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  1. Spencer adjusted his camera. Today he was doing an update for his fans which he did once a week and he had a pretty big announcement to make. Once he sat down the camera began to record. He had his usual smile on his face, "Hey how is it going everyone? Redoxagal here! And I have some big news! I will be flying to Utah to meet up with a fellow Youtuber you all know and love, CB! We will both be starring in each others channel. I am very excited and I hope you guys are too!" After he finished his announcement he added, "Now I gotta go back! See you all very soon!" He said finally and stopped recording. He quickly uploaded it and got to packing. He and CB have been emailing about this back and forth for quit some time now. He was truly excited! Once he finished packing he took a taxi to the airport. His crystal blue eyes sparkling with excitement.
  2. Blythe was excited to have Spencer, Redoxagal, coming to her home in a few hours. She had hinted to his visit several times in her last few vlogs and today was the day she was going to surprise her subscribers. As she started her make up, she began her vlog for the day. "Hello everyone! Today's the big day! We're going to go to the airport to pick him up soon and I can't wait!" she said with a big smile and a giggle. "Though I'm sure he's already let the cat out of the bag on his channel and maybe some of you know..." Blythe said, looking into the camera and pouting as she realized this for the first time. "Fine fine! I'll tell you who it is! It's..." She said before pausing and stopping the recording with a giggle. "Cut to the airport with Red." she mentally noted before finishing getting ready and heading out to the airport to pick up her guest.
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  3. Just as she made it to the airport his plane landed. He smiled as he excitedly grabbed his suitcases and got out of the airplane in a single file line. The line couldn't move any slower! Finally he was able to get out. Once he entered the building he looked around for her.
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  4. Blythe was waiting with a small handmade sign with "Spencer" in rainbow colors. As she saw people coming from a plane terminal, she took out her camera and started vlogging. "I think his plane landed, let's try to find him." She said to the camera as she looked for her fellow youtuber, pointing the camera in she same direction. Soon she saw him, then waved her hand in the air to get his attention as she started making her way to him. "Over here Red!" she called out to him with a happy grin.
  5. Spencer heard his nickname being called and smiled walking over to her, "Hey CB!" He said then chuckled when he saw the camera and waved, "Hey everyone! Finally in Utah!!" He said happily. He sets down his luggage and give Blythe a hug, "And as promised here is a hug!"
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  6. Blythe nearly hopped into Spencer's hug, hugging him back tightly before they parted. "Glad to see you finally! Welcome to Utah, Red!" she said, pointing her camera at them both. "I've been waiting for that hug for weeks." she said before stopping the recording for a while. Blythe looked to Spencer, a smile stuck on her face. "So, want to go exploring Utah, or do you want to get down to business first?" She asked, willing to take him almost anywhere.
  7. Spencer chuckled as he pulled away then thought for a moment, "Well we may as well explore first before getting down to business. We should have some fun before we get to work!" He said, grabbing his luggage. They made plans for both Youtube channels to give each other some kind of challenge. He wasn't sure what she was planning but sure enough he was planning on make her play a horror game!
  8. Blythe swung her keys around her finger as she led him to her car. "Glad we see eye to eye on that! I could take you to a supermarket, if you want to buy food. After, I'll take you up to to Salt Lake!" She said as she opened the trunk for him. She was excited for him to do her challenge, it was the "what's in my mouth challenge" but she decided it would be with baby foods! She giggled to herself at the thought of it.
  9. Spencer chuckled, "That sounds like a great plan!" He said in his usual Scottish accent as he puts his luggage in and shuts the trunk, "Just so you know I ALWAYS have a sweet tooth!"
  10. "Oh man, I hope you aren't worse than my sister!" Blythe said as she sat in the driver's seat, waiting for Spencer to get in the passenger's seat. "Once, she tore through 9 cream cheese frosted cinnamon rolls by herself in one day!" She laughed. "If I didn't slow her down half the time, she'd have diabetes. and what's worse is she never gains a pound from it!" Blythe pouted, jealous of her sister's metabolism.
  11. Spencer couldn't help but laugh at this, "Oh man. Then I hate to tell ya this, but that sounds like me! Still think I can eat more than her," he said with a slight shrug, "Actually I think my two dogs eat more than I do."
    Spencer has shown his two dogs on his channel before. Both Boxers, a boy and a girl. The boys name is Jasper and the other was Chloe, his fans seem to find them adorable.
  12. Blythe shook her head with a light laugh. "Oh no! You're both going to run my wallet dry with all your sweets!" She said as she started driving. She listened to Spencer mention his Boxers and couldn't resist squealing happily at the mention of them. She loved seeing his dogs appear in some of his videos, making her want a dog of her own. "I know you get this a lot, but Chloe and Jasper are too cute!" She gushed. "It's a good thing you came over to my boring ol' house, because if I were at yours, no lie, I think I'd give them a little more attention." She admitted with a laugh. She had mentioned before in her vlogs just how much she liked animals, she couldn't get enough of them!
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