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  1. The Afterlife Club wasn't a place she frequented. Her only reasons for ever going there were for meetings, or to obtain information. This time around, it was the latter. If she wanted to go out for a drink, she'd seek out a less popular location, or simply drink in solitude. Many might assume that to be sad, but to Ula, it wasn't.

    She didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. A funny thing to say, considering the bright colors of her skin. There was a tropical theme with the red upon green, not at all an accurate reflection of her true personality. Despite all that, she was dressed quite casually this evening. Over a white sleeveless shirt, she had on a collared vest with a brown shade that matched form fitting pants. The appearance was hardly feminine, especially with the big black boots on her feet. She was going to a club, though. Her assassin attire could invite unwanted attention. Plus, she almost never got to wear these boots. They would slow her down on the job because of how heavy they were.

    Ula was immediately greeted by the energetic club scene that was always flashing with pink, with asari dancers all over the place. She pushed her way past a crowd of visitors, knowing full well that somewhere, Aria was watching. The respected leader probably knew right away that Ula was here with a mission in progress.

    The second floor was where she intended to meet her source. Her upcoming job required an extra set of hands. One belonging to a body that was much stronger than her own. Ula's employer set high expectations for her and promised to pay double if she managed to find a person willing to do this with her. She wasn't allowed to know why, but she was expected to sabotage a computer system with a virus and then assassinate its creator. Who was heavily guarded by armed machines, and probably security systems with lasers involved...

    The job sounded damn stressful just thinking about it. She grunted as this came to mind, setting a hand on her head while she took a seat at the bar. As a matter of fact, she would like a drink.

    Why doesn't she just turn down this job if it's going to be so risky and dangerous? It was just too good of an opportunity to turn up, that's all. A huge sum of money, plus the chance to set some important people and things on fire. The itch for it really needed to be scratched. She drowned the reminder in the buzz brought on by her drink. The empty cup was slid away to make room for her arms, which propped onto the counter while her posture hunched forward. There she sat, silent and patient, awaiting the person who promised to sell her some information.
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  2. It had been a stressful day of hiding and trying not to die. It was a good thing he got out of the Quarantine zone before everything was sealed out and he hasn't shown any sign of infect in the last 2 weeks so he was safe. He was a sneaky, sneaky Salarian. It made him a great informant and surely the drell appreciated the effort. So sitting in Afterlife the last hour or so was certainly entertaining watching the jiggly Asari wiggle and wobble their forms as the credit just sank their bank accounts to the bottom of the bank.

    Peering over at the bar--He quickly stood. "Oh, she's here." Moving quickly, he slipped into the seat next to her and slides a data pad over to her. Signaling to the barkeep for a drink he leans over to her. "Once you transfer the credits, I can take you to the guy you need. Though I should warn you, he is probably just drunk on the bottom floor. And for the normal rate, I can give you a way into the building."
  3. Almost out of nowhere, a slithery looking fellow appeared at her side. She was quick to take the data tablet from him, desperate for a distraction of any kind. "Of course," Ula replied simply, her voice hauntingly smoky like the fires that changed her. The terms were fair enough for her to agree to. If this job could be done right, money wouldn't be a problem for a long time.

    Ula tapped at the screen a few times to get the funds where they needed to be. The task was complete quickly in a few graceful strokes of her digits. This was a basic device, but her intimate connection with technology was noticeable even in this moment. "There." The object was set down on the counter, then her golden eyes looked to the Salarian expectantly. His warning about the gentleman in question was noted, but of no concern. She'd find a way to get his attention, even if it took all night.
  4. He double checked the numbers. Nodding he slid a piece of paper over to her. "A bit dated of a method, but they didn't allow omni-tools past the front doors. Whatever it is you are after, good luck. I certainly don't envy you. I did everything from memory." Luckily for her, even for a Salarian, his memory was very good. "The least obvious entrance would be through the waste disposal. Either that or the vents." His finger pointed at the two points on the map. "Unless you want to go through the front door. It's just two guards and a lock. Nothing that you couldn't handle, I am sure."

