Forest of Hevandale

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    Forest of Hevandale

    There is a Forest called Hevandale; it is peaceful and pristine. This forest is inhabited by the Dobutsu. They are animal like in appearance, but acted much like humans. The Dobutsu are creatures that came from the realm of the fay. The magic from the fay leaks into the forest into the energy known as Ichor. The Dobutsu has a dependency on this energy, because of this they eat only what's in the forest which has this Ichor in it: Meat, plants, ect. But recently the humans of the realm have come to hunt the Dobutsu to harvest there Ichor for there machines. They want all of it, so they have come and sent hunters and huntresses to kill the Dobutsu.

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  2. Kasuki sat in her cell dry as a desert. She missed the lake she lived in with her sis, but now she was captured. Kasuki was so foolish, we did she go to the coast with out her big sis. Kasuki warped her tentacles around her body and waited from the hunter to kill her. It was indivisible, he was going to kill her and harvest her. Kasuki almost wanted to cry. Kasuki at on the ground of a cell on the surface somewhere far away from the lake.
  3. Kuroh had been walking for days on end, he was currently in a desert. He saw a small glimpse of darkness. He walked over, it was a cave he decided to rest for a few days. He went inside flipping off his sandals he reach into the brown, bag he had been carrying. He pulled out some melted sweets. Disappointed that they were melted. Though he still decided to eat them as they were still sweets. Once he had finished he put down the bag, groomed his tail, and went to sleep.
  4. Taira Lu arose from the water near a settlement of hunters just enough to see where her sister sat in a cage near a tree. She had finally built up enough courage to shuffle her way across the grass and over to Kasuki's enclosure, after so many days had passed. she moved a strand of hair away from her face and placed her hands on the muddy shore, hoisting herself out of the water and managing to ungracefully shamble her way to a thick tree. Taira hid behind it and waited there until she was either caught or the hunters cleared from the area. She hadnbeen dwelling in the area for quite some time now, waiting for a chance to take her sister back. That chance had passed a few times the only problem was that Taira was too scared of the hunters to take it.
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  5. The smell of the brewing medicine wafting the small chimney of a small hut. Seeps through and into the forest. The smell was not unpleasant, in fact it was sweet to those who had a fever or cold that has not yet to break-thru mean while it is pleasant to those who are healthy. Rummaging through her shelf of herbs, Kimiko found out that she was out of the tree root herb. Looking outside the window she took notice of the bright sun. Ah. How wonderful it would be if she will be able to take a step out but unfortunately she had servants to do her ingredients gathering. And speaking for her servants, a couple of white snakes slither their way to her. Tied on their backs was a bundle of clothe filled with herbal shrub she needed for the young deer she was treating last night. Offering them a small smile Kimiko took the bundles off of their backs before taking a another cloth and tied it to their backs again.

    "Can you get me the tree roots that can be taken off of the cliff in the eastern part of the forest?"

    She asked them which the snakes nodded in answer before slithering away to the place she was referring to. Looking at the leaving backs of her fellow snake she wished that for a day she would like to be like them.
  6. Kaneda’s morning walk was interrupted at the sight of serpents at her feet. She nearly flinched at first, having not noticed the white snakes in front of her and having nearly stepped on one of them, but they seemed to be disinterested in her, simply slithering along on their way. Kaneda tilted her head a bit curiously. It wasn’t like snakes to travel in groups or in such a fashion that suggested they had a specific purpose or mission. She wondered if there was another dobutsu nearby. She did recall hearing about a white snake dobutsu, though she didn’t think they’d ever met.

    Sniffing the air, she smelled what seemed like… herbs? Maybe. Kaneda wasn’t exactly an expert on medicine. Either way, if there was another dobutsu that lived nearby, it would mean that they lived fairly close to each other. So she wondered why they had never met, if that was truly the case. Curious, she tried to follow the scent to wherever it was coming from, just to see if any of her speculations were correct.
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  7. In all honesty, Ayaka was disappointed at the turn out, but she wasn't surprised. There weren't many dobutsu willing to do what she planned. None the less, she continued to explain her idea.

