Forbidden Love

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    (If you recognise any of these pictures, you're not meant to. Just a reference.)

    Aika is one of the cutest girls in school. She could be considered the school idol. At 15 years old, she's nearly finished her compulsory education (compulsory education ends at 16 in Japan) and is desperate for serious love. Being pretty, she's always had boys coming onto her, but they're never serious. However, her view of "serious" is simply a man older than her- preferably around 20.

    After persuading her best friend, Eri, to come with her to a western bar at the other end of town, she bumped into a handsome looking stranger.


    He was clearly around 20, so Eri tries to tell her not to, but Aika began to flirt anyway. It got so far that they nearly kissed. But at the last moment, when their faces were millimetres away, he stopped and whispered:
    "I don't make love with minors." his face serious.
    Aika, embarrassed and stunned, with wide eyes, slaps him. She had tried so hard to look grown up! Not even grabbing Eri, she storms out of the bar and back home. Eri tries to catch up with her, but she's not very athletic. :blush: Aika spends the rest of the weekend sulking and whining. Her family think she's very odd, complaining by herself.
    On Monday, she gets to her homeroom and is still in a bad mood. The class are informed that they have a new homeroom teacher who also teaches English. Aika perks up at this. The door opens and in walks...

    ....the man from the other day?!
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  2. Lana sat at her desk with her head down, not caring about anyone in this stupid class. She lifts her head at the door opening and sees a gorgeous man walk in. 'Is that the teacher?! He' No. Stop. Stop thinking like that, it's wrong.' Lana's father has programmed the thought of thinking sexually wrong into Lana's head. 'He'd probably like a girl like Aika anyways' She sighed and put her head back down, realizing she has no possible chance with him. [​IMG]
  3. Aika was speachless. And what made it worse was he was looking directly at her. And didn't look surprised to see her. Aika looked down, flustered. The staff member at the front of the room was introducing the new teacher.

    'Why?! Why is he doing that?! Is he a stalker? Is he trying to get me back from the other day?' thought Aika. Then something hit her. 'Could it be because I slapped him?' Aika began to panic. Then her "thought manager" popped into play. 'That's ridiculous. As the teacher, he would have to have applied ages ago- long before Saturday, right? So he can't be after revenge. OK.' Aika began to calm down. Coyly, she looked back again, only to see his dark, enticing eyes staring right into hers, with a somewhat sexy but knowing smile. He was so handsome! Aika began to blush.

    The staff member had finished talking and left, leaving the man at the front of the room, still lingering at Aika, but flicking his eyes to other people as well.

    'Right.' thought Aika. 'It's decided. The only chance I have at redeeming my dignity is to make him fall for me!'

    Aika shot her hand up into the air, a look of determination on her face. The man spotted her and turned to Aika. He walked over and nodded for her to ask.

    "Sensai- what do we call you by?" she asked sweetly. The whole class groaned. Eri leaned in.

    Weren't you listening before?" she asked, slightly irritated. Aika began to blush out of embarrassment- for real.

    "I didn't mean not to..." said Aika, putting on the cutest embarrassed face she could muster. Sensai blushed slightly. He shoved his hand over his mouth and suddenly looked away.

    'Score!' thought Aika.

    "Sensai?" asked Aika.

    (OOC: sorry that was long. I just wanted to get the basics right. I would like this roleplay to go on A LOT, if you don't mind. I think it needs to. Anyway, so please introduce yourself, Sensai. <3 <3.)
  4. Anri was a 15-year-old girl and a serious otaku. She was extremely beautiful and new to the school. She found her class just before the bell rang.(Almost late on my first day... that definitely would be pleasent.) Anri sat in the middle row next to the window. She noticed the teacher come in and her face was flush red. (He's so beautiful... Is he really our teacher?!) Her mind drifted thinking of a bunch of romantic scenes with the man.

  5. Sensai turned round, his face once again composed. He leaned onto Aika's desk.

    'Hmm?' wondered Aika. Sensai showed again, his devilish smile.

    There was that glint in his eye. His stance was one used to hit on a girl. The whole class could see the sexual chemistry between them, and let out an intrigued 'Ooooh!'. Aika blushed scarlet.

    'Why is he doing this? Did I go too far? Has he figured out what I was planning? Or is he trying to make me feel uncomfortable?' thought Aika.

