Forced marriage


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Laila sat in the tower as always, there wasn't much to do for her other than reading books. Everyone in her family thought she were a bit weird, a girl shouldn't read, she should find other things to entertain herself with. But what were it to do when she always were locked inside the castle? It was few in her family or among the servants that actually wanted to talk to her because she liked reading and had learned it almost on her own, so she didn't have many people to talk to. The few in the castle that liked to talk to her mostly worked outside the castle and could be gone for month in their work before returning.

But it were good that the people she talked to the most often were outside the castle, even though she couldn't see them very often they always came back with new stories about the outside world. Laila had never seen the outside world and wanted to know about it, not only threw the books she read, not even the stories people told her was satisfying her, looking out threw the windows only made her curiousity about the world bigger. She wanted to see it, feel it, smell it, know it, walk on the soft ground and feeling it under her feets. Hearing all the different sounds she had never gotten to hear before. Walking around in forests, cities, at riverbanks. She wanted to know about that world.

But for the moment she were free, not as free as the bird but she were still free. It wouldn't last long, soon she were going to get married to a man she had never met. Laila were going to meet the man on this very day and in a few days they would get married.

A knock on the door woke Laila up from her thoughts, she had barely noticed that she held a book in her hand, not a single line had been read during the hour she had been sitting there. She put the book away and told the person outside the door to come in. The chamber maid walked in to her room and bowed. Laila didn't need to hear that the prince would soon arrive, she already knew it. The chamber maid woulnd't have needed to disturb her if it wasn't time to get prepared for his arrival. Without a word she rose from her seat and waited for the chamber maid to take out her dress.

After she got dressed she walked down with the chamber maid to wait for the prince downstairs. Hopefully he wouldn't like her at all, if he couldn't stand her then maybe the marriage would get canceled, she didn't have anything to say about the marriage because her parents wouldn't listen to her at all but if his parents would listen to him and he didn't like her then maybe she wouldn't need to go threw with the marriage. Finally the doors opened and her father and mother came inside with some other people, who of them were the prince?

[DASH=green]Aubron had always been the spoil kind. Always getting what he wanted, when he wanted, and who he wanted, but that had all changed when his father informed him that he was about to be wed to a Laila. That name had never been spoken to him until a fortnight ago, and at that time he didn't take his father seriously; would he really force his son into 'wedded bliss' with someone he had never laid eyes on?

His life was about to drastically change because of this woman... what was he thinking? No it wouldn't. All he had to do was pretend to love this girl, and he could do what he wanted; he was going to make that incredibly clear to her. Aubron was even determined to have a second room that she was not allowed to be in. In that room, he was going to do whatever he and have whoever he wanted; no one was going to stop him.

They arrived at her castle and was met by her parents; they seemed nice enough. His father exchanged the common pleasantries that any well mannered person could. To Aubron he found manners trivial. Who really needed them when you had money and power? With an annoyed sigh, he flicked his dark brown hair from his brilliant green eyes; he knew his disrespect would get him a lecture from his dad, but he didn't care. They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for his dad pushing the matter of marriage.

Finally, they were escorted into the castle; the girl, Laila, was already standing there. He couldn't help but smirk at the fact that she looked so petite compared to him. Aubron was a broad shouldered man with a good amount of muscle mass and stood at around six foot two; he wasn't a small man by any means. At least she fills the dress out well. His head cocked to the side the slightest bit as he looked over her.

"This will be your wife, Aubron." His father said and motioned to the woman in red.

"I am well aware of who she is," he said, boredom in the tone of his voice.

He stepped closer to her and took her hand, kissing the top of it gently; he needed to make a somewhat pleasant impression.[/DASH]
They had finally arrived, as they walked closer to Laila she saw how different that man were, he looked more like a warrior than a prince. The knights she had seen were all big and had a lot of muscels and tall, this guy looked just like them. She gave him a small smile when he stopped in front of her, so this was the guy she were going to marry. She must confess that he had good looks but that wasn't really what she was looking for, she wanted a heart to, would he be able to give that to her?

