Forbidden Access

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    The Great Tree, home of elves from all over, and their very life source. Each sparkling leaf of the ol' tree holds a bit of mana, which holds the key to the elves' secret of long life. Somehow, that secret had leaked out into the world, causing invaders from near and far to try and take it. To ensure the safety of the tree, along with the people, the five Grand Elders set up a barrier, deep-rooted in their tree's power. No one would be able to enter or leave. Yet it was unstable. The sheer amount of power used made the barrier prone to fluctuating, therefore requiring a group of elves to reinforce it daily. These elves were chosen by the Elders and have been trained in the art of magic.

    Elora, a young elven girl, was walking down the dirt road to her station. It was her duty to reenforce the long lasting barrier everyday at dawn. She didn't mind the tedious task, but it did take alot out of her. Once she reached her station, she lifted her hands twoards the invisible shield and began transfering her magic. However, a rustling noise had reached the girl's ears, causing her to suddenly stop and flinch.
  2. The Great Tree. Home of the elves. A fountain of both mana and youth. And a goldmine to anyone willing to try getting a few leaves or branches from it. And one such person was Azhr, a Lizardkin shying very little to get money.
    He had seen that the elves seemingly had to do some magic waving or something at the walls every now and again. And if they had to maintain the field surrounding the tree, it meant that it wasn't impenetrable. That was why he had hidden a bit outside the barrier. Right before one of the elves would come and do their thing, he'd run up to, and hopefully through, the barrier.