    "Two nights ago, a pair of scouts discovered a hunter camp on the edge of the forest. It is relatively small and undefended, and it will be our first opportunity to show the hunters that we aren't going down without a fight. As you all know, the hunter's technology is highly advanced and few of us can beat them in single combat. However, the hunters have a very regular sleep schedule. If we strike within the next hour, we will be able to take them by surprise and wipe them out. Additionally, there are apparently several of our kind being held in cages there, whom I hope to rescue. Anyone willing to take this risk, follow me."

    With that, she stood and began to run east, in the direction of the camp, nimbly jumping between the trees.
  8. Umiko was worried sick, swimming around back and forth as she waited for Taira to retrieve Kasuki. She knew that she should rise up and follow the octopus but its quite dangerous and the numbers are telling her that its a slim chance to escape the human camp with no injuries. "Gods, please protect them from harm.." she prayed.

    Unable to control her worry, she rose up from the water with her purple hair dripping wet and her dress clinging into her body, her appearance more soft than threatening. Well, that's what most of of her kind looked like: soft, beautiful and harmless, but try to touch them and you'll be stung, maybe die depending on who they touch. Anyway, Umiko stealthily sneaked her way in towards Taira, her feet slightly clumsy from walking. She's not really used to use her human feet for walking for she spent so much time underwater she didn't seem to find the need to use it but somehow she managed.

    Sitting beside Taira she asked "What's taking you so long? The longer we stay on this land, the higher the possibility of us getting caught!" she whispered yelled, hoping that they won't waste anymore time.

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  9. Nwanne sat the lakeside with her legs in the water and some food on her lap. The water splashed a bit on her legs everytime she moved to throw some of her food in the water. After taking a bite she looked at the other side of the lake. She couldn't see anything as is was a big lake but she had heard that there were hunters settled on the other side, holding some water dwellers captive. It was worrisome to say the least and deadly at most. But Nwanne didn't want to leave her small home behind. She giggled a bit when a few fish swam against her ticklish feet. With a smile she threw some more food in the water. At least the water creatures stayed calm despite whatever happened with the hunters on dry land. For a moment she wondered if she should fly over there to see what was going on. But she threw away that idea. There was no reason for the hunters not to notice her and she couldn't trust her wings. The wings flapped a moment as to emphasize her thoughts, sometimes she had the feeling they were more for decoration than use. After the last bite she stood up brushed the crumbs from her lap and went inside to grab the wash. No matter what happens normal live would go on.

    With a tackle one of his cousins was on the ground. Once again Moki was wrestling with his family and just generally enjoying life. He had no idea what was going on at the lakeside or just outside the forest. "I beat you, you're it!" His cousin looked angry and didn't seem to enjoy the game as much as Moki did. "It's not fair, you cheated, you are bigger and this game is painfull." He crossed his arms declaring that way that he didn't want to play anymore. "You are no fun, it's just a game." "A stupid game." Moki frowned. "Fine I won't play with you anymore, I'm going to play with Max." He stood up and ran away from the big open playing field towards one of the rivers farther away. "Mom said not to leave the field!" His cousin yelled at him from a distance, but Moki pretended not to hear him and want to search for Max in one of the many bodies of water.

    Cain woke up by the light shining through one of the curtains, with a lazy groan he stood up from his couch. Uriel jumped from his chest and a book fell on the floor. Once again he had fallen asleep while he was reading. It wasn't the first time it happened and certainly not the last. Slowly like a zombie he walked to the kitchen, stumbling from sleep and over Uriel. Reading all night wasn't as good an idea as he originally thought, still he would do it again. He make some coffee for himself and went outside to sit on the terrace with Uriel following his footsteps. He settled down in one of the lawnchairs watching the forest as he tried to wake up. Uriel jumped on his lap again started kneading his stomach and settled down. What a nice start of the day, he thought as he drank his coffee.
  10. A thin figure was cutting through water. Fuzzy ears were pressed against the figure's skull, and a tail lashed behind. Maxie was trying to push his way upstream in one of the fastest-moving rivers in the area, and he was actually making pretty good progress. Then he felt that someone familiar was nearby. He took a detour into a less intense stream to pop his head up and scout the area. His aquatic-blue eyes scanned around, searching for the source of the feeling. Sure enough, at the bend of the river, someone he knew was looking about. The otter dobutsu submerged again and cut through the water to meet the other boy.

