Force all account names to start with an alphanumeric character?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by fatalrendezvous, Sep 1, 2015.

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    For the sake of ease of tagging, can we make it so that account names at least have to start with an alphanumerical character? It is really hard to @ tag people when their account handle begins with a special character.
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  2. The [user=###]name[/user] bbCode would at least make it possible. Is there a way to invoke the tag parser without the @ that would be more thorough with the user lookup?
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  3. Yeah, the only problem with using the [user] tag is that it requires the work beforehand of knowing that person's account number. x__x Which isn't so bad for tagging a few people at a time, but can be a hassle if you want to tag more than that.
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  4. Actually, I don't seem to be having problems @tagging people with non-alphanumeric characters at the start of their name. o.o
  5. Well, if you know how to type the non-alphanumeric character, then yeah the system works just fine xD

    It's the names that start with weird special characters like stars and smileys and symbols that bug me!
  6. Oh! I just copy-paste at that point.

    But if you're doing it from memory, then, yeah.
  7. Seems like a rather restricting limitation for a not-so-often-occurring minor inconvenience that is easily alleviated by ctrl+C-ctrl-V/bold-middle-click/hold-copy-paste/other method of preference for copying that happens to be supported by your particular system.
  8. I have been debating doing this. Special characters ARE supported throughout the system, and it's nice that people can get creative, but it DOES cause some issues on staffing and administration side. @____@ It's a huge pain in the ass looking up names with wild special characters, both in the admincp and across the forum. And if you're trying to remember a specific member, but don't remember the last place they posted or you saw them, you can't just easy copy paste their name. You'd have to go searching through the member list and hope they're on it. (And they WON'T be if they were banned/inactive/deleted their account).

    So it's being considered!
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  9. I should note the Copy Paste trick doesn't always work.
    I've tried that before and it only shows as something else, and the code cannot for the life it figure out who I'm talking about.
  10. @Gen. Gwazi Magnum PI: What browser are you using? It has never happened to me on Firefox (quite the opposite, I will also get all the pesky invisible characters (which confuse some parsers to no end) and formatting where applicable).
  11. I'm using Google Chrome.

    Though admittedly the last time I tried this was a few months ago.
  12.    Chrome is occasionally a bit less aggressive in copying things, though it shouldn't leave actual characters behind. If you could point out what symbols didn't carry, I could probably test it out.
       (Though as it has been months, you probably may not recall ... and can't completely exclude human error here.)

       Thanks for reminding me I could use emspaces here, too, though. Forums and their hate for the tab character (and my automatic pressing of tab every time I try to switch paragraph)... But at least I can get my paragraphs look right with emspaces.
  13. I can't find the club any more, but the one I had issues with was the Star Logo the Lunar Club was using.
  14. I vote that we require everyone's username to be their user number. Much easier to remember, Members 5122 and 8.
  15. Who would be 24601?

  16. Who are you?
    I am the new Number Two.
    Who is Number One?
    You are Number Six.
    I am a man not a number!

    24601 will be reserved against future need.
  17. I'll take #1 or #69. :3
  18. You already have your number mister 14551 ]: We're going on sign up order here!
  19. But that one's no fun! >:{
  20. It's your number. Deal with it 14551!
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