Forbidden Love

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  1. Two families who always feud... sound familiar? Well this is a different version of Romeo and Juliet.
    The Hanson's and the Franklins have despised each other since the dawn of time. No one knows how the feud started, all they know is that they hate each other with a passion. And since they live right across from each other it doesn't exactly make it any easier. One day when there only child's accidently make contact with one another... it becomes a strong connection. Are the two children be doomed like Romeo and Juliet???
    -My Quick Character Info-
    Name: Bridget Marie Hanson (Bridge is her nickname)
    Age: 16
    Looks: Long beautiful shiny red hair, deep forest green eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips and long black eyelashes and fair skin. She is absolutely beautiful! She is also has the perfect slim body. You can also see her dimples when she smiles.
    Bridge started her rusty old red truck, she didn't care what others thought, she loved that truck. She smiled to herself and pulled out of her driveway, letting the sun she on her face, making her look even more radiant. She glanced at the house across from hers and sighed. She has never be allowed to go near that house... her parents always told her that bad people lived over there... the Franklins to be exact. She has seen the couple quite a few times and let me tell you, it was not pleasant. She heard they had a son about her age, yet she has never seen him. She was beginning to think he was some sort of myth. She sighed, shook the thought out of her head and drove off to the coffee shop. Once she got there she parked her car and went into the shop.

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  2. Name: Hotaro Franklin
    Age: 18
    Looks: Short brown hair, eyes that have a little more than you'd expect in them, a smirk and a sly smile is his favorite mask.
    Hotaro smirked as the game ended.

    "Top score again, losers. Looks like I'll be getting lunch from you boys again." There was a collective sigh. The boys each signed off and Hotaro leaned back. His smirk quickly disappeared as he saw a truck pulling away from the house a crossed the street. He always had a morbid curiosity as to why his family hated them. They were people, much like his family, so what could they have done.

    After turning his game off, Hotaro stood and made his way outside and began to walk down the street.
  3. Bridge ordered herself a cappochino, smiled sweetly at the cashier and said, "Thank you." then she looked around and found a seat. She walked over to the empty seat and sat down.
  4. Hotaro sighed.

    Another day of wandering the city. I tend to avoid staying home all day.. but I wish I had more things to do in this city.

    He put his hands behind his head and walked down the road a bit more. He decided that he'd make his usual lap around the park and coffee shop today.
  5. Bridge took a sip of her cappocino while looking around the shop.
  6. My Quick Character Info-
    Name:Ryan Franklin
    Age: 17
    Looks: 6 ft tall with blond hair and immaculate looks despite all the parting and fooling around he does most of his days
    Attitude/Personality: He is a party animal and general joker (like Mercutio The Father of the Franklin family does not approve of this rouge of a Cousin)
    Ryan smiles as he sees his cousin walk down the road to wards the tree he was in he had seen the whole thing he knew all ready that Hortaro fancyed the girl from the Hanson and was allways care full not to bring it up atall around parents or anyone who would rat them in. he hung down from the branch and said "whats up cuz?" in jokey manor.
  7. Hotaro jumped upon seeing his cousin in such a spot. He looked and made sure he wasn't just seeing things.

    "What the heck are you doing up there Ryan? You know.. forget I asked. I should be used to this by now." He leaned on the tree and snickered at the goofy attitude that always seemed to follow his cousin. His father would always tell him to not take after Ryan, but he always found that he was a great person to talk to.
  8. Bridge checked her phone then groaned when her father called her phone. She checked it then hit the ignore button. Then, she hopped off the chair and walked towards the garbage can.
  9. "sooo whatch ya dooing ?" Ryan asked climing down from a tree.
  10. "I just finished dominating some of my friends on Madden again.. and decided to take a small walk again." Hotaro mentioned as he stepped back to allow room for Ryan to land on the ground.
  11. "cool i was never that good at that game though i did better and Minecraft and stuff like Legions of Leagues" replied Ryan
  12. Bridge got out of the coffee shop and the door made a ding when she opened it. Immidiatly her attention turned toward Hotaro, a boy she has never seen before, and she knew almost everyone around here. Then she saw a blonde haired boy on the top of a tree, she knew him, he was a Franklin. She was secretly friends with him and snuck to a few of his crazy parties. She smiled big, her green eyes brightening. She waved, "Hey Ryan! Whats up?!"
  13. "Hey Brige whats up hows things going " Ryan replies smiling plesantly
  14. Bridge smiled, her dimples showing, and tucked her hair behind her ear, "Good, well kind of. My dad is being annoying as usual, but you know, that normal for him." she rolled her eyes at the thought about her father, she never got along with him. She turned her attention towards Hotaro and smiled again her dimples showing once again, "Hiya! I am Bridget Hanson. But everyone calls me Bridge."
  15. Ryan is approached by a man and tapped on the shoulder who says "hey ryan you got any more of that moonshine stuff youve been brewing?"
    Ryan turns and replies "yeah how many bottles do you want i got them in my bag here" the man pulls out $5 and ryan give him 4 bottles of his home made moonshine which he nicked named "Beggars Bluff"
  16. Hotaro was stunned. This was the girl that he kept seeing across the street, the one he was crushing on. His cousin new her?! He got super flustered and looked angrily at Ryan for a moment before Bridge interrupted his confusion and anger with words.

    "Er.. uh.. I am Hatara.. I MEAN Hotaro.. s-sorry." He looked the other way.
  17. Ryan pocket the note and turned back to face Hotaro and Bridge smiling to him self
  18. Bridge smiled. He is cute, she thought. Then she suddenly felt like she has seen him before... then it hit her and she smiled more, "Wait a sec... you live across from me right? So, you must be a Franklin right?" she smiled and crossed her arms.
  19. He scratched the back of his head, almost forgetting about the feud they were almost forced to keep up. "Yeah.. you could say that I guess. Which makes you a Hanson, right?"
  20. She nodded, "Yeah, my parents always said I am suppose to hate the Franklin family, but I dont." she glanced at Ryan then gestured toward him, "Take Ryan for example. He is a friend of mine, of course my family doesnt know it." She laughed lightly.