Forbidden Romance

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    Have you ever had that desire to do something forbidden? Well now is your chance to do so and get away with it!
    Forbidden Romance
    Okay so this is basically in the title, but I would like to do a romance with a pairing can be male female or male male where they are not supposed to be in love. It can be a teacher falling for his student, A boss for a subordinate, an angel and demon, vampire and human or anything else that isn't usually paired together naturally.
    In this plot, I think it would be fun to have the teacher, boss, demon, or whoever generally knows better trying their hardest not to fall for the student, subordinate, angel etc. But as time goes on, they just cant help it and since they are together all the time, it just naturally happens. The submissive of the relationship has also started to have feelings for the other, but tries hard to keep things friendly between them, only because they don't think the other likes them, and because of the possible outcome if they were caught. However, they will end up in that forbidden romance and work hard to stay together when they both confess their feelings for each other.​
  2. I'd be interested in this, can I send you a message?
  3. of course! is it alright if I am the submissive role though?
    also LOVE the siggy
  4. Forbidden romance? You fall for bad guys? YES PLEASE! I love this kinda thing like a fat kid loves cake... I'm sorry if that's offensive. D: Anyways I have a few pairing options I'd like to pitch to you if your still looking for partners.
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  5. im always looking for roleplays and partners and your siggy is HILARIOUS poor kitty
  6. I found that gif on some random website. First time I saw it I was crying I was laughing so hard. Silly kitty shouldn't bite the octopus. XD Messaging you with the few ideas I have.
  7. alright I look forward to your ideas ^^
  8. SO Interested!
  9. Alright what are you looking for? I should let you know I prefer the female role if it's male female and the submissive role if it's male male. Other then that anything goes with me
  10. Angel and demon! That sounds so cool! And that's fine I can play male roles with ease.
  11. okay next question then... male male or male female?
  12. Male female I work better with that....
  13. works for me ^^

    so do you want to be demon then? since that would be the more dominant role of the two.... I cant see a female being that aggressive unless she was a demon, but then she would be the dominant character >.<

    also what would be a good plot.

    I was thinking it over and thought that the angel ends up captured by demons or something and if your going to do the demon your character is the one that ends up with her. what happens after that is up to the roleplay and the type of character your going to go with.
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  14. Sounds good to me! And yes I'd like to be the demon!
  15. yay. okay so to set up a thread. uh mature alright?
  16. alright ill set it up then, do you want to use images or just roleplay? I tend to like an image to start.
  17. okay images
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