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  1. A loud beeping caused Connor to blindly hit his nightstand in search of his alarm clock so he could shut it up. All he wanted was five more minutes of blissful sleep. When he couldn't successfully hit the snooze button with his eyes closed he opened his eyes slightly, noticing he was going to be late if he didn't get his butt in gear. "Shit," he swore as he jumped up and quickly rushed around in his room, stuffing his legs in his jeans quickly while at the same time attempting to put his shirt on. It didn't go quite as planned and he stumbled, almost running into his dresser. "Dammit!" Once he finally had his clothes pulled on successfully he dashed downstairs into the kitchen to grab a banana and noticed his mom. "Why didn't you wake me up? I'm going to be late!"

    "Connor, honey, it's Saturday," his mom replied without turning around. Connoer stood, dumbfounded for a moment and tried to remember why in the bloody hell he had his alarm set to go off early if it was Saturday, but then he remembered that he had volunteered to help get things together for the fall festival that was coming up at school.

    "I still needed to get up so I can go help out with the festival preperations," he said.

    "I'm sorry honey, I didn't know." Conner gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door and started his way to his school.

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    Gabriel grunted under the weight of the two fifty pound bags of sand he was carrying on his shoulders. He was forced to be at the school on a Saturday to do preparations for the festival as a punishment. It was either that or going to summer school. The last thing he needed was summer school on his record.

    In hindsight, maybe putting all of those biscuits on the principal's car wasn't his greatest idea. However, the now spotted SUV was still quiet the hilarious sight to see while he was parking in the school parking lot.

    Gabriel chuckled to himself and dropped the bags off at one of the tents to keep it from blowing away from the area. He smiled at a few friends and made his way to the bake sale counter. He had an agenda for going there, but it wasn't for the cookies and cake.

    "Hey, Suze," he greeted the rainbow haired girl. She was very eccentric and fun, but she hadn't spoken to him since last Tuesday. For a very good reason, making out with your girl's sister on your girl's bed isn't exactly a smart idea.

    "Go away, Gabe." Suzy responded, plucking a stray lime green strand of hair out of her face. "I'm not talking to you remember?" She started sorting cupcakes again. In a very neat, neon and glittered, cupcake rainbow.

    "But you're my girl," Gabe countered, leaning over one of the cupcakes and stealing some icing. He winked at her.

    "You're a dog. I'm not your girl anymore." Suzy slapped him across the face. "Why don't you go talk to Donna instead?" She turned away from him.

    "Bitch," Gabriel muttered as he walked away to his next destination: The Kissing Booth.
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    Once at the school, Connor found out where they wanted him to go and what he needed to do. He didn't mind helping with the preperations for the festival, in fact he enjoyed it. Connor quite liked doing things to help people and to help the school, which matched with his good grades, landed him a spot on the student council. The only bad thing about things like manual labor was when he was having a day where it seemed like he was more clumsy then normal and today was one of those days for him. He had almost fallen while getting dressed, he had tripped while climbing out of his car and as he was carrying two cans of paint and couple painting supplies over toward the kissing booth, a pat on the shoulder from one of his friends almost caused him to fall. "Shit," was all he mumbled as he caught his balance, sending aglance toward the friend who was now holding back laughter. If it wasn't for the items in his arms, he might've socked the guy on the arm. He hurried over to the kissing booth and set everything down, and then he glanced around, a wide smile on his face. So far it looked like everything was shaping up quite nicely and that made him happy. Connor couldn't wait for the festival and the fun that would come with it.
  4. Gabriel made a small noise of surprise when he saw Conner start to fall. He had been walking the other direction to the Kissing Booth. He was the male pair of lips and Mari (Mariah) Garcia was the female. Seeing the other boy almost fall made his dream from last night come back to mind. He refused to call it a vision. There was no way that Conner was going to die. He was just seventeen. What did he care if the other male died, anyways? It wasn't his problem. But there was some sort of underlined fear that he felt at the thought of Conner dying. Why? He didn't know. He hated the other boy. Ever since first grade when Conner had accidentally destroyed his sandcastle. That feeling was fueled when Conner started to talk to Gemma, his crush. Of course, Gabe got Gemma instead of Conner. That didn't mean that he didn't forget that fact. He turned away from the other boy as he took his place at the booth to start help setting it up.
  5. As Connor's eyes traveled, his eyes landed on Gabriel. The other boy was enough to make Connor's blood boil with annoyance. He was like an elephant and remembers most things, but he doesn't hold grudges over assinine things the way his enemy did. To think Connor had apologized when he trippped and stumbled on the sandcastle that Gabriel had, but it made no difference and then in middle school, the whole Gemma incedent hadn't been his fault. So what if Connor had talked, maybe even flirted, with the girl a little? He hadn't known at the time that she was his enemy's crush.

