Forbidden Love of Another

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  1. Shade sighed as she waited outside of school for her boyfriend. He usually wasn't late. Especially on cold days like today. She took out her phone and tried to call him.

    "Come on..... Come on! Pick up! I'm freezing out here! Come on!"she muttered to herself as her phone started ringing. She looked around to see if his car was anywhere near. She sighed and waited for him some more. after three more minutes, she went inside the school to get warm and wait for him in there. She was too cold to stay out there.

    "Where the hell is he?...."she muttered to herself.

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    Isaac bent over the toilet bowl and retched one last time. The water filled with even more disgusting vomit and what looked like blood. Knowing he was finally done, Isaac flushed the contents away, stood up and cursed whatever revolting stomach bug he had caught. It was cold, and lots of people were falling ill, so he didn't think much of it. But he couldn't let his parents -- or Shade -- know he was sick. They'd just tell him to go to the doctor, and Isaac hated doctors.

    He winced in pain a little as he walked to the school's bathroom sink, rinsing his face. The dog bite he had sustained the other day was just beginning to close up a little, but still hurt like hell. Isaac had a habit of keeping ailments to himself; he had been immunised from tetanus and such, so he didn't feel he needed to get his bite checked out.

    Isaac checked his phone -- a missed call from Shade. He shot her a text as he walked out of the school and into the parking lot, apologising and telling her to wait for him at the front gate.

    She was there, like he had asked. He pulled in front of her, fiddling with the controls to make the car warmer. She was tiny, so he guessed she would be cold. "I'm sorry I'm late, baby."
  3. She went over to him and kissed his cheek. "What took so long?"she asked as she got in and took off her winter coat so she could get her seat belt on. "Is everything okay?"she asked as she started playing with the radio to get it to her favorite radio station. She shivered a bit since she was extremely cold.

    Despite not wanting to worry her, Isaac couldn't lie to Shade. "I just felt a bit sick," he said truthfully. "But, don't worry, absolutely nothing is keeping me from this movie night." Not even the large dog bite on his side.

    Isaac pulled away from the school, driving one-handed so he could fiddle with is nose piercing, a habit he was unable to squash. "Did you want to get coffee or something before we go to my place for movie night?" he asked. "How did you go on the English test? I should probably ask less questions, it must be annoying."
  5. Shade looked at him, a bit worried. "You sure you're okay?" She kissed his cheek again. "How about some ice cream to get. And he didn't give us the test back today so I have no clue. What about you? What did you get. Also, it isn't annoying. At least you care."


    "I am perfectly fine," said Isaac. "Just don't let me drink from your Coke, you'll probably get Ebola."

    Isaac drove to the ice cream parlour, hurried around to Shade's side before she could get out and graciously opened the door for her. "M'lady," he said pompously, holding his hand out to her. "Oh my God, I'm such a dork. I give you permission to kill me before I infect you. This is a toxic disease."
  7. She laughed and nodded. Once they got there, she put her hand in his and smiled. "I rather have Ebola with you than loosing you." She kissed his cheek and smiled as they walked into the parlor and looked around.


    To Isaac's dismay, the ice cream parlour's counter was manned by a certain popular guy, Jenson, who attended their school. Isaac hated him, mainly due to the other boy's mean, bullying demeanour and habit of making fun of Isaac and Shade's relationship. Isaac sighed and walked, hand-in-hand with his princess, to the counter, determined to not kill anyone today.

    "Well, if it isn't the freak couple," said Jenson quietly, smirking up at Isaac. "What can I get you, Isaac? Something with meth in it? And some date-rape drug for your girlfriend?"

    Isaac growled -- literally growled under his breath, which shocked him as much as Jenson. Isaac didn't know it, but his normally blue eyes were turning yellow. He cricked his neck and said, quietly, to Shade, "Baby, you order, I have to use the bathroom."

