Forest of the Dreaming

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    Somewhere beyond logic or reason lies the Forest of the Dreaming, an enchanted place that hums with the tales of a thousand worlds. It is here, among the twisting branches and soft whispering of leaves, where myth, legend and folklore collide.

    For while this place shies away from typical rationale, it has it's own laws that bind it... The Forest of Dreaming follows the beat of stories; it weaves tales and characters and situations together like a fine tapestry.

    But not all tales are cheerful, and not all stories should be told. And what happens when the characters in these tales have a mind of their own...?

    Please provide your characters name, appearance and a little of their lore in your first post.
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    Illoran the Vagabond Prince
    "...There once was a prince that promised his lover the stars in exchange for her hand in marriage.

    So that night, he climbed a stairway to the heavens to bring her back the brightest star in the sky.

    But when he returned, he could not find his castle, or his kingdom.

    For where his kingdom once stood an old forest now grew, a thousand years strong.

    He wandered near and far, but finally returned, weeping for his lost home.

    In time he grew angry, and in his anger he devoured the star, and in his grief he became a hermit of the forest.

    He vowed to protect the lands that were once his kingdom. The forest heard him and crowned him it's champion, and he was forever changed..."

    He lay sleeping in the shadows of an old oak tree that warm afternoon. The glen was his favorite place to rest, with its babbling brook and flowers that occasionally like to gossip. Sometimes a forest nymph would find their way there, or a dryad may take a stroll, but never leaving their home tree long enough to let it come to harm.

    It was a simple life, now. A quiet life. So far adrift from the bustling of court and castles, of ladies and lavish feasts, that that world almost seemed like a dream to him now. The ache for his lost home had died, and a hollow in it's place resided. But he had made peace with his lot now. This forest was his charge now.
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  3. Marta Quinlig
    There once was a barman's child, born of the forest,
    She cooked all the meals, tended to the horses
    Learned how to brew, to cook, to sew
    But she had a secret she didn't want anyone to know.
    At nightfall she was a wolf, murderous as hell
    She didn't mean to, she really meant well
    And so she's afraid of what she might do
    Why was she doing it? Nobody knew.

    Marta walked out of the inn, swinging her basket that would soon be filled with berries for the wine. She knew a good place where she could find some. She smiled shyly at the nymphs floating past. They only stared back before they floated away. Her face fell and she went on. There was the bush, right next to the oak tree where she, no, no. She couldn't think of that. Marta crouched by the bush and saw...a man sleeping under the tree...
    "OH!!!" Her face went red. Why did she have to do that? "I mean, may I help you? You seem to be a customer who lost his way...and besides, it's dangerous at night, especially because of the werewolf-" Oops.

  4. playful_snow_harpy_by_sakimichan-d5odkw1.jpg

    ♥ Crystal, the Vigilant Harpy ♥

    Long ago there was this girl,
    a girl who is witty, a jewel, a pearl,
    Her hair is white, and her skin is pale,
    her eyes are mismatched, covered with veil.

    Everyone loved her, for she was a charm,
    Thinking that she can't cause any harm,
    but she was a harpy and nobody knew,
    She kills all her prey, and put it in stew.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    She's been perched up in the oak tree for quite a while now, and all she did was observe the man as he sleeps. She got nothing else to do since she already finished her errands in town, and seeing that the man can give her some entertainment, she watched him with her gold and blue eyes. She saw the man mumbles something in his sleep and tried her best not to let out her giggles by placing her wing above her mouth. She can't help herself but find the man amusing. How cute... she thought to herself but quickly snapped out of it after hearing footsteps coming in her direction.

    She then gazed on the approaching figure. How peculiar she thought to herself. She had never seen her around this area before. Seeing that the girl is smiling at the nymphs, Crystal made sure that her position will never be compromised. She flew to the adjacent tree, a couple of feet away from the two and lurked in the shadows.

