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Wandering around in the enclosed backyard, a girl stepped through a garden along a wide stone path. Flowers of every sort and color erupted from the garden even though it was the middle of the night, and as she walked she trailed her fingers along a few of them. The soft petals caressed her fingertips and she smiled, humming softly to herself. Being out here made her feel free from her worries - plus, it was the only place that her brothers had no care to visit. Having three older brothers was more than her mother could really handle, and even though they were all independent, they felt the need to watch over Kanna as if she were helpless. It was all because she was blind, she thought with disgust. Even though she was more than able to get around on her own, they all felt like she couldn't do a thing. She had heightened senses in everything but sight, they had all escalated after the accident that made her blind in the first place. Her eldest brother still didn't forgive himself for that, no matter how many times she had dismissed it and forgiven him. At times she even plead with him to stop moping.

None of that was on her mind tonight. Instead she thought of how restless everybody had been acting, talking in low whispers about 'them'. She didn't know very many details, but then again, nobody did. The family in question were off limits - not to be spoken to, looked at, or even on the same side of the street as. Apparently a super long time ago one of them killed some ancient family member. It was all ridiculous to her since she had never even met one of them, but she supposed she was required to go along with it. She wasn't even sure if they were vampires or humans or what. Her mind began to drift and she took a sip from the wineglass in her hand. It just wasn't the same as fresh from the vein, but she never complained. Being allowed out to hunt was a rarity. She frowned at the thought, slowly getting an idea. Making her way in a seemingly casual manner over to the wall, she set her glass down on a tile table and waited. Nobody was around. It was the perfect opportunity.

With no more thought than that, she had climbed over the wall and landed on the other side with as much silence as she was able. For a long minute she remained perfectly still, waiting for the yell. Nothing. She grinned and ran from the wall, making her way to the street and strolling casually down the sidewalk. The echo of her steps against the stone made different tones depending on if she was passing a building or an alley, so she was able to tell roughly how far she had gone. Her steps sounded different whenever she got too close to the road as well, which helped to keep her from stumbling. She slid her hands into the pockets of her jeans, her shimmering gold eyes open out of mere habit. Her layered brown hair hung partly in her eyes but she didn't care enough to brush it aside. She was delighted to just be out. It wouldn't last long, she knew, but for now it was wonderful.
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Brett drew in a deep satisfying breath, the sweet scent of pine filled his senses. He moved swiftly yet silently through the forest, occasionally stopping to enjoy the breeze and all the wonderful scents it brought him from town. Each one interesting and unique, his sensitive nose identifying each one. It was a quarter moon, so he was enjoying being in his wolf form and still being sane. The moon would be full in only a couple of weeks, and then he and his brothers would have to head into the mountains again. However for now it was a cool quiet night, and he could let himself stop worrying about things for a while.

After an hour or two he headed into town, shifting back to his human form before leaving the shadows. As he casually strolled down the street he reluctantly allowed his thoughts to return to earlier that afternoon, they were troubling. His older brother Logan had been talking about finally getting rid of them, driving them out of town. His little brother Mike had laughed it off, pointing out that they didn't even know who they were. After all they had only recently learned they were living int eh same town, and they were well hidden. Brett didn't even know what they looked like, let alone where they were.

They could sometimes pick up their scent, though not always and even then it was heavily masked. Brett was worried Logan might try and make good on his threat, he didn't believe they needed to. He knew the story, centuries ago someone in their family had killed one of his ancestors. He didn't see the point in starting another fight with them, he felt it better to just stay out of their way. He wasn't a fan of violence, he just wanted his family to live peacefully.

He walked along with his head down, he was so lost in thought he was mostly oblivious to everything.
Kanna walked for what felt like an eternity, yet not long enough. It was never long enough. At the end of the night, she would be caught and forcibly dragged back home yet again. This was her seventh or eighth time sneaking out, or perhaps more. She couldn't remember now, they all blurred together in one peaceful memory. Most of the time when she jumped the barrier it was for something like this - an unsupervised stroll down the street, not a desperate desire to feed. There had been once, however, when the craving to have hot blood running down her throat had been too much. She still remembered how horrified her mother had sounded when she found Kanna with one of the neighbors. Thankfully the man had been elderly and they covered the event up nicely with a heart attack story. That had been the first time she killed while feeding for months, and she still felt a twinge of guilt at it. At least it hadn't been a child.