The tone of his voice when he spoke to his father had been a bit bothersome for Laila, he didn't seem to care at all about this. But at least he showed some manners by kissing her hand gently.

"Welcome to our kingdome prince Aubron, I hope that the journey were pleasant for you." Whatever she thought about him didn't matter, she were going to be forced to marry him no matter what. He had done one good and one bad impression during the few seconds he had been in the same room as her, hopefully there wouldn't be any more bad once. Maybe his bored voice was due to the long journey, it was quite a bit to travel between their two kingdoms. If that was the case then maybe he would be in a better mood after they had eaten dinner or maybe he just needed to sleep. It was probably best to not decide to dislike him before he had fully rested because then maybe he would act better.
[DASH=green]"The journey was pleasant enough." Aubron nodded.

In all honesty, the journey was far from pleasant. All he wanted to do was sleep until they had arrived, but his father had other plans as he lectured his son on how to behave for Laila. Of course, Aubron only half listened to his father's instruction until he heard that they would be staying the night in her castle, having her wedding in the morning, then travel back. This put Aubron out greatly. Why did they have to stay there? Why couldn't she just have traveled to them? After all his castle would now be their home... not the other way around.

"I have been informed that we shall dine as well as sleep here tonight and be wed in the morning."

For a quick moment he pictured her in a wedding dress. No feelings were brought forth from that image because he had no feelings for the petite girl that stood in front of him. He found her attractive enough to sleep with her as he did any mildly attractive woman, and he would probably take advantage of the fact they were going to be married tomorrow; it was customary to have carnal knowledge of ones wife after all.

A smirk played at the corner of his lips as he took the time to take a look over her body; this was going to be enjoyable. [/DASH]
She couldn't imagine that the journey had really been pleasant at all, he probably just said that to keep being polite. Hopefully she would be able to sleep the whole journey when they were going back to his kingdom after the wedding. That stupid wedding, from being locked up in one castle to being locked up in another castle. Laila would never be able to see the world except the litle she maybe would see during the journey to their castle. The worst were that when she would be forced to his kingdom then she wouldn't even know the knights or anyone that worked there or lived there so she wouldn't have anyone to talk to about the outside world.

The next thing he said were surprising to her, she knew that they were going to wed sometime during the week but she hadn't thought it would be already the next morning after he had come. Her smile didn't disappear but her eyes narrowed a bit as she looked at her father, he averted his eyes fast, so he hadn't told her on purpose.

"I hope you don't mind it being so fast after your arrival, you must be tired when you traveled so far." She said, she couldn't care less of how tired he were, she didn't even want to marry him. Who wanted to marry someone they didn't even know? But that was the way everything worked, the parents chose a good bride or groom and they would hopefully fall in love after some time. But the most people got to meet the groom or bride before the parents decided that they would get married so they could get to know eachother. Even her older brother had met his bride long before they actually got married, so why hadn't they let her meet him first?

"The food should be served in less than an hour, do you want to rest before that? My chamber maid can lead you to your room if you need to rest." She said kindly.

"Or you could go out in the garden and get to know eachother." Her father suggested. Laila felt like hitting him but held back that desire, she didn't feel like getting to know Aubron before he had rested in case he would get in a bad mood because of the journey. The way he had sounded before had made her a bit suspicious.
Even though Aubron didn't want to make an effort to know this girl but having a good impression on her parents may be the best thing to do. Stifling an annoyed sigh, he offered Laila his arm to escort her around the gardens. He glanced at his father who gave him a satisfied nod then towards Laila's parents engaging them in conversation.

Aubron led the girl towards the girl, not a word being spoken until they were outside alone; he thought now was the appropriate time to be charming. Looking down at her, he smiled, hit eyes lighting up the slightest bit.

