princess. Tracking the path she had taken was relatively easy, her scent wasn't hard to miss and the slight smudges a pair of bare feet made were easy for his well trained eyes to follow. Upon reaching outside he stayed close to shadows which the castle walls made and well away from the water as he watched the princess go into the water. Hearing her question, the young man had a curious look as he cocked his head slightly while pondering it for a few moments. "Being normal is not exactly something most people wish to be." He remarked while stepping out and his hazel eyes looked at Melody before moving to the ocean. "Most normal people wish they weren't and instead special or unique, that perhaps if they were their lives would be better and filled with less hardships. I'd say that people are normal in that way of wishing they were something else, but what they don't realize is that everyone is special and or unique in another way."
  9. Jumping when she heard a voice behind her, Melody sucked in her breath and turned around, light blue eyes growing wide as she realized a party guest must have spotted and followed her. "Well I am not 'most people' ... if you haven't realized I'm a princess who is stuck having a party that her parents insisted on. Who are you, and how did you follow me? I was sure no one saw me sneak out?" she asked lifting herself off of the rock and standing in the water as she gazed at the fellow. He was attractive, but so far that was all Melody could put together from this one... unless of course he had been the man she had snubbed for a dance while excusing herself... but she doubted it... unless he could change his entire appearance from a darker skinned, shorter male with cropped black hair to, well, this.
  10. "Well, it isn't too hard to tell you're the princess." Drake remarked, walking over to a large rock and easily scaled it before sitting down in a cross-legged fashion. "Though I'm curious as to why you didn't use your free will and stop your parents from throwing a party. I'm called Drake, I don't know my birth name so I go with that." Following her was something he'd have to make up, right now he needed to seem as normal as possible for the moment. "It's simple, I happened to be looking out the window and noticed you out of the corner of my eye, it wasn't too hard to follow the faint outlines of barefeet." Hazel eyes looked back out at sea and also a sense of longing could be seen just before it disappeared and he got up then slid off the rock with ease; taking off his tie and undoing the first two buttons of his jacket. "Much better." He muttered, "Oh, no one else saw you leave but me., though I'm certain sooner or later someone will notice your absence." Then the man bowed his head slightly to the crab and then looked back at Melody.
  11. "I don't have all that much free will" she huffed, sitting back down on her boulder and looking up at him. "I told my parents I didn't want the party, they insist... just like every year. Trust me, partygoers might realize I'm gone... my parents will probably just assume I ran off, probably to my grandfather" she sighed softly as she moved her foot slightly, creating small ripples in the water. "I'm Melody, born with the name" she said lightly as she glanced down to see Sebastian glaring at the boy. The old crab was really quiet annoyingly protective, luckily he wasn't being obvious this time. As she looked around at the serene vista, Mel wondered how her friends Tip and Dash, a walrus and penguin duo she had met when she tried to run away on her twelfth birthday were. The teen hadn't had contact with them for a while now.
  12. "I see..." So she was almost the equivalent of a prisoner in her own home you could say, not being able to have a say in her life. "At least you have parents." He muttered, stuffing the tie into his pocket while staring out into the sea; his hazel eyes containing what seemed to be emptiness. Then the look quickly disappeared as fast as it appeared and the boy looked over at her with the same hand still in his pocket. "I wouldn't be surprised if they noticed that you were missing, especially the men around our age. Seeing how they swarmed you like moths to a flame when they had the chance to; it seems you are popular." His head cocked to the side slightly when the princess told him her name. "Melody, it's a nice name. 'The sea's Melody'..." A shadow of a smile formed before it quickly faded and he turned his attention to the ripples she was created, giving them a curious look as the sunset's reflection became distorted. Shifting, he sat down beside her while turning his attention, once again, to look at the ocean. "It must be nice to live around the ocean and be able to interact with it and those who call it home."