She heard some soft music flowing out of an open window, the sound making her smile. It was an interesting combination of a pop beat laid over an orchestral background, and she could faintly hear somebody attempting to rap over it all. What was really fascinating was that it actually sounded good. She had always had a soft spot for music, so she listened closely as she continued to walk, all of her focus on that as she rounded a corner. Her distraction cost her, and she collided with somebody else. Having not expected it, she lost her balance and toppled over backwards on her behind. Sitting there for a moment in surprise, she started laughing a bit at her own clumsiness and lack of attention. The figure she had run into had been hard, as though muscular, and she was fairly sure it had been taller than she was judging by how the collision felt. That made her assume it was male, but she had no idea honestly. There was something about the person that felt.. off.. but for now she dismissed it.

"I'm so sorry," she apologized quickly, her soft voice unintentionally melodic. "I wasn't watching where I was going," she added, inwardly grinning at the secret joke. She climbed back up to her feet before the stranger could offer a hand, not wanting to lie about having cold skin due to poor circulation and other medical issues. She dusted herself off and straightened up, hoping he [or possibly she] wouldn't be too upset about the whole situation.

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Brett snapped his head up as he felt someone bump into him, he looked down to see a girl about his age at his feet. He shook his head and smiled at her, "it's alright i wasn't paying attention either." He was about to offer her his hand but she was already on her feet, "are you alright?" He looked her over and decided she was very pretty, beautiful even. He couldn't get a very good look at her eyes though, her hair was covering it partly.

Brett felt a little uncomfortable for a moment, he sensed something was wrong with this girl. The feeling passed almost in an instant however, so he decided to just ignore it. It was probably just his mind playing tricks on him because he was so worried about his brother's plan. He glanced around and noticed that the girl was alone, he didn't think that was too smart. "Are you okay out here by yourself?" He said casually though his concern was obvious. He didn't want her to think he was a creep, but he was raised to be a gentlemen and therefore felt a need to make sure she was safe.
Knowing that she probably looked like a defenseless girl thanks to not carrying weapons and not being muscular, Kanna knew that his question wasn't misplaced. It was actually kind of nice to have somebody show concern that wasn't her family. She smiled and brushed her hair from her face when it tickled her nose, her burnished gold irises sparkling slightly thanks to a nearby streetlight. "I'm fine, I fall more often than I care to admit. Not the most graceful girl around," she said with a soft laugh. "Oh, I'm alright. I just felt like getting out for a walk. I didn't think anybody else would be out at this hour enjoying the nice weather," she said, not mentioning that she was probably a lot more threatening than anything she could possibly run into. Seriously, what was scarier than running into a vampire in the middle of the night? No human was going to make her quiver in fear. She smiled at the thought.

Keeping her gaze aimed at where she roughly guessed his eyes would be in case he looked at her, she hesitated. For some reason she didn't want to just walk away and continue on. Of course, she knew why it was, she just didn't want to admit it. Being closed up all the time was getting to her. Meeting somebody new was thrilling, especially since she knew her brothers would probably flip out if they knew. This stranger could be anybody. Realizing she had been silent too long, she spoke up again. "I'm Kanna, by the way," she said, hesitating for a moment since offering to shake his hand would display how cold to the touch she was. She was about to say something else when she heard the worst sound ever. "Kanna! There you are!" her eldest brother Tavyn called out. She sighed and shook her head. "Party's over," she muttered, crossing her arms as Tavyn jogged up and gave the mystery boy a smile. "Hey man," he said dismissively, then turned to Kanna. "Mom's looking for you," he said, but she knew that meant that if she didn't go home, he'd have a seizure. "Fine," she sighed. "It was nice meeting you," she said to the other boy, forcing Tavyn to give him a nod of acknowledgement before she turned and started walking back towards home with Tavyn next to her like a protective shadow.
Brett noticed her eyes and wondered if they were really that gold color, or if they were the reflection from the streetlight. Before he could think about it to much she was introducing herself, "a pleasure Kanna." He just managed to add "I'm Brett." before another guy showed up. Brett wondered what Kanna meant by "the party's over", but since the guy was clearly her brother he could guess. He and his brothers were like that with Crystal, she didn't like it either.

