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    Plotting/Sign up thread

    • The institution: The institution is the center where all newly captured Saints are taken to be re-educated. Saints hate this place with a passion. This is also the place that those who want to bond with a Saint go. Every 6 months, a new batch of Saints are finally finished the re-education stage and the public can apply for one. The role play will start with those who are protected who are waiting for their respective Saints. Saints and Protected do not know each other.

    Serenity watched the cold grey walls surround her. It reminded her of the steel walls surrounding the underground cellar where she had to sleep, in case of an attack during the night. Her hands were clammy and sweaty, and her heart throbbed loudly in her chest. She hadn't wanted to come here. She didn't want to come here. She didn't even know what she was doing here, in the Institution in the first place. It was Aunt Marie who wanted her precious niece to have a brooding Saint over her shoulders for the whole time. Serenity was a skeptic. Even if everything pointed towards Saints being not violent towards their protected, she would not feel safe with them.

    Moving her knee up and down slightly, she waited for the new batch of Saints to be revealed. Aunt Marie's oldest daughter had a Saint, and the spoiled brat treated him like dirt. As a result, she was sure that at any given time, her Saint, if given the opportunity, would take it upon himself to rid himself of her.

    Shivering now as more people filed into the room, Serenity decided that she wouldn't mind if she was one of the 'unlucky' ones who didn't get a Saint - but she knew that if she returned home without, Aunt Marie would make her life hell and somehow bumble into her apartment in the way she always did.

    Heaving a sigh, for it was obvious she would not get out of this predicament easily, Serenity assigned herself to wait.
  2. Nails stared at the paper in front of him. This paper was the only thing standing between him and leaving this glorified cage that was the Institution, so he wanted it over and done with. One question was unfinished, and he had no idea how he was meant to answer it. All the others were either multiple-choice or math-related, so this one was much harder than anything else on the sheet.

    Describe yourself, using one word for each characteristic. (minimum of four words)

    He leaned back in his chair, and looked around at the other Saints in the group. Who were these people? Through the jumbles of his memory, he managed to fish out some names and faces, recognizing two Saints: Ni Yoru, whom Nails called New York, was on the other end of the room and probably having a headache at the moment. That was a guess, since Nails couldn't really see her. Another one - Randal, was it? - looked at his paper as if it could attack him. Nails couldn't help but wonder if test sheets were hostile. He had been taught to defend against all hostile people and things, and it was better to be safe than sorry...

    No, it was probably harmless. He had to finish his test, which guarded the doors of the Institution with a stalwart Describe yourself. With renewed determination, Nails picked up his pencil, praying he was holding it correctly, and slowly filled the minimum of four words, not daring to think of anything beyond that. His mind couldn't handle it.

    Prepared. Quiet. Finished (with the test). And... um... Learning. Was that an adjective? Nails hoped it was, as the paper was taken away by a man he had never bothered to learn the name of. He was just the jailer, as far as Nails was concerned.

    "Ahem..." The jailer looked over Nails's test results. "All righty then," he said after a few seconds. "Nails, go sit outside in one of those chairs." Which he did. The batch of Saints in the room would finally have a way out of this prison, if they ever finished that awful test.
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  3. Ni Yoru Seikatsu
    All these numbers... She stared down at the numerous papers she had sprawled over the small desk, her head throbbing as she scanned over her answers, almost positive all the difficult math ones were wrong. She rubbed at her temples, feeling them pulse as her heart raced in her chest. She watched the man pace around the room, worried he'd take her test before it was finished. She pushed her bangs out of her face and squinted at the pages, tracing a finger under her words as she read them.

    Satisfied with the work she had done she sat back in her chair and let out a sigh, her arms slumped down beside her and head tilted back to the ceiling.
    Wouldn't it be funny if we all walked on the ceiling instead of the ground. A smile crossed her lips as her mind began to wander, causing her head to throb more profusely now. She unzipped her jacket slightly and fanned herself with her hand, her face a slight shade of pink to its usual pasty white appearance. I wish i had some headaches... By this she meant she wished she had some painkillers for her headache but she had unfortunately used the last two before the test had started.

