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Horror, Fantasy, Modren, Romance, Magical

Setting: Altoona, PA, 1954.

Plot Summary: Ah, the 50s, a time of confidence of optimism (And awesome fashion). But lurking somewhere underneath, a fear of Communism remains. All seams well, until Sarah's boyfriend is accused of supporting the Communist Party. Will Sarah be able to defend her sweetheart, or will she end up in slammer?

  1. Use Triggers when needed.
  2. All site rules still apply
  3. Try to be as accurate as you can with the time period.
  4. Romance is ok as long as you keep it clean.
  5. 14+ please
  6. Have Fun!
Name: Sarah Lexington

Age: 16

Appearance: View attachment 82045 Personality: Her feelings can be hurt easily, but she can stand up for others no matter who they are.

History: Sarah was born into a troubled family. Her mother worked all day, while her father stay up late drinking their economic troubles away. When her father joined the army in WWII, her mother had to work for days at a time while she stayed at relative's or friend's houses. After the war's end, Sarah's father became a full fledged alcoholic and started abusing her. He once even went to jail for killing Sarah's mom. Even though Sarah is relieved he is gone, Sarah is still shy and insecure.

Relationship Status: Taken

Occupation: Car Hop Waitress.
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