Brett smiled back and nodded in his direction, "hey." He gave Kanna a wave as she was lead off, "same here." He called, then started on his way home. His siblings and himself all lived together in a large house deep in the woods, they preferred it out there. It was quiet and peaceful, plus they could change forms with having to worry about being seen. His room was on the ground floor, so he simply climbed in through the window he'd left own.

Laying down his thoughts returned briefly to Kanna, she seemed like a nice girl but he wondered about her. That feeling he had gotten, and her eyes he could have sworn were golden. Was it possible she was one of them? Shaking his head he decided to forget it and after an hour of tossing and turning, he fell into a deep sleep filled with troubling dreams.
Tavyn wasted absolutely no time once they were out of earshot of Brett. "I can't believe you snuck out again. What about last time, Kanna? You completely lost control and almost didn't make it back before you were discovered," he hissed, and she grimaced in response, scrunching up her nose as she kept her hands in her pockets irritably. "You can't keep me caged up like a puppy, Tavyn! I need to get out and see the world!" she snapped, and he snorted. "Why bother? It's not like you can see anything," he retorted without thinking, almost immediately gasping in horror and stuttering out an apology. By then they were home and she ignored him, going upstairs to her room and slamming the door.

The next morning when she woke up, she could tell the house was empty. Tavyn likely didn't dare stay home to face her after what he had said, and everybody else wouldn't know she had been gone. She sighed and sat up, the silver chain that held her onyx pendant dangling over her chest as a steady weight. Soon she was freshly showered and dressed, this time in a deep crimson sundress that she recalled used to compliment her eyes. Of course, she had no idea what she looked like now, so it was just a guess. All dolled up and nowhere to go, she thought with a sigh. Sneaking out in the middle of the day was much too risky... Or was it? She had heard there was a carnival in town today. A big crowd, lots of fun, new people. She ran her tongue over her fangs and hesitated. Could she handle it? "Only one way to find out," she said to herself, grinning as she slipped on her shoes and ran out the door.

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Brett awoke to a strangely silent house, he got out of bed and stuck his head out into the hallway "anyone here?" Getting no response he sleepily stumbled into the kitchen, and found a note sitting atop the counter.

Good morning Brett,
I talked Logan and Mike into joining me at the new carnival. Score! :P
So get dressed and meet us there, it'll be fun and you know you want to.
Love Crystal :D

Brett had to laugh, it was no small feat to get Logan to go to the carnival. He decided it would be fun, so he showered and picked out jeans and a t shirt. He looked casual but decent, stuffing his wallet and keys into his pocket he headed off. When he arrived at the carnival, he figured he'd take a look around before he joined his siblings. He somehow ended up at the fortune tellers tent, he knew Logan would avoid it like it had the plague. As some fortune tellers could tell a werewolf or vampire when they see them, but he knew most of the carnival ones were hacks. So figuring it was safe, and might be fun he joined the line.
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Kanna was nearly skipping with giddy excitement as she approached the carnival. True, she couldn't see the brightly swirling colors or see the laughing children run around in excited circles. Yet a place like this had an.. aura about it. It felt good, as if all of the joy was radiating out in a soothing caress. Of course, part of the wonderful-ness of the place was knowing none of her brothers would dare go near such a huge group of people. She smiled and wandered carefully through the crowds, listening intently and making her way over to a cotton candy stand. Despite her usual 'diet', she had a soft spot for sweets. She purchased a spool of the fluffy pink confection, and spent the next few minutes walking around and tearing pieces off to munch on. Ah, bliss.