    The girl approached the bush full of berries then saw her blushed after seeing the sleeping man. She tried to hold in her giggle once more. She closely watched the two as she whispered to herself. "Ah, young love."
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    The Dark Swordsman

    Fire side stories changed over time carry on the dreadful tale of a terrifying creature, a daemon, who slaughtered hundreds of humans in his rage. When he was a child, his village was attacked by humans and he was the only survivor. Mourning the loss of his family and friends, the child lived on his own and a hatred of humans festered from his emotional wounds. Channeling that hatred, that darkness that had begun to taint his soul, he crafted a blade just as his father taught him. This blade was no ordinary sword, however. It was crafted out of darkness. He trained with this weapon and then went on a hunt for the humans responsible for stealing away his loved ones. He found their village and laid waste to it, and was going to move on to the next village, when a few of the survivors sparked up a fire that forced him deep into the forest. The only way he could escape the flames was to go deep into a cave. Even then, he blacked out from the smoke. When he came back around, he was chained against the wall of the cave and his sword was mounted on the wall across from him, it's closeness torturing the murderous beast.

    Only one who can tame his vengeful soul can release him from his entrapment.

    Darkness, silence... The only sound in the chamber, found deep in a cave in the forest in case you wanted to visit, was the very slow beat of a daemon's heart. Chains still held fast against the pale skin of the murderous beast, preventing him from even having a hope of escape, and keeping him pinned against the wall. His weapon was mounted on the wall across from him, it's proximity torturing the beast even further.
    The somber silence of the cave had driven the daemon into self reflection. A tiny part of him was horrified with himself, and the rest of him was left without a known purpose. And it really depressed the crap out of him.
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    Nexx The Mad Freak

    There once was a boy, a very smart boy.
    His town was raided by a slave trade and, because they were too young to be useful, he and his little sister were sold to a asylum that didn't work to cure madness, but to study it. Wicked experiments performed on them were driving the boy insane yet didn't seem to effect his sibling. Knowing that she was in grave danger he helped her escape, however he didn't allow himself to leave and was tormented as punishment. It didn't take long for him to snap, and when he did it was impossible to get near him without having your head ripped off. Not only that, he years and years without anything to make him think took a toll on his once brilliant mind. Finally the door to his cell was wielded shut and he was left to starve.

    But he did not.

    Nexx sighed, another day waking up to stone walls and a iron door that wouldn't open. He looked around for that rat he had caught yesterday when he noticed a cold breeze. It took him a while to remember what a breeze was before looking to where the breeze came from. The Freak's eyes widened, the door was ever so slightly cracked open! He ran forward and pushed with all his might, falling on his face as the door swung open with ease. He got up and looked around. There was chained up man, it was dark, and a really big black pointy thing was on the wall. This was not the big place with the needles and the wight coat men... Yay! "Hi! I my name is Nexx. Do you know were I am?" He asked the chained up man cheerfully.
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  7. The beast's heartbeat began to speed up as a foreign sound came to his ears. A heavy door opened and something came near him, prompting him to open his eyes. He stared down at the boy for a long time, his insticts struggling within him. Would the darkness respond to the human, or would the ghost of his former self?
    "... No." His voice was quiet and a bit rough from not speaking for so long, and his reply was very short. His muscles strained at the chains to no avail. He wasn't going to escape on his own any time soon. His gaze travelled to his sword, so close, yet out of reach. But, this kid could be the key to his escape. "Do you think you could break a few of these chains with that sword there?" He asked the kid in his quiet voice. He waited in silence, wondering whether or not the human would actually release him. If he did, then the daemon didn't know what would come of it...
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  8. (OOC- Ah, sorry I forgot to mention this: Nexx is in his early thirties, his mind has digrated from so long in solitude.)
    Nexx looked around and scratched some of the old, bloodstained bandages around his forehead. He looked directly at the dark blade the man was referring to. Sword, sword... "What's a sword? And why are you chained up like that sir? Did you do something bad?" It looked like he really wanted to get out, but what if he wanted to strangle him like that one guy two rooms over? Or that one guy that was two rooms over.
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    Johanna Rosendale
    As brave as lion, as fragile as a flower.
    This former paladin is fleeing from power.
    Her armor as white as blinding snow.
    Her title is from long ago.

    Now she is looking for freedom behind the borders.
    So she can no longer her the orders.
    Looking for a new begin.
    For her blade is now filled with sins.

