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  1. As I look around I start to notice that the clouds are dark and it feels as though the rain will never cease
    to pour whenever it may come to fall. I sit there on the rock not even taking notice as of yet to where I am.
    The rain begins to fall and I watch everyone hustle and bustle to shelter not even bothering to hide their
    anger just letting all their emotions pour as the rain hits them. My eyes begin to water and the tears are
    falling starting to fall no longer just threatening to fall from my eyes. As my eyes water and I cry I am
    confused about whether or not to be thankful for the rain, on the one hand I want to be thankful, on the
    other hand I am angry due to the fact that no one knows that I am crying. The rain hits harder and harder and
    a storm threatens to finally spill, out of no where the sun comes out, but yet the people come out and go back
    to faking being happy and faking who they really are.

    Finally I take notice to where I am, I take notice to the tree's and they remind me of the bloodshed we all
    face, I look at the sky and it reminds me of the curiosity and lust that we all have, but yet I look to the
    ground and it seems as though it is paved with pain, the falling leaves remind me of the friends that come
    and go in our lives. I look to you for help but instead you are gone when I need you the most, I look at your
    eyes and I see the anger and the hate in them and it makes me cringe, but yet I look towards your heart and
    instead I meet depression and longing and it tears at my entire being threatening to make tears spill and
    make my blood run free. I look at you and watch you leave knowing that I will never leave the forest the same
    time that you do. The tears run free once more as I watch you leave and I feel so alone, do I see others of
    course I do but yet they fake who they are so why would I want to be their friend.

    I once was loved as was everyone else but things came to end due to once more drama and the lies that people
    seem to create in trying to make themselves seem better than who they are. But why you would want to fake who
    they are is on them because then people don't Like you for you they like you for who you are pretending to be.
    Sometimes it feels like we all lose the battle but yet why does it feel like I've won even though once more I
    am alone. In the end though everyone leaves the forest and others will come and enter the forest. So is there
    really ever an end to the forest you might ask I say not but at the same time we choose what season the
    forest is in.