Suddenly she sensed something. She tilted her head slightly, then recognized it as the same odd feeling she had gotten last night when she ran into Brett. Literally. Turning in curiosity, she trailed after the feeling until it was incredibly strong. If she had been able to see, she would have realized it wasn't Brett at all, but one of his siblings. She nearly said something, but then she decided that it would be way too odd to come out and greet somebody that she had just met. So, she ended up passing them by, wandering through the rides and down into the section with the other entertainment. Games, sideshow attractions, all that jazz. She heard somebody yelling, boasting he could guess the age of anybody. Grinning to herself, she walked over and stopped in front of the booth, still munching her candy. "I'll take that bet," she said, earning a chuckle from the man. "If I guess your age within one year either way, I win. If I don't, you win ten dollars," he said, and she nodded her agreement. "Sixteen," he said immediately, and she laughed softly. "Wrong by more than a year," she informed him sweetly, taking the ten and wandering off with a mischievous smile.
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Brett excited the fortune teller's ten about fifteen minutes later, defiantly a fraud he thought to himself. She had looked right at him,held his hand and still didn't know what he was. Although she had told him he'd met a girl and fall in love, he found that slightly amusing for some reason. He wandered around looking for his siblings, he eventually found them over near the roller coaster.

Crystal grinned at him and gave him a hug, "i knew you'd show up." She gestured to Logan and Mike, "we were going to ride the coaster." She put her arm through his, "and your coming too."

Brett laughed "oh am i just?" He said teasingly but followed her over, he noticed Logan was being quiet even for him. "Logan? Something wrong?" He asked with concern, "nothing Brett it's fine." Logan gave him a look, meaning he didn't want to talk about it here. Brett nodded and sat down iin the ride next to crystal, there was still an empty seat next to him.
Barely five minutes after she had finished off her cotton candy and tucked the money into the pocket of her dress, she felt an arm wrap through hers. Tensing automatically, she heard a laugh and realized that she had been hooked by one of the volunteers of the carnival. They were notorious for picking up people who were alone and tossing them onto rides or playing games with them. The idea was good, but being led around when you're blind is heavily disorienting. She squealed and laughed, not resisting. This day was supposed to be getting the full experience of the carnival, she wasn't going to be a party pooper. She felt herself being settled in a seat, thinking that she was roughly where the kiddie rides were. Oh, how wrong she was. She felt the restraints lower over her and heard the announcer telling them it was the last call for riders. That was when she realized she was on the coaster. They used to be her favorite ride but she refused to ride them now that she couldn't see where they were going.

She felt herself starting to panic, but then realized something. The volunteer had plopped her next to somebody else, which meant she had to be careful about keeping her arm to herself. But, more than that, she felt the same odd feeling she had gotten earlier. Brett? She didn't dare to ask, and the ride shuddered as it started to move. "Oh god, we're all going to die.." she muttered anxiously to herself, closing her eyes tight as if that was really going to accomplish anything. The breeze caressed her face as they got higher and higher, and she realized that this was scarier than anything her brothers had told her. No creature could be this bad, not even the big bad werewolves that they were always warning her about. It wasn't like there were any of them around here anyway, but that wasn't the point. The only monster right now, was the coaster. She squeaked as they began to crest the top, tensing in her seat and struggling to calm down.

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Brett was glad when the bar went down, he loved the roller coaster it had been his favorite ride since he was seven. He grinned at his sister, and turned his head around to grin at his brothers. He laughed at Mike's face which was turning slightly green, "not feeling so good Mikey?" Mike gave him the finger then joined in the laughter, Crystal laughed along with them. Brett turned around to face the front, so he missed the dangerous look forming on Logan's face.

He turned to the person sitting next to him about to reply to their fearful comment, when he saw who it was. "Oh hello again Kanna", he smiled at her reassuringly "this thing is really safe." Crystal who had heard Kanna's comment but couldn't see her worried face, helpfully added "yeah hes right you know." "I mean last time it collapsed i only got a broken arm." She said teasingly and with a playful smile. Brett turned to her, "you know sis that isn't helpful." Crystal laughed and turned back to the front, as they were almost going over the hill.

Brett's attention was suddenly no longer focused on Kanna as they began to plummet, he yelled and laughed along with the other riders.
Kanna swallowed hard, forcing her voice to be even when her suspicions about her neighbor were confirmed. "Hi Brett," she managed to say, listening as a girl nearby spoke up. Her comment made Kanna's eyes widen and she gasped. "What?!" she managed to squeal, right before they were pulled over the edge. The rush was.. indescribable. Her stomach was left far behind as she screamed, first in panic, then in delight. Not being able to see through the ups and downs actually made it better. She couldn't believe it. By the end she was laughing, shaking her head to get her hair out of her face. "Okay, so maybe I freaked out over nothing," she acknowledged, smiling to herself. Well, she had conquered a fear today. What else would she accomplish, she wondered.

