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  1. This idea was originally designed to be a group rp but i'm sure if anyone was interested it could be adapted to be a 1x1.

    They say that when you die your spirit goes to the afterlife. They say you can become a reincarnate. They say many things. But I know it isn’t true. People aren’t actually dying. Their families think they die and that it is their family members that get buried but I know it isn’t. They don’t die. No one dies in Utoria they just get put into the space and come back in someone else’s body, inhabiting it. I saw it all. I have seen it happen, they step into the space and they come out as someone else. I am scared. They know someone found them out; they will hunt me down and kill me soon. There won’t be a body for me. They will throw me into the incinerator. I will die for real. I don’t mind dying, but incineration is not my death of choice.

    You work for Utoria. They rule you, control you. It is a society and you obey the rules. You are monitored every moment of every day of your life through the chips. The chips were introduced as a way to keep track of wayward souls, people likely to stray off the beaten track so to speak. Over the generations, it became custom to be chipped, young or old, delinquent or stand up citizen. It took place of a Census. Their eyes are everywhere, cameras watching your every move, motion detectors, alarms, signals, droids, all there to keep you in line. As a child you were taught to obey. Never disobey Trueheart Industries, never toe the line. Because people that toe the line, people that cross it completely, they disappear, they just vanish. No one knows why.

    Sometimes it's people who just vanish, for no reason at all. Children, teenagers, old men and women, people of all ages just vanish.

    Maybe you saw things, things no one should have seen, maybe you lost a friend, a brother, a lover, a parent, or maybe you just believe there has to be something better than the oppression that you feel here. For some reason or another you joined the Sanctum. You are working to find out the true activities that are going on, and you're fairly sure Trueheart Industries is behind it.

    Or do you work for the other side? The enemy? Do you enforce the rules, protect the secrets, keep the truth hidden? Maybe you don't even know what's going on. You're just doing your job, keeping an eye on things.

    The rp is set in a futuristic setting, think AeonFlux meets I-Robot with a little Minority Report thrown in. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, google is your friend. It's based in the year 6001AD, and the population outgrew itself and collapsed. The only fertile area that is known of is this city. No one leaves the walls for fear of what lies on the outside, and in truth, most people forgot that there ever was an outside.

    Alright, that's the world, please, do consider joining.

    Character sheets:

    Age: (be reasonable please, they're still humans)
    Job: (if old enough for employment)
    Other:(if they're part of the Sanctum or if they work for Trueheart. Remember they dont have to be but we need SOME to be)

    1. Follow all Iwaku rules
    2. No godmodding, metagaming or bunnying
    3. At least one five lined paragraph. I'll accept four lines at a MINIMUM, but come on, let's stretch imaginations
    4. Cyborgs ARE permitted, but not too many. Be creative. I may even allow the occasional Mecha.
    5. Any problems, PM me
    6. Have fun

    My characters:

    Name: Carter Trueheart

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Carter is a suave, charming and smooth operator. He is a successful businessman and the best choice to take over the head of Trueheart Industries when his father passes on. He has intelligence and looks combined to win over the people of Utoria, and the people skills to boot. He knows how to handle awkward or uncomfortable situations and is a bit of a ladies man. Underneath all that polish though there is a deeper layer, a darker layer.

    Biography: Carter was born the oldest of two children, to Gregory and Claire Trueheart. He was raised with an understanding of business, pleasure and numbers, and his wealthy upbringing afforded him the best of the best. Still, even then, he never thought himself better than anyone as a child. He was a warm hearted child, but as he got older, he learnt that not everyone was as understanding or likeminded to him. His younger sister passed on from a virus thought to have been brought in from the outside. The doctors couldn't cure it, but after the loss of the young Trueheart child, they were able to create a vaccine, thus preventing an outbreak among the citizens of Utoria. When he became a man his father passed on responsibilities that he couldn't handle anymore. Since then Carter has been gradually working his way up the employment ladder in his family's business.

    Job: Assistant director of political and public affairs at Trueheart industries.

    Other: Trueheart.

    Name: Maxine 'Max' Baxter

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female


    Personality: Max is a woman who likes to think she is made of steel, with no soft spots. She is stubborn, wilful, and sometimes just plain foolish. She can get too caught up in proving herself and find herself in situations she'd never have been involved in if she'd just remained clear and level headed. She has a temper that strikes at the worst of times and a soft spot for children and people in trouble.