    He downed the drink he was given and ordered another. "Whenever you feel ready, I think the human is still downstairs. But who knows. Poor drunks tend to wonder off and die." His smile was small but noticeable.
  5. "Impressive." Ula commented after taking the sheet into her hands and giving it a look over. That wasn't a compliment she gave often, so it showed her true appreciation for the Salarian's work. The multiple options for entering made it look almost too easy. She knew better, of course.

    Before too long, the paper was folded up and tucked into a hidden vest pocket. She'd have no problem digitizing that for later use. In fact, her inner geek looked forward to it.

    Upon mention of the human she sought, she turned on her seat so she could stand up. With her, she took a beverage that was swallowed promptly, better preparing her for the meeting to come. Tipsiness would make this foreseeable nightmare much easier on her. "Take me to him," she requested politely. Truth be told, she didn't look forward to dealing with a drunk. That flaw aside though, he might be just the man she needed to get this assignment completed. It was at least worth a try. There was bound to be another one almost as qualified, somewhere.
  6. Getting up, she was beckoned. "As you wish." Striding widely and quickly, the sneaky salarian lead her out and down to the bottom level. At the door he looked in, trying to see if he could be pointed out without actually having to step inside. Drat. Better ask the bartender. "Lets see if he still here." Slipping by a few dancing Asari, he leaned into the bar. The barkeep turned to him and motioned to the southwest corner. There sat a single humanoid in full armor sipping something out of a straw one of the little holes in his face mask. "That's him. Try not to do anything regrettable. I like being paid, after all." And just like that, the Salarian strides away.


    "Another day, another dollar, another drink." He said to himself. The drink was particularly...fruity. I like it. He couldn't remember what he ordered but it was damn tasty. There was a few credit left to which he would be using that to buy an actual meal. This means, at some point, he would need to get off his ass and...


    That was the sound he made, when the helmet hit the floor. I fell. The music was starting to get to him and the pulses were making his head feel....large. Fucking
  7. Ula muttered a thank you to the helpful Salarian before he could slink off. She looked over her shoulder for a moment, feeling paranoid for just a minute. These crowded places made her nervous at times. At least this guy was by himself. She was worried she might have to deal with some drunk friends of his.

    Before she could get too close, he was stumbling. No, correction: he was falling. How much did he have to drink already? Thank goodness that helmet took the damage instead of his head! Ula hurried over to help by sliding an arm under him and giving him a good push so that he was at least sitting up. She wasn't the strongest, so he'd be able to feel her shake from the struggle. "Hey, that was really...something," she said with a perkier voice tone, to get his attention and give off a more inviting presence. Hearing her frigid tone wasn't always soothing.

    "I'm going to take this off, okay? And tell me if anything hurts." She let him lean on her, if necessary, while she took the headgear off him. It was set down with care, then she started looking him over. At the least, he had to have a headache. There was no way he didn't.
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  8. His blue eyes tried to focus to whatever the hell was touching him. Whatever it was, it apparently shook trying to move him. Blinking several times, her voice was rather friendly sounding. At least it sounded like a her. Please be a her. As she reached for the head gear, he ended up leaning forward and grabbing onto something. He didn't know at the time but it was her hip. It was for balance. She felt...tough. As the headgear was gone. the pulses of the head throbbing felt clear enough to distinguish the place a bit more. Her facial features became a bit more distinguishable and he knew exactly what she was. It was plain as day to the drunken human male.