    He burst into the bathroom, gasping. What was happening to him? Was he going crazy? His eyes, fully yellow, haunted him as he panted, studying himself in the mirror. He was ghostlike, too pale.
  9. She looked at him, a bit surprised at the growl. "Babe?..."she whispered then nodded as she ordered a mint chocolate chip ice cream for herself topped with chocolate sprinkles and Brownie bits. She paid for her own then waited for her prince to come back. She bit her lip, wondering if he was okay.


    Isaac left the bathroom. Shade had picked up her ice cream, so he gently took her hand and pulled her outside, to the car. Knowing the couldn't drive, he threw himself into the passenger seat and gripped his hair in his hands.

    "I'm sorry," he gasped. "I'm so so sorry. I have no idea what is happening to me. What's wrong with me?"

    He nearly tore his hair out from the strength he was pulling it with. His shirt hiked up a little, revealing the scabby bitemark on his side.
  11. Shade looked at they as she got into the driver's seat. She set her ice cream down and then looked at him. "Babe I don't know. I don't know what's going on." She looked at him and saw something that looked like a wound on his side. She lifted up his shirt and saw the wound. "What the hell is this?!"


    Half-hyperventilating, Isaac gasped when Shade touched his bitemark. "I w - was bitten by a d - dog or something," he stuttered. Pain lanced through him, and he barely stopped himself from crying out. "What the fuck is this."

    The pain stopped, and Isaac leaned back in his seat, sweating and panting. His muscled, toned chest heaved, and he covered his eyes with his hand. He didn't want Shade to see them. "Babe, I am so sorry," he irrationally apologised.
  13. She looked at him. "Babe this bite mark is bigger than a dog's! And why are you apologizing? Babe this is scary. Do you remember how you got it?" Shade was scared. She kept looking at the wound, scared.


    Isaac was now breathing normally again, though he could feel his heartbeat still going fast. "I can't stay here, in public," he said quietly. "Please drive. My house." Isaac and his parents lived in a large house on the outskirts of the town, away from the general public, and his parents were away for the next month, on a holiday. Isaac wasn't allowed to come because he had been caught vandalising.

    Isaac explained what had happened as Shade drove. "I was fucking around in the woods -- sorry for swearing -- chopping up wood for the fire. It was late, I shouldn't have been out, but, hey, I'm an idiot, so of course I did it. And, well, something came up behind me and bit me. I thought it was a dog, I didn't see it."
  15. She nodded and started driving. She looked at him and bit her lip as she drove, then turned back to looking at the road. "So you were in the forest late at night? Babe.... Wait how long ago?"she asked.

    Shade was in love with the supernatural and loved to read about it. She knew a few days ago there was a full moon. Maybe it was like how she was thinking.


    "A few days ago," Isaac replied.

    He shot up in his seat. "A few days ago was the full moon, right?"

    No. His imagination was getting to him. Shade had forced him to watch too many horror movies. No.
  17. "Babe.... It was. Did you get bit that day?"she said. She tried staying calm but she was still scared that maybe he really was bit by a werewolf. "Babe... Isaac... I think you were bit.... by a werewolf..."


    Isaac was raised to be as anti-superstitious as possible. He didn't believe in God, Satan, ghosts or karma. And certainly not werewolves.

    But ... how else could his behaviour, the bite, the eyes, be explained.

    "Shade," he said seriously. They arrived at his house, but didn't leave the car. "Are you sure?"
  19. She looked at him. "Come on. We've seen pictures and watched movies about werewolves. It could be possible. Besides I don't think some random dog would bite you and give you the ability to change your eye color!"


    Isaac climbed out of the car, helped Shade out and chivalrously carried her bag along with his inside the house. He shook his head as he unlocked the front door. "It just seems ridiculous," he muttered.

    The Harrisons lived in a large Victorian house, almost a manor, complete with a drawing room and servant's stairs. Isaac tossed their bags onto the couch in the living room and stood there hopelessly for a moment. "I need a drink," he announced. As they walked to the drawing room, where his father's alcohol was stored under lock and key, Isaac asked, "What's going to happen, if I am one?"