    Biography: Maxine suffered an unfortunate childhood, her mother passing on when she was just nine years old. Her father worked for Trueheart Industries at the time, but he wasn't anything important, a lowly drone worker. He provided for his family, Maxine and her older siblings, taking care of them as best he could while suffering from the loss of his wife. Life resumed as normally as it could, until the day the Sanctum got a hold of him. They'd hoped that he could tell them something of the Trueheart Industries plans, but being such a low level clearance worker, he knew nothing. Somehow though, the higher ups must have found out and assumed he knew something, because Henry Baxter vanished. His oldest children had to go into the work force to provide for the rest of them, and Maxine never forgave her father's disappearance. She joined with the Sanctum when she was nineteen, determined to bring her father's murderer to justice, because there was no doubt in her mind that he was dead.

    Job: Robotics ~ runs a robotics repair and parts shop.

    Other: Sanctum
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  2. Name: Mikal Lenhardt

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: A bit tall and thin, his lanky appearance hides a set of muscles that resemble steel wire-rope. He stands about 6' 7", and weighs about 250 Lbs, with almost no fat. He possesses only a few enhancements, one of which is his own design, an eye-visor that allows him to hack about 50% of most Utorian computer systems. He also possesses a jammer circuit that hides him from cameras and acts as a shield from IR and other tech of similar construction. And lastly, he carries a "sword" that has, along its blade, a ripple of electrical current, fueled by a self-recharging Torium battery.

    Personality: Intense, but quiet. His history has caused him to tend to hide in the shadows, but he'll usually say something useful if you approach him with kindness. Otherwise he can be harsh, and biting in his single-sentence statements.
    Biography: Born outside of Utoria, in the city of Lerensa, to the south of Utoria, by more than two hundred miles, he existed off of the Utorian grid. He was granted the right to travel on his own at age 21, the Lerensan Council granting him the honor of Ambassador at that age. Mikal came from a city that, while it appreciated and used technology, its people saw technology as something that should serve the people, instead of forcing the people to serve the technology, as it were, or rather the controllers of the technology. As such, he was educated to be a Technician, learning about all aspects of technology, and how to manipulate circuitry. Some called him a technopath, a title he scoffs at.

    For the past few months, he's camped outside of the walls, watching through his own visor, and monitoring situations. He's made his mind up what side he is on, and he refuses to do nothing, and let the corporate big-wigs have their way.

    Job: Tech-Hacker

    Other: Outsider/Sanctum
  3. Ooooh, I like him :3 Now fingers crossed we get more interest
  4. This looks deliciously fun especially "Aeon Flux / I Robot / Minority Report", but I don't see myself doing well at contributing to plot, so thumb's up instead.
  5. thanks, I wish you'd want to join though... you never know how well you'll contribute to plot till you have a go,
  6. [​IMG]
    Absyinthe Travis Gawron​
    Ab-sin-th Traa-vis Garr-on​
    25 Years old​


    Absyinthe's hair is usually slicked up in a very professional and sexy manner, he likes to be sharped dressed and usually wears the modern hip clothes as well as suits and ties as such. He has blue gray eyes and dark brunette hair that is about eyebrow length when let loose. He has a pale skin tone, and a muscular body.​
    Absyinthe has a small case of mood swings, but other than that he's a very reliable person and in fact he tends to make the world a better place, one step at a time. No matter who gets in his way.​
    Absyinthe stood in the shadows of the world they lived in, but of course not really. Everyone kept an eye on you. That was when he had the most brilliant idea. He would join the Trueheart industries and spy for the Sanctum. He knew what they were doing, whatever they were doing wasn't right, and so he decided to help in that way. Absyinthe is a very well respected member of the THI and he even hosts a lot of the upper class dinner parties. He married his current husband Ray Dicapellaro in the summer of year 6001, but has been flirtacious going about his business with the Trueheart co workers to "gain more information" No one really knows what Absyinthe's true motive's are, but in the end, it isn't what it seems.​
    Employee of True Heart Industries​

    True Heart, but he gives information to Sanctum. (I hope that's okay! :) ) [​IMG]

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  8. Name: Adrianna Harkin

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Adrian stands about an inch or two under six feet and has a fit, somewhat curvy figure. She has medium-length pale blonde hair that is usually in a braid that just barely falls past her shoulders, golden brown eyes, and milky white skin. Her only distinguishing mark is the tiny beauty-mark near the left corner of her bottom lip.

    Personality: Adrian is a strong-willed, confident, and persistent young woman with a dangerously curious mind. She has a tendency to stick her nose where it doesn't belong. At work Adrian is so focused and serious, hearing her laugh often takes people by surprise. Off-duty however, she is almost an entirely different person (Save her curiosity), much more relaxed and laid-back.

    Biography: Since she was a child, Adrian had always paid too much attention to everything going on around her. She noticed when people vanished for no reason, and she was unafraid to ask about it. She'd often go to family and neighbors to investigate, once or twice thinking she'd come close to figuring out what happened to these people. She never really did though. Maybe she'd be able to learn more with a career in law enforcement, she thought, maybe learn some proper investigative techniques and get to the bottom of it all.

