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Welcome to Serluna. This country is known as the Kingdom of Magic, for its starry skies, beautiful scenery and abundance of magic.
This was caused by the former king, King Gustiov, who was a wizard. During his reign, wizards, witches, and other types of Magic-Users lived and prospered. The country also thrived in both wealth and happiness. This time was known as the Magical Era, for it was a time of peace, happiness, and magic. Little by little, interest in magic rose and many people began to dabble in the magical arts.

But out story does not start here. It starts with a much darker theme.

About 27 years later, the king died. It's mostly agreed that he died of old age. But some think the statements not true. Some think he was killed by his successor, King Markyl. No evidence supports this claim, but things changed under his rule. For 3 years, the country lived as if the former king was still alive. Things eventually change, however. And some for the worse.
Markyl accused a wizard of trying to kill him by tainting his soup. His paranoid nature eventually gave way and the biggest change of Serluna was to happen: Magic was outlawed. Sorcerers and sorceresses alike were to be arrested and killed. There was only one way to kill a magic-user. Cut out their tongue and hands then burn them in the fire. Hundreds were caught, accused, and eventually slaughtered by this horrible new law. Some of them were even innocent people who never had done magic in their lives, but Markyl couldn't care less. If he thought you practiced magic, you would be killed. Thousands attempted to flee the country, though many were actually caught.
Countless rebellions have also taken place. But the huge army, known as the Markyl Forces, were able to wipe out any resistance. There were so little of them, and the king soldiers were many and dead loyal. It seemed no one could stop the horrible king.

The Magical Era had gradually changed into the Fiery Era. The kingdom actually smelled of burnt flesh and a depressing aura hovered over everyone. Guards were everywhere, barging into residents' homes and searching them without their consent. They didn't need it. By the law, any suspicions about magic and/or magic-users could be acted upon without consent.
Serluna used to be a thriving kingdom, but now it was reduced to the paranoid and strict nation it was now. If you were a magic-user in this era and in this country, what would you do?

There would only be three options: Fight, Run, or Die.

Alright, my first-made RP. I hope it's not a failure. Anyways, this RP is packed filled with action. There may be a little language and blood, so be advised, young kiddies.
Okay, here's the statistics:

Plot: You are a magic-user, or a friend of a magic-user running away with him/her. You meet other magic-users and/or friends of them. You (maybe?) band with them in order to fight your way out of Serluna. You will go through many perils and battles in your fight for freedom of magic!

Setting: Some of it will happen in the Country of Serluna, but the RP will take place in other locations as well. It's a fantasy, kind of medieval times so no modern technology.

Rules: Basic rules apply. No godmodding, power-playing, etc. No explicit sexual things either. A little bit of language is okay, but don't over do it. Same with blood.

Character Guidelines:
1. Characters must be approved by me before being accepted.
2. You can be an elemental user. CHECK to see if someone else has used the element before you let your character use it. For elementals, powers are limited to controlling, creating, and becoming your element. Only one element.
2. You do not have to be a magic-user. As stated above, you can be a friend of one who's running away with them or simply just wanting to get out of the country.
3. Only two characters per person.
4. For the love of Pete, please do not give your characters over-powerful abilities. They will be rejected right away.
5. Your character does not have to be human, how cool is that? It can be a different species you made up! Make sure the species makes sense and not overly powerful, fully describe it, and I'll approve it (if good)!
6. Any questions? PM me!

Character Sign-Up Sheet:
Name: (Name of character)
Age: (Age of character)
Gender: (Gender of character)
Species: (Species of character)
Magic-Type: (What kind of magic type is it? Wizard? Witch? Elemental? Explanations of the different types below. If not a magic-type, just put none.)
Personality: (What do they act like? How do they usually roll?)
Abilities/Power: (What can your character do? What kind of powers or magic can she/he do? If not a human, different species abilities can be put here as well.)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? You can provide a picture. If no picture, make sure to explain him/her in extra detail!)
History: (What has happened to your character between before and now?)
Other: (Anything else? If nothing, just put none.)

Character Types:
Wizard: Name given to a basic male magic-user. They do spells and chants for making things happen.
Witch: Not an evil person, but basically the female version of a wizard.
Elemental: A person who can control an element (a material of the world), such as fire or water. They can control, create, and become this element.
Alchemist: Person who uses potions, brews, or any other things consumed for magic.
(If there's any you'd like me to add, give a name, description and I'll put it in if I like it.)