    Connor rolled his eyes and forced open one of the paint cans and dipped a paint brush into it. Mariah and him had to paint the booth, red and pink (he felt like barfing at the color) and yet he was starting off by himself because he didn't see her anywhere. Probably off flirting with someone most likely. He decided to just get to work so that wa more of the work would be done, but when he was about alf way done with one side, he tripped (damn laces) and fell on his bum, causing the paint can to fall as well. And the paint seemed to go everywhere, including all over Connor.

    "Fuuuuuuu*k," he whined, paint dripping from his hair to his nose. He could have lived if it had been the red paint all over him, but no, it had to be the pink paint that was dripping from his nose to the ground.

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    Gabriel almost laughed when Conner fell. Well, not quite almost. He did laugh. Especially when the paint started dripping down from Conner's hair to his face. "Oh, man. You look like a f*g!" He said as he laughed, doubling over. He ignored the fact that some of these things were featured in his vision. The paint, the pink in his hair. It was just a dream, right?

    Mariah showed up a few minutes later and slapped Gabriel for laughing at Conner. While he was gasping for breath from laughing, Mariah stooped down to Conner with a small rag that she'd grabbed from the counter of the booth. "I'm sorry I was late. I got...distracted," she apologized with a small smile. She started to wipe him clean slowly.

    Gabriel scowled at them. Mariah was one of his girls. She had no right to be with him. To be kind to him. The slap hadn't hurt him, she wasn't a good hitter, not like Suzy. "He's not incapable of cleaning himself up. He can do it. Help me finish setting up," Gabriel demanded, turning back to posting up the cost of the kiss.

    "I don't care, I'm going to help him. You can do that by yourself," Mari countered, not looking at him as she continued to clean up Conner with the now pink rag.

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    Connor continued blinking for a minute before glaring at Gabriel and standing up. Damn him for laughing! Granted if roles were reversed, Connor would laughing his ass off, but he would at least think about making sure Gabriel's okay and not hurt or something. Because that's the right thing to do, right? And to see Gabriel literally doubled over and saying he looked like a f*g did not make it any better. Connor smiled at Gabriel sweetly and lifted his right hand, flipping Gabriel the bird.

    "Aw, thanks Gabby you're so sweet. I could just give you a nice big bear hug right now," he said dryly, actually thinking about hugging his enemy simply for the sake of being able to get pink paint all over him too. It was so tempting and he was about to do it after he stood up, but then Mariah came over with the rag. Connor thought it was seet of her to be helping him try to get cleabed up, but he didn't really need the help. He smiled at mariah and took the rag from her.

    "Thanks Mariah, but I really don't need help. You'd be better off helping Gabby the whiny, manwhore over there," he said, trying to wipe more paint of but realing the rag was no longer remoing the paint but rather just spreading it around. Wonderful, mow Connor was going to be covered in pink paint all day and it was going to harden once it dried. So far his day was goin just wonderful.

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    Gabriel scowled at the 'Gabby' comments. He angrily hammered up the price sign, hitting it harder than was called for. He grumbled under his breath, having no real good come back for Conner's words.