    She's a frog. A green and red poisonous frog. "Are you a frog?" Totally a frog. "You are the cutest frog I have ever seen. If I kiss you, do I become a princess?" I should kiss her and rule the land. Her lips do look rather kisssssable. "Would you like a drink ole' amphibious one?" His eyes widened as the focus was tittering but trying to get a full picture. Not that it would keep him from saying stupid things. "Did you take my helmet Master Frog?" He leaned and tried to find it, only to fall over again.
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  9. This human was definitely not in the best shape of his life. She was focused on his eyes for the time being, noticing that he was trying hard to sharpen his vision. Upon hearing him ask if she was a frog, of all things, she gave him a dry look. "I believe I'd be slimier if I were a frog," the Drell replied in an effort to keep the mood positive. Something told her that he was... Sad.

    'Cute?' That was a first. The last time someone called her that, she was a wee one. And what was this nonsense about kissing and princesses? "Erm..." Ula was honestly at a loss, for once. Drunks weren't new to her; that included flirty ones. They weren't usually this...odd, though. "I don't think we should kiss until you've brushed your teeth a couple times, guy." she teased him with a chuckle, giving his back a light, friendly pat. "Also, humans don't usually find kissing me to be worth the rash."

    Then... He fell again. Sighing inwardly, she repeated the earlier process of getting him sat up. "Your helmet is right here. See?" Using her free hand, she propped the helmet underneath one of his own. Then she leaned in closer to his ear, so he could hear her over the annoyingly loud bass line. "I was hoping we could talk. Privately. I'd take you up on your drink offer, but I don't think you need anymore." Ula's tone was gentle, with an alluring huskiness to get his attention. As much as she wanted to talk business, he needed some sobering first. If that failed... Maybe she could get him to drunkenly agree to her requests, even if it required an embarrassing amount of flirting...
  10. Feeling his helmet again made him feel more formal and whole. When she tipped him up again, he made an attempt at getting up. Stumbling a bit, he managed to get to his feet. "If they are then they don't know the value of risk or even love at that point. I'd kiss the shit out of you." Leaning against the table and gave a goofy smile. "I could always use a drink, but perhaps we should get to a more....secrety place." He let go of the table and made his way to the door. In a weird way, it was like the drunk weaved in and out of obstacles before leaning into the doorway and taking the step down. Motor skills were there...sort of.

    Warren leaned against the railing a bit away from the entrance to give them some privacy. "So what is it that you would like to speak about?" He said, not even trying to turn around.
  11. Ula rolled her eyes and smirked. "Charming," was the only comment she could come up with. He was drunk, why else would he say such strange things to her?

    She didn't budge right away. Instead, she was watching him clumsily make his way to a door. At this, she sighed, and then proceeded to follow him. Ula's footsteps were quick until she arrived at his side, able to provide a crutch if necessary. The alcohol was making him pretty damn uncoordinated. At the same time, it seemed as though he was used to it.

    "Well. I've been told you're available for hire." That was more or less true. He was a mercenary open for business, it was just a question as to whether or not he'd accept her offer. Another thing she'd heard was that he'd refuse work more often than not. Like him, she leaned against the railing, watching curiously. "It's a two person job. It pays well. However, I'm open to additional demands you might have."
  12. "That's good. Considering you came to a drunk for help. Or was at least had a lack of choice. As for specific additional demands, I suppose I can file them in if I decide to take this job." He said, after a moment of silence. His mind was still rather cloudy but with the systems inside it was processing it at a faster rate. The stance he took was starting to look more stable. While it may not be obvious, he cared more for the subject matter than much bank it will give him. It was part of the reason he enough technology in him to be able to play xbox with himself. Though, his joystick would have more fun than he would.

    "What would I be expected to? Deceive me, and it will not end well for anyone. Especially you."
  13. This human was an oddball. Not that she any room to judge. He was fascinating too though, she would give him that. Never had she seen a drunk with this much grace.