"My new bride," he said softly. "I hope you will be pleased once you arrive at your... our home."

When he smiled it appeared to be genuine, but he didn't feel serious. Did he have to be serious? It wasn't like either of them wanted this to happen. Aubron still hasn't decided why his father forced this marriage. Was there some pact between the two nations? He didn't know, and he probably would never find out. All he knew was that he had to play this caring husband part out perfectly. Maybe if he did that he could still do what he wanted, and he would let Laila do what she wanted. It wasn't like he really cared about her.

"We have a rather large town that surrounds our castle, and I wouldn't mind if you wanted to walk through it regularly. Of course there would be soldiers that kept their eye on you. I do not need anyone causing you harm." [/DASH]
Ofcourse he would do as her father suggested, even if she disliked it. But she couldn't say anything about it without embarrass herself in front of everyone, so there wasn't any other choice than taking his arm so that he could escort her out. Keeping the smile up wasn't as easy as it should be, she was very irritated that they hadn't told her when the marriage would be, and that it would be already the next day without her getting to know about it didn't make her mood better. Even he had gotten to know which day they would get married, why hadn't they told her?

As he spoke she shrugged, his new bride, it was as if it came as a surprise to her that she were getting married. Maybe it hadn't sunk in yet because she hadn't known about it for so long. "I'm certain that I will find it.. pleasant in my new home." She said a bit hesitant on what word that would fit best. It wasn't a lie, anything would be better than living in her current home. Even though she would miss the few friends she had it would still be good to get away from there, to get away from the castle that she had been locked up in for so long. Laila had barely even been allowed to go out in the garden, if Aubron hadn't been with her they would never have allowed it.

She felt warm when he told her about the town and that he wouldn't mind if she walked through it, she had never been to any town before but she had wanted to go to one for years. After hearing so many stories and reading so many books about small shops and children running around on the streets she had wanted to see it with her own eyes. A smile appeard not only on her lips but also in her eyes, even though she would need soldiers with her it would still be more freedom than she had ever even been able to dream of. "That sound really nice, I can't wait to see it." She said with a litle excitment in the voice. The fake happiness that had been in her voice had disappeard completely. She couldn't really say that she liked him yet but she at least liked a small part of him so far.

She looked up at the sky for a moment, observing a bird flying in the sky and landing on a branch not far from them. "Do you have a library in the castle?" She asked curious and took her eyes of the blue bird to look up at him. Maybe it was weird of a girl to ask something like that, the most people were against women who read, which probably were one of the reasons they didn't let her out because they didn't want her to give people weird ideas and give their family a bad reputation.
"Of course I do. The library will always be open to you." He smiled and nodded.

When she asked if there was a library in his castle, he was rather surprised. Of course he had one, but who wanted a girl who wanted a girl who had a mind of her own? It was bad enough when a girl was hard to get because of 'self respect' and all. Aubron knew this girl wouldn't be easy and now she was capable of intelligent thought? Some how she became a little less attractive, but he wasn't going to let anyone else know that; they didn't need to know.

"There will also be regular banquets you will be required to attend. Staying social is something I must do."

He was adamant about staying social. How else was he supposed to see every new attractive girl? How else was he supposed to have fun and 'get to know' the female citizens that inhabit the surrounding towns. These banquets were going to be different though. No longer was Aubron the dashing, charming, attractive, available prince who would claim the heart of whatever maiden crossed his path; he would have to be more discreet about his intention now. Every girl he would know intimately would have to swear not to tell anyone.

Laila deserved better than this, and he knew that. She needed someone who would appreciate her for the person she was, not for the glorious body that was hidden under the dress she currently wore. Maybe she would find someone in the town that would better suit her; he wouldn't have a problem allowing her to see someone she truly cared for.

