Forbidden Village

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  1. Forbidden Village of the East ~ New Shangri La

    The Village of the East is under attack by revengeful Undead that seek nothing more than to destroy man. This village’s only hope is the Samurai, Ninjas and Taoist Monks who protect it.

    After the first war between China and Japan, the Village of the East was created on an island between the two countries, a place that was established as New Shangri La in hopes of union and peace. However, the pain, anger and vengeance of those died in battle refused to rest and began to wage a new war upon the people of New Shangri La.

    This is loosely based off the concepts of the Samurai VS Zombies and Ghost Stories games.

    - Always obey Iwaku’s rules. No powering playing, be friendly, etc.
    - No limit on how many characters you can app.
    - The only element I’ll be GMing will be if parts of the village get haunted or how your stats are affected.
    - Please post a paragraph or longer.
    - Please post at least twice a week.
    - Have fun and be creative! <3

    Roles :

    Samurai –
    Strong warriors equipped with weapons infused with magic who aren’t afraid to fight in the battlefront.

    Ninja – Skilled assassins with stealth and dark arts/magic.

    Taoist Monk – Masters of exorcism and mysticism, they protect the inner land of the village.

    Villager – Villagers have unique powers and abilities that support those who protect the village.

    Character Sheet

    Role: (Samurai, Ninja, Taoist Monk, Villager)



    Stats – You get to 15 stars * to disperse amongst your skills. This will alter how your character is effected in the game >:]
    STRENGTH: (physical)
    MAGIC: (magical skills)
    DENFENSE: (how good can you take a punch?)
    ACCURACY: (got skill?)
    SPEED: (just how fast do you think you are?)
    LUCK: (feeling lucky?)
    BLANK: (wild card! Create your own stat!)
  2. Name: Sasari Yamada
    Role: Ninja
    Age: 23
    Gender: male
    Appearance: 5'5 ninja that wears grayish/black light clothing. wears a sugegasa to hide his face instead of a traditional mask. wears his katana over his shoulder like its out of style.
    Personality: A quiet man. does his job without question. A hard worker that dosent let anybody down, but can open up if he knows the person to an extent.
    Abilities: fast on his feet (faster then a normal man that is) when throwing kuni and shurikens, he can teleport them to hit there mark. master with the art of hand-to-hand combat.
    Strengths: kuni/shuriken teleportation and hand-to-hand combat with or without his katana.
    Weaknesses: frail to hits, if hit that is. if not concentrated, his teleportion gets messy.
    Likes: likes to be alone
    Dislikes: dislikes loud mouths

    History: Sasari was in an family until both his parents where brutally murdered. Sense then on he had to live by himself until a friendly monk adopted him and trained him to be who he is now.

    Stats – You get to 15 stars * to disperse amongst your skills.
    MAGIC: 5
    SPEED: 4
  3. Excellent character! >w< I'll post mine up soon!