She felt the bar go up and stood, stepping off of the ride carefully and following the trail of people all going to the exit. Once her feet were on solid dirt again instead of the metallic of the ride ramp, she sighed in relief and relaxed fully. That had definitely been an experience, and she even got to run into Brett again. Sort of. He was here with family, apparently, so she wasn't going to bother him. She wasn't sure how much longer she dared to stay anyway around such a large crowd.

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Brett laughed as they rolled to a stop, he felt like a little kid again. He turned to Kanna, "don't worry about it everybody freaks out their first time on a coaster." He said with a grin, he intended to say more but he lost sight of her in the crowd. Shrugging to himself he turned back to his family, but was confused when he only saw crystal and a very sick looking Mike. "What happened to Logan?" He asked looking around, Crystal shrugged "he said he had to go home and do something." The look she gave him made it clear, that she thought it was more than that. Brett knew she was right, Logan wouldn't just disappear without a proper explanation.

Crystal put her arm around Mike, "I'm going to take our big strong brother home." She said to Brett with a laugh, and added in a whisper "will you make sure Logan's okay?" Brett nodded and watched them leave, then he turned and started hunting for Logan. It was difficult trying to find him in this crowd, there were a million smells. He wished he could shift and use his wolf form, but that'd result in a hundred different people having a heart attack at once. After a while he finally found him, he was lending in with the crowd purposefully. And it seemed to Brett, that he was following someone.

Logan had his suspicions, he had felt the presence of one of those murdering vampires near him at the concession stand. He hadn't mentioned it as he didn't want to alert his siblings, but on the role coaster he had sensed it again only stronger this time. he had felt him or her get off the ride and leave so now he was trying to follow their fading presence. Although that didn't look like it was going to happen, not with Brett tailing him.

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Wandering through the large crowd, she started to feel as though she were being followed. It was an odd sense, but she wasn't sure if it was just her mind imagining things since it was so rare for her to be out. How long had it been since she was in a crowd this size? Years. She tried to brush off the feeling, focusing instead on how good the warm afternoon sun felt on her face. Just when she managed to relax and was walking through the game section, she collided with somebody. This time it wasn't an accident - well, it was on her part, but definitely not his. She knew immediately who it was and groaned, her smile vanishing.

"Kanna, are you serious?" Tavyn hissed quietly at her, looking all around before looking back at her. It would be obvious he was antsy, he hadn't fed in a few days. "I can't believe you would even dare to come out here. You know it's not right and you don't belong here," he continued, and she snapped. "You know what, Tavyn? I don't care, okay? I'm sick of being trapped in that house like some kind of prisoner! This is an escape for me! All I want is to have fun!" she said, probably louder than she should have. He said nothing for a moment, then sighed. "I know, I know.. Just, please come home with me," he pleaded.

Shaking her head, she turned and ran. She knew he wouldn't dare chase her, not when it would attract attention and she would likely scream. Her steps lead her in between two tents housing games, and she remained there, running her hands through her hair. The sudden excitement made her realize that maybe he was right. She was starting to crave, feeling the need to latch on to somebody. Biting her lower lip softly, she quivered, fighting down the desire.

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Logan stopped and waited for Brett to catch up to him, he was frustrated that the scent was gone. If he was in wolf form or if there weren't so many people and food he would have found them. Brett caught up to him and looked at him seriously, "Logan what are you doing?" "And don't lie to me you know i hate that." Logan shook his head, "one of them were here Brett sitting with us on that roller coaster." He clenched his fist in disgust, "and i let it go."

Brett was about to reply but Logan cut him off, "i don't want to hear it man." He brushed past him, 'I'll see you at home." He called before taking off. Brett sighed as Logan walked off, he loved his brother but he was really worried about him. If he kept up this he was going to start a full out war again, and Brett had learned from his relatives that it never ended well.