I'll need at least three other people in order to start the RP. Thanks for reading, please join, and have fun RPing! (I'll post my character soon. And ignore the crappy banner.)


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Name: Alvida Desus Samnital
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Magic-Type: Witch
Personality: At first, Alivda seems untrustworthy and brooding. She always keeps a calm demeanor, never losing her temper, never being surprised, and always smiling at the strangest moments. She finds humor in all situations and often laughs when others deem it inappropriate. Even in battle, she maintains a level head. She goes by her own will and often leads the way in things. She's very independent and almost never listens to anyone's orders or commands unless she has to. In a way, she almost seems childish. Though she does watches and protects those she care about. Sometimes, in more serious moments, she seems to lose her childish air and become almost sorrow.
Abilities/Power: The parasol she carries around can turn into a sword by tapping the head of it twice on the ground. Though when others try to do this, it never works. She's a skilled swords woman, a little more on the defensive side. Some of her lacks physical power, but she makes up for it with her magic. She can do a variety of attacks and effects on things using spells and chants. She's very nimble and agile, usually a quick foe. She can heal some wounds with her magic, but only small ones.

History: In her younger years, she was originally taught by her father how to use magic, though he soon became uninterested and stopped teaching her. She continued by herself, perfecting her skills on her own. Before the Fiery Era, she was one of King Markyl's assistants. Her assignments usually involved using her magic to protect the king. Some speculate she was actually the "wizard" who tried to poison the king, though nothing supports this and many disregard it to be simple gossip. When Alvida is asked herself, she simply laughs and say "What a strange thing to say.", confusing even more. After the attempted assassination, Alvida was of the first to be executed. She somehow escaped, being the only magical assistant of the king to do so. Guards searched the castles and kingdom of her, though they could never find her.
Other: She has a signature "Kwee kee kee!" laugh.
I am interested, and shall put up a Wizard for your consideration once I hit upon some character inspiration.
Thanks a whole bunch, unanun :)
And here we go ... (WIP)


"Magic comes from the force of the will .. that is my theory."

Vitals: Darius, 30's, Male, Human

Occupation: ​Wizard

Personality: Absent minded, always preoccupied with something else. More concerned with himself, or, to be more precise, with his goal, which he himself usually falls secondary to. Obsessive. Considers most things a petty waste of time; does not remember his birthday, parents, age, or any other personal details very well.

Abilities: "Force of Will"; the Desire of the mind to Shape the world is mediated by the Word.

Appearance: Ragged clothes, simple cotton pants and shirt, no real taste for fashion and wears whatever is on hand and comfortable. Outfit may change daily depending on what is accessible and readily available.

History: "Before Fiery Era" has a very vague meaning and is of even vaguer importance. Darius was born to wizarding parents who wished for him to continue in the tradition and placed him into a traditional schooling regime. After he watched his parents burned at the stake, the executioner at hand began to twitch, his arms contorting, legs twisting, bones breaking.

"Die." The man imploded into a wet red ball, with jutting twitching fingers and eyeballs danging by the thin strands of flesh. Brain, blood, and feces sloppily leaked from the twisted sphere of flesh. The thing hovered in the air for a second or two before falling to the ground and exploding outwards into a soup of human matter.

Since then, he does not remember too much about it. Whenever he does, his mental imagery tends to manifest itself as being entirely composed of words, in English or other foreign dialect. The outlines of some people are red, others blue. Some are a chaotic jumble of words, others are defined so well in black microprint that they might as well be normal humans. He suffers from advanced synesthesia and schizophrenia, but is harmless.

Mostly harmless.​
Haha, accepted before I finished :P
Really? (looks up)


Accepted again.

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Haha but no, I'm usually that slow. Don't worry, you'll get used to it.
Character Sign-Up Sheet:

Appearance:shaman-C.O.N.D.I.G.N rp.jpg

Name: Kabur Firestrength

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Species: Troll

Magic-Type: Fire Elemental

Personality: Kabur is a Chaotic neutral, having a respect for everything but is very free spirited, and a heavy drinker when around those he trusts. With new people he is cautious as well as careful, and quiet.

Abilities/Power:Kabur being a master with the element of fire is able to create fire at a whim, he can control it very easily enough as to shoot fireballs and make it an armor about himself without burning him. He is able to make fire burst out on anything that isn't wet, this comes at a price though that drains his energy at a rapid rate making him prone to passing out if he uses it to much. Trolls are able to see in low light and are able to regenerate their body at a rapid pace causing weariness.

