Forbidden Woods

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    Kira listened as her parents argued yet again. One day she's going to leave this house and the yelling, but for the time being she's just a 15 year old girl, still a minor. Kira plays guitar in her free time or hangs out with friends.
    She's sarcastic, short tempered, and impatient at times.

    Kira sat at her windowsill and looked at the nearby woods outside her house. Her parents always told her not to go near those trees. Kira listened to them, because some nights she would hear noises from within the woods. There wood be yelling or growls heard. It was enough to keep Kira away.
    Just then the doorbell rang. Kira knew it was one of her friends. She made her way to the door before her parents did.
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    Benjamin had received a text just a few moments ago from his neighbor and one of his closer friends, Kira. Upon receiving the text, Ben rushed over to Kira's house, having heard the yelling that seemed to be more and more frequent as the days progressed. "Hey. Your parents at it again?" He leaned against the door-frame as she opened the door. He was just thankful that every time he'd rung the doorbell, that neither of her parents ever answered it. It would have been a rather awkward experience.
  3. "Yeah, you want to head out? I don't think I can stand all this yelling much longer."
    Kira messaged Benjamin knowing that he would be willing to lift her spirits. Her parents were starting to put her in a bad mood.
    Kira walked out the house and closed the door behind her.
  4. "Yeah. They're pretty loud. So where do you want to go?" He inquired as he shoved hands into the pockets of his jacket. It was quite a windy night, causing Ben's dyed crimson hair to blow unceasingly with the wind.
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    back&Car (open)