Brett knew Logan would be in the woods somewhere blowing off steam, so he decided to stay at the carnival a bit longer just to pick up his mood a little. He was about to head to the snack stand when he thought he saw Kanna, she seemed to be fighting with her brother. He was going to leave but suddenly she ran past him looking upset, after a moment his conscious got the better of him. He sighed quietly and followed her, "Kanna?" He stepped a bit closer to her, "are you okay?"
Kanna was shaking from the need that was starting to consume her senses, unable to focus on anything else now that the thought had wormed into her mind. The idea of fresh blood pouring over her lips instead of the cold crap she had been sipping from wineglasses for months just sounded so good. She resisted as hard as she was able, knowing that a break down in her resolve right now would lead to her entire family being discovered. It was the middle of the day, a crowded area. She couldn't afford it. Taking several deep breaths, she closed her eyes and focused on tuning it all out. Ignoring the sounds of happy people, the scent of food - more importantly, the scent of blood. Somebody had been injured, apparently.. Tearing her thoughts from that, she sighed, quivering only a little now.

A sudden voice made her turn, and she nodded with a faint smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Tavyn is just a little hard to handle sometimes," she said, scrambling for an excuse for her behavior. She brushed her hair from her face and inwardly prayed that he didn't move any closer to her since she had no idea how long her self-control would last. Plus he had that feeling about him, the strange sense that she couldn't identify. "Anyway, I'm fine. And I'm sorry for the mini freak out on the coaster earlier, it's been a long time since I rode one," she added, not wanting the conversation to end but at the same time not trusting herself to carry it on much longer.
Brett smiled sympathetically, "he's a little overprotective huh?" He laughed a little, "my brothers and i are like that with our little sister." He leaned against one of the nearby tent poles, "if it makes you feel any better I'm sure he's only like that cause he cares about you." He shook his head and smiled, "you don't have to apologize it's only a ride." He grinned teasingly, "besides you could have been worse."

He looked at her eyes, huh they are gold. They were really beautiful, he liked them a lot. He noticed that although she was looking at him, she didn't seem to be seeing him. "Hey Kanna are you......" he trailed off, mortified at what he'd been about to ask. He hadn't meant to, it sort of slipped out. Obviously she was, he didn't need to rub her face in it. "Are you a local?" Nice save genius, he thought angry with himself.
"More than a little," she grumbled, momentarily distracted. "It's a lot more than the whole big brother complex. He thinks I'm a defenseless child and I never get to leave the house," she complained, then realized with a start that she had said far, far too much. She bit her lip and hesitated, then gratefully accepted the change of subject when he mentioned the ride. "True, I could have been shrieking the entire time to be let off.." she mused, smiling a little. The distraction was wearing off and she found herself wondering if he would start yelling if she bit him. No, he was a new friend, she couldn't do that. Her mind kept arguing with itself and she started quivering again.

His hesitation told her that he had been planning on asking something else, but since she wasn't sure what it was, she nodded a bit. "Yeah, we live right in town, a few streets from here," she said, wondering what he had meant to ask. Did he know what she was? Did he suspect that she was struggling not to tackle him right now? Biting her bottom lip anxiously, she ran her hands through her hair, wondering where Tavyn was. It wasn't like him to give up so completely, and if he was lurking he would have broken up this conversation by now. Surely he realized that his sister was on the verge of attacking somebody. "Are you local?" she asked, slightly breathless from the strain at this point.
Brett raised his eyebrow a little, "really? That's a bit extreme" He could understand why her brother would feel that way, considering she had no sight. However she seemed just fine with out it, so fine he hadn't even noticed until now. "Maybe if you talk to him about it he'll ease up a bit." He suggested, trying to be helpful. He nodded laughing a little, "yeah that would have been embarrassing."

He nodded in response to her question, then felt stupid because she couldn't see it. "Yeah i live on the edge of town." He looked at her closely, she looked really sick. She was quivering and biting her lip, he took a tentative step closer. He was afraid she was going to faint, and so he tensed ready to catch her. "Are you sure your okay?" "You look pretty sick, maybe you should sit down for a few minutes."

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