    Ula couldn't hold back a low chuckle when he threatened her, one of her digits tapping at her chin. "You'd be helping me break into a highly guarded facility where I'll be destroying top secret evidence that my employer wants gone forever. Once that's done, a combination of guards and armed robots will attack because an alarm that cannot be be disabled." The Drell sighed with mild frustration, having intense dislike for anything she is unable to hack into. It meant she was defeated without being able to raise her fists. "I need you to hold them off while I go after the big boss. They'll be scrambling to protect him while he tries to run for it. I wouldn't leave you without support, of course. I know the perfect places to lay traps. When the job's done, we make a giant hole in the hall and make our exit."

    The way she talked was confident and professional, her posture perfect with the occasional sway because she did drink a little bit before this. She was a woman who knew what she was doing; she wanted him to trust her after all. "I can get you all the information I have for this job, if you accept it. But that's the gist of it."
  14. "So be a shield/biotic wrecking ball? Got it." He turned to her, noticing is the posture. She looked more of a techie, assassin type. Very dangerous in just anything the didn't involve brute strength. This job actually sounds like a lot of fun, but she was still being vague. "Do we know what you are destroying specifically or were did you not reveal that intentionally? I have spent enough time working with and for people for the wrong reasons and innocent people get hurt. That is not what I am about, and that is why I refuse job. More often than not, people here don't care who or what their gun is pointing. If it is in the way, it is either moved or put down."

    He shook his head, looking her up and down again. "Who are you then?"
  15. "It was intentional. Many of the details are confidential, for the eyes of myself and my partner only. That was part of the orders I was given. I can say more, but I won't be using any names just yet." Ula had done her share of wrongs in the past, but always she was loyal to her employers. As she listened to the rest of what he had to say, she gave thought to what of the information she could give him. Understandably, more persuading would be necessary.

    Her pointer digit rose to her chin, her head making a small tilt as a show of curiosity. Since she knew little about him personally, she couldn't have guessed what his ethics were. He made he clear that he was strictly on the side of good, in favor of the innocent. That's when she gifted him with a respectful nod of her head. "My employer has been robbed by a worker no one suspected to be a spy. Schematics, recorded experiments, notes--a great deal of it's been take for another's use. This is a case of feud between two opposing businesses, but the one I'm targeting will be marketing to some very bad people. They've already begun production of a line of dangerous weaponry and it's important that they're stopped before the sales can begin. What's worse is some of the products may backfire on their owners. They're missing vital pieces of info, according to who hired me, since none of the models were yet fully developed. That's where their spy made a terrible error.

    Nobody will be hurt. Nobody innocent, that is. I intend to infiltrate when all the employees have gone home and the building's gone in full defense mode."

    The facts she offered would hopefully answer some of his questions. Ula was willing to explain more to him, but decidedly it was best to reveal just a little at a time. "I'm Ula." There was a formal way in which she introduced herself, a hand going over her chest while she gave a slight bow. "People usually hire me if they need someone to be gotten rid of, or something blown up. Suppose in this case, it'll be both." The reptilian woman graced him with a simple smile, that in itself being a rarity. Though she was sarcastic about it earlier, she truthfully was charmed by this Warren person. She almost didn't feel worthy of his presence; she could tell he had a pure heart. Something about it made it appear broken, though. That, too, made her curious of him. "Sorry, I really should have started my name. I was drinking too." She chuckled awkwardly and offered a hand for him to shake.
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  16. "Looks like we both are about to be getting into trouble then." He said, taking her hand into a firm, honest handshake.

    A couple of hours later, per Warren's request, they managed meet to outside of one of the lots. Lot 2-F. He felt exceptionally better, after taking a shower. He also had his armor cleaned off and his face shaved. Warren was a man refreshed. Spotting the Drell, he nodded and stepped up to her. Keeping at least an arm length away, this certainly was not the man she met. If he was looking in a mirror, he might say he looked like an action figure. I bet I look like an action figure right now.