    When he got close, his head once again emerged from the water. "Moki!" he called out. "My deer friend, what's up?" He approached the bank of the river, pulling his torso onto the muddy sand but leaving everything else in the water. He had a girlish smile on his face, and he waved to get Moki's attention, just in case he blended in too well with the mud and murky water by the shore.

  11. Maggie walked along a trail to a small hut on the side of the lake. Mag was confused seeing a human like person with wings near the edge of the lake. She crouched down not wanting to be seen. "I.. umm," Maggie shuddered, "Hello excuses me?" she asked pointlessly. If this was a human she couldn't understand her, she was a cat after all. "hmm I sort of got lost...," Maggie continued. Maggie wore nothing sadly having not known she was a Dobutsu.

  12. Midori sat in the deep shades of a willow tree, which he often did around the area. This time he wasn't at the core of the willow tree--But rather he was found the edges on one of its sturdy branches which lead down to the lake the further you went. The thick and sturdy branch was towering over the lake. He was relaxing, as his wings draped beside him, the tips ever so slightly touching the water while his arms crossed. He was only about a foot and a half over the lake and was occasionally greeted my giggling dobutsu's who resided in the lake as few would stop by at the edge of the branch for his attention before swimming off.

    Right now, he wasn't sleeping. Just relaxing and he slowly opened his eyes, revealing their prized emerald coloration before looking over his head at the shade above him as he reached for a grape which was growing just above him. It seemed good enough to eat--finally, and he grabbed it, quickly tugging at it to rip it off the tree. This spot was his territory--and he was clever on choosing it too. It was near a lake, it had berry bushes around -he frequently shared with other Dobutsu's-, and fruit trees. He pretty much claimed a fair chunk of good land.

    Midori quietly began to eat the grapes, as he heard some Dobutsu's chatting, playing, etc. It was hard to find him--However not really if you had really good eyesight to see through tiny openings of the willow tree and such.
  13. Harrison was getting lonely suddenly. He could've sworn there was someone in the room with him a second ago... Nonetheless, he close his book and decided he'd talk with someone. Someone who was just as wise, if not more than he. Harris opened the door of his house up in the trees, it was a small 3 room home that was always warm, he liked it that way. He leaped off the balcony and waved to a neighbor as he fell past them. A solid 40 meters before the ground, Harris opened his wings and angled them upwards. He lifted himself up and flapped them occasionally to stay aloft. It was still a marvel to see all the different Dobutsu's below him running around or gathering food... it was quick little 2 second snippets of the activities they did which made it more than fascinating. He managed to catch a glimpse of another military charge. each day it was a new thing. They hardly ever lost any land... The military was good here. The leader was nothing shy of excellent as well. Either way, if he was going to say hi it would be too far out of the way.

    Harris had to stop at the lake. The visitation could wait until later. There was something going on again... Taira was on land... this wasn't normal. With a deathly hush harris kept himself aloft a few metres above the water and a fair distance away from the shore. Enough to be within earshot of Taira. Someone was under the water... Well... was under the water. It was Umiko. There was some sort of rescue operation going on here and Harris wanted to help but was worried. before he could really think, he landed himself on the shore and was a bit behind the octopus woman. He hoped she had heard him, or else he was about to scare the death out of her. "Do you want some assistance?" he spoke just loud enough for her to hear. He combed one of his wings with his hand as he was talking. he was getting dirt and loose feathers out.... Especially the loose feathers, those could really hurt...
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  14. Taira didn't answer Umiko's question. She had her hands pressed together to keep them from shaking. If she had a fear, this would be one of the biggest. She desperately wanted to help her sister but also desperately did not want to be caught. That would cause even more trouble and make her feel even more guilty. She practically jumped out of her skin when she heard Harris. Taira turned her head to see Harris standing there. She exhaled in relief that she didn't turn to see a hunter. "Y-yes." She stuttered "Kasuki was caugt. She's in the cage over there and I'm too much of a coward to help her." Taira bunched her hair in one hand and moved it to one side of her neck. It's what she did when she was nerous, play with her hair. "What do I do?" She whimpered.