    Sensai leaned in closer and and opened his mouth to speak.
  6. Anri looked on with jealousy. Although, she doesn't seem like she's enjoying the attention. I should probably help... Anri rose her hand and called Sensai over to her. "What will we be doing today?" Anri tilted her head and looked at Aika and smiled giving her a thumbs up.
  7. Soon his reaction snapped back towards his class, he was so caught up with his previous "encounters" with the student he had met before, he almost forgot about t he fact that he was in charge of running the class itself. Clearing his throat, he backed away from Akia, making sure to not forget her face for any reason. Making his way to the black board, he grabbed a piece of chalk from its stand, fluently writing his name and the class he was teaching on the board, in cursive no less, when he finished he dropped the chalk back onto the stand "of name is Shoti Akasuki...but you all shall refer to me as Mr. Akasuki...or Sensai if you would like..." he said to the class, his voice was strong and firm, but at the same time a little gentle and compassionate With a small huff, Shoti dropped his messenger bag onto the floor, looking up at the class, but his gaze mostly shot back to Akia, she was that same girl he saw back at the bar, and that same girl that slapped him a while back, he was slowly rubbing his left cheek, as if the pain form that slap returned from her gaze alone, looking back at his class, he clapped his hands once lightly as if to get the rest of the classes at attention " for what we will be doing my young students, will be the start of molding your creative minds to become esquisite artists of words...welcome to your Creative writing course" he said in a bit of an upbeat tone of voice.
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  8. ‘Of course. Miss Perfect would be the girl to have an instant connection with probably the most handsome man I've ever seen. Why me? Why did I have to already fall for a guy that I one, don’t know and two, has a thing with Aika?’ Lana couldn't help but feel jealous. Aika always gets the guys in school ever since they were five. Lana knew she wasn't the prettiest of the two, but damn. I guess it wouldn't matter anyways, there was no way her father would let her date a man, especially one of Mr, Akasuki's age.
  9. Still feeling the heat smouldering in her cheeks, Aika tried to pay attention to the lesson. However, like most of the female populace of the class, it was entirely impossible. As Sensai drew on the board foreign letters that meant very little to Aika, her gaze kept lingering over the well-toned and masculine parts of his body.

    'Hmm...he is so fine.' thought Aika to herself. 'Just once more round his figure?'

    As Aika eyed her way around Sensai's body, she found her eyes resting on a somewhat private part. If not the. Aika's eyes shot open in surprise as she noticed the enlarged shape protruding from his otherwise-smooth outline. Aika followed his gaze to the other side of the room.

    'What?! He's interested in LANA? Why her? I'm better in every way!' Aika began thinking of what she could possibly do. 'I am SO going to confront him about this after class!' Aika sat, tense in her seat, eyeing Sensai suspiciously.
  10. Anri took notes as Mr.Akasuki taught the lesson. He was a pretty good-looking guy, but considering he was probably at least five years older than her she just went through her day like normal. Goto school, Go home, watch anime and play games, then goto sleep to start it over all again. Everyday for the rest of compulsory education. Anri drifted from her notes and began to look at Mr.Akasuki more and more, the more she thought about a life where she did the same thing in repeat. After a while the bell rang. After class Anri waved goodbye to Mr.Akasuki without any direct eye contact. Just a glimpse of his eyes might of made her heart skip a beat.

    She ran down the hall to the stairs holding her notebook close to heart. (I can't let anyone have this...) She opened it and a picture of Mr.Akasuki caressing her gently was drawn on one of the pages. It was fairly drawn. She blushed again and made a squee kind of sound to herself. "I better collect my things and hurry back to class."
  11. As Shoti continued to teach the class, his mind mostly wondered onto Akia, he couldn't help but keep her in his thoughts, just the small thoughts of her being in his class alone gave him a bit of a warming sensation all over, mostly focusing onto his groin area. Trying his best to relax and push those thoughts out of his head to finish his teachings, he soon stopped writing on the board, what was on the board was a small list of things, it looked a bit like a check list of some sorts. turning to his class and walking to his messenger bag, he pulled out a small stack of notebooks, they weren't very large, maybe eighty pages at most, he then held them in his arms "alright class...the list behind me is a list of things that all good writers need in a story, Plot...setting...time...characters...and story type...these notebooks will serve as our story books...every so often i will give a writing assignment...i will supply one of these four things and you will have to prep the rest for the story" he said as he handed the books to Lana, he gave a small smile as he set them down on her desk, more of a friendly smile then anything "this weeks assignment will be an easy one...i want you to create a romance more then a page out of your notebooks but adding a bit more wouldn't also recommend writing down the check list as a reference..." he said as he walked towards his desk again, pulling out a special notebook "all the good stories i find i will refer into my own personal notebook..." he added with a scoff.
  12. 'He must be JOKING.' thought Aika, at the last line. 'Own personal notebook?'

