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  1. The sky was glowing a mix of oranges, reds, pinks and purple as the sun set upon Japan the day that they met. Such a pretty sight it was, too, that when he saw a small form crying softly in a hidden alcoves near one of the great windows of the Morita Hospital as he himself made his way towards his next destination, Nakanoi Kannon found himself instantly smitten. While someone of a more sound mind would have been concerned for the weeping youth, the young Idol only found desire to find out what made the other despair so prettily, to break the other further and merely have the other beg for more. He did not show this outwardly, of course, but at that moment he wanted, and what Kannon wanted he usually either got or destroyed.

    Slightly straightening his already comely appearance, the tall dyed redhead approached the softly sobbing youth before him, gently dropping the bag of supplies he was previously in the process of bringing to some doctor or another in an effort to get to his previous goal. Of course, said goal was forgotten in the face of something tempting and new, ready to be broken in thousands of breathtaking pieces at his leisure. Putting a caring smile on his usually stoic face, the Japanese popstar gently made his way to his new prey, a long and pale finger coming to wipe away at a tear stained cheek, revelling in the smooth texture of the skin of a moment before he took his finger slowly to his mouth, liking away at the salty tears with a pleased expression on his face. As he was quite sure his action attracted the attention of his soon to be new toy, Kannon uttered a soft question in his most cajoling tone, a small smile on his face that probably didn't reach his eyes, it never did.

    “What made you cry, precious?”

    Oh, how he loved finding easily seduced and already vulnerable young things for him to play around with! They usually were too blinded by his 'kindness' to say anything before they became boring and got properly disposed of one way or another, and they were such fun to lead into a state of depressed and suicidal mindset! Yes, he vastly preferred weaklings, for the stronger minds were unpredictable once they finally broke. This was a golden opportunity, and he had to make his act believable, and such he crafted a ounce of empathy he never once felt in his life mixed with worry he only felt for himself, the result hopefully good enough for a mournful soul with blurred eyes.

    Leaning to a nearby wall, Kannon awaited his new interest's answer, patient as he always was when the sight was oh so entertaining to him. The broken toy who escaped him would have to wait, this one was much more important to his own pleasure. After all, what could one measly coma patient say for himself? There was no need to rush...
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    He'd noticed the adult close by, but couldn't stop his tears from flowing violently, and his
    sobbing, he simply could not stop it, for the life of him, his body unresponsive to the commands
    his mind pressed on, trying to make the tears just stop running down. They made him look
    vulnerable and small, despite him not truly being far from the truth.

    The boy was not particularly tall, or muscular, let alone completely manly looking, he shared
    androgynous small features, he was a petite lean young man of barely enough age to start
    looking like an adult. But his body was doing exactly the opposite.

    He had been wailing his eyes out for two hours now, he'd been sitting there, the alcoves,
    alone, heart broken, and most of all, made a mess of himself.

    The young one flinched, feeling the fingers on his features, cleaning the tears from him,
    his eyes turning to the man standing besides him. The stranger had a kind air to him, soft
    but adult, and understanding. His crying suddenly stopped when he saw that.

    The question caused a pained expression from the boy, who sunk his shoulders and decided
    to stand up again to look at the man, maybe not look so small before him. But he'd called him
    precious... did that mean he was ... interested, perhaps? No. That couldn't possibly be, he
    was nothing but some young crying child in his eyes most likely...

    "F-forgive me... I'm ... not feeling very well so I just..." his voice sounded like a mouse with
    a sore throat as he spoke, in pain? Most likely. He'd been bawling for long.
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