    "There's some bigger towels at the bake sale counter. Why don't you go over there and I'll help Gabriel finish setting up. We can finish painting when you come back," Mari offered, smiling as she stood away from Conner. She dropped the rag down to the ground next to the paintbrush and went about fixing other random things on the booth.
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    Connor nodded toward Mariah, wiping his forehead and ran his hand through his hair, making his hair look slicked back. Hopefully it would help keep the paint from getting in his eyes. Once he had taken a few steps forward, he noticed Gabriel was hammering harder then need be and had to hide a smirk. So Connor's comment were bothering him? It brought Connor a little amount of joy and the urge that he had had earlier to hug Gabriel was back, and now stronger. Hm, maybe pink will be Gabriel's color? Connor, a grin spreading across his face as he sneaked up quietly behind Gabriel and wrapped him in a big hug. When he pulled away he noticed he had a little less paint on him and now Gabriel had paint on him as well. He smirked and turned, heading toward the bake sale counter to get some decent towels.
  10. Gabriel gave a start at the arms suddenly around him and he took a moment to stop the girly scream that wanted to crawl up his throat. When he felt the stickiness of paint and could smell it, not to mention he could see part of it, he fought against the arms. "Jeez, Connie. You'd almost think you'd had a crush on me or something," Gabriel said, shaking it off when he was released. Now he was covered in pink paint, that was just great. He didn't let it bother him. He was comfortable enough with himself to be okay with pink. Paint was a different story, but he didn't want to give the other male the satisfaction. Not to mention, he scared kind of easy. People could say what they wanted about him and his bad attitude, but he was an easy person to scare. He didn't like the element of surprise unless it was on his side. One of the multiple reasons he didn't watch Horror movies or Thrillers.

    Mari laughed, giggling behind her hand as Conner walked away. She thought he was funny and kind of wanted him as a whole. He was a cute kid with blond hair and blue eyes. He was sweet, too. She sighed wistfully as she watched him walk. If only she could have him.

    "What's so funny?" Gabriel crouched, spitefully wiping away some of the paint on his skin. "Get back to work so that we can get this done. I don't want to be here longer than I have to be."
  11. Connor's grin was incredibly wide as he Suzy for giving him two towels. He felt acomplished by annoying Gabriel and getting paint on him. Part of him wanted to flip of Gabriel after the comment about the crush and after clling him Connie, but Connor knew that in a way, at this moment he had the upper hand. So far, in his eyes, he had gotten Gabriel more times then Gabriel had gotten him. As he walked back toward the booth, he noticed Mariah glancing at him now and then and raised an eyebrow. Connor knew he could atract the ladies, but at times it could be tiring and this might have been one of those times. He tossed a towel at Gabriel, aiming it for his head. "There you go Gabby, I was nice and brought you back a towel as well," Connor. And it was true, he could have just gotten a towel for himself, but he decided to be nice and that it would maybe make Gabriel go do something else for a while.

    Connor took his towel and wiped off his face, hair and then arms.
  12. Gabriel grumbled as the towel landed on top of his head. He took it without thanks and started to wipe himself off. He shot a glare in the direction of Mari. He could tell that she liked Conner and that wasn't right because Mari was his. One of his girls. He continued to wipe away the paint.

    Mari smiled at Conner. "You're so sweet, Conner," she complimented, giggling behind her hand.
  13. Connor finished wiping himself off and dropped his towel next to the paint can. Most of the paint was out of his hair, all of it was off his face and arms, but his clothes still had stripes and spatters of paint all over. He would prefer having less paint on him, but he could live. After all, it was a lot better then the amount that had originally been on him. Then again, a lot of the paint that had been on him was now on Gabriel. He smirked, especially with the way Gabriel was acting. However, when he heard Mariah's compliment, his smirk faded. He could tell she was interested in him, and well, he was pretty sure that he had seen her a few times with Gabriel not to mention she flirted to much for Conner's liking. Acting as though he hadn't heard her he said, "We should really get to work on painting the booth and the other things that need to be done."
  14. Gabriel snorted and tossed the towel away from himself as he got as much paint off of him as he could. He wanted to leave already and it was still a few hours before lunch. He hoped he could sneak away at lunch. He didn't want to stay all day. Especially since Conner was here. That dream kept flashing through his mind. Because that's what it was, a dream. Not a vision whatsoever. Even if things that had happened today were pieces from his vision. The paint, the pink in his hair, a few blank spaces in his dream and then a grave stone that had Conner's name on it. Plus, there was the dates. It was just before Conner's eighteenth birthday. Which meant in the next few months, no more Conner Ashfield. But it was only a dream, so the other boy would be fine. He continued his work on the booth itself. Final setup things.