    When Aika got her notebook, she wrote her name on the front and began copying down what was on the board. The rest of the lesson went quickly and before she knew it, the bell had rung. Aika, picking up her bad, sidled over to Sensai. He was cleaning the chalk off the board.

    "Sensai?" asked Aika from behind him. Sensai gave a start and turned round. Everyone else was filing out the door to next lesson. "I wish to ask you something. Don't you think your attentions towards Lana are somewhat inappropriate?" expressed Aika with the sweetest smile.

    Sensai looked puzzled.
  13. ‘He…ME! Oh my god! Oh my god! He came to my desk’ Lana paused her inner freak out to make sure no one was watching her. ‘AHHHH! I might have a chance!’ She thought as she blushed and filed out of the classroom. She didn’t even care that Aika stayed after to talk to Mr. Akasuki. He didn’t go to her desk, so she hadn’t a care in the world. Opening her locker, she couldn’t help but fall for the man even more. His smile, his hair, his perfect body that she wanted to do so- ‘Stop. Stop thinking like that Lana, he’s way out of your league.’ The young girl sighed and went on to her next class, counting down the minutes until lunch.
  14. Anri spent her next class thinking about class for a change. She jotted down her notes and managed to keep Mr.Akasuki out of her mind. In fact, she almost forgot about the man until lunch came and she opened her notebook and saw the drawing. Even though she was alone it was still embarrassing. She always ate lunch by herself in an abandon classroom since the school lost a decent amount of kids some classrooms were just empty, ready to be used as club rooms. "What if I had an Otaku club..." this was her thought almost every time she was in the room, but it was always contradicted to something along the lines of "No one would come." She sat and read her books.
  15. When lunch came around, Lana wandered the empty halls. She never liked eating in the cafeteria simply because of the people. As she walked by an unused classroom, she saw a girl sitting at one of the desk flipping through a notebook. ‘What is she doing in there…’ She opens the door and says, “Hey! What are you doing in here by yourself?”
  16. Anri jumped at the sudden voice. She slammed her notebook and smiled at her. "Just eating. I always eat in here I'm new so I don't really know anyone. Being an exchange student sucks." She knocked on her head softly and stuck her tongue out. "What are you doing wandering the halls by yourself?"
  17. ‘What’s in that notebook? ’ “Oh, you know..The people in the cafeteria are rude idiots. May I join you?” Lana pulled out a chair before the girl could say yes or no. She really wanted to find out what was in the notebook and she didn’t even know why. Usually she’s not this intruding or outgoing. "So, what were you really doing before i came in?" Lana asked giggling a little.
  18. Anri looked at Lana. "Well, I was reading. Then I got bored and started drawing. Then, i ate while eating and now we're here." Anri tilted her head on one hand genuinely bored. She eventually got to a laying down position. pushing the notebook unknowingly to Lana. No one is going to see this picture... Anri gripped a piece of paper in her hand under the desk.
  19. “Hmm can I see your drawings?” Lana said while reaching for the notebook. ‘She really thinks I didn’t see that! What the hell has she got to hide?!’
  20. Anri smiled "S-Sure." She showed her the crumbled piece of paper. It was of the outline of a human female body. This is so embarrassing the body isn't even proportional. She's gonna criticize me now... "I was trying to draw me, but that's kinda hard... Don't tell anyone about this place!" Anri snapped at Lana. Phew if I had my journal this would've sucked even more... She thought of the picture of Mr. Akasuki and her. Instead of the usual tense reaction it actually seemed to calm her. She entered a blissful daydream of the two of them together. She sighed and looked down. "Yeah right." Her faced was flush red. Did i just say that out-loud!