    But she found that even that didn't get her anywhere when she grew into adulthood and joined the Utorian police force. Though she never really made much progress in truth, she always felt that every day she was coming just a little closer to finding out what was going on. One day her unending search brought her to a man who spoke on behalf of a group called Sanctum, which supposedly had answers for all the big questions. He extended an invitation to meet with the group in confidence, expecting that Adrian would be on their side as soon as she learned the truth, or what they thought to be the truth at least. She was ready to accept that invitation, eager to finally understand the mysterious disappearances that had haunted her for so long.

    Job: Utoria PD

    Faction: Undecided
  9. Awesome XD interest seems to be growing slowly! I like her, we'll have to get together and discuss how all this is gonna work out XD I'm figuring the majority of the police force would be in Truheart Industries' pocket, but there are bound to be people who are more curious than they should be XD Bunny, your guy looks good too!
  10. Yeah, my thought was that she'd work for Trueheart and do as she's told for the time being, but meet with Sanctum in secret. Whether she remains faithful to Trueheart or joins Sanctum's cause is yet to be decided, we'll just have to see what she thinks about everything :P

    I'm glad you like her, by the way. I kind of got stuck with her for a little while, after her physical description and name xD..
    Merick S. Payne
    For the 13 years, Merick has seen, heard, and felt all kinds of things in this world. Brutality, greed, lust, and pain for the most part of his life. It was when 56% of his body was replaced with cybernetics, and a couple prosthetic limbs, did he see even more of it. His mind is in two pieces. The first: Mankind is sickening and should stop craving for that which is impossible, before we lose all our humanity in the process. The second: the world deserves a second chance. Or at least a better one. Trueheart says it's what they're about, but he knows there's something off. Which is why he is loyal to the people, and not the organization itself. He believes in truth while others would seek a lie, and trusts in hope while another takes faith in failure. He may now be mostly machine.... but he'll show you the difference.
    "The world is harsh... it's just the world we live in. I was born an orphan, raised on the streets, drafted into the army; lost my arms and over half of my own body to have it replaced with realistic cybernetics. My eyes can scan something and tell me everything about it, just like my finger tips. My hands can crush a limb like boot to a roach, and I almost never get tired... physically. But I've begun to grow tired of this lifestyle. My years in the military taught me one rule about being a cyborg: never forget who you are. Sadly I may be the only one who remembers that in the world.
    After service, Trueheart gave me a job as their head sec. When I first arrived and served it was calm. Patients came in and out with either a prosthetic organ, limb, or even an enhancement here or two. But... then the dead started to walk. About a near-decade I saw three dead criminals roll into the labs. Then came back out in security uniforms. They didn't talk, or even act human. They were still and cold like machines... how ironic to know that's what had become of them. And they just kept rolling in more people. Women, children, even pets, and they all came out different.
    I don't know if I should investigate... but I do know what I want to do."
    Head of Trueheart Security.
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  12. ( I'll take one, too. However, I'm not sure what the terms 'bunnying' and 'metagaming' mean.)

    Name: Alice 'Hunter'
    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (Aw, it's so friggin' hard to find a pic I want.)
    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler


    Personality: Cold and unsmiling, Alice never disobeys or questions orders. She can make anyone disappear. Day or night, awake or asleep, alone or in a crowd. She earned her nickname 'the Hunter' after she obeyed the order to dispose of her one and only family member. Years of unwavering loyalty mark her past, so do not think to persuade her to act on anything other than her orders. Trueheart is always right. No matter what they do or who they hurt. Their enemies are wrong, corrupt, and evil.
    Biography: Alice doesn't visit her past, nor think about her future. Eat, sleep, train, work. That is her life, her past, and her future. She had a family member once, and they lived in a nice house together. A kind, younger sister whom she treated with hesitant affection. Her 'job' kept food on the table and bought presents whenever her younger sister needed them.
    Alice often visits her grave, something that re-focuses her life and reminds her of her loyalty. She lives alone, in a room now, in a base provided by Trueheart. She will never forget those moments. Not until the day she is ordered to.
    Other: Trueheart
  13. More people! I'm excited for this roleplay.
  14. Is this still open for new players?
  15. That depends. You with us....or against us?
  16. judging by the number of sanctum and trueheart characters... no idea. Some characters seem to be undecided, or double.
    (It's late in my timezone and my brain is almost asleep so take it easy on me, will you?)
  17. Hmmm, well, no matter. Just know that whatever side you choose, you won't be safe from my eraser.