    And his waiting was finally over. One of the elves were heading towards "his" part of the wall. As quickly as his feet could carry him, he ran towards the barrier. And he slammed right into it, knocking him off his feet. When he opened his eyes again, he could see the magic wall right above his head. He had found a hole! A hole that wasn't quite as tall as him, but a hole nonetheless! He crawled in and got to his feet, before having a sudden realization. He hadn't planned any further than this, and the elf was probably right around the corner. Taking the only option he could, he jumped into a nearby bush and hid. He tried to stay still, but his tail betrayed him. He prayed that the elf hadn't heard the rustling of the leaves his tail had made.
  3. Elora walked twoards the bushel where she had heard the rustling. The black cape with gold lining she wore flowed through the blowing wind along with her long blue-silvery hair. Her eyes, dark and cold, spotted a tail and trailed it twoards the edge of the border. Tsk. She thought. This part of the barrier needs more reenforcement.The elven girl's attention returned the the bush. She focused her magic, creating swirls of blue around her gloved hand. "Show yourself. Or do I have to force you?" Her voice was demanding and strong, unlike any of the female elves around.
  4. As the elf demanded for him to come out of his safe spot, he wondered for a moment what to do. Stay perfectly still and hope that she'd go away? No, she couldn't be that stupid, he thought. He hesitated for a moment, before he slowly stood up with his arms raised above his head. His tall, green-scaled figure was clad in only a pair of leather pants. "Please, I meant no harm coming here. I just saw this place and... hoped I could get some food from here..." He lied. He knew all too well where he was and why. It was just trying to get out of the current situation.
  5. As soon as he stepped out, the swirls of magic had transformed to a sword attatched to her hand. The blade, clean and sharp, was only inches away from his neck. Obviously, she didn't believe his story. Most invaders have used that excuse before. Elora chuckled to herself. "Don't lie to me." Her ice cold eyes stared into his. "The only reason why you're here is because of the Great Tree, correct?" The elf scanned him top to bottom, thinking of how he could have passed the barrier. Did he use his own magic? That couldn't have been the asnwer. The barrier had been standing with magic only available to elves. If he did use, magic, then he should have been a runaway elf or something of the sort. Maybe he used brute force. Glancing at the lizard, she noticed his built body. Man, they had muscle. That confirmed her theory was the only plausable answer.
  6. Azhr recoiled slightly as she put a magic blade to his throat. "Okay, fine! I came here for some leaves or something! I need them so I can get some money and I had no other options! And you've got a whole tree! I figured you wouldn't even notice!" He explained almost in a panic. He had figured it'd be easy to get in here, take what he needed and get out. He had not, however, expected elves coming at him with swords of magic. Especially not an elf that looked that good... What are you thinking?! She's holding a damn sword to you neck, and she'll probably kill you! This is not a time to look at the ladies!
  7. She stepped closer to him, sword ready to behead him. "If you haven't noticed, we stopped giving out leaves and branches mileniums ago." The 5 Grand Elders were basically 'one with the tree'. If anything happened to the tree, regardless of how much damage was taken, it would affect the elders. From her lips, a smirk arose. "If you'd like, I might let you go..." The sword was pressed against his neck. "But you'd have to prove yourself worthy."
  8. He swallowed in fear as she got closer to him. "I-I would like that very much! H-h-how do I uh... Prove myself then?" He asked, just short of punching her and running away. He was going to have to do something dangerous and embarrassing, didn't he? It'd probably be quicker and easier to just let her kill him, but then he'd be dead. And he didn't want that. Though, being killed by such a WHY ARE YOU THINKING THIS?! He'd slap himself if that couldn't have meant a stab to his throat. He tried quieting his mind and prepared himself for what was to come.
  9. Elora put her free hand on her hip, thinking. Couldn't she just kill him like she had done with previous invaders? Yeah, but that'd be boring. Especially when you're assigned to be the elven executer. You basically kill people left and right when instructed to. She released the energy on the sword, causing it to fade away. However, she placed a metal ring, enfused with her magic, on the lizardman's ankle. It was too make sure he wouldn't run away, even if there's nowhere to run. "Eh...I dunno. Amuse me." She flipped her blue-silver hair out of her way as she leaned on a nearby tree, arms crossed, smirk still on her face. "...Well?"
  10. Azhr let out a sigh of relief as the sword disappeared. He lifted his foot slightly to look at the ring she had put on it, a bit worried about what it'd do. Then she told him to amuse her. He looked up at her with his foot still off the ground. "Amuse you...? How am I supposed to amuse you?" He asked in a almost pleading voice, as his foot returned to the ground. "Okay, calm down... What kinda amusement are we talking here? Dancing? Jokes? Stories? Me with no pants" He had no idea what to do, so his mouth spoke in an attempt to save him before his mind could approve what he said. Which he now regretted. ...Unless it made her laugh.
  11. Elora chuckled to herself. She was having way too much fun with this. "I'd rather have your pants still on you then on the floor." Elegantly, she jumped infront of him, not caring how close she was to him. She was bascially on top of him, tiptoeing to match his height. "I'm not an easy person to please." She whispered in his ears. "I don't do simple nonsense." Elora looked at his expression, worried and frantic. Oh how she loved making others feel uncomfortable. It was quite easy to be a tease.
  12. Azhr had no idea what to do. She was so close to him now that he could have licked her, yet he doubted that would help him much. But his mind didn't come with any other ideas. Well, he could always beg for his life. Maybe she'd find amusement in it? He had no better options, so he gave it a try "Please! I just came here so I could feed myself and maybe get home! I didn't have any other options! And I'll amuse you any way you want, if you just tell me how! Anything! Any way! Just please, don't kill me!"
  13. She looked up at him, head tilted to the side. Never would she thought that he'd resort to begging for his life. Elora raised her hands and gently spoke to Azhr. "Calm down... I didn't mean to make you panic. I was just bored. Being an executer and killing everyone on the spot isn't the most fun thing ya know." Were all men this easy to break?? Did none of them have any confidence? Will power? Anything? She started to reenforce the spot in the barrier in which he came through. "Well, I can't just let you go free, cause then I'd get in trouble. And I don't really want to kill you so..."
  14. Oh by the four! She's a executioner! And... She's not gonna kill me... She is closing the barrier though, so she's not letting me out of here. "So you're gonna keep me as a exotic pet or something?" He asked, almost hopeful. If that was what would happen, at least he'd be treated decently. He hoped. Or maybe she'd use him as a slave? Honorary guest? The last one wasn't exactly likely, but what else could she really do? He could just hope it wouldn't be anything too bad.
  15. "Heh. No I don't do pets so don't worry bout that. And I was thinking on the terms of...worker. Slave is a harsh word." Krystal walked down the dirt road, gesturing for him to follow. The path led to a large house, excluded from those in the city below. Surprisingly, it was made out of a fairly large tree, big enough for a family of 3 or 4. "If you agree to work for me...I might...note the word able to get a few branches for the Great Tree. A fare warning, though. If you dare cause any uproars, mobs, or any trouble for me, I'll kill you on the spot, no second thoughts."
  16. Azhr started following her, still slightly worried. Slave, or "worker" it was then. Better than what he'd been doing lately, he supposed. Still, he could get a few branches if he was a good "worker". "Well, I don't seem to have many other options. So I accept, I guess." He did wonder though. Uproars? Were there other "workers" there? Did they have problems with riots from them or something? Whatever. He had been brought into a big house to be a slave. Guess he just had to wait for orders then.
  17. Elora stepped to the doorstep of her house, grabbed the door, and pushed it open. The living room had a couch, with a table in the middle. There were two other rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen, which were completely normal. Next to the kitchen lay a wooden stairwell, leading up to the 4 bedrooms. "Well, here's my house. Nothing special bout it really." Elora walked up the stairs. "And your bedroom will be the one farthest down the hall to your left. The room across from your's is mine. Don't go in there." The remaining two bedrooms were empty, mainly because they were used as the guest rooms.
  18. "Not even to... Never mind." He was about to make a joke, but he didn't feel that the situation called for a joke. "It's a nice house. I'm guessing I'm gonna be the housekeeper then?" He asked instead. Being "eager" to work was probably a good idea. Much better than slacking off at least. But at least the house was nice and big, yet not so big that it'd be hard to keep it clean. Unless elves had very different view of dirty and clean than lizardkin. And once more, Azhr could feel that nagging fear in the back of his mind...
  19. She chuckled to herself. "Housekeeper? Naw. Nobody really comes in here that often for it to be dirty or anything." Was that the only reason? Not really. She didn't want anybody, nether the less a lizardkin, go lurking in her room. Privacy much? Elora sat on a nightstand at the end of the hallway. "I bet I could use your muscles for other things. Oh. By the way. I'm Elora. Didn't really graze too much on introductions before."
  20. Oh great. Manual labor. For a moment, he was almost saddened that he hadn't been put in a maid's costume and made to do housework.
    ...Actually, he preferred the labor. Him in a maid's dress? No. Just no. Not gonna happen.
    "A 'pleasure' to meet you then, Elora. I'm Azhr'Rzhsc Lhzih. But most that arent of my kin just tend to call me Azhr. Easier without the forked tongue and whatnot, I guess." Well, now he knew her name at least. What could he do with that though? Well, he could call her that for a start.
    "What other things did you have in mind then, Elora?" He asked, still trying to be all good to get the branches, and to make the pre... um... Elven lady happy.