"I do hope you will be pleased with the new life you are about to acquire."[/DASH]
It was good to hear that they had a library, what surprised her was that he didn't seemed surprised or said anything about it. The most people would react on a woman that were reading books, maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all. Laila started to think that she actually would be able to get along with him after some time, even though she were a bit sceptical to if she would be able to actually love him as a husband.

"I'm glad to hear that" She said and smiled, even though they had a library in the castle she lived in at the moment she had never really been allowed to go in to it. Mostly she snuck in and took a book now and then and went to her room to read it, she had been forced to be really discreet so that no one would notice, but somehow it came out anyway that she were reading and rumours were spread all over the castle. It were a surprise that he said it would be open for her, it could give both of them bad reputation if it came out that she were reading. Didn't he care about such things?

She nodded when he told her that she would need to attend banquets. She had only been on a few before, her parents hadn't let her out of her room on the most of them because they were to afraid that she would say something that would ridicule them. Not because they told her that it was why they didn't let her go but it wasn't that hard to figuring that out herself.

"I think I will be very pleased thank you, it sounds like it won't be anything unpleasant so far." She told him. She would be able to read and go in to town, that was more than she had ever expected. Before she had thought that when she would get married then she would loose all her freedome and would need to stay inside beside her new husband all the time, but he didn't seem to be anything she had thought he would be.

"I have a question, you don't need to answer on it if you don't feel to do so." She said serious as she stopped walking. "What are your feelings for our wedding? It is only our parents that has arranged it after all, so I would understand if you don't even want to go threw with it."
[DASH=green]"You are right," he said gruffly. "I do not want to do this wedding, but I must. We must. I have tried to convince my father to reconsider his actions; he will not. What has been set must be carried through. I will try to be the best for you."

Aubron turned his head in order to roll his eyes. Acting so bittersweet was taking its toll. He did not care for this girl, and he was growing tired of pretending he did. Once they got back to his castle pretending wouldn't be so hard; he wouldn't have to be in front of her all the time. Things would definitely be easier once he was back home.

He noticed a pretty little yellow flower on the ground. Letting for of her arm for a moment he leaned over and picked it then turned towards her. Softly, he grazed his fingertips over her cheek as he tucked hair behind her ear; she did have a pretty face.. he had to give her that. With a slight smile on his face he slid the flower behind her ear and kissed her forehead softly.

"Please do not worry. Our parents understand what is best for us. Maybe they see something we do not."

With an encouraging nod, he took her arm once again and continued walking through the gardens. This castle dide have beautiful gardens, but he still found the gardens around his arm better than these; he just found his home better than this one. Aubron glanced up the sky. The clouds were fluffy and for some reason that pleased him. If there was anything he enjoyed more than being with women.. it was the sky.. the clouds. The way they constantly changed their shape and covered the world was amazing. Imagine what those clouds have witnessed; they have seen great leaders and great wars. Only if they had mouths to speak and relay the glories they have seen. [/DASH]
It was pretty surprising how alike they were, no one of them wanted to go threw the wedding but they both knew that they didn't have a choice. It wasn't fair, why did they need to marry someone they hadn't even met before now? They should get to choose who they want to marry or at least get to know the person they must marry before they get married. But even though she thought like that she knew that the world weren't like that.

She wouldn't be able to stop the wedding no matter what so it was just to do it and hope everything would turn out allright. It was good that her fiancé seemed to be such a nice person, it made her believe that maybe she would be able to like it a litle bit. Aubron suddenly let go of her hand and leaned down to take something from the groun. When he turned to her she noticed that it were a yellow flower. It was a pretty flower, all the flowers around the castle were pretty but she didn't have many chances to see them except threw the windows in the castle. She smiled and a small blush spread on her cheeks as he put the flower behind her ear and kissed her forehead.

"I guess we are very alike, I would rather not go threw a marriage with a total stranger either. But I didn't try to tell my parents that I didn't want to do it, they wouldn't listen to me if I said anything about it, and I understand fully that they just want my best. We should probably do the best of the situation I suppose." She said while taking a hand up to the flower and brushed it very carefully so it wouldn't fall down.

