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  1. OK so here's the rundown:

    Name: (Put it here)
    Age: (15-65) (Good age group i would think)
    Sex: (M/F)
    Race: (Human, Wookie, Alien (If you pick alien give an example of what you mean I.E. Yoda-like))
    Universe of origin: (Harry Potter world or someone from the Star Wars Universe) I.E. Jubacca would go under "Star Wars"
    Appearance: (Can be in text or with a picture)
    Background: (Can have relation to main characters, but no lovers please. If your going to explain background during role-play then just put TBE(To Be Explained))
    Other: (Any other info about your character you would want us to know, like if they are part of the rebellion or the dark side or the DA or The Order)

    So there ya go! I will be having a character in this as well. I promise not to make him overpowered. I will be posting him after a couple of you post your own.
  2. Will post after a few other people do~!
  3. Name: Kita
    Age: (15-65) 17
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Universe of origin: Harry Potter
    Appearance: anime girl.jpg
    Background: T.B.E
    Other: Never shuts up. Never. Never ever. Her mind is a continual mess, her thought process is reminiscent of the most well-known Escher painting ( House_of_Stairs.jpg .
  4. Kita is accepted! Next! xD
  5. Name: Dalen
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human
    Universe of Origin: Harry Potter
    Appearance: Assassin.jpg
    Background: Originally from the Harry Potter planet, he left as he did not agree to some of the laws in place. He trained himself in the basic aspects of the Force and is considered a rogue Jedi Spell-caster. He does not excel at one point in particular, rather has a basic knowledge of all things. If he has more than basic in anything, it would be his skill at a lightsaber.
    Other: Holds no loyalty to anyone in particular. Will work for whoever pays him the most.

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  6. Name: Bianca Crane
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Universe of origin: Star Wars
    Appearance: 1234.jpg
    Background: Born to a prominent family in Enarc*, Miss Crane soon caught the interest of the dark side when she caused a rather large explosion with her mind, due to her anger. She was five then. So, they carted her away to become their next protege, moulding her into what they wanted her to be. However, due to her extremely rebellious nature, she deviated from their desired course, stealing a ship and setting a course to wherever the stars may take her. She is considered a traitor to them, even more so after she learned some basic magic from a trader in a small planet in a much smaller town.
    Other: She carries some heavy mental baggage, but wants to find someone who won't treat her differently because of who she is. At the moment, she is pleading with the embassies for the Harry Potter world to allow her to travel there, and start anew.

    In case you don't know.
  7. Bianca is accepted! Maybe my chara can meet her at some point xD

    I think 1-2 more people and then i can start the story. If more people wanna join we can meet them in the story... so long as we aren't immersed in the plot by then. Xp

    Also... I'm waiting for Jubacca to arrive! Where are you, Juku???
  8. HOORAY!!!!

    Also, would the Harry Potter planet be referred to as Earth, or something different. Because Harry Potter planet is a large mouthful, and would become tedious after a while.
  9. I was thinking of calling it... Encanta. Like, it's close to enchanting.
  10. Okies that cool~!
  11. SO im still waiting for Juku and maybe 1-2 others. Then we begin.
  12. I could maybe play another character if needed.
  13. If you want, i wouldnt mind. xD
  14. Name: JuBacca
    Age: 34
    Sex: M
    Race: Wookie
    Universe of origin: Star Wars
    Appearance: View attachment 11614

    Background: From the dense forests of Kashyyyk, JuBacca was always jealous how Chewbacca went off to fight along side Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. JuBacca was determined to become a hero as well an began training and perfecting his craft. JuBacca a very peaceful and loyal soul has no problem getting into the fray if he feels his allies or he is threatened.

    -JuBacca can't learn magic because he always tries to eat the wands.
    -JuBacca enjoys Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans.
    -JuBacca is terrified of fire, due to the fact he can be set ablaze very easily.
  15. I have brought my Wookie.
  17. OK, 1-2 more ppl and i shall begin. YAAAAAY!!!!!~~~
  18. .... RAWRRRR!!!!!!! PPL !!!!!!!!!!

    Larerani, care to make another character? I think I will do the same and we will be ready.
  19. OKAU!!! I'll have it up soon!@