  13. Melody gave a little shrug when he mentioned her being popular. She really wasn't very popular, at all... at least she wasn't on land. She spent nearly an entire summer with her grandfather and aunts in Aquatica two summers ago, she had become popular down there. Here, things were different. People only flocked to her because she was rich, royalty over loyalty. "Thank you" she said simply, casting her light gaze briefly at the rippling water by her foot, "Drake isn't too bad either" she said, shooting the young man a friendly half-smile. Nodding earnestly in agreement when he said how it would be nice to live by the sea Melody gave Drake a slightly puzzled look. "I could've sworn my parents said only people from this kingdom and the island just south of us were coming... both of those are by the sea, but you don't live by the sea?" she asked curiously. Mel decided it wouldn't be bad to know this guy better, so far he was the only one treating her like a person and not a fragile object.
  14. Hm...if she wasn't popular then it was likely just the age old problem of people being nice to earn favors or money; detestable. He really hated people like that and they always managed to piss him off. In reply, he merely gave her a slight bow of his head while he continued to look at the water but made no move to get closer or even touch it. Melody's reply about his name got a chuckle from Drake as he glanced in her direction with an amused look. "It is simply a normal name or a name used to describe a young dragon." He commented as he placed both hands behind him and leaned back on them. "I do live on the island south of here, though I live inland rather than on the coastal beach. That is something my caretaker is adamant about, he doesn't want me near the ocean unless it is absolutely necessary and then I am still prohibited from touching the water." It was mainly the truth, most of Drake's were spent inland in the King's private retreat and he was not allowed in the sea because it would slowly sap his strength away, though he still yearned to swim in its water. "So it's a treat whenever I can see the sea let alone be so close to it."
  15. At the prospect of not being allowed to touch the sea, Melody's eyes grew wide as she raised her light gaze to look at him again "You can't touch the water, not even a little?" she breathed in honest shock. That, to her, seemed like pure punishment. Melody didn't know how she would ever cope if she wasn't allowed to swim in the ocean, let alone touch it. "Why not, are you afraid of it or something?" she asked, becoming very confused. "I mean, there's nothing to be afraid of. The sea, it's the most magical place in the entire universe! I'd give anything to live down there forever, I never could understand why my mom prefers to be a human" she breathed, leaning back and gazing dreamily up at the sky.
  16. Placing both arms behind him and then leaning on them, Drake merely gave her a light shrug while staring out in the horizon. "No, somehow he always finds out and punishes me anyway he deems fit." he replied with an indifferent tone. But in reality, he actually feared for his health whenever the king would come to punish him for either messing up or disobeying his orders. "....I guess, in a way, you say I am." he conceded, glancing at her for a moment. But thinking about it now, this would be a perfect chance to take the princess and run for it. Drake just needed a way to occupy her for a few moments so he could knock her out...perhaps making use of 'that' could work. "After a while of being told to stay away from something and being punished for disobeying, it simply become engraved into yourself." he remarked, taking another look at her and arched a brow. "Why not simply have something worked out so you can go down there whenever you wished?" Drake asked, pulling two small flasks from his pocket and took a sip from one of them.
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  19. Melody glanced at Drake again when the last comment arose. The teen gently bit her lip as curiosity of what was in those vials and hesitation to answer the rather attractive male across from her prickled at her emotions. After a few short moments she let her gaze meet his briefly "it's complicated" was all she could say about the matter without freaking out. Changing the sibject she moved her blue gaze to the vials "what's that?" She asked curiously.

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  20. Drake lowered the vial from his mouth with a soft sigh and nodded his head. "Most things with family are." Though he knew nothing like his family, the King was like a father and dealing with him was incredibly complicated with his mood swings. But the young man's train of thought diverged for a few moments, She has very pretty eyes. No, Drake quickly snapped himself back to reality, she was a target and he couldn't let his teenager side distract him. "This?" Raising up a vial, he gave it a small swirl. "It's a drink my kingdom makes, considered a delicacy." It was half the truth, the one he was drinking was such drink but the other he hadn't touch was actually a sleeping potion. "Want to try some?" His sea green eyes looked from the unopened vial to Melody while offering her it.
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