"It's really lovely out here, I love these flowers, it's just a pity that I don't get to see them so often." She said when she noticed the rose bush, red roses grew along the castle walls which made them impossible to see from the closed windows.
[DASH=green]They made their way around the garden and exchanged some more back and forth chatting. Aubron came to the conclusion that she wasn't that bad, and he felt sorry for how he was about to treat her once they got back to his castle. He then decided it was time to go inside and see how dinner was shaping up.

By the time they entered the castle again the air smelled of succulent meat. His mouth was almost watering at the smell. He hadn't eaten all day and his stomach was letting him know it was unhappy.

"Ah, you have found your way back," his father said when they entered the dining room.

Aubron nodded. "Yes."

"Was your walk pleasing?"

"Yes father. Our walk was pleasing. We talked which allowed us to become acquainted with one another." He stifled an annoyed sigh and once again nodded. His father knew not to ask anymore of him and turned his attention to Laila. He hadn't spoken a word to her since they arrived, and he figured that since she was about to marry his son he needed to talk to her.

"I am so very excited to have a daughter."

The man smiled. Unlike his son his smile was genuine, and his eyes were soft. Aubron's father was a good man, besides forcing his son to marry a stranger. He had always wanted a daughter, but his wife was not able to conceive after Aubron was brought into this world; they had trouble even conceiving him. They had spoiled him allowing him to do whatever he wanting, and now both of them regret it. [/DASH]
They walked around in the garden and talked for a while, when they entered the castle again Laila thought that he didn't seem like a bad guy at all. She could probably learn to live with him and actually enjoy it after some time. When they came closer to the dinning hall they could smell the food, she hoped her stomach wouldn't make any sound because she started to notice how hungry she were.

Aubron's father welcomed them back when he noticed them, she let them talk while she let go of his arm and put her hands together behind her back. Her parents gave her a warningly look when Aubron's father started to talk to her, she understood that they were afraid that she would say something wrong. If she talked about things like books in front of her new parents it would be a shame for her real parents. It almost made her wanting to start talking about books just to see how they would react but she knew that she would get scolded even if his parents wouldn't mind it. Soon she would get out of the castle and not see her parents again which meant that she didn't have to restrain herself in the same way.

"Thank you sir, I am very honored that I was chosen to become a part of your family." She said calm with a gentle smile, she was honored that she would get away from her family but it was a lie that she was honored of becoming a part of their. To get married to someone she barely knew wasn't a honor for her. It would have been if she had gotten to choose herself, but which girl would ever get to chose their husbands?

Her father came forth towards them with her mother at his side, following him like a puppy like always. "The food is now served, should we sit down and eat while we talk?" He sugested, it was obvious for Laila that he was afraid of her saying something stupid so he wanted to make them sit down and eat. Did he think that she wouldn't talk to them just because she was eating? They probably didn't want to give Aubron's parents a reason to cancel the wedding, if they already were married then it wouldn't matter if she embarrased herself.
[DASH=green]Aubron left his wife-to-be and found a seat for himself. It probably would have been better if he had pulled a chair out for her and played the caring almost husband role. Playing that role would have gotten him in better graces with Laila's family, maybe. He would definitely have had the chance to make a better impression on them then earlier. It didn't matter; he wouldn't be here much longer anyway... they didn't have to like him.

"Laila," Aubron's mother said; that was the first time she had spoken. "Are you looking forward to your wedding dress?"

Her voice was smooth and seemed to flow from her mouth like a song. When Aubron was a child he always thought of his mom like a song bird; a voice so light and lovely. If Aubron truly loved anyone it was the petite little woman by his side. That didn't mean he was a mama's boy, not by any means; he just respected her more than his father and anyone else.