    "Okay, Conner." Mari fluttered her eyes at him and knelt down so that her short skirt rose up enough to show she wasn't wearing anything underneath. She picked up her paintbrush and started painting the booth.
  15. Connor blinked a few times when Mariah was kneeling down and looked away from her. Why was she interested in him all of a sudden? And why the hell couldn't she go bother Gabriel instead of him? He didn't really feel like dealing with her flirting with him so he grabbed his paintbrush and started to paint as far from Mariah as he could, while still being able to reach the paint cans. It wasn't that Mariah wasn't attractive, it was just that Connor wasn't interested in her in the slightest bit, not to mention he was guessing that she was Gabriel's gal. And Connor wasn't going interfere with someone else's relationship. As he painted, he wished that the lunch break would hurry and come so that maybe Mariah would leave. It was that or tell her he wasn't interested and he had a feeling that she wouldn't like that too well.
  16. Gabriel rolled his eyes at Mari's behavior. She had no right to act like that! He continued doing his own little jobs before he just kind of leaned against the counter, bored. He could grab a paintbrush or steal Mari's to save her from embarrassing herself, but he didn't really want to. Besides, Mari was already embarrassing herself enough as it was. Gabriel was kind of jealous about her crush on Conner, but her embarrassing behavior was kind of entertaining. He watched as she painted for a while before he looked around at all the other stands.

    "So, Conner," Mari started, glancing over at him with a smile. "You have a girlfriend?" It wouldn't matter if he did, Mari had her sights on him. He was her new target and she would have him without a doubt.
  17. Connor kept focusing on the painting beacuse he really didn't want to deal with Mariah. When she asked if he had a girlfriend, he probably looked like a deer in headlights. He didn't have a girlfriend, but he would be thinking of an excuse fast. "Um, no I don't actually have a girlfriend. But I am interested in someone else, sorry," he said, hoping the excuse might work. Either way, he put his paintbrush down and went to find other jobs that needed to be done on the booth. Hopefully he could find something a little further away from Mariah. He glanced at Gabriel, higly doubting that his enemy would help him out of this at all, but it was worth a try. "So, you need any help with that, Gabriel, buddy?"
  18. Gabriel blinked, having spaced out for the time being. It took a moment for the words to mean anything. He looked over at Conner and then at Mari. Obviously, the other male was uncomfortable. Gabriel couldn't really blame him for that if he knew anything about Mari. She knew her way around the town. He blinked at Conner's words again, 'buddy'? They were anything but friends. Everyone knew that. He figured that just this once, he'd let the other boy off the hook. "Mari, why don't you go help Suzy with the cookies? I heard she needed a hand with the icing." Maybe his conscious would leave him alone about his dream of the other boy's demise, too.

    Mari made a small scoff sound and looked between the two boys. She knew what was going on. "Fine, Gabe," she huffed, throwing down her paintbrush as she stormed off. She turned back to wave at Conner. "Bye, Conner! Stop by when I'm at the booth later. We can talk!" She winked at him before continuing to the bake sale counter.
  19. When Gabriel pretty much came to Connor's rescue, he was surprised. He hadn't expected his enemy to help him out in any way, and he was really grateful. However, due to the surprise, he just stood there staring at Gabriel in surprise fr a moment. Finally he smiled and patted the other boy's shoulder, cringing slightly when he heard Mariah's words. Damn, she was persistent. Why exactly was she trying so hard with him? He kept dropping ints that he wasn't interested, in fact hints that should have told her he was far from interested. Once she was out of earshot, Connor spoke up. "Thanks Gabriel, I really appreciate what you did. Maybe you aren't so bad and in a way, you're a rea life saver. So, do you actually need help with anything?"
  20. Gabriel shrugged the hand off of his shoulder. "Don't get used to it," he snapped, moving away from the other boy. Ghosts of those words had come in through his 'dream' and he was started to get a little scared that his 'dream' had been a vision after all. He wanted to keep his distance from the other boy. It was still just his conscientious messing with him. His mind was making him feel guilty. He shouldn't have helped the other boy out. "Besides, I'm done," he grumbled. He went back to spacing out, his dream coming to the forefront of his mind and replaying in an eerie way. It made a chill run down his spine. "Just get back to painting," he said absently, not looking at the other boy. Maybe if he ignored him and closed off the dream or picked out flaws, he could prove to himself that it wasn't real.