    She gazed around the room at faces she didn't recognise, the only one she really knew was Nails and that was only because he insisted on calling her 'New York'.
    What is a New York? She didn't know much outside these walls. She sighed yet again before the man went over to Nails and instructed him to sit outside. She watched him leave and as soon as he did she lifted up the pile of papers in front of her. I probably should have put the staple back in them. She looked around the desk for it before remembering she had accidentally swallowed it half way through her test. Well what else was she to do to entertain herself?

    He grumbled some words as he took the papers from her, obviously displeased at their condition and pointed at the door. Obediently she obeyed him, leaving the room.
  4. Glaring sullenly at the paper, the big man forced himself to focus on gathering the words into strings, the strings into concepts. Gripping the pencil tightly, he snarled softly to himself, hand clenching, tightening...Snap. The two pieces launched across the room, and he slams his fist into the desk. Looking at one of the men patrolling, he softly mumbles "I need another." Returning to staring at the paper, he took hold of the new pencil. He forces himself to concentrate, beginning to write slowly. Once he got to the math, it was easier, surprisingly.

    Slowly, ever so slowly, the questions were answered. One of the men patrolling takes position behind Randal, knowing he should rush him but tentative due to his size. Finally finishing, he looks up "Done." Rising, he begins lumbering out of the room. Seeing the other two already seated outside, he blankly stared at them. The one guy...Screws? Bolts? Something like that. He was okay, a bit too talkative for the big man's tastes. And the other...He doesn't know what to make of her. He just accepts them as they are, and stays away. Taking a seat, the chair creaks a bit as be settles.
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  5. Staring up at the ceiling, Nails wasn't sure what to make of his new situation. Why were they here, anyway? Where were the other people that would come for the Saints? He had so many questions - or rather, more questions than usual, since Nails always had at least a few questions. Not that he asked them out loud. He valued the ability to learn from what he saw, and play it by ear.

    "Albany," he said quietly as other Saints began trickling into the room. This was the one thing Nails could remember for sure: He had been to an Albany, whatever that was supposed to mean. He repeated his statement, elaborating a bit this time. "Albany. New York. What now?" he half-asked Ni Yoru, who was a few seats away from him, and half-wondered to himself. What now, indeed. He directed his attention back to the ceiling, not caring whether anyone replied. At the moment, the ceiling could be just as informative as any Saint in the room, Nails reasoned. A handful of them probably knew what was happening, yes. But when would it happen?

    As if on cue, a voice from outside the holding room could be heard saying something. "Everyone, I apologize for the wait. The new batch will be revealed in five minutes," it said faintly from behind a wall. What's a batch? Do they mean us? Nails couldn't help but wonder, even though he knew that nobody was baking in the Institution.
  6. A police officer looked looked around the victim's home and notice something move and a door shut. he was unsure and pulled out a gun as she slowly walked to the door. once he was there he opened the door and saw nothing but notice it was a child's room. 'Oh dear' he said with a worried look. he slowly walked to the only place he didn't look, the closet. he slowly walked over to it then tapped it. he waited a few mins then put his gun away and open the door slowly. he then saw a little girl on the grown holding a small sunflower that looks like its still growing. "hello little one" he said "what your name?" she looked up at him with a little bit of fear then spoke "Alice." he smiled softly at her "you have a lovely flower did you name it?" he guessed she would name the flower because she is a little kid. "Y-yes his name is Ivan" she looked away from him and to her sunflower. "ok Well my name is James, and do you know what I am?" he asked. she shakes her head no. "well I am A police officer and I am here to help you. do you want to come with me?" he asked holding out his hand. Alice was unsure at first but she knew something was wrong so she nodded her head. Reach her hand out to him hold his hand as well as grabbing her sunflower.