Aubron focused on Laila once again. The picture of her in a wedding dress once again filling his mind; this wasn't good. He didn't need to be picturing her like that... feelings didn't need to be there, but he couldn't help but acknowledge how beautiful she would be in all her bridal splendor. [/DASH]
Aubron went to sit down instead of pulling out a chair for Laila, she didn't mind though. She preferred to take care of herself and she didn't mind pulling out her own chair. But her parents looked a little skeptical on each other, even though it didn't stay long enough for anyone else to notice it. It had been written all over their faces, 'what kind of man didn't pull out the chair for his bride to be?' Maybe they regretted a bit that they married her away to someone like him, or maybe they thought that he were tired after the journey so he forgot his manners for the moment.

Laila heard an unfamiliar voice speaking to her and turned towards the way the woman were standing, it was Aubron's mother. She hadn't heard her speak before so she were a bit surprised that she suddenly spoke to her. She thought for a moment, she didn't really look forward to her wedding dress but she didn't despise to put it on either. She would only wear it for one day and for that long she would be able to take it. Her mother looked at her with a demanding look in her eyes, Laila understood that she didn't want her to answer in a rude way.

"I am very exited on seeing my dress, I hope it's as beautiful as everyone have told me it is. No one have let me look at it even once since they started to make it, they wants it to be a surprise." She told Aubron's mother, it was a lie that she were exited to see it but she hadn't lied on the part where she told her that she hadn't gotten to see it yet. Everyone had told her that she weren't allowed to see it before it were some hours left to the wedding and she would need to change in to it. Everyone seemed so exited over her wedding except herself.

Laila went to the table and took a seat in front of Aubron, mostly to please her parents. If she showed them that she tried to become close to him then they maybe would stop to give her weird looks all the time. Now it was only one day left before she would leave them and probably never return but at least she wanted the last hours there to be as pleasant as possible.
[DASH=green]His mother just nodded and went silent when the food came out. Of course everyone would go quiet when food was present. This aspect of dinner made Aubron happy. It meant that no conversation would be aimed at him, and he wouldn't have to keep up appearance by idly chatting about nothing that interest him in the slightest. It's shame he wasn't more personable. Did he really need to be? Aubron has a perfect social life with many friends. They probably weren't real friends, but they were real enough since Aubron didn't sit around bored often.

Dinner was rather painless and before he knew it, it was over. The parents broke into conversation again. His mother was the type to talk a lot after getting comfortable with her surrounds. That didn't bother him as much as his father always talking. Aubron couldn't be up to par with his father; he has never even tried. In Aubron's mind, he was going to live life how he wanted. The consequences would be worried about later.

With a soft sigh, he looked across the table at Laila. Maybe he could break down her morals enough to have some fun tonight. How could he manage that? Did he really want to manage that? It wouldn't be hard to wait for tomorrow night to do that. He faked a yawn then excused himself from the table, explaining that the trip was hard, and he was tired.

"Laila, show him his room if you would." Her father motioned for her to get up. [/DASH]
Everyone got silence when they started to eat, Laila wouldn't mind speaking a bit but her parents would probably glare at her if she would try to start a discussion while they were eating. Her parents always told her to let the food silence the mouth, so she decided to keep her mouth shut and keep eating instead. It would be time to talk later after they had left her home, when her parents wouldn't be there to tell her how to speak and act all the time. After Aubron and his parents were in bed they would probably tell her everything that she had done wrong.

It was a painful silence for Laila and she wished for it to end soon, but for her it took an eternity before it was finished. As the dinner was finished Aubron's parents started to talk and Laila's father spoke with them. Her mother kept quiet and just listened to the conversation and supported her husbands opinion. She were like a puppet sometimes, just sitting there and being cute. Aubron yawned and excused himself from the table, instead of asking one of the servants her father just told Laila to show Aubron to his room. It was probably because he wanted them to be together some time before the wedding and make Aubron's parents hear more good things about her so that they wouldn't cancel the wedding in the last minute.