    Taira had butterflies in her stomach since she got out of the water. She was also shivering from the cold breeze agaist her pale skin. The octopus was beginning to get impatient and she felt as if it wasn't her righ to ask Harris for help. She tried never to ask people for help unless they offered. Taira had always had a strange personality like that.
  15. When Moki heard Max's voice his eyes started to shine. He looked around him and just barely saw something brown move. That had to be him. Moki started running towards max at full speed, ready to tackle him. With the grace of a deer he tackled Max together with him in the water. For a moment they were both submerged but Moki soon surfaced again. "Want to play Max?" He had a sheepish grin on his face. "Any game you want." Then Moki saw some flowers floating on the water and he felt at his antlers. "Or if you want you can help me decorate again." He took some naked vines of his antlers wich were now useless for him.


    Nwanne had come outside again with a big bucket of cloths that needed washing. She had it soon filled up with water and had added some soapherb. Now came the hard labor of actually washing it. There was nothing to look forward to, since she had to wash it herself. Nwanne sighed and rolled up her non-existent sleeves. "Let's get to work." She started scrubbing the clothes over the washboard with all her might. Just when she was in between scrubs she heard a small voice. Nwanne stopped and looked around for the one who said that. She cautiously approached the voice, hoping it was not a trap from hunters. Instead she found a little cat eared dobutsu hunched and it seemed kind of scared. Her suspicousness was blown away and immediatly replaced by pity. Nwanne kneeled down as not to scare the girl and reached her hand out. "Girl, even if you are lost you shouldn't walk around naked." She said in her most sweet and calming voice. "Come, stand up. I will give you some clothes." She had no idea that the girl was a newly created dobutsu and thought she was like any other normal lost girl. Only naked.


    Cain finished had finished his coffee but he kept looking at the forest. Listening to the forest coming alive. Uriel started purring as Cain absentmindedly petted him. "Nice morning isn't it, Uriel" The cat gave a small sound as anwser. Soon the cat started miauwing out loud. "I get it." Cain stood up, pushing Uriel from his lap. "Enough staring more food." He went inside closed the door behind the cat, put his mug away and walked to a bird cage. The cage held a small bird that cain had caught in the forest yesterday. He opened the cage and let the bird fly around his house. Uriel followed the little thing with greedy eyes, hunting season was open. The bird flew from perch to perch but everyone of them was reachable by the cat. They both kept going around the house while Cain grabbed a book to read. It was daily occurance to him, he liked to keep Uriel's hunting instinct intact and he didn't need to play with him this way. He setled down on his couch and started reading while the hunt made a lot of background noise.
  16. As Umiko waited for Taira to answer, she suddenly heard the flapping of wings which made her turn around. She only knew one dobutsu who always like to mess with humans. Glancing at him and seeing his feathers looking so divine, Umiko scoffed, hiding the pink tinge on her cheeks as she looked away from Harrisson.

    Umiko had always admire him under the waters and always watched him fly by. He was wise, witty and knowledgeable enough to gain her attention. It was rare for her to be interested in others other than her kind but here she is, blushing like a mad woman as she tried to calm herself down. "Taira may need your help." she said in her usual cold voice, hoping that her blush won't give her away. "I think it would be best if I leave. Staying here any longer will dry me out. Its nice seeing you, Harris." Umiko said, standing up before heading back to the waters, a bit mad that the half-bird didn't acknowledge her presence.

    She knew that it wasn't the best time to feel such stupid emotions but she just couldn't help it. She think that its rude to not acknowledge an acquaintance, even if they haven't seen each other for so long.