    I opened my eyes. why do I always remember that day? that happened 3 months ago and they still have not found the killer shocking-ly, wait is that even a word? I looked around and notice I was in James police car with my sunflower. "James are we going to that place you told me?" I asked and notice he was smiling. "yes we are" he said then that was it no more talking. "Ivan I think he a little to cheerful don't you" I said to Ivan. "Yeah your right Ivan we should keep on eye on him." I then watched James with a close eye. "James are you a-" I didn't finish when I notice the car stop and then James coming out and open my door. "Lets go Alice we are here!!" "your wired what did you do to James? you alien" I glared at him grabbing my Ivan-flower. "your so Silly Alice its me don't worry." he said "I'm just happy that you may get someone to watch over you. and keep you safe much more better then I will" I looked at him with a confused look. "what do you mean James?" "Haha well there are this things called Saints and they are this people with special abilities that take care of people that click with them. I just hoped you find the Saint" he said as they walked to the place "now you go through their and it will start sometime soon. Ill be waiting for you here OK" he smiled. I nodded and walked in to the place and people came up to me and cheeked her and everything she didn't like it. they even took Ivan away. that's when I started to cry. "Ivan" one of them looked at me and said that I would have Ivan after and I nodded still crying a little. "Ivan" I said as they walked me to a room with people in. still teary I said nothing but looking down.
  7. So this is the Institution, Olivia thought as she looked at the walls surrounding her in disdain. Rather drab, isn't it? She took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. Shifting side to side, she tapped her fingers and feet in to separate rhythms. Her arms were crossed carelessly, defiantly. She was simply tired and bored, and incredibly sick of waiting.

    Olivia shifted her focus to the people around her, studying their faces with care. Very few of the people she saw were even familiar, and none were really recognizable. Olivia wasn't surprised. She'd never cared much for people, after all. The only time she needed to devote her time to learning about people was when they might have perks she could use. This place, however, was unlikely to get her any extra allies than the Saint she'd been signed up for.

    Olivia blinked back into the present. That was right, the Saints were the whole reason she'd been forced here. She'd lost her focus for a moment there, hadn't she? Shoulders tensing in annoyance, she formed her hand into a fist. Losing her focus was unproductive. Above all, she hated wasting time, and when she let herself daydream she most certainly lost time. If she was going to have to wait, she could at least try to learn a bit about the people around her. She nodded, again began tapping her fingers, and finally allowed her shoulders to relax.
  8. Gabriel Alexander continued to tap the pencil on his desk. He was falling behind, several of the other "Saints" having already left to go to the waiting room. Impatience was setting in, and the grip he had on his white-blond hair tightened. Frustrated. The pencil wasn't enough to keep his hands busy, and as a result the gears in his mind had stopped working. It wasn't working. It was failing.

    Dark, chocolate brown eyes flashed over the problems. There were a few left, only a few, but he just couldn't get past this mental blockade.

    Wait, right there. Angular Velocity, equals X divided by T. Well shit, he knew this. The blockade came down, and he scribbled in some answers. Next; "four words to describe you"...

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck... Annnnd, fuck!" Gabe muttered to himself before he slammed his pencil down and his hand shot up in the air. "Hey, I'm done!" He barked at the nearest guard. The man wandered over to look over the paper. Gabe stood up, his chair almost falling back -- but a large hand came down on his shoulder, forcing him back down.

    "Wait a minute," the guard said flatly, sliding the paper back in front of him, a gloved finger pointing to the provocative language written in 'words to describe you'. "Try again."

    "Fine. Impatient. Impulsive. Meticulous, and..."


    "Yeah. Can I go now?"


    "God, finally!" Gabe sighed, standing up and throwing his hands up in exasperation. He ignored the guard as he turned to the door, not bothering to look back as he entered the new room, the way out. There were already several people there, Saints, from what he remembered. The one he recognized perhaps the most was Randal, for his large-ness, and then Nails and Ni. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he strode over to the three others and took a seat in their general vicinity.
  9. Jeff smiled as he was now sitting at the table looking down at this paper. His mind blank but fixated on the pencil in his hand....the curvature the much force it took to...protect his protected? Something was blocking him in his own mind but he shook his head and finished the paper. He touched his face again, it felt foreign there was scars that spread out from his mouth and his eyes closed and opened taking in the room. he looked at the guard who looked back at him and he smiled as he touched his face. the guard was visibly shack n. He didn't know why nut then again he enjoyed it...almost to his core.