"Of course father" She said and rose from her chair to show Aubron the way. If he were tired and would go to bed then she could pretend to be tired to and say that she were going to bed, then she could stay up some hours and read books without them knowing about it. "If you need anything during the night then there will be a servant room right in front of yours so it's just to go there and tell them what you need." She told him on the way. It wasn't so far to the guest room from the dinning hall so it didn't take that much time to get there. "Here it is, I hope the bed is comfortable and that you sleep good tonight." She told him while opening the door for him.

*Låta maten tysta mun=Let the food silence the mouth is a Swedish saying, I don't know if you have it in English so just telling you xD
[DASH=green]"I shall try my best to sleep well." He kissed her forehead. "I look forward to our journey together." Aubron forced a smile before closing the bedroom door. It was all lies. Every word that flew out of his mouth was a lie. How could he look forward to being held down by his 'wife'. Sure, he could take many liberties with her since they will be one, but he didn't want to only have her; there were many beautiful, available women around the town that would love to be his paramour. A sinister smirk cross his face as he stripped off his shirt and walked towards the bed.

As he laid back on the bed he continued to think about the days to come. Having a wife and a lover would definitely be challenging, but he figured it may be an easy challenge. Why wouldn't it? Neither of them would talk. His lover would come in at separate times, and it isn't like Aubron would sleep in the same room as Laila every night; he couldn't... he enjoys having his own space. That would probably be the biggest challenge... space.

With a sigh he closed his eyes and settled down to sleep. There was no point in worrying about what tomorrow would bring when he still has moments of freedom today. Soon enough he had fallen asleep and did not wake until his mother woke him in the morning, forcing him out of bed to prepare for the wedding that was about to happen in a couple hours.[/DASH]
A blush spread on Laila's face as he kissed her forehead, no man had ever kissed her forehead before, her mother had done it sometimes when she had been a child but no man had ever done it. If he hadn't kissed her then she would probably had said 'good night' or something else before he closed the door, but now she were to afraid that it would become high pitched and weird because she got so embarrassed.

As fast as he had closed the door Laila took up her hand towards her forehead, her knees were shaking a little and the blush didn't go away. Even her heart acted a bit weird, it beat much faster than it should do. She choke her head and gave herself a light slap on the cheek so that she could pull herself together. But even after that she still stood and looked at the door for a couple of minutes before walking to her own room. Her room were on the other side of the castle in the tower, mostly because her parents didn't want her to be so close to everyone else, because then she could embarrass her parents if she did something wrong in her room during the day and someone maybe happened to pass by outside of it.

She went to her room and laid down in the bed, just one more day then she would be far away from her parents. Far away form the people that locked her up all her life. Soon she would be able to go out and see everything she had read about in the books and soon she would be able to read without being locked up inside her room trying to hide it from everyone. Soon she wouldn't be just a freak that everyone wanted to get rid of. To bad that she had to marry someone she didn't know to get that freedom.

With those thoughts she soon fell asleep and woke up first when her chambermaid came in the next morning. She had the wedding dress with her, the dress that Laila hadn't gotten to see before now because they wanted to hold it a secret for as long as possible. But now it was time to start preparing for the wedding, she didn't even get to eat breakfast downstairs, instead she had to eat it on her room and finish it as fast as possible so they didn't waste any time. She wouldn't get to meet anyone before the wedding, especially not her fiance, after all, it was bad luck to see the brides wedding dress before the wedding.

It took some time to prepare everything, they told her what would happen and what she should do, they even told her how she should react to different things just so that she wouldn't embarrass the family. There were things she really didn't want to follow, it just seemed weird that she couldn't even react on things with her own feelings. The time passed by fast and all of a sudden she stood there with her father ready to go out to her fiance. Not really ready, she mostly felt that she didn't want to do it, but she made sure to not show those kind of feelings when it all started.