Forced to Fight for Freedom

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    Annalyn (Ah-na-leen) "Anna" Jeren O'cari

    Sixteen | Slytherin - 6th Year | Pureblood

    - The Shadow that walks among the students of Hogwarts, that's how Annalyn is known. Despite carrying the proud lineage of a Pureblood family, Annalyn is not exactly welcomed among her fellow Slytherin. Ever since childhood, she has endured the isolation of callous and narcissistic parents. Originally believed to be the child of an affair, Annalyn's red-hair is a disgrace to a family that prides itself on their lovely locks of blond.

    As it turns out, Annalyn is the first descendant of the O'cari clan to inherit the hair color from ancestor, Pollard O'cari, a mysterious witch among the family. Annalyn is disowned, ignored by her entire collection of relatives and treated as a Muggle regardless of her magical abilities.

    - Excelling in the Dark Arts, Memory Charms, Jinxes & Hexes...Annalyn has demonstrated a brilliant mind. However, none of her accomplishments have ever earned her praise or acceptance. All Annalyn desires to be considered part of her family and to earn her parent's love. She grew up without a single friend her entire life, even in Slytherin house and frequently speaks with the Hogwart's ghosts as her only company.

    - Annalyn is not purist, but she's been programmed not to disobey the traditions of her family. She has been trained not to question, but instead blindly act when commanded. Annalyn is actually a very friendly, polite and lonely little girl...constantly searching for someone to be her friend.

    * * *

    Severus Snape

    Thirty-Seven | Former Slytherin - Professor of Potions | Half Blood

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    Kathrynn “Katie” Gryphion

    Thirty Four | Former Gryffindor - Muggle Studies Professor |Half-blood

    A last minute hire in case the ministry makes a bid for power at the school. Lived in America for several years with her father after graduating, but moved back to the UK after a failed marriage left a bad taste in her mouth. Katie reached out to Dumbledore and McGonagall to get re-established and was offered the position of Muggle Studies Professor.

    As a student was not very friendly and had a preference for keeping to herself and doing her school work. Katie was often teased that she belonged in Ravenclaw more than Gryffindor. That changed in her fourth year when she stood up to another student bullying first and second years and sent him to the infirmary with a broken arm and shattered nose. Since then she was a bit of a champion for younger students to her exasperation. Excelled in Transfiguration and Potions, atrocious at charm work, and a decent mark in DADA.

    Though it was not a stipulation of getting the position, Katie insisted on becoming a Member of the Order once she was brought up to speed on what had been going on. In her opinion, getting involved in a secret organization against an Lord Voldemort and operating outside the ministry and possibly putting herself in danger in order to protect students will be as good as any way to get out of the same country as her ex-husband.


    Harry Potter

    Fifteen | Gryffindor - Fifth Year | Mixed Blood
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