    He herd that they were about to show off the next batch. he hunched over and giggled to himself...he knew there was something wrong with himself...but he relished it...he would defend his protected from any and all enemies...even if it meant...hunting them down.
  10. Hunching down on her chair with her arms swinging carelessly beside her, Eira peered nosily around at the other occupants of the room; most seemed to match this place, silent and cold, more content with keeping themselves to themselves or nervously contemplating the outcome. Would they get a Saint? That's what most of them would probably be thinking, she mused. Will I even get one? Do I want one? How can you even imagine spending the rest of your life with someone following you?

    Sighing she decided to make the best of this whole situation- she certainly wouldn't let it dampen her spirits completely, but then no one really had so far. While contemplating this, she caught sight of another glancing about and was about to make a face at her when-


    Startled, Eira stared down at her stomach wondering if that monstrous rumble had come from her. Hoping no on had noticed she slowly straightened a little and reached into her pocket to touch the edges of a cake she had stored in there earlier for an emergency like this. Pulling it out slowly she raised it to her mouth and quickly ate it. Sitting up with an innocent expression on her face she folded her hands on her lap and hummed to herself.
  11. "Everyone, I apologize for the wait. The new batch will be revealed in five minutes," Serenity shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Unconsciously, her breath quickened and her knees started to vibrate up and down. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck lifted, and a cold shiver - that had nothing to do with the temperature of the room - ran through her. Already, few Saints were lined up, their cold, unrelenting faces seeming harsh compared to those in the room looking for one of them.

    The sounds in the room were tense, already, the incessant breathing contrasting loudly in the silence of the room. What would they look like? Would they be scarred, mean and vicious, or would they be kind, flawless and perfect? She didn't want a Saint like her cousin's - cold, unrelenting and almost human. Though Saints were not supposed to be human - only a broken collection of memories of what was once human. To her, Saints were just humans who's mind was in a dark place. It was not fair to have them following around people like dogs.

    She could feel it getting closer, when she would have to choose. Her own personality 'test' had been neatly filled out, what would choose the Saint she'd be bonded with. As the personality 'tests' of the Saints were handed in and checked, Serenity could feel her breath whooshing in and out.
  12. Jeff nibbled on his thumb in anticipation and stood up suddenly which made the guards reach for theirs tazer sticks which he looked at them and his eyes seemed crazed but then something in him snapped and he became docile, cowed, and not himself. He walked to the door to the room. he stood there obediently. His black hair was tied back in a ponytail baring his stitching scars to the sides of his mouth that had plastered a permanent grisly grin, he Remembered his name Was Jeffery but liked being called Jeff, tho people would know him if they saw him and if they didn't piss their pants they were definitely uncomfortable. He felt something inside him was dark...but he couldn't put his finger on it. He could see into the room that there was a girl sitting there looking rather impatient. He could understand but it was something about her...innocent, her hair her flawless skin...then his mind was pulled back again by those invisible reigns. He simply looked at her and smiled...if only a smile could be formed on such a scared face.

    He wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say. "Nice to meet you?" he could feel that he could kill this girl without hesitation...was that his protected? probably not he considered. he really hoped the person who he had to protect had many enemies...yes...many prey.
  13. Ni Yoru Seikatsu
    Ni Yoru looked down at Nails as he mumbled words she didn't really understand. Was he always this... Boring? She questioned, looking around at the other Saints that had entered the room. I wonder if they passed too? Or maybe we have all failed? A tall, quite muscular man caught her eye as he sat down, the chair squeaking under his weight. R... Ran... Ran-something? "The new batch will be revealed in five minutes." She turned her head slowly to the faint voice as the throbing in her head worsened.

