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  1. This discussion is aimed at people who's first language is not english.

    Have you ever tried to write roleplay or any literature material in your native tongue?
    If so, did it feel any different?
  2. I have only ever attempted to write Filipino literature back when I was in high school. My essay scores were good overall, but I haven't tried to write a roleplay or much literature in the language since then unless it's for class.
  3. Writing a story in swedish as we speak. It's... difficult. I am so used to english that Swedish feels a lot less emotive or flexible. I:
  4. Totally agree o.o when I didn't know English, it seemed like writing in Swedish was just fine, but now a days I just can't get a good tone to my stories if I write them in Swedish D: I nail essays like a boss though :D

    Compared to English, Swedish does feel a bit more childish and doesn't come across as that serious to me, and for someone who's waaay too into the dark stuff, Swedish sucks. Romances are even worse xD reading a love story in Swedish just makes it feel like the characters are ten year olds even if they say the exact same thing as in the English version. I dunno. It just sounds wrong. My ancestors must feel so betrayed.

    I did write lots of stuff in swedish before, mainly for school. While I don't feel like I catch the atmosphere properly, I did make my teacher gag once when he read my story about a school shooter out loud for the class. (another story he read was made by a classmate was about a bussbombing. You wouldn't get away with this shit in the US xD) so I guess I can get the atmosphere right, I just don't feel like it becomes as powerful as English writing.
  5. I CONSIDER my first language to be English.

    But you know, to my family it's Chinese. More specially Cantonese.

    If I could type good stories in Chinese I would have gone to those e-novel websites and posted something. The Chinese language can be so flowery and beautiful sometimes <3
  6. The maturity part is JUST association though. We watch "adult" media almost exclusively in english. Watching BEck or Lilja 4 Ever and other movies with dark themes and swedish dispelled that notion for me. The big thing is that is bothersome with swedish is that we have far less words. We have so many more words with double meaning it is insane.
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  7. Depends, I wouldn't write an entire roleplay or whatever in german as I think it just sounds...stupid but I don't mind reading german. Though, it is also immensely helps at times as I mainly do anime-esque roleplays and those japanese really love german.
  8. I roleplay and write a lot in French (Used to anyway. No so much now)

    Edit: Clearly, I did not write this properly. I still roleplay and write in French, though it is far less common than I do in English.
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  9. I grew up on translated literature - when I discovered that, it definitely made me wonder where all the French fantasy lit was. There isn't much.

    Personally, I prefer writing in French when it comes to poetry and short stories. Roleplaying and most of my reading is done in English. There are a few French Canadian authors though that are totally worth the detour and make me wish someone would translate them to English so that it would reach more people. Oh well.


    Edit: it's also that I tend to look more for my words in English than in French. I constantly have a Google translate tab open because my brain derps a lot D:
  10. IT should be noted. My second favorite fantasy series is written in swedish. "Little Butchers (Slaktarna små)" is a fantastic read.
  11. I don't, for some reason, play in norwegian. Guess not enough other people do it.

    But I guess, writing in english comes much easier to me.
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