    Tiffany drove past Kira's house in a silver chev and stopped nearby as she noticed the girl on the way out with Benjamin. As she saw the girl she drove in to the side and rasied her hand in a greeting. The car she drove was according to at least Tiffany belonging to her father, however her face was messed up again this morning and looked like if sh had a serious throw-down with a gang of cats this morning 'again'. Tiffany usually always said that she disliked her parents equally much if not more that Kira did at times, but somehow she always got to borrow her fathers car but she usually said that it was just her fathers way to 'get' rid of Tiffany for a while. "Hey Goys... Need a Ride somewhere?... I'm free you know... and its not like I really got anything better to do" she said, it was really questionable if Tiffany had a licence or not, but she was a capable driver even if she was only 16 years old. ​
  6. Kira was just about to answer Benjamin's question when Tiffany drove by.
    She adjusted her hat and walked over to the car.
    "Hey Tiffany, Ben and I were thinking about getting away from all the yelling." Kira motioned towards her house, where you can hear yelling and even a couple crashes.
  7. Tiffany nodded to Kira as she could hear the sounds all the way out to her car. "Sounds good to me. I personally couldn't get far enough away from my peers right now... "she say and sigh. She Stretched slightly and rubbed the scratch on her nose with a few mutters of pain "Get in, I'm not sure where the road will take us but the fuel tank is full... " she said and sighed deeply, she glanced to the forest behind Kira's house and shivered a bit as she thought of it. She didn't really want to say it, but it was because of the same forest that she always got this way... and she was one of the lucky ones even if she hardly could get enough of it. She turned on her favorite song on the music player and looked to Benjamin "Hurry Ben, Time's distance" she called back to him.
  8. Kira noticed Tiffany look at the woods close to her house.
    The woods... I've become used to the noises I hear at night from the direction, but I still get curious.
    "Alright," Kira said as she got in the passenger's seat of thee vehicle.
  9. Ben's head turned as a car pulled up to them, he stayed silent as Tiffany and Kira talked. Personally, he hadn't had much experience with Tiffany, other than the few car rides he'd gone along with whenever he was hanging out with Kira or simply going home. He shrugged his shoulders, getting into the back middle seat and relaxed into it as he buckled his belt.
  10. Tiffany looked back at the two as they got into the car and raised her thumb to them before hitting it. And with screeching tires she made her way out from Kira's street and out to the main road. She drove fast, not hesitating to go a bit faster than the speed restriction due to not having a big fear of cops nor the proper respect of them. She followed the forest edge however and after a while glanced back to the two. "Yo, Where too?... Anywhere you like to go... " she said as she slowed down as the neared a cross road.
  11. Kira always liked how fast Tiffiny drove.
    "No where specific," she answered her question as she looked at the woods.
    "What's out there?" Kira accidentally asked out loud.
  12. Tiffany glanced back to Kira as she stopped by the stoplight, she had heard her and surely she thought about what to reply to her. "Vampires, Werewolves... Evil Witches.... And Demon cats that scratch your face... I mean seriously I believe both my parents came from a gate to hell in there and brought that cursed cat with them..." she and laughed as if it was a joke, but somehow she also believed in what she told them and at points she was so afraid that she was right too even if she really didn't have a clue about what existed there more than her personal experiences.
  13. Kira nervously laughed. She knows it was only a joke but she heard the growls and yelling every night. And it wasn't her parents yelling, it was screams of terror she heard, not anger.
    "Maybe there is some gateway to hell beyond those woods," Kira joked along.
  14. Tiffany turned to look at Kira and then to Benjamin. "Well, Actually, the true question at hand is... Do you dare to find out?... If we go left there's a old road that will take us to a abandoned old church. We have to go from foot from there, but I recommend we pack better clothes first. It gets chilly after a while and if you stay too long you might not find your way back out... " she said with a sly smirk, of course she knew as she been that far but she haden't come back unscratched either... she had those nasty scars down her back from that trip and still felt rather lucky. "So... Right... left?... straight?... Ahead we come to the beach, and right to the highroad... its just to pick. I owe you one so I take you to the gate of hell if you order me"she said and shrugged slightly while waiting for their opinion.
  15. Kira smirked, "I don't know about Bennie here, but I say left. But I would have to go back to get a jacket." She said.
    Kira then looked at Benjamin in the back seat, they were waiting for his answer now.
  16. "Gates of Hell sounds lovely." Ben said indifferently. "Not that I believe in Hell, or Heaven for that matter. But perhaps you can make a believer out of me." Ben shrugged his shoulders and let out a small chuckle. "I'd like to go home first as well." Normally Ben wouldn't request a specific trip for himself, but since they were going to Kira and Ben's neighborhood, it didn't make much of a difference simply because their houses were parallel to one another.
  17. Tiffany nodded to them and sighed slightly "Okay..., Into the foest of Despair it is then... Always thought today might be a good day to die anyway... glad I packed my hat..."she said and pulled out her hat from under the front passanger seat before putting it on firmly. She then hit the gas let the rpm increase before skidding away and turning left anyway. She laughed slightly and threw Kira her spare jacket and smirked "You already wana go home?... hah!... no turning back now... There's a hunter's cottage on the way... we can stop for a few supplies there"she said and speeded right into the forest down the old worn road. However as the asphalt road ended she slowed down slightly to not damage the car on the narrow road. Of course she didn't want to turn the car around in the first place, nor did she want to them to have any second thoughts at their house or risk getting caught by parents when they had gotten this far. She took them straight to the old hunters cottage no questions asked, and then jumped out of the car once she stopped. She opened the glove storage on the passenger side and pulled out a .44 Magnum and a bunch of bullets that she strapped firmly to her belt by the holder it laid ready in. She then walked straig to the cabin and kicked the door in before walking inside. "Come-on Guys... clocks ticking" she said as she went through the pile of left over clothing to find something for Ben to put on as she more or less already had her hiking gear ready.
  18. Ben let out a long deep sigh, but was completely unphased by the entire event. This girl is a fucking lunatic. He thought to himself and just relaxed back into his seat. "Whatever." He said as he ran a hand through his hair, waiting for Tiffany to finally stop. Once they came up to a wooden cabin, Ben unhesitantly got out of the car, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. "Forget it. I'll be fine. Do you happen to have another gun somewhere around here?" He said glancing around the interior of the cabin. He had a pocket knife on him, but it wouldn't do any well against the demons of hell.
  19. Kira put on Tiffany's spare jacket. Once they came to a stop she followed Tiffany into the cottage.
    "You guys sure are serious, do you honestly think there's a gateway to hell?" She asked.
    Kira only had a pocket knife on her, and hoped Tiffany had a spare gun for both her and Ben.
  20. "Like I said, I doubt that hell exists. But I've been wrong before." He said to the side as Tiffany was looking through clothes.
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