    She looked over to Nails, her face emotionless even though inside she was worried. "I don't understand." She whispered to him, wondering whether he actually knew what was happening himself. She let out a small sigh and slumper in her chair, zipping her jacket all the way up to her face so that only her deep blue eyes showed.
  14. Grunting as he heats the five minute announcement, Randal gradually moves his gaze to the others. That's the crazy one, who was always twitching... He stopped caring, being suddenly distracted. Was that a flash...? Shaking his head, he clenches a fist in annoyance. Without looking to any others, he mutters "Why wait? Just want to leave. Too...Sterile, here." Rising to his feet for a second, he sits back down again as there's another flash. Was somebody tricking him? Messing with him? Gritting his teeth, his muscles tense as an urge to throw something hits, before receding like a dream.
  15. Gabriel looked around the room from his seat near the others. It occurred to him that everyone there was seeming antsy, fidgety. One had stood and moved to the door, and then another had stood and simply sat back down. Something felt off, but, he wasn't going to let it bother him.

    Five minutes. That was all he had to live through for now; the next five minutes. His hands clenched into a fist, then relaxed, then into fists again. There wasn't enough to do. Five minutes suddenly sounded like five years. No, you got this, don't ants out. Don't freak. They were just, all sitting there, waiting to be assigned a protected; there wasn't any reason to flip out.

    A large, pale hand ran through even lighter hair, combing it out of his face as he went back to examining the waiting room. Saints, guards, Protecteds behind the other wall, three long lights, several chairs. Gabe started to tap out a tune on his knees, with a tap tap, tap tap and a tapitty tap.

    Speaking of, what would they be like? His protected? Young, old? Man or woman? Part of him hoped for a woman -- women could be pleasant. But wait. Protecteds gave orders; they would be able to tell him what to do for the rest of his life. Such an idea, Gabe did not find appealing.
  16. "Neither do I," Nails said with a sigh. He couldn't stand the wait. Five minutes could be short sometimes, but today they were very, very long. How many seconds was that? 60 to a minute... So, 300 seconds? For whatever reason, doing math helped Nails calm down. That was a short equation, though, so its effect didn't last long. The Saint was back to sitting there helplessly, with a growing sense of frustration.

    Shh, something from Nails's memory told him. Albany, Albany, Albany. He tapped out the rhythm with his right foot as he looked at the clock. When had they said there were five minutes left? Was it one minute ago, or two, or neither? All this speculation was too much for Nails. He stood up and glared at the offending time-keeping contraption, even though he didn't seem to be moving anywhere.

    "Hey, guy. Sit," a supervisor said, walking into the holding room. Nails decided to obey, muttering "Fine," but he was now staring down the jailer, with his arms crossed. What was wrong with not liking slow clocks? Everyone had problems with them, after all. It was only natural if he wanted to get the point across to the device.

    Eventually, the Saint got bored with staring at the man who told him to sit. He leaned back in his chair again, losing himself in thought. Who would he end up protecting? Nails hoped it would be someone worth his existence, although he sort of doubted it. Still, it was an idea worth believing in.
  17. Eric walked dejectedly into the room and sat down in the back row. He rolled his eyes and sighed in frustration "man..why do my parents still make me go to these things?!..ugh." Groaning quietly he leans back and closes his eyes. The pulsing feeling was there but the drugs helped repress it. He could manage himself for now, all he wanted to do was go home and sleep. Why couldnt his parents see that he could take care of himself? If anyone messed with him they were gonna regret it.

    What eric failed to realize was that having a saint was for everyone elses protection as much as his own. His parents were already facing legal fees from people that their son had injured, and there are only so many times they could rely on his medical condition as an excuse. If things kept going the way they were, Eric would soon end up on trial and quickly thrown in jail. Where he would only get worse.
  18. ''The new batch will be revealed in five minutes.''

    Eira's eyes grew wide and a startled expression passed over her face. So soon?
    Only now did the gravity of the situation weigh on her; soon she might have a Saint of her own. The thought echoed and echoed in her head as she stared down at her hands, clasped together so tightly they were turning a stark white as she tried to control her heaving breaths.
    She felt panicked- wanted nothing more than to leave this room- she wasn't so sure she wanted to be bonded to someone for life.

    ''No,'' she snapped quietly at herself. This wasn't her. She wasn't going to panic. She pushed her worried thoughts to one side, steeling herself and sitting upright as she waited for the Saints to be revealed.
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