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  1. Pretty much says it all for the most part! Any foreign music videos besides English, go ahead and post them here. However, I am outlawing Korean and Japanese music videos. Those won't make this thread very diverse since they're listened to quite often and they're both a huge thing in today's society. So, put up some music you haven't heard before, show us some music from your homeland, or just put up some foreign music you find fascinating! Just remember to be diverse with this and let us know what country the music video came from! :)

    Here's the first music video:

    If it's not already obvious, this is from France! :D
  2. Hah, I was going to post a ridiculous Japanese music video when I read the title. Not wanting those because they're so common is a good call though, so here's a video from a German industrial rock band instead.

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  3. Oh man... let's see...






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  4. France (same song, two videos)



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  5. As I'm Polish (woo! Poland!)

    Ekhm, get ready for The Many Faces of Polish music...

    PFK, AKA Paktofonika

    Kamil Bednarek


    Dawid Podsiadło

    And that's it for the first post. Give feedback on the Incredibe Polish Music.
  6. Nordman (Sweden) :D

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  7. @GYARA
    Oh hiii, neighbor! Czech here, though I live few minutes from the borders, so I actually visit Poland quite often :D

    I guess I should post some music as well. Okay, why not. The best of Czech music, according to Aine!

    Kabát, group from my beloved hometown and probably the most famous rock interprets. Their name actually means 'Coat.' No, I don't know what they were thinking.

    Daniel Landa doing cover Karel Kryl's Morituri te Salutant. Yeah, I actually like his version better than the original. Sue me.

    Okay, this video is fairly cringe-worthy and it's in English, BUT it's a Czech group and they do the best speed metal in my country. Again, they're from my hometown.

    And I'm going to show you a certain lady as well because this seems to be a sausage fest so far. Věra Špinarová could be my granny and this isn't my usual cup of tea, but damn, she's got an awesome voice. ... I actually realize now she's also from my hometown. Anything even remotely good apparently originates in Ostrava :D

    Another proof! This is actually cover of She's Gone by Black Sabbath; this version is called Lásko, voníš deštěm (You Smell of Rain, My Love) and while I love Black Sabbath, I also consider it better *dodges rocks*
  8. @Aine
    Well, saying "neighbor" is somewhat farfetch'd (pokemon pun entirely intended [sonic pun also entirely intended])
    I live in Lublin which is closer to Slovakia and Ukraine than to Czech Republic and Deutchland. It's nice, however that there's people from many countries (maybe even another Polish person [but most likely not])
  9. Have some from my country; The Netherlands

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  10. Here's one from Finland.

    And here's another because I couldn't resist posting one of Lordi's videos even though they sing in English.
  11. No English!! Dx
  12. Well, the song is in English but the band and video is still from Finland. :d

    Also, it's fascinating how you point out my post even though I'm not the first to post a video of a song with English lyrics.

    Yes, I'm a massive jerk and I shall throw myself out now, good day y'all.
  13. Then I shall let the other person know! But please, as I've stated before in my original post, no English please! ;n;
  14. I listen to a lot of French music for no good reason. Never really gone searching for music videos before and decided to see if any of the songs that have been stuck in my head have videos. Apparently, they do:



    Now, to watch them along with you guys, I think.
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  15. *snrk*

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  16. Did you not understand what I said? D: No English please, for future reference. .x.
  17. Anyone up for some Chinese?

    Some Moldavian then?
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  19. The band's from Moldova but the song's sung in Romanian :D