History: Kabur comes from a tribe of mountain trolls who excelled in teching their young how to master the element of fire, growing up Kabur was able to excel in his learnings, passing his tribes right of adulthood and earning the last name firestrength. The Magical era, was Kabur's happiest years, during this time Kabur ended up perfecting the fire element, and helping his tribe fend off the occasional tribes. Growing old enough to become a Village elder at age 55, Kabur spent his time teaching how to master the element of fire to his tribes young. In the Fiery Era Kabur's village came under attack from the Markyl forces, Kabur and the rest of the villages warriors and elders tried in vain but lost trying to defend their mountain village. During the fighting Kabur ended up getting knocked out and pushed off mountain side, when he woke up in a bush that had broken his tumble hours later he ventured back to the village to find it desolate. Kabur left to search for a way of revenge.
Other: None

May come back to change anything later (it's late and i probably put some nonsense in there!)
Name: Soah Northe
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Magic-Type: Elemental (Wind)
Personality: Calm and mature, she's typically the sort to be breaking up fights and trying to soothe hurt feelings. She considers others before herself. Her self-esteem is lower than it might seem and she does not tend to think that others even see her as a girl
Abilities/Power: Soah tends to use her abilities defensively, creating barriers out of wind, pushing fighting people away from one another, and occasionally using it to glide over things. Becoming her element is her favorite though and she likes the freedom of being one with wind, though it can make her feel very dissociated if she does it for too long.

Raised from childhood as the middle child in a large group of siblings, Soah has played the mediator for most of her life though she never got much attention. Her abilities involving wind finally convinced others to pay attention to her but it was negative attention.

To protect her, many of her siblings convinced her to hide her abilities. This worked well for most of Soah's childhood with only a few mishaps that her siblings somehow managed to explain away. When Soah became an adult, though, she was taken to drink by one of her friends. This led to a bar fight, which Soah broke up with her powers to protect her friend.

Being discovered meant that Soah had to flee and go into hiding, which she's been doing since. Her siblings did what they could for her, providing her with a cloak and a horse so that she could travel.

Other: None
Accepted, you two! Now we can start.

So for the first post for your characters, you can just make a little intro of where they are and what they're doing. After that, I'll take the lead and you guys can play along.
The Roleplay will be made into chapters, by the way. I haven't tried chapters before but it looks promising.

For anyone else who wants to join, you're free to join. However once we reach six or seven players I think we might stop accepting new ones.

Okay, the thread is up in the Fantasy Category. Thanks for joining and have fun RPing!
oooo! sounds fun! :D i is working on my person!
Glad to hear you're interested :)
ok, working on another character sheet for another rp, will post soon after i get the other one up.
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Name: Leon Trince

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Magic Type: None

Personality: The one that doesn't attach well with others. Though he has his share of friends, when he first meets new people he just wants a quick "hi and bye" relationship. Unfortunately, that never happens does it? He remains calm under stressful situations, but has a light fuse if he is annoyed for too long.

Ability/Power: He doesn't have any real "power", but, seeing as though he's an elf, he does do good in the healing artes.

Appearance: (See above) For someone who looks so old, he's actually quite young.

History: Elves are hard to come by these days and Leon Trince isn't afraid to admit the fact that he is one. People used to fear them, along with all of the other "specials" in Serluna. As a child, Leon raised himself in the forest (elves natural habitat) with the animals and themes of nature. He was a gentle, sweet kid, never giving the village problems.

In the darkest of times, however, the elves became hasty...knowing that there was something dark and ominous to come. Out of his own choice, Leon trained himself with his arrows and knives to become the protector of the elves. Little did he know that there were some many others that were in need of his assistance.

As the times darkened worse and worse, he figured that Serluna wasn't as peaceful in his youth as it appeared to be now. His job from that time forth: Protect himself until he could successfully escape. And if anyone got in his way, there would be consequences to pay afterwords; good or bad, he did not know.
if anyone wants to do a quick meetup with my character im fine with it.
Yeah, I'm waiting for the others to post before I make my move.

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Alright, I'm going to move the story along now.

MORE EDITS: So for the butterfly thing, you guys can just make up what happens when they reach your characters. It doesn't matter if it's different for each person. That would actually kinda make sense.
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