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  1. 5 teens Forced to be a {Pirate}
    Captured by the meanest of them all, you can not escape the middle of the sea. You are forced to steal, kill, and do things you would never imagine. There are not rules except for, YOU MUST OBEY THE CAPTAIN
    Appearance: (Picture Please)
    How Captured:
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  2. Name: Lacey Thomson
    Age(16-19): 16
    Personality: weak, keeps her thoughts to herself. Does all the lower class jobs. Lacey wishes she had time to mingle, but never does.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    How Captured: Captured from an orphanage in Florida at the age of 10. Only took her because the rest escaped sooner
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  3. (Would you mind if I joined?)
    Name: Jett Lang
    Age(16-19): 16
    Personality: Carefree, hard worker, sly and witty are his normal traits, but his emotions can vary depending on the situation.
    How Captured: His family wasn't doing too good, living in poverty in a run down house with little to no food. Even worse, his dad had turned to alcohol as his solution, which led to more then one accounts of abuse. One night in particular, his father had gotten incredibly drunk and began to smash items in their house with a baseball bat. Hearing his dad come up the stairs towards his room, he snuck out the window and ran away. He ran until he didn't know where he was anymore. Lost and confused, he wandered around until he was captured
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    I'll create the character sheets for Vi and Falco when I get back to my laptop
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  9. Name: Violet Acer
    Age(16-19): 16
    Personality: As friendly as she is to her companions, she is very violent to those who double cross her..and most of them end up undescribably destroyed. She is protective and optomistic, she loves seeing others happy.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    How Captured: While on her father's ship, she was under the deck when her ship was attacked, supposedly on 'Pirate waters'. She was taken as one of the hostages, but she was the only one that made it out. Alive, that is.

    Name: Falco Range
    Age(16-19): 17
    Personality: Keeps to himself, not sociable, and very pesimistic, that's pretty much Falco. He's not the best person to hang around.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    How Captured: He was on the docks when he noticed a ship in the distance. No one was around, as it was really early in the morning. He ignored the oncoming ship until they released one of the life boats, not coming any closer to the dock. He watched the nearing lifeboat with much curiosity, but regretted it the instant the boat came to dock. He was pulled into the boat and knocked out cold, taken back to the boat, and kept.

    Is this okay? If not, let me know! I'll be glad to fix anything you see wrong!!
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  12. OOC: The RP has begun

    IC: Lacey laid on the hard wood floor of the deck. She watched the beautiful stars in the sky. The stars made the teen sleepy, and fell asleep. This was her 6th year on the ship. Everybody on the ship gave her commands, sometimes inappropriate stuff, sometimes they hurt her. Lacey just wanted to escape without Blackbeard knowing. If lacey did escape, Blackbeard would find her, and hurt her in some sort of way.
  13. "Agh! Why do I always get stuck with these jobs?" Jett complained, as he hauled a barrel on his back across the room. The crew commanded him to get more to drink in the store room, where they kept all the alcohol. Having no choice but to follow orders, he was left with the near impossible task of hauling the 60 pound kegs over to the next room. The weight of the keg made his legs wobble, and left splinters in his hands, but he continued to push on. Finally entering the room, the crew erupted with cheers as they had more to drink. A large man twice his size came up to him, picking up the keg with one hand and pushing Jett into the wall with the other. He hit his head, and fell to the ground. When he got up, everything seemed to be wobbling and blurry. He made his way over to the door, hoping some fresh air would cure him. He made his way past the pirate's, getting pushed and shoved this way and that in his attempt to leave the room. After what seemed like a decade, he finally reached the door. He didn't feel as dizzy anymore, but he sure as hell didn't want to stay in that room with the pirates any longer. He climbed up onto the deck of the ship, and leaned over the edge, watching the waves of the ocean lap against the side of the ship.
  14. Violet sat on the edge of the ship, watching the water churn below. She hadn't been given any tasks, and she was glad to have some time to herself. She noticed a few stars reflected in the swirling surface of the ocean. Violet smiled a little, she loved the water.

    Falco was pacing silently and slowly across the deck, ignoring anyone who came up to him. His arms were crossed and his head was bowed. He did this anytime he did not have a chore or job. He let out a relieved sigh when he was called below deck by one of the pirates. "Finally." He breathed.
  15. "Hey! Come on, scrub like you mean it!" the crew member screamed angrily. Lacey scrubbed even harder, looking up and seeing the 2nd in command crew member, shark head. Quickly, she shot her head back down, facing the floor. Sharkhead spit on the deck on purpose and Lacey cleaned that. She gave no face to the higher class pirate and kept scrubbing. Once he was gone, Lacey murmured to herself "How do I always get stuck with these kind of jobs?" She went back on task, seeing other pirates just sitting on the edge of the boat. Lacey would love to have time off like the other pirates. She always works and is forced to entertain the captain. Lacey breathed heavily and kept scrubbing.