    "Glad you made it. Which one is yours...Ula?"
  17. Ula stayed content as she waited for him. The couple of hours allowed her to go back to her residence for equipment, too. No longer did she need her casual attire, instead changing into something more tactical with her omni-tool, explosives, and other utilities in place. Color of the clothes hardly mattered due to her vibrant skin color; a tactical cloak and her general stealthiness assisted with that. She wasn't titled Whisper for no reason, after all.

    Both hands were placed on her hips as she waited in the lot, blinking at the twinkling blackness up above with only her thoughts to entertain her. Not that Ula was complaining. Solitude was far more enjoyable than people realized.

    The voice of Warren made the Drell blink, head turning to his direction. There was a significant difference to how he appeared now. A far shinier quality to his armor and a fresher looking face. She was pleased to see he took his work seriously. There was that doubt in her mind that had her wondering if his drinks had made him too careless.

    "This way." Ula gestured for him to follow her where a heavily modified M44 Hammerhead was waiting. It was a piece of junk before she bought it for restoration, with the help of a mechanically inclined ally. The paint job was redone to its original design with black and white as the theme. Though not heavily armored or weaponized, it did travel quietly with a cloaking technology should the need arise. She developed an attachment to the vehicle, she had to admit. Such could be assumed by the way she gingerly patted the side of it before making the seats available.
  18. "Couldn't at least have left a gun on there?" He said, with a laugh. Climbing in, he took the seat without the pilot controls. "Hammerheads are supposed to be able to defend themselves." Warren had basic knowledge of ships but nothing too fancy.

    Without saying much else, he proceeded to strap himself in and waited for the driver. It seemed that they weren't going off Omega for this mission, which made things a lot more convenient. Of course, it also made things difficult because if they blow a hole big enough that this whole damn place is going to need a band-aid lest everyone gets sucked out.

    Hopefully, as soon as the drell get her green butt into the ship that they could be off.
  19. The vehicle comments made her chortle on the way into her seat, digits working the controls so they could begin the travel there. Their target was in a fairly secluded area that was fenced off, strongly suggesting that trespassers don't come near if they value having their body in one piece. That did well to humor the Drell. Hand her this crazy-ass job that also happens to be in an ominous locations.

    "It's more of a stealthy transport than anything else. I manage with what I have," she told him with the implication that she didn't have the luxury of 'nice things.' The gadgets she had were what most of her money got sunk into. Well worth her while of course, because it meant she had reliable tech, weapons, and of course explosives that suited all needs. Not all of them were the prettiest creations but they got the work done, that's what mattered.

    That could change after this task, though. Ula would love to be able to take some vacation time for herself, maybe take a break from this miserable place...

    "Here, you can take a look at this while I drive. Study the map, read into the intel I have on their security, bladdy blah--I'm sure you'll do fine." She made a dismissive hand gesture after reaching back to hand him a tablet that had information on the job he could have a look at. Ula was kind enough to put it all into one organized place, knowing he'd benefit.

    This was a partner she didn't want to see perish in flames. He was actually a good person who really didn't need to be helping her. Yet, he was. Which was why she put extra effort into memorizing the needs for this mission, and brought extra devices that could be of use. She didn't want anything to go wrong so at least he could make it out if all went to hell.
  20. Warren nodded, realizing that she was doing the best she can with the ship. Stealthy ship for a stealthy woman. As the drell slipped inside, he may have shot a look towards her feminine shape. Oh boy, already curious about the booty hm? He grimaces at his own thoughts before before offered the tablet.

    "Cool, thank a lot. Hopefully, this means there won't be too many surprises for us." He said smiling a bit. Intently, he looked over the information, paying special attention to the layout of the actual building. There were only a few places that he could effectively get into and cause the most damage. Front door seems simple enough. "I find it odd that they seem to have more entrances for a sneak attack than actual people." He chuckled behind her. "It's like they think the only way people would attack them is an all out assault." Shrugging slightly. This wasn't going to be easy, as they had plenty of numbers, but navigating seemed rather linear. Should be a good one.

    "So what brought you into this line of work?"
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