Forbidden Relationship.

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  1. Ashley's back with another partner request!!

    Okay so today I have two plots... But the pairing is Teacher x Student. And I'm always accepting rp partners so... Yeah. (The colored part is who I'm playing as)

    Plot #1:

    __ Has been crushing on Her Teacher for quite a while, but from what she sees, he's happily married with his college sweetheart. Little does she know that Mr. Kaburagi has been planning to file a divorce for over 2 months from now. When she does find out, she send him a letter in his mail box explaining her feelings towards the teacher. 2 weeks passed by and no response, she hasn't exactly tried talking to him, so she thinks that he's just turning her down slowly. One day, she had to stay after school, being part of student council and all, and so did Mr. Kaburagi. But on that same day, there was a really strong thunderstorm, and it was flooding so hey were both trapped in the school building. Since, they were the only people left in the school, they only had each other. Would this be the start of an intimate relationship, or the start of unforgiving hate?

    Plot #2:
    Akari´┐╝ Tisune is head over heels over her teacher __. She'd actually be willing to do anything for him, even if he'd invade her body. But when she needs him to coach her swimming club, it was suddenly a competition with the other presidents of The other clubs including Sakura Misaki, Yuki Fujioka, and Yui Fujiyama. Not only is it a battle to convince the coach to coach their clubs, but it also was a competition to please him the most.
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