    Johanna walked upon the sandy paths, her every footstep being lead by the sound of metal meeting the ground, end each other. Her cape and hair playing on the wind.
    She didn't know what time, day or even month it was. She went from town to town often helping with small jobs, last week she slain an orc that had been tearing up a village. She didn't know how far away it was, or how many days had past then.
    "What's a sword? And why are you chained up like that sir? Did you do something bad?"
    Johanna looked over as she heard someone speak. Seeing two man, one with some bandages, the other chained and a sword. Her curiosity came over her as she decided to step in.
    "Looks like you need some help over here."
  10. The beast narrowed his eyes with the man's questioning. Who didn't know what a sword was? Even children knew what a sword was. Nexx also questioned his imprisonment, which brought a cold and distant look to the trapped creature's eyes. Why should he explain himself to a human?
    But the faint sound of metal footsteps clinking down towards them in the darkness of the cave caused his attention to shift. A woman in white armor came into view. He saw her weapon and grew tense, wondering if she had come to kill him off. Her words confused him a bit, as he was unsure as to why would an armed human offer help to a daemon, let alone a daemon like himself. Deciding to speak with the female, his words were still quiet and rough. "Why are you offering to help?" He asked warily, unsure whether or not he could trust her.
  11. Johanna raised an eyebrow to the chained male. "Why wouldn't I?" Johanna scanned with her eyes over the male. "Chains say so little about our actions. We all got our reasons to fight, sadly not everyone will agrees in how or why we do it." Even when she no longer belonged to the royal paladins, she would always be fighting for what is right, what she knows is right.
  12. The beast listened to the woman's words, weighing them carefully in his mind. He gave a small nod of agreement with her statement. This human had earned a small amount of respect from the daemon. He studied her carefully. "Please, can you get me out of these chains?" He asked her quietly, a stronger voice slowly working it's way back to the daemon. The darkness that often struggled in him had subsided for a brief moment.
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    One whose ancestors sang sailors to their death
    One who will sing to her very last breath
    A convincing voice
    Sometimes gives victims no choice
    But to follow in her blood-stained path
    Long ago she gave up that life

    She went out with only a knife
    She modestly survived in the woods
    Where stupid stories circulated of girls in hoods
    She lives there now, quietly surviving
    Thriving through spring

    Cordelia sat on a rock and put her feet in the nearby stream and watched the monster and the woman from a distance. She smirked slightly, pulling a strand of hair away from her almost clear blue eyes.
    "Pheh. I wouldn't do that if I were her. But I'd be able to get away quick enough."
    She hummed a tune to herself, something from a modern ballad, which if heard, would be enough to put someone in a trance. Her ancestors were sirens and she had gotten lucky enough to gain their powers. She splashed around a bit before standing up and heading to a nearby tree. She adjusted her belt, which held a knife, and climbed into a low branch of a tree to watch.

  14. @Lacuna @Alice Kirkland




    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    attire/look (open)

    { Idea and whatnot based on the anime Kamisama kiss c:. As well as Atalana, based on the female woman of Greece and Tomoe from the anime. }

    flashback dream (open)
    The sound of armor and heels were heard, as a woman shuffled across the foggy, deserted, dark, and empty countryside. One foot dragging over ahead of her, as she lunged forward heavily. It seemed as though she kept a steady pace, and a trail of blood was formed behind her. She was wounded across the chest and back, but didn't bother holding onto her painful and deep wounds which would bother anybody else. Let alone a normal being wouldn't be able to walk this long or far. This woman was on the run from hunters and other beings that wanted her dead. Not to long ago, was she injured by the god of war severely. But something made the girl drive on-even though she had fled from battle and she looked down. Her rabbit-like ears also drooping down.

    I do not know where I am....
    A'las, it does not matter, For I will parish soon enough.
    Regardless of the place, once I am dead, I shall become a corpse..
    That is all.

    Thought the woman as she staggered ever so slightly, side by side. Then a voice was heard, to which the dark Viera stopped.

    "What happened to you?"
    The voice asked. There, a person sat over a Boulder calmly and stared observantly at the injured woman who was unarmed and in severe condition.
    "You're covered in blood." The voice stated. It was a tone the Viera rarely received. A tone of concern and curiosity, rather than contempt and hatred. Why..? Perhaps the gods wanted her to feel kindness before her death, and the vixen turned her gaze to the person. The person had her helmet in his/her hands over his/her lap, and she too, observed. A look of blankness, and a voice of coldness. Her answer was the harsh truth, and the person's look was somehow calm and serious--Completely different than his/her tone.
    "It is not my blood." Answered the Vixen, a streak of blood across her cheek, and tiny splatters in other areas of her face.
    "I see." the male/female responded quickly."You must be terribly exhausted..." Then the god spoke of words which the Viera was surprised to hear.
    "Come with me to my shrine." He/she offered.

    "You should rest a while before you go.."

    ~ ~ ~
    "Will you let me see what's killing you?" The god asked the woman upon settling down in the shrine. The god stood in front of the Viera patiently, and without much pondering Atalanta proceeded. She stripped off the large cloak which rested around her neck and shoulders, then other various layers. The layer of clothing fell to the floor as she began to shed the top part of her armor off desperately and calmly. She was dead inside, waiting for her time and continued to look down in silence. Her silence, of pain and suffering.

    "As I thought.." The god in human form stated."This spell was cast by one who was once a god." he/she observed calmly, looking over the black markings which contorted and wrapped around the woman's body."It has wrapped itself around you." he/she stated simply. But the Viera said nothing.
    "How long have you suffered from this darkness?" The god asked.
    There was no answer. Only a painful silence as the Viera remained head down. The god looked up at her, and narrowed his/her eyebrows with concern."Long enough..Chaotic beings like you should stay away from former gods as well." he/she advised."They may have been divested of their god hood--But their enchantments still remain, and cannot be undone." explained the god."I am truly sorry for your pain and suffering."

    The god then gave the woman a dress. He/she healed her wounds, but could not do the curse seal and Atalanta laid on the bed as the god sat at the edge of it."My assumption is you must have sealed some sort of contract with this fallen god." said the god to the rabbit despite her silence. Then, The rabbit finally spoke once more.
    "I swore.." Her voice was weak and shaky as her back faced the god. Then ever so slightly, she turned but didn't face him/her."I swore I would spend my life with a man. A man very dear to me.. But that man has died." She admitted."So now I to must go." Atalanta concluded.

    "I've failed to become Human or pure though. So even if I die, I cannot go where he is.."

    "Unless you were wandering until the end came.. I guess even a calamity like you could have feelings for another. You came to care that deeply for a child of man?" the god asked in surprise as he/she eyed Atalanta with interest. Not in a bad way."I loved him..More than anything. No matter what it caused me, I wanted to be with him." said Atalana, looking at the god. She could feel death creeping, arriving right this instant and the god looked at the Viera."If you truly are a god, may I ask you to attend upon my deathbed?" she asked.

    "Of course you may.. However there is no reason for you to die. I will aid you with my powers. Every time the sun sets and rises, your wounded heart shall heal and you will forget slowly. Its the power of oblivion."

    Then she lay... Her last breath peacefully taken from her as the powerful and chaotic Viera, was finally defeated.

    - - -
    - - -

    The rabbit had awaken from her slumber, slowly and fluttered her eyes open. The suns poking rays through trees had disrupted her--as well as the voice of a young lady. Vieras were rabbit like people -mostly females were commonly seen-, and few were warriors -for the females-. However those who become one, were considered very strong and worthy. But because of their extraordinary rareness they were no longer seen as much, even believed to be extinct and if fount were mostly either:
    1. enslaved
    2. left alone
    The woman sat herself up slowly. She assumed she was now in Human form, and looked down at herself to see. She was, and wondered what she was doing here. As she calmly and silently looked around, it surely wasn't because of the werewolf. Then her eyes widened. Him. Something about him, she sensed that allured her to follow in rabbit form. It was almost godly, and she She assumed eventually he picked her up and took her along with him? No.. It can't be. It also sounds all to familiar to her past experience. The woman received a headache as she grabbed her head in slight bothersome pain. No.. he is not like [god name]. Never. She thought, and stood."Sorry.. I'm going now." She said to the wolf politely, standing up and walking away.

    Atalanta had to go back to the shrine and mystical ruins of the forest. She was left to guard the place ever since her god abandoned her--Leaving her stuck inside the mystical and ancient land for life. Until he/she comes back, or another person he/she assigned to be a god or her master. Being one's familiar was what binded and tamed Atalanta. It kept specifically her in check and she looked around.
    to get to shrine (open)

    or mystical part of forest idk.
    she goes through this in order xD


  15. [​IMG]

    The mysterious meteor from the stars
    Came to learn a lot
    The celestial visitor rolls around
    Unaware of any plot

    From the very skies, an unidentified, blazing object cruised past the clouds, breaking the sound barrier many times over. The item was engulfed in pure, burning, glowing energy that seemed to be heading towards the Earthly meadows and forests.

    The impact of landing from the sky created quite an impact on the immediate ground, almost immediately generating a rock-based nest to allow it to hustle. If one were to gaze upon it, one would note that it was unscathed and shining despite the flames.

    An odd egg-shaped object, about the size of an ostritch egg, appeared. It had previously survived an impact from falling from the sky. No one knows what it contained, or how it came to be. It shook for a bit, before releasing a glaring shimmer into the vicinity.​
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  16. Johanna smiled as she would kneel down to take a hold on the chains. "Looks like these were special made, but everything has a limit." Johanna stood back up and followed took a good look at how the chains were bound. As she suspected there was a small space between the male and to were the chains would meet the wall. She drew her sword as she walked over to the small gap, with a fast movement her blade swung in the air, to end up meet the little bit of tensioned chain that kept the boy stuck. The chains were no match for her blade. A paladin's sword was their power to protect the royals at all cost, so what they were made of was to them unknown all they knew was that it could slay most. "There you go" Johanna said as the chains broke a apart and the sound of lose metal filled the cave.
  17. The beast closed his eyes and waited for her to release him from his entrapment. He stumbled forward as the chains went slack, finally able to move again. He stretched himself out fully, the gentle popping of his joints music to his ears. One could now see the very short, almost stubby black feline tail that just barely reached down to the middle of his thighs. "Thank you." His words were spoken in a deeply grateful tone. He stepped over to where his pitch black blade was mounted on the wall. He picked it up and immediately felt the darker energy which had built up inside of him flow into the weapon. Feeling much better and able to think a lot clearer, Leone looked at his human company, his gaze fixing on the woman especially. "I owe you my life." He spoke simply, knowing that he would have died up against that wall before anyone else even thought about letting him go. He slipped the dark blade through one of the belts he was wearing, sheathing it for all intents and purposes.
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  18. ( OOC up)

    Illoran stirred in his sleep, tilting his head to one side to dodge the shafts of light that cast their way through the leaves above. His eyelids fluttered open, and he drearily regarded his surroundings with a slow growing amusement. It seems quite a few people had decided to stop by the glen today, and he couldn't blame them, for it was a perfect afternoon, if a little hot. The stream promised a respite from the heat.

    "Oh, how rude of me, it seems I have company..." he muttered, pulling himself up straight and running a hand across his chin. Illoran fixed a bright eye on the young lass who seemed a little flustered. She must of come from the inn on the outskirts of the woods.

    "I assure you, my dear, I have nothing to fear from werewolves, but thankyou for the warning. I will surely be on the lookout." he grinned wryly, catching the sound of a soft tune on the breeze. There was something quite enchanting about it, he strained to hear the tune...

    He snapped out of his reverie as he saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye.

    "Why, do my eyes deceive me? A Viera in my woods? Why, I have not seen such a creature in these parts for hundreds of years.." he stood, but she was already leaving, and he could only stare after her as she vanished between the trees. He shook his head in amazement.

    The woods were filled with such mysteries today.


    A celestial object careered through the heavens above, and even where he was standing, Illoran could see, and he knew. His eyes grew wide. "My dear, urgent matters call me away from your company, although you are free to travel with me if you are afraid of wolves. I can promise no harm will come to you while you're with me."

    And then he was darting through the trees, one eye on the sky as he tried to gauge where the unknown object would land. For it would land, and it would land in his forest, and this he was sure of.

    "oh." he breathed, as he witnessed it crashed to earth and created.. a nest? "not quite what i was expecting. How fascinating."
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  19. Cordelia heard a loud crash not to far away and saw a pretty golden egg. She didn't want to leave the water though and look around. It felt so good on her feet. Then she heard someone in the distance. A handsome voice. Cordelia turned to inspect the owner and saw him and another person, but he really stood out.
    "Wow. I rarely use my powers, but I may make an exception." She raised her eyebrows.
  20. The golden egg in the centre of the rock nest began to shake and crack, bit by bit. as the seconds passed, the egg would soon be ready to unleash an entity


    An odd life form that appeared to be made from gold, or even thin paper, popped up from the remains of the egg shells. It was only slightly larger than the egg it hatched from. The organisms face soon formeda pair of tiny eyes and its lower body, a pair of thin talons, before releasing its first squawks. It looked upwards, before attempting to hover towards the first person it saw, the masculine voice it seemed to hear while it was within the shell.​
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