  17. Max did not object to being pushed back into the water. He loved the water, after all. He took a moment longer to surface than the deer dobutsu. He listened with a little impatience to Moki's suggestions. "Jeez, if you need to decorate again already, let's get that over with. And then we can play!" His face was peeping out of the water almost comically, his ears twitching a bit with excitement. He ran his fingers through his fine, uncut hair a few times to get it untangled. "What can we find..?"

    He spotted the same flowers as Moki had. Marsh Marigolds, he recognized some as. Others, he wasn't sure, but they looked nice. They should be good, too. And what about those funny-looking things? Cattails? They could look interesting as ornaments. He collected some of the stuff he saw and brought it back. "Are these any good?" he questioned.

  18. Continuing her latest herb mixing and preparing her materials for the young dear as she will be going to checking up on her. Putting all of her necessities in her basket Kimiko one last time checked on the fire of her herb she was cooking as it simmers making small boiling sound. After all she does not want to let it be over-cooked or else the medicine wouldn't work as it supposed to.

    When she was sure that all of her preparations are complete. Kimiko looked out of her window once again to check on her servants she send out for the herbal tree root she will be using on treating the young dear. The things she can do right now is to wait for them to come back. And it felt as much as she was waiting to explore the world.

  19. As Midori ate his grapes, he decided to take a stroll around. The male walked up the branch then went through the center of the willow tree before lightly hopping off and landing on his feet perfectly. His feathery wings wrapped around him, covering his being like a cloak and he walked out into the sunlight looking around, and tilting his head back to eat the last grape before tossing it aside. He put his crow-like arms back under his wings wondering what to do now."Wonder what the other Dobutsu's are doing.." He put his clawed hand over his chin as a slit was made between his wings, thinking of all the Dobutsu's he was well-acquainted with. He didn't know who he wanted to hang out with to say the least, and was being fairly picky in his head with who he wanted to spend time with first for a bit.
  20. Harris pondered for a moment before a small smile came across his face. "You should go back into the water before you freeze to death. At least keep your head above water so you can see if I need help." He stretches his arms out and turns to Umiko. She was saying goodbye... Strange, she was only here for a short amount of time. Harris liked Umiko, she was someone his age, was very formal, knew what manners were, and she was also rather smart. He didn't know her too well, but he liked her as a friend. "Umiko? Perhaps after I sort things out, would you want to spend some time together? Just so I'm not alone." Harris said this like he had said it a thousand times or something. He didn't really treat males different from females. Well, maybe a bit...

    Harris took a book out of his pocket and handed it to Taira. "It might not be what you like to read, but just tear the pages out and make paper swans or something; just stay calm okay?" He smiled warmly. It would be hard to remain calm if he were Taira, but panicking helps no one in these situations. He gave a small nod to her and gave his wings a flap to get up to the tree tops. He could see the cage... rather far from the water. He'd have to run like mad to get Taira's sister back safely. There was about two hunters he could see. One was asleep, the other was guarding the cage. Of course. Harris made his way closer until he could make out the facial features on the guard and captive. He remained in the tree tops and hopefully out of sight. Harris stopped to think about how he'd do this. The Hunter would peg him with a bullet on sight... So how about him just not seeing Harris? That was blatantly obvious of a choice. Harris smiled and shook the bow of the tree he was standing on and immediately leaped to one behind the Hunter. It had worked. Harris landed on the ground as quiet as he could possibly land; before doing anything he turned to the captive and put one finger to his lips. Harris ran up behind the hunter and made a small leap, using the leverage he punched the hunter in the back of the head and quickly wrapped his other arm around his neck. he applied enough pressure to cut off his breath enough to knock him out. That was a rush.

    Harris laid the hunter down gently, and walked to the cage. he whispered to the Octopus inside with a calm smile on his face. "Good day. I'm Harrison Revetrois. You must be Taira's sister correct?" He was whispering as calmly as he could, so that the captive would hopefully settle a bit. He took a small metal rod with a sharp point and started working on the lock. He was still smiling the whole time. "Also, let me know if the other hunter wakes